youth at risk

What to do if you suddenly find yourself homeless


  • Find your nearest food bank or mission, for food
  • grocery stores with free samples, bakeries + stores with day-old bread
  • different fast food outlets have cheaper food and will generally let you hang out for a while.
  • some dollar stores carry food like cans of beans or fruit


  • Sleeping at beaches during the day is a good way to avoid suspicion and harassment
  • sleep with your bag strapped to you, so someone can’t steal it
  • Some churches offer short term residence
  • Find your nearest homeless shelter
  • Look for places that are open to the public
  • A large dumpster near a wall can often be moved so that flipping up the lids creates an angled shelter to stay dry


  • A membership to the YMCA is usually only 10$, which has a shower, and sometimes laundry machines and lockers.
  • Public libraries have bathrooms you can use
  • Dollar stores carry low-end soaps and deodorant etc.
  • Wet wipes are all purpose and a life saver
  • Local beaches, go for a quick swim
  • Some truck stops have showers you can pay for
  • Staying clean is the best way to prevent disease, and potentially get a job to get back on your feet
  • Pack 7 pairs of socks/undies, 2 outfits, and one hooded rain jacket


  • first aid kit
  •  sunscreen
  •  a travel alarm clock or watch
  •  mylar emergency blanket
  •  a backpack is a must
  •  downgrade your cellphone to a pay as you go with top-up cards
  •  sleeping bag
  •  travel kit of toothbrush, hair brush/comb, mirror
  •  swiss army knife
  •  can opener

Modern AU with nothing special going on, no aliens, no magic space lions, nada.

Shiro works as a social worker and helps out at a private institution for orphans that aren’t good fits for regular foster homes. Keith is a kid whose parents died when he was young and he was sent to his next of kin. Spoiler: They’re awful. They get a call from a concerned neighbor and it turns out Keith had been severely neglected to the point where he’s mostly nonverbal, and Shiro’s workplace takes custody of him.

Shiro was the first one on the scene and he was the one who coaxed Keith out of the house, he made sure to speak softly and tell him that he was safe and, when he figured out that Keith couldn’t or wouldn’t speak, made sure to ask yes or no questions that he could nod or shake his head to. Because he didn’t even have a change of clothes, Shiro gave Keith his jacket and let him keep it and now Keith just latches onto him instantly.

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As part of his reparations to Midgard, Loki is to perform community service. You run a chronically underfunded and understaffed community center for at-risk youth in a poor neighborhood in New York. The last thing you need is some arrogant god from another planet who’s only here because SHIELD told him he has to be. Even if he is in civilian clothes, since a lot of these kids recognize him from the news footage of the Battle of New York, and they’d be even more hostile to him if he were in Asgardian formal dress.

To my queer friends struggling with a big decision today, share your truth at the *right* time, not just because there’s a national day for it. Be smart- you’re already honest and brave.

For those who are happily out and about, today’s a good excuse for a shindig!

(Here’s a handy infographic in case you’d forgotten how to laugh ;)

Samwell 99

A Holsom Brooklyn 99 AU

  • Ok it should be abundantly apparent that Holsom means our favorite lovable puppy-dog eye Jewish boy Adam Birkholtz is Jake Peralta. He’s brash, he’s messy, but he’s a damn fine detective and he knows it/makes sure no one forgets it.
  • Cue his equally brilliant rival/colleague Justin Oluransi who’s by the book, anxiety ridden, has so many spreadsheets and folders for everything under the sun yet he retains an insane amount of knowledge.  
  • We’ll get back to their totally amazing chemistry in a moment  

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Hey guys,

Today’s show is in Chicago, Illinois which is home to both the first openly-LGBTQ advocacy group in the United States and to Boystown, the first officially recognized gay village in the U.S. Boystown is now known for its nightlife and colorful atmosphere.

In Chicago we’ll be working with Project Fierce, an incredible organization that aims to reduce LGBTQ youth homelessness in Chicago by providing accessible housing and support services.
At a time when LGBTQ youth are at greater risk for depression, bullying, and violence, than their peers, organizations like Project Fierce are a necessary resource for teens that don’t feel safe. About 40% of homeless American teens identify as LGBTQ and Project Fierce can provide them with a safe and comfortable environment.

