Each day is an adventure. It’s the thoughts you play with, the dreams you believe in, the prayers you whisper, the steps you take, the people you meet and the feelings you try to understand.. Every time you wake up you made a decision, every decision you make is you and defines you. You can change with each morning and decide to be the best yourself, to take the risk and explore places inside yourself and outside in this world that you’ve never experienced before. The can find more and be more every day..

O young man! Do all that you can to obey Allah, your Lord. Make strenuous efforts to give to the person who deprives you, maintain a connection with the person who cuts you off, and pardon the person who wrongs you. Make every effort to ensure that your body is with the servants but your heart is with the Lord of the servants. Do all that you can to speak the truth and never tell lies. Make strenuous efforts to work with sincerity and avoid hypocrisy. Luqmān the Wise used to say: “O my son, do not put on a show to impress people for you will not meet Allah (mighty and glorified is He) as long as your heart is infidel!”
—  Shaykh Abd Al Qadir Al Jilani

Namibia: Young scientists win  Debmarine awards

Carlos Shipatuleni, a Grade 11 learner from the Oshigambo High School in the Oshikoto region, walked away with second prize in the Big Innov8 Competition.

The Big Innov8 Competition is the brainchild of the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) and aims to boost an interest in scientific and technological developments and innovation.

Thrilled with his achievement, Carlos says: “I love science because with science there is development and with development, there is a future. Science motivates and inspires people to follow their goals to become what they want to be in future”.

The other two winners are Daniella Goses, a Grade 11 learner from the Windhoek Technical High School and Witness Asino also from Dr Frans Aupa Indongo Primary School.

Witness Asino from the Gabriel Taapopi Senior Secondary School, another winner, says: “I love science. Science is interesting; it challenges my mind and never fails to impress me. The world, metaphorically, is made up of science and there is a lot out there that is undiscovered and I have a craving to become a great legend in the sciences.”

Kashululu Sonia, head-girl and Grade 7 learner at Dr Frans Aupa Indongo Primary School in Windhoek, says she is keen to become an astronaut. She thanked her school for allowing them to attend such festivals.