people always act like dave and dirk are going to hate eachother cause they need more strider angst to jack off to but can you imagine them meeting for real.

TT: So what do you think about horses?
TG: theyre cool i guess i mean
TG: kinda like dogs with long legs
TG: except dogs are less likely to accidentally kill you
TG: or shit on you
TG: idk do you like dead things in jars
TT: That sounds fucking awesome.


TG: jade look at this thing. here take it
GG: what?? no put it back, its got pinchers!!!
TG: its not gonna pinch you just take it
GG: why?
TG: cause im giving you crabs
GG: im going to kill you
TG: get it. crabs
GG: do you get that im going to kill you??

seems i hadnt done a lolar-themed summer post yet. thats fixed, i guess.
i cant f*ing believe davesprite found the one sea creature cetus hadnt eaten yet and used it to be gross

turntechGodhead began pestering twinArmageddons

TG: hey sol meet me in my dorm room in ten minutes

TG: i have a surprise for you

TG: wear something nice

turntechGodhead ceased pestering twinArmageddons

Dave was wearing a suit that he had borrowed from dirk. He was shifting nervously from foot to foot. He had cleaned up the dorm, got john to do something outside of the dorm, lit a bunch of candles, set up some music and the lights were off so it was all romantic and shit. he sat down on his bed while he wait for sollux to arrive.