Want a ticket upgrade? We’re taking donations of basic necessities that are often taken for granted. We are asking that you bring a new stick of deodorant to donate at the show. Bring at least one to be entered in a raffle for a ticket upgrade.

Love Troye x

show-me-joy  asked:

Please give me something about neil making andrew smile

It happened so rarely. Neil never knew how to predict it. At the beginning he could never tell the difference. A smile from Andrew was normally so shocking and so short lived Neil thst if Neil got one he was too floored to properly memorize them.

But that was so long ago.

Now everything about Andrew was familiar; more familiar than an exy racket, than running, than any other person. Andrew had been in his life longer than anything else.

They had retired years ago. People had expected Neil to coach, and he did for a couple years. But more and more he he grew to realize the court was no longer his home. His home was Andrew.

Neil grew to resent away games and practices. He wanted lazy weekends and afternoons. He wanted time visit their family and friends. He wanted to experience every moment of growing old with Andrew. He had missed too much in his life to miss a moment now that he had everything.

So he joined Andrew and worked with at risk youth. They volunteered at the youth center and pulled a lot of kids back from the edge, not all. But enough that Neil could no longer remember all of their names. Andrew remembered every one.

Andrew’s smiles began to be more frequent, and Neil began to recognize them. There was one that was wide with all his teeth that he saved for small kids. One that just barely turned the corners with his head tilted to the side when one of the kids did something right.

For friends their was a half smile, no teeth, but their teammates knew they had done something incredible when it appeared. Their coach had long since given up on seeing it, so when Andrew graced him with one on the day he signed Neil on the team the coach dropped the contract. On live tv. And said “holy shit.” They had to break to commercial, because Neil had been laughing too hard to sign.

For family he had a flat smile that showed just the top row of his teeth. It was sometimes paired with a laugh when our nieces and nephews did something particularly smart and sassy. The smile was paired with an honest to God belly laugh the time Kevin’s daughter took his laptop and chunked it in the pool after trying to play a history documentary on Christmas.

But Neil’s favorite smiles are the ones saved solely for him. The smirk with the head tilt when he insulted the press. The toothy grin with dimples when Neil did all the right things (ice cream for dinner, home before 5, wearing a matching outfit, and remembering to charge his phone). The lips pressed together repressed smile when Neil called him ‘Drew.

But the best smile of all came when they were laying together sticky and sated. Naked and warm pressed close. Neil tucked against Andrew’s shoulder. Then he got the softest smile imaginable, curled on the edges, pupils still dilated, and breath still panting between barely parted lips.

Neil knew his luck had kicked in at last when Andrew smiled.

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Percy Jackson AU.

don’t get me wrong I i’m trash for the mortal/ school AUs but what if…….

police officer AU 

  • Greeks and Romans in opposing stations that normally don’t get along but team up for big cases like the drug lord Gaia and such 
  • Luke is an under cover cop in deep
  • Percy and Jason going through a department switch and all of that drama
  • Annabeth being so strict on literally everything, she gives out twenty parking tickets a day
  • The hunters of Artemis is the next door fire department 
  • Hazel is a horse cop  
  • Nico is the coroner
  • Piper is the best interrogator and no one knows why????
  • Percy trying to set at risk youth on the right path before it’s too late because he remembers when he was on the other side of the law.

guys i have so many feelings about this… if you know where i can find a fan fiction like this please please send it to me 

After the van got broken into and ransacked for a second time, it wasn’t something that would get me down. I’ve learned that any experience is an opportunity for growth, for change. I decided to give profits from this week’s print sales ( to a charity.

I’ve never researched charities as much as I have this past week. I feel like I’ve only brushed the surface of this world of giving.

Websites like GiveWell and movements like effective altruism help define the many variables in putting your dollars and energy to best use (I recommend giving Peter Singer’s TED talk a watch). Charity, more broadly, is something I think can happen in more ways than giving money or time. It could simply be our outlook or our kindness towards strangers.

We’ll be donating to Take a Hike Foundation (@takeahikefdn), a local organization. “A full-time alternative education program that engages at-risk youth through a unique combination of adventure-based learning, academics, therapy, and community involvement.” Having spoken with them, their mandate matches up so well with my hopes of giving positive and nurturing experiences to at-risk youth locally. They currently run 4 classes a year and are looking at expanding. I’m looking forward to working with them, and hoping for the possibility of getting involved personally.

