youth and rust

“There’s a mournfulness and anxiety in many of Bob Greenspan Photography’s pictures, suggesting if not stating outright the eventual decline of these much-loved sites. Mom and pop motels have been replaced by chains; the ferris wheels of the artist’s youth have rusted over”


Full size, full bleed, 20 photos released by Permanent Sleep
available October 1-5, 2012 
Youth & Rust Revue: ICONS OF SUMMER
Oz Studios (134 Ossington Ave, Toronto Ontario)

Monday, Jan. 11, 2016:

V/A - Bootleg 15 CS (Youth and Rust, 2015) /100
G.L.O.S.S. - Demo 2015 7" (SABOTAGE, 2015)

The Bootleg comp is by the talented and kind @youthandrust, and features live songs from some of my favorite Toronto acts, including Column of Heaven, Abyss, Death Kneel, Triage, Farang, and VCR. Strongly recommended. GLOSS is obvious by now. Utter hails to the queens.

Zinesta Nouveaux

Here’s a zine about Siesta Nouveaux, released yesterday for the final show.

Articles by Greg Benedetto, Tyler G. Leach, Zoë Dodd, Mike Fairley, Andrew Nolan, Jose Lopez.
Photos by Matt Finner, Chelsea Watt, Greg Benedetto, Francis Allin, Alexandra Marangone, Rick Smith, Victoria Czerniawska, Sean Calbeck, Brie Pierro, Pat Moore, and myself.
Zine layout by myself. Printing by myself and Matt Finner.


On a personal note, when I first heard that Siesta was closing, I didn’t think much beyond “Damn, that sucks” but working on this zine, and the past two days have shown me that Siesta really was something special. Seeing all the flyers and photos people submitted, and reading all the articles reminded me how much history Siesta gathered over the years, whether I was at a particular show or not.
It might be easy to think with Siesta’s closing that Toronto hardcore might suffer a lapse in shows or attendance or any number of things associated with the removal of a pillar of the scene. However the last two shows, and the number of people in attendance for two (basically) locals only shows, should be proof enough that Toronto hardcore is resilient and resourceful enough to survive something like the closing of Siesta Nouveaux.

and finally…

Youth & Rust: Vol. 2 is available. 75 photos total, between both zines. Full size, 14 pages each.
Each zine is $2 (or $4 for both, obviously), plus shipping. 

The reprint of Vol. 1 is now for sale as well. Same format and price as above. 

I’ve got maybe, 13 of the “Omnibus” edition left. The “Omnibus” is all four zines, Vol. 1 & 2 in a silk screened envelope. $8 each.

Email for ordering/paypal info. 

Youth & Rust Revue, 2011

The show opened on friday, (July 8th). About half of the show sold that night—there’s not much left hanging. Minimal writing about the show, since writing is clearly not my strong point.

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All frames, regardless of size, were sold for $2 or 3 for $5. Whatever is leftover/didn’t make it into the show is going to be given away/hung somewhere outside. 


EVERYTHING FALLING APART  is more a book of prints than a zine. Each page is perforated, so you can tear out the photos and hang them on your wall. 20 photos total—10 band photos and 10 portraits, landscapes and whatever else—EVERYTHING FALLING APART is a sort of “best of”, from the three volumes of Youth & Rust. Each zine has the same photos, but a mixed page order, and a mix of black & white and colour pages. 

Full size, full bleed, 20 pages.
Released with Permanent Sleep.

P.S. Here’s a video preview for it: