youth against violence

Marriage equality is kind of like the Hanukkah of LGBT+ rights. It’s important because everybody knows what it is so you can use it at the forefront of the movement, and it’s a happy holiday–but if you understand the Jewish religion you also know it’s not the most important holiday. It’s just the most well-known. Now two people of the same gender can get married, but they can still get kicked out of their apartment building for being married, which means there’s a hell of a lot of work to do.
—  my sister, just now

Look, I know marriage equality doesn’t fix everything. I know the LGBTQ+ community - my community - still has a lot of problems, legally and socially and at many levels. Marriage equality doesn’t fix the problems of homeless queer youth or stop violence against trans women or revoke rulings that make it legal to refuse service to people because of their orientation. The queer community still has huge problems that need acknowledgement and action, and marriage equality is not a fix-all. 

But there are a whole lot of couples who can get married today when they couldn’t yesterday, and today’s a pretty great day for them.