There are so many amazing charities you shared with me, @pureedgeinc, @thekitchenincmo, @_danslarue, @friendsofkohrong, @directionsfoodprogram, Sparkes of Hope, and so many more. It’s refreshing to learn how many people are working for fairness, for equality, for justice. Your selflessness and altruism inspire me. Despite overbearingly bad decisions by some of our leaders, there’s always hope in the power of numbers.

Queen’s Gambit- Chapter 3

I Hate the Name Claudel 

Claire let the events of the past hour go leaning back in a daze as Jamie’s warmth seeped into her, and, lulled by the gentle rocking of the horse, let herself relax, her head thumping against his chest as they made their way down the mountain.

As they rode, the companionable silence would be broken by scatterings of conversations among the other men, discussing the preparations for upcoming matches. Jamie listened but did not comment.

“Not on the team, are you?” Claire asked trying to puzzle out the connections between them.

“Ah, polo? Nay. I am a fair rider, mind, but no, I am a trainer, mostly horses, ken but sometimes mules and donkeys, though a few of those are of the two legged variety.” Claire snorted.

“Are you by any chance associated with Fraser’s Friesians?” Claire suddenly realized the significance of his last name. The stables were known everywhere for dressage.

“Aye, one and the same. Though we breed and board lots of different animals and train for more than just the fancy stepping. I train pack animals to ride backwoods trails and mules and dogs for therapy and work. We also bring the dogs to visit the hospital and rehab centers too.”

“Oh, I think I saw a recent visit at Children’s Hospital, the children were so happy and the dogs were very loving.” She said.

“That would have been Jenny, my sister, she takes the dogs round for visits every two or three weeks. She says whenever her husband Ian is getting on her nerves it gives her proper perspective.” Claire laughed.

“And you are working with the National Polo Club this season?” She asked.

“A wee bit. I travel a fair amount with the work I do so I canna commit to a full season. Do ye ken much about the sport?” He asked.

“Not a thing, except there are horses and mallets and tall boots.” Claire admitted.

“Aye, true enough. The horses are called ponies but they arna’. A good polo pony is verra fast, smart but needs to be taught the sport, same as the rider, or maybe more so because they are switched out every few minutes and so a pairing of horse and rider changes often. The horse has to respond correctly even when the rider is unfamiliar and gives imperfect signals. So, I come in and work wi’ them so they keep sharp.” Claire was looking straight ahead but could feel his smile nevertheless.

“Today though, had nothing to do with polo? I mean you are all a bit far from a field up here, aren’t you?” she asked. He grunted in acknowledgement.

“Ach, I have a string of horses I’m breaking for trail riding. Dougal is my uncle, Rupert my cousin, ken? So out here in the mountains I’m no’ the owner of Fraser’s Friesians and they’re no’ the best polo riders to come out of Scotland in a decade. We’re just lads out for an afternoon of fun.”

“Do you like your work?”

“Aye, I do. We’re still building the bloodlines – cattle cost dear, ye ken? But my life is my own and I like to think I do a bit of good in the process.”

“It sounds lovely, you have a unique skill set.” She complimented.

She shifted a bit, trying to get comfortable. The movement made Jamie notice things about Mistress Beauchamp he had not been aware of before.

“Ach, no’ really just a little exotic maybe for the times we live in. No so impressive as the doctoring ye do.” He said and Claire inclined her head in acknowledgement.

Their sunny day was fast disappearing in a windy rush of clouds overhead that had the temperature cooling considerably. Jamie could see goosebumps appear along her arms. He pulled her to him, adjusting her seat to ease her position.

“Better?” he asked. She nodded.

Neither of them commented on the fact that she was now sitting pretty much on his lap. Jamie because, despite the fact that between her lovely round arse lodged firmly between his legs and the smell of her hair in his nose, he was in danger of getting an erection which the kilt would only hide for so long, she was the best thing he’d ever held in his arms. Claire because she felt like she had just curled up into a furnace and reveled in the solid, warm heat of him.

An hour later, the stables came into view. Cell service was regained and Claire was able to reach Joe on his mobile to arrange for a ride back to her flat.

