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Famous Lesbians, Lesbian History:

Ruth Ellis (1899 - 2000) - activist

  • became widely known as the oldest surviving open lesbian, and LGBT rights activist at the age of 100
  • came out as a lesbian around 1915
  • met her partner of 30 years Ceciline “Babe” Franklin in the 1920s. They moved together to Detroit in 1937, where their house was known in the African American community as the “gay spot”. It was a central location for gay and lesbian parties, and also served as a refuge for African American gays and lesbians
  • The Ruth Ellis Center honors the life and work of Ruth Ellis, and is one of only four agencies in the United States dedicated to homeless LGBT youth and young adults.

You can’t just tell young people for the first 18 years of their lives that their political opinions are worthless or nonexistent, and then afterwards expect them to be totally politically engaged and wonder why some of them aren’t. It doesn’t work that way. If we want to decrease political apathy, we have to start as soon as possible. Make it known to young people that their political voices matter.
New Crop of Young Adult Novels Explores Race and Police Brutality
A new generation of authors is embracing writing as activism, tackling issues like racial bias, police violence and the Black Lives Matter movement.
By Alexandra Alter

Angie Thomas started writing her young-adult novel, “The Hate U Give,” in reaction to a fatal shooting that took place some 2,000 miles away. But to her it felt deeply personal.

Ms. Thomas was a college student in Jackson, Miss., when a white transit police officer shot Oscar Grant III, an unarmed, 22-year-old African-American man, on a train platform in Oakland, Calif., in 2009. She was shocked when some of her white classmates said he had probably deserved it. She responded with a short story about a teenage girl who is drawn to activism after a white officer shoots her childhood best friend.

That story grew into a 444-page novel, as shootings of unarmed young black men continued.


Good morning everyoneeeee,

Today we’re in Phoenix, Arizona <3

Phoenix is home to a vibrant LGBTQ scene, in the Melrose District of Central Phoenix, you’ll see various restaurants and storefronts touting the LGBTQ Pride flag

In Phoneix we’re going to be working with One-N-Ten. This organization makes a huge huge huge impact for local LGBTQ youth and young adults by creating a safe space that encourages individuality, engages them with the community, and empowers them.

An amazing program run by One-N-Ten was started March 2012 called Q High. It provides LGBTQ and Allied Youth a safe space to study and earn their high school diplomas. Q High offers various subjects like Math, English, Science, and History. Students can learn at their own pace, from Core to Advanced Placement. Q High also has elective courses in Public Speaking, Anthropology, Green Design, and Technology. The program is available online encouraging students to follow their interests in a safe environment.

Now, more than ever, we need to create safe, comfortable learning spaces for LGBTQ youth and this is why One-N-Ten’s work is so so so important.

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Halloween mega post pt. 1! You guys are super creative and adorbs! Me and my lazy witch-hat-headband salute you!

1. Halloween Costume. Competitive Intelligence Librarian, Law Library, New York. I needle-felted the planets (and Pluto!) for the crown. Everything else, I already owned! First place in the office costume contest!
2. Young Adult Librarian, Public Library, Georgia
3. VPL Special Collections - Halloween. Public library, Canada
4. Library Services Specialist, 6th-12th grade library, California. Steampunk!Captain Marvel.
5. Emily Davenport, Librarian, Carter High School, Strawberry Plains, TN USA
6. I am the YA Library Associate in the Southeast Anchor Library of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, the public city library serving the citizens of Baltimore, Maryland. I’m here channeling Billie Joe Armstrong from the band Green Day!
7. Sally, Snow White, a back cat and the Grim Reaper. We are all part of the Publishing and Depository Services team with Public Works, Government of Canada. Sally is our Systems Librarian and the rest of us are Cataloguing and Acquisitions.
8. EVE celebrates Halloween at the Freeport Public Library with tiny WALL-E at my belt, plant in boot, and glowing green plant badge.
9. Dressed as Belle for my archivist job at an academic library in MA aujourd’hui. #bibliophile
10. Library Director, public library, Tennessee, USA. My goth tendencies made a Minnie Mouse costume very easy to throw together.

I’ve been getting in touch with some youth ministers from around the US for some advice and ideas and I’ve got to say, every single person I have spoken with has a heart that is on fire. They were all open with their success stories, failures, anxieties, and struggles. It was so humbling because in the midst of their chaotic schedules, they took time out to help me out.

Keep all youth and young adult ministers in your prayers. They are critical to the Church.

Young adult — Lemony Snicket. His youth is finally seeping away, like sand in a timer. But there was always something old in him, like he’s never been young at all.




I know I’m exaggerating his features but fanart is fanart.

Hope ya like it ^_^

Young Justice: Sins of Youth Reading Order

The 12 issue multi-comic event from the 1998 Young Justice run where Klarion the Witch Boy uses his powers to change the ages of the Justice League, Justice Society and Young Justice. The kids and teens become adults and the adults become children!

  • Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1
  • Superboy (Volume 3) #74
  • Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files and Origins 
  • Sins of Youth: JLA, Jr. 
  • Sins of Youth: Aquaboy and Lagoon Man 
  • Sins of Youth: Batboy and Robin 
  • Sins of Youth: Kid Flash and Impulse 
  • Sins of Youth: Starwoman and the JSA, Jr. 
  • Sins of Youth: Superman, Jr. and Superboy, Sr. 
  • Sins of Youth: Wonder Girls 
  • Sins of Youth: Secret and Deadboy 
  • Young Justice: Sins of Youth #2

Hey guys! Could y’all shoot up a prayer for me this week? I’ve got work in the morning, ministry planning*, a TOB program with 2 talks each, and a couple of other things every single day this week. I’ve also started the Ninevah 90 program today with a friend to help power up our spiritual life. So there’s a lot going on and I’m pumped and excited for it all, but I still need God’s grace in this. Thank you, friends!

*I’ve got ministry planning because IT’S OFFICIAL FAM! I am now the Director of Youth and Young Adult Evangelization/Ministry!!!! The ministry program that I’ve been working on for roughly 2 years has been finalized and approved! I am so ready to get to work. I’m building up my Adult CORE Team this week and it’s gonna be LIT. The youth and young adult ministry I am building at my parish will also serve as the foundation for an Archdiocesan ministry that I am founding which will be based at my parish. AHHHHH. I am SO excited fam! Please keep all of this in your prayers! Thanksgiving and intercession is so powerful!

I’m doing a presentation of the ministries we’ve started up (and the vision of the separate ministry which will be founded upon these ministries - a ministry to train and equip youth and young adults to go out and evangelize and to be intentional disciples) to my parish staff and some leaders I’ve recruited soon and as I’m working on the finishing touches, I cannot help but be in awe of how the Spirit is moving. Praise God for this. We as a Church need to be catechized and evangelized, and this requires a movement.

May our hearts burn with the desire to serve and be transformed by You, my Lord. Our hearts are restless - may they rest in You.

Why Mental Health Disorders Emerge in Your Early 20s

There’s a reason the image of the floundering, scared, shaky post-teen struggling to enter adulthood is a cliché. Between moving out of your parent’s home, going to college and getting a job, lack of sleep, drugs, and unrestricted access to alcohol, becoming an adult is fucking hard. So it’s no wonder that this period is popularly associated with having a mental breakdown. But is there any truth behind the pop culture trope? What about kids from wealthy families who don’t have the stresses the rest of us do in early adulthood, or people whose most trying times come in their 30s or 40s? Is the appearance of mental illness in young people a matter of environment or biology?