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Escort [PV] - Kato Shigeaki

Finally. Freaking finally!

HEY GIIIRL HEYYYY! its me once again. If you don’t remember, i submitted the story about the cute asian guys staring and flirting with my sister and not me because i look hella young lol.

So today it was my first day back at school, and I was sitting out on the school yard after i finished my English class, just killing time on my phone. and i hear someone call “hey”. I look up and its my new classmate from my English class, and yes, he is Asian. So I’m like, hey. and he asked “you’re in my English class right?” and i said yes. and he was asking about the homework n stuff, then he asked if i wanted to trade numbers in case one of us miss a class, and i said sure. Then he asked for my name, and I said Katherine. and he said……oh cute…….HE FUCKING CALLED ME CUTE..well idk if he was saying my name was cute or if i was cute but still HE SAID IT WAS CUTE lol. then he asked what any other person at my college has asked me “how old are you?” and i said 18. then he said “oh really? cuz-” then i said, i know i look young i get it alot hahah. then he said “that’s good cuz you got that Asian skin, so when you get older you still look young.” (blessed up with melanin and youth gene lol).

Then he said “Asians, be looking young all their lives, then we hit 70 and we’re shribbled up little fucks” ya know joking around and making me laugh. so we shook hands and said nice to meet you, yadda yadda, and he left. i told my best friend right away and she was freaking out and telling me to go out with him, buuuuut i dont want to over think it, ya know? and think that he was being flirty when really he was just being friendly.but it was nice to hear him say i was cute tho lol. 


Deface Your Magazines

Eye luminosity is the “new” sign of youth, eh? Well I guess this is one more thing that women have to add to the long list of old fears we’re taught to worry about when it comes to aging: Not only do I need this product in order to keep my eyes bright, I also have to worry about wrinkles, grey hair, yellow teeth, brittle nails, saggy skin, big pores, a fat stomach, jiggly thighs, low hanging boobs, cellulite, hairy legs…right? Cuz ew, who wants to get old?

It’s not like aging happens to everyone, it’s not like aging is a natural part of life or anything. “Youth” is totally the only worthwhile period of our lives, so we must hold onto it forever! But only women have to think about this stuff, of course. Don’t worry guys - You can keep your dull eyes for all we care. You’ll be young as long as you drive a convertible and drink beer. 

So never forget that “Youth is in your genes,” which is apparently the reason why you need to buy this product in order to be youthful, and…uh…Didn’t think that tagline completely through, did you, Lancome? On second thought, maybe I’ll stick to my genes and just let them do their own work.