After bidding the riding group goodbye, Jamie settled her on the small sofa in his office to await her friend while he tended to the horses, allowing the rhythmic movement of curry comb calm his jumbled thoughts but his mind kept turning again and again to Claire Beauchamp. Finally he tossed the comb down with a sigh.

“Mi’lord?” came a surprised inquiry in a bit of a French accent.

“Fergus, lad, can ye put Donas in the paddock and see that Thistle’s hoof is tended to?”

“Where are you going?”

“To see if I can talk a lass into a date.”

“A date, with wh– oh in your office? The lady with the big —” Fergus made a bawdy gesture in front of his chest. Jamie smiled before he caught himself and schooled his features to a more respectful neutral.

“Her name is Claire, and as she is indeed a lady, ye can keep yer mind out of the gutter, wee little gomeral, ken?”

“Oui, Mi’lord!” and all but muscled Jamie out of the way and off in the direction of his office.

Jamie had long since given up trying to get Fergus to call him Jamie. It had started years before. Fergus was one of several children participating in a community service program at the stables. They were part of a special group of at risk youth who spent time at Frasers caring for the animals, training them, being responsible for their needs.

It was one of Jamie’s favorite endeavors. For most of their lives these kids had not been asked to take initiative or responsibility. Most knew about dogs, of course, but not given the chance to work one on one teaching them specific tricks and very few had contact with larger animals.

During the first couple of weeks, this boy had been very quiet, withdrawn.

Jamie had learned a bit about all of them, that was part of the process.

His name was Claudel. His mother had moved here from Paris following a boyfriend when he was around ten and he was fourteen when he first came to the stables. Increasingly getting into trouble, shoplifting, petty theft, hanging out with an older, more troublesome crowd.

After being caught joyriding in someone else’s car, he was offered a diversion program instead of jail. His protection officer had recommend Frasers for his community service hours.

As the weeks progressed, Jamie watched him. He was very good with the horses. Donas, who was a prima donna and difficult for anyone but Jamie or Murtagh to manage, tolerated Fergus very well and Jamie trusted the instincts of the animals.

He also had very clever hands, which Jamie discovered after Fergus had picked his pocket, taking a small metal pin, called a snake, which fit the latch mechanism of the paddock gate. He needed that pin but he also wanted to help the kid.

“Claudel, is it? That’s my snake!” Jamie grabbed the snake back.

“I hate that name,” he retorted, rigid and white with apprehension, thinking his next stop would be a police car.

“Mmmph,” Jamie considered, trying to find a way to connect with the boy.

“Well, I dinna have to call ye that but I must call ye something. How about Fergus?”

“Fergoose?” He responded in his lingering Parisian accent.

Jamie nodded and so did Fergus. Jamie then surprised him with a proposal to hire him to work at the stables after school, during weekends and breaks.

The offer was so welcome and unexpected that the newly christened Fergus had exclaimed, “Dieu soit loue!” an expression of habit he used with some frequency.

Over time Fergus applied it to Jamie himself, anglicized and shortened, to Mi’lord.

In the half-dozen or so years since, Fergus had been by Jamie’s side as he built the international reputation of the stables. As his mother grew more and more unstable, Fergus started living with Jamie. After she died, he changed his last name to Fraser.

An unfortunate accident while in the line of duty resulted in Fergus’s losing his left hand. He’d saved Jamie’s life that day and Jamie and Jenny had rallied around him to support him as best they could under his new circumstances. They’d not let him wallow in self-pity but forced him back to work as soon as they may, mostly to give him confidence that he would find a new future.

The injury had limited his horse tending duties but resulted in discovering what an exceptionally gifted riding coach Fergus was. He was light boned, incredibly graceful and sat atop a horse as if the the manor born.

More importantly, clients respected him enormously, he had the haughty disposition of a nobleman condescending to impart some of the wisdom running through his blue blood.

The irony of the entire matter was that as Fergus picked up more clients on the continent, he came to the attention of the family of the Comte St. Germain. Claudel St. Germain might– or might not– be the first son of the recently deceased Comte and his first wife– a circumstance which was of grave importance to the current widow and second son of the Comte.

