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summary: it was the summer of ‘07 when 16 year old park jimin and kim taehyung had met- falling in love; promising that in 10 years time, they would meet again at the botanical garden that had once called home.

genre: fluff, ANGST and implied smut

words: 3.1k

a/n: this will be a three chaptered fic y’all!!!! get ready!!!!! welcome to angst ‘r’ us.. enjoy ur stay

There was something that whispered in the quiet, Jimin had recalled. A wistful tone that called out his name, airy, light. In the solitude of his bedroom, dark and desolate, he had made up his mind that the voice was something he was not very fond of. It held something akin to hope.

“Jimin?” It called. “I told you, didn’t I? That I would love you forever?”

Yes, Jimin thought. You did.

And the voice was back, closer now. Murmuring quietly into his ear, tickling the cusp of his ear; like a bird’s song. “So why did you leave me?”

I don’t know, Taehyung.

I don’t know.

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Full size, full bleed, 20 photos released by Permanent Sleep
available October 1-5, 2012 
Youth & Rust Revue: ICONS OF SUMMER
Oz Studios (134 Ossington Ave, Toronto Ontario)

Monday, Jan. 11, 2016:

V/A - Bootleg 15 CS (Youth and Rust, 2015) /100
G.L.O.S.S. - Demo 2015 7" (SABOTAGE, 2015)

The Bootleg comp is by the talented and kind @youthandrust, and features live songs from some of my favorite Toronto acts, including Column of Heaven, Abyss, Death Kneel, Triage, Farang, and VCR. Strongly recommended. GLOSS is obvious by now. Utter hails to the queens.

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Youth & Rust recently posted the full version of one of their most recent issues, which has an interview/work from me, amongst plenty of other great artists.

You can take a digital flip through it above and find my work on pages 2 - 3. If you’re in Toronto, you should go check out the show they are doing alongside Chelsea Watt (also featured in the above issue) on August 7th at The Black Cat (2186 Dundas St. West). All the info is here.