youth conspiracy

This was all over the papers today, the headlines pretty much say it all as not much information has been released.

Main Quotes:

“The teenagers allegedly stockpiled balaclavas, masks, cable ties, petrol, fire lighters, screws and knives. They are said to have planned to make pipe bombs and were allegedly in possession with two versions of the Anarchist Cookbook which includes bomb-making instructions.”

“The boys said to have intended to use weapons to murder pupils and teachers at their school while dressed in clothing to that worn by the Columbine High School killers.”

“Yesterday they appeared at Leeds Youth Court charged with conspiracy to murder, one of the duo is also charged with the aggravated burglary of his girlfriends home.”

“One of the boys mouthed ‘I love you’ to his parents who were sitting in the public gallery.”

National Poetry Month- 30/30 Challenge- Writing Prompts!

1. after a storm

2. what you make room for

3. things the neighbors saw

4. you needed this when you were younger

5. boiling point/room temperature

6. a routine

7. mending

8. the ugly you have caused

9. the beauty you have caused

10. someone you pity

11. someone you envy

12. a hated blessing

13. a loved curse

14. forgiveness

15. what you want to find

16. when you drew the curtains

17. a mantra

18. the sound of breaking

19. deleted texts

20. if you had done what your mother asked

21. a rumor

22. what you carry

23. what someone took from you

24. soundtrack of your youth

25. a conspiracy theory

26. punishment

27. your escape route

28. what you have to offer

29. lies you’ve told

30. lies you’ve been told

Feel free to use these, and if you want, tag me in your poems! Happy writing! Xoxox, Blythe.

Halfway through Akira, and I’m starting to see why it’s a classic. A brutal cyberpunk-ish dystopia with harsh government, violent protests, gangs of violent youths, and conspiracies of psychic children. 

I’ll leave it for now, and get back to it tonight.

First-ever full-band tour in March! Can’t wait.

3/6 - Columbus, OH @ Spacebar
3/7 - Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet
3/8 - Louisville, KY @ Spinelli’s
3/9 - Nashville, TN @ HELP?
3/10 - Bloomington, IN @ The Root Cellar
3/11 - Chicago @ Quenchers Saloon
3/12 - Muskegon, MI @ Temple House
3/13 - Detroit, MI @ The Rockery
3/14 - Flint, MI @ 2621 House
3/15 - Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s 20 Lanes