The investigation and attendant court battle, none of which Fergus had much interest in, had been raging this past year and a half. No one in high society knew what to make of this extraordinary turn of events. How does one address a former one-handed stable boy turned riding coach and possible heir to one of the greatest fortunes in Europe?

As a result, Jamie and Fergus, who had been familiar sights at equine functions for several years found themselves now welcomed in all the society functions surrounding them as well and with open arms. No one wanted to be on the wrong side of a perceived insult to either Fraser.

Both Frasers, though, still spent a good part of each day generally razzing on one another. Neither of them- Lord Broch Tuarach nor the putative Comte St. Germain– took their titles seriously.

After all, horse shite needs to be mucked out of the stable no matter what name is stamped on the back of the man holding the pitchfork.

Fergus now watched as Jamie made his way into the main offices adjacent to the paddock. He had observed that while Mi’lord was generally a great judge of horseflesh, he knew squat about women.

When he dated, he had the unfortunate habit of picking immature, superficial types, ones whose personalities would start to grate just as soon as the flirting attraction wore off.

The woman he rode in with was something else entirely. She was attractive to be sure, beautiful pale skin, lovely figure and a smile that reached her eyes but she was no model.

She also, in a refreshing change, was witty, exchanging banter as the clan all rode in and clearly holding her own.

He watched from the paddock some time later as she was escorted to her friend’s car and smiled in satisfaction as she and Mi’lord exchanged their contact information.

I call these dog holes. You can put your dog in them and for some reason it’s cute.
Today is the last day to grab a print from my shop (! Thanks so much for the support, last week’s donations raised a whole bunch for Take a Hike Youth At Risk Foundation (exact amount coming soon) and the rest is going towards helping me travel down this coast in the coming weeks (with 10% of those profits going toward NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)).


Our Times (我的少女時代) dir. Frankie Chen. 2015. 

Lin Zhenxin (“sincere of heart”), an unbearably stressed office worker, flashes back to her years as a high school student, reminiscing upon the innocent days of love, friendship, and the thrill of youthful risks and secrets. 

A young Zhenxin, played by Vivian Sung, receives a chain letter warning her of terrible misfortune if she does not pass it on to three others. One of the unlucky recipients is Hsu Taiyu, played by Darren Wang, the school’s notorious bad boy and gangster, sparking a tenuous, cautiously budding friendship between them as Taiyu scares her into becoming his errand-girl and introduces her to a wilder life the goody two-shoes Zhenxin had never dreamed of. 

Despite their rocky beginnings, the two unite over the goal of ending the clandestine relationship between the two others they are respectively in love with. Their friendship becomes far more genuine as truths of Hsu’s past surface and they slowly come to recognize each other’s rising strengths and innate vulnerabilities. 

Our Times was Frankie Chen’s directorial debut and has been compared to the 2011 Taiwanese hit romance film You Are the Apple of My Eye. It is the highest-grossing film from Taiwan at the mainland Chinese box office and achieved significant acclaim throughout east and southeast Asia. 

fill for Cap-Iron Man Bingo prompt “bold,” featuring earth 3490

No one could ever say Tasha Stark wasn’t bold. In dress, in philosophy, in person. She was colorful, and bold, and bright, and asking her to dance was impossible.

Steve grabbed an hor d'oeuvre and made his way through the crowd in a gentle circle, trying to look like he wasn’t better suited for holding up a wall somewhere.

Pepper Potts caught his eye from across the room, quirking an eyebrow at him. Steve felt his shoulders hunch in response as he smiled sheepishly, and Pepper gave the ceiling an utterly despairing sort of look. Then she turned back to him, jerked her head at Tasha, pointed at the dance floor, and flapped her hand at him in a shooing motion.

Steve’s ears burned. Obediently, he turned toward where Tasha was holding court, surrounded by an enraptured audience. Her dress was simple: stark white, so that her skin seemed to glow and the few dark tendrils of hair artfully loose from her updo looked dark and lush in contrast. The sleeves were long and off-shoulder, baring tantalizing stretches of smooth tanned skin, and when she turned a little, the low-cut back exposed the toned expanse of her shoulders and lower back.

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Polls start opening in under 12 hours but felony convictions disenfranchise more than 5 million people, including 7% of the African-American community. A major contributor to the problem is the school-to-prison pipeline: A system of flawed policies that send at-risk youth—especially people of color—directly into the criminal justice system.

