youth ballet


I love this sm

you know what annoys me?

you know what, it annoys me when you clearly tell someone you’re dieting and then they act all like “aw you don’t need to diet you’re perfect! here have some food it’s goooood” which is fine and that’s sweet of you to offer but when you say no and they continue to say “this is so good here please eat it” “why are you dieting” “you don’t need to lose weight” “but why tho” “this pizza is so good“ “i don’t understand why you’re dieting” and im not even overexaggerating i get that like everyday and when i try to explain that im a dancer and most of us do this when we know we have comps/shows upcoming theyre just like “yeh well this one girl got into fucking English youth ballet and she was 60kg” like… good fro her but im not her?? sorry i know y’all don’t wanna hear about my rants it’s just nice to anonymously complain every once and a while :)))