youth at heart

Maekjong is not Wang So. 

  • Maekjong wants to “overthrow” his mother because of his ego. 
  • Wang So wanted the throne to protect his family and end bloodshed. 
  • When Aro mentioned being understanding of the King, this ego was what drove Maekjong into his outburst. How dare she pity him, and make him feel so insignificant?
  • When Hae Soo mentioned understanding So, it’s what made them friends. He was thankful to have even just one person who understood him. 

even their “mummy issues” differ immensely

  • Maekjong’s mother is trying to protect him, yes, her greed may also be playing a part, but at the end of the day she just wants him safe. Even his nightmares are literally his mum telling him its not time for him to come out as king. 
  • In contrast, Queen Yoo literally went out of her way to destroy Wang So, mentally and physically. Letting him be treated like an animal, or left to starve, leaving him to have nightmares of being hung up on a gate whilst being shot at, for the rest of his life. 

They parallel on a very superficial level. But please stop comparing Maekjong to 4th Prince Wang So (who deserved better)