Mic’s The Movement (@the-movemnt​) did an Issue Time on the subject. It’s well worth your time, and it’ll give you plenty to chew on when you ✧・゚*go and vote tomorrow*・゚✧

Art by Tumblr Creatr @jxiaoo


Mae was expecting nasty words from her brother but she finds Nico sitting at the dining table, a distracted look on his face.

Mae: Sorry we didn’t meet you for dinner last night. Remy locked himself in his room.

Nico: It’s fine. I figured something was up. Went to bed myself. I called in for breakfast. Have you checked on him now?

Mae: In a while. You know Remy sleeps late.

Pacino polite: Your home is beautiful, Nico. 

Nico smiles: Thank you. So, tell me about yourself, Chino. What do you do for a living?

Pacino: I’m a director and youth counselor at a not for profit I established about a year and a half ago. It’s called the South Newcrest Youth Advocates. I offer counseling and support services for at risk youth, mostly young men, some of them homeless. I’m working on establishing a safe house for those under 18, some place they can live and be off the streets until they reach adulthood.

Nico impressed: Wow. That’s amazing.

Pacino humble: Thank you. After my brother was killed…he was a bystander, got shot by gang members…I decided I wanted to stop the violence. This is my way.

Mae proud: He does real good, Nico. Everyone look up to Chino.

Nico: I’m certain they do. I’m going to do some research on your not for profit, look at your mission statement. If I like it, which I’m sure I will, I’ll donate so you can establish the safe house. My wife grew up in group homes, so I know how important it is to the community.

Pacino stutters: I’m speechless, Nico. I’ve been trying to find donors and sponsors for so long. It’s been rough. Ain’t that many people care about poor kids in South Newcrest, most people see them as lost causes. Thank you.

Nico: You’re welcome. Mae, you better keep this one. Stop hoe-ing around.

Mae indignant: For real, Nico? Ignore him, Chino. My brothers are all jack asses, I don’t even know why I bother.

Pacino laughs: Trust me, Nico. She ain’t going nowhere. I love her too much, just have to get her to see she loves me too.

noamaas: Can you please tell why it’s a toxic show? I saw it and definetely thought some things were wrong with it but that was it for me. The people who were against it often experienced this irl, so I think it’s because I am not well informed. (not trying to defend the show, just trying to understand it)

thank you for being so kind and open minded! i really appreciate the way you asked this question, so again, thank you! 

i’ve read the book.  i read it when it first came out and loved it. at the time, i was being bullied for my looks and weight and just overall personality. the idea that you could get revenge on the people who hurt you drew me in immediately. i loved it. i loved hannah baker. i wanted to be hannah baker. and there is the problem. i was young and desperate for someone to see all the pain i was going through. and hannah was the same. well, until she killed herself. bingo. you want revenge on those who bullied you? kill yourself. you want them to be in as much pain as you were in? kill yourself. it seemed so simple. so easy. i didn’t think of committing suicide, but i promised myself that if i did, i would do it just like hannah.

the show immortalizes a dead girl, giving already suicidal teens the idea that it wouldn’t really be the end, that they would somehow live on. and that’s so dangerous. also, the people who hurt her.. didn’t deserve those tapes. for the rest of their lives they will have her in the back of their minds, hating themselves for killing hannah baker. and they say this in the show all the time! “i killed hannah baker.”  “you could have done something.” no. this girl needed help. professional help. when you’re determined to end your life, no one can stop you. and of course actions committed against her led her to these thoughts, but in the end, her life was in her hands.

the show reached out to programs and advice on how to handle the situation, and those they consulted have spoken out and said that the show did everything they told them NOT to do.

and worst of all, there are kids already mimicking her behavior. a superintendent from palm beach county recently sent out a letter to parents. this is a portion of the letter:

“As a father of a teenager and tween, I am very concerned about a dangerous trend we have observed in our schools in recent days. School District personnel have observed an increase in youth at-risk behavior at the elementary and middle school levels to include self-mutilation, threats of suicide, and multiple Baker Act incidents. Students involved in the recent incidents have articulated associations of their at­ risk behavior to the “13 Reasons Why” Netflix series””

so as you can see, there are many reasons. these are just a few. i hope i helped clear up everything!