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Racist Robots?

I’m sure some of you have read posts about the beauty pageant judged by a panel of robots that wound up favoring light skinned people. Well it’s floating around again, and many uninformed bloggers are using this story to support the delusion of universal preferences.

I would just like anyone offended by all this to know that the human folks at Youth Laboratories, who created the algorithms used to determine winners, did NOT use data that included all minorities when establishing the standards of beauty by which contestants were being judged.

So we’re looking at biased results here. And they can be traced to the people who set the rules in these calculations. Not some even-handed, simulated opinions of a machine. Don’t let people ignorant of this tell you anything different. I’m only saying what Chief Science Officer, Alex Zhavoronkov, from Youth Laboratories, has said, himself.

“Having reduced Christianity to a message, we create an emotional experience as a gateway to dispensing the message. But this is a sign that we have given up on incarnate modes of formation bequeathed to us in liturgy and the spiritual disciplines. Instead, we have created youth ministry that confuses extroversion with faithfulness. We have effectively communicated to young people that sincerely following Jesus is synonymous with being “fired up” for Jesus, with being excited for Jesus, as if discipleship were synonymous with fostering an exuberant, perky, cheerful, hurray-for-Jesus disposition like what we might find in the glee club or at a pep rally.

The result, I would caution, can be disastrous. If we effectively communicate to young people that being a serious follower of Jesus is synonymous with being an extrovert for Jesus, then all of our young people who simply are not wired that way are going to quietly assume they can’t be Christians. If the exuberance of the energetic youth pastor is taken to be exemplary, then all sorts of young people will mistakenly conclude that they simply can’t be Christians. And so the unintended consequence: in the name of curating an exciting, entertaining “experience” to keep young people in the faith, we end up only creating consumers of a Jesus message while disenchanting vast swaths of other young people who simply can’t imagine signing up for a Jesus glee club.” -James K.A. Smith, You Are What You Love

Heres to the new generation of youth.

Heres to the ferocious women with daring eyes and the men with not just strong arms but strong will and respect, empowerment and harmony with others
Heres a rant about the men and women that fight for even an equality within schools politics and everything else in the seemingly doomed world, heres to those who fight against uniform and die their hair purple, heres to the people with piercings and 20 tattoos, heres to the kids that read poetry, and the kids that stand up, decorate their walls and decorate themselves, heres to the artists, writers, makers, jewellers, creators, dreamers and dancers, innovators, protesters and prefects, heres to the kids with a desire for change and sparkles in their eyes, heres to the kids that can openly express themselves whether it be style music or general creation, heres to the youth that create inspiring videos, of travel, blogs of how to’s and aesthetically pleasing content for all of us to be motivated and moved, heres to the kids that inspire. Heres to the ouloud readers, and the silent listeners, the introverts and the extroverts. Heres to the city slickers, beach dwellers, concrete jungle dancers and outback riders, heres to the youth taking a stand, Heres to the boys dressing in pink, and the girls dressing in suits. Heres to the kind, yet harsh when needed, heres to the guys and girls that dont take no shit. Here to the messy heads, and the neat Heres to the french teens drinking wine and dancing under the tower, here to the germans, americans, Indonesians, heres to every single damn culture. Heres to the sexually open and closed. Heres to the poets, and the blondes, the brunettes and strawberry blondes, heres to the freckled and unfreckled, tan and pale, heres to the beach bums and hermits. Heres to the naked and heres to the clothed, heres to the famous and the hidden gems, heres to the revolution that will finally make a change to social “norms”.

#APlaceCalledHome ❤ Such a special organization keeping in mind that the future is held in our youth. Thank you for creating a welcoming environment for these kids to explore themselves. Everyone individual with a dream deserves a opportunity and you’ve given these kids just that. I’m proud to be your ambassador @apch2830 ☺️ by normanikoredei (on Instagram)

They had created themselves together, and they always saw themselves, their youth, their love, their lost youth and lost love, their failures and memories, as a sort of living fiction.

Drama Workshops in February - exploring issues within the township

During February we were incredibly lucky to have Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year 2017, Monageng “Vice” Motshabi come to the Piet Patsa Arts Centre, Free State and work with our young people in drama and helping them to tell their stories.

Taking issues prevalent and important to them in the township they split into smaller groups to create 15 minute short performances based around themes of alcohol abuse and sexual assault.

They then performed these shorts to each other and also their parents, carers and families in a performance in the township.

ok new rule: everyone who says theres nothing preventing the lgbt community from including aces funding-wise has to draw up the new local LGBT centre budget for me and tell me how a chronically underfunded institution, which already struggles to keep its doors open and LGBT youth off the streets and supplied w necessities like free condoms, is supposed to start campaigns raising awareness that not experiencing sexual feelings or desires is not a problem


i would not feel right without writing before i go to bed tonight. these feel like they were taken a lifetime ago, and that’s because i’ve held down three different jobs this summer break alone. i have had my taste of freedom, i have had my taste of hard work, of emotional excess and also living life. I have been blessed to have met many of the people in my life, to have seen the places that i have seen, to have had the education that i have had. I am thankful for the youth spent dreaming and creating and hoping and reflecting. to have been able to think deeply about life’s theoretical consternations at a young age. i am also thankful for the grounded approach to life that has me balancing my studies with work and maintaining strong relationships with people. there is merit in both. this is for the ignorant asshole i met today. xx

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