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防弾少年団の9月7日に発売となる日本2ndアルバム「YOUTH」のジャケット写真が公開!さらに収録楽曲も決定しました!詳細はコチラ⇒http://bts-official.jp/news160725 #BTS #防弾少年団 #YOUTH

The jacket photos for BTS’ 2nd Japanese album “Youth” which will go on sale September 7 has been released! In addition, the tracklist has also been decided! Further details here ⇒ http://bts-official.jp/news160725 #BTS #防弾少年団 #YOUTH

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2. RUN -Japanese Ver.- 
3. FIRE -Japanese Ver.- 
4. DOPE -超ヤベー!- (Japanese Ver.)
5. Good Day
6. Save ME -Japanese Ver.-
7. フンタン少年団 (Boyz with Fun) (Japanese Ver.) 
8. ペップセ (Baepsae) -Japanese Ver.-
9. Wishing on a star
10. Butterfly -Japanese Ver.-
12. I NEED U (Japanese Ver.)
13. EPILOGUE : Young Forever -Japanese Ver.-

The hardest thing about being a teenager is finding validation for your belief system. We are spoon-fed ideal lifestyles by people from a completely different generation with a completely different perception of the world who will always think they ‘know better’ because of their age. When you are young, you are patronised, constantly. Told that you are still growing, still learning, and that you will understand all of this when you are older. But teenagehood has changed, completely, even just in the last decade. We are growing up ENTIRELY DIFFERENTLY to how our parents grew up. We are a new generation and we deserve a voice that comes from within us, not from middle aged women writing coming of age novels using grotesquely deformed 'text language’ and petty stereotypes like PLEASE we may be young but we can think for ourselves and we have thoughts and opinions that are just as valid as everybody else’s because emotional maturity comes from when you stop to actually mentally digest this idea that we have to conform to the society that has been handed to us. We have been given a sickened, dying society. We are here to change it. Listen to us speak.

The second single off “How To Be A Human Being” entitled YOUTH is out!

These are the places where you can check it out:

It comes out on iTunes and Spotify (Worldwide) within the next 24 hours! Stay updated via our Twitter page.

*Asia only as of 8:45AM GMT+8

UPDATE: Now available on iTunes and Spotify (Worldwide)