BTS reaction to you singing good when you’re alone whereas you usually sing terrible on purpose in front of them. 

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note: this is my first reaction, so bare with me. (also, I didn’t wanna add individual gifs since I couldn’t find some for all the members??)


  • is shocked at first to hear you singing 
  • interrupts you upon hearing your beautiful voice
  • “why don’t you sing like that when you’re with me???”
  • “don’t be embarrassed,”


  • kinda just listens to you for awhile
  • will wait til you’re done for him to start commenting
  • gets down on one knee
  • “please sing a duet with me.”


  • is just passing by when he hears your voice
  • stops to really listen
  • “is that….?”
  • “no it can’t be.”
  • “have you ever considered auditioning for big hit-”


  • “that’s some voice you have!”
  • “no wait, it was a compliment I swear-”
  • constantly asks you to sing for him


  • doesn’t believe what he’s hearing at first
  • “not to make you feel weird but um, you have a really good voice.”
  • makes you send him recordings of you singing
  • “your real voice. not the one you use with me.”


  • sits down and just listens to your singing voice
  • runs away if he thinks you’re gonna catch him eavesdropping on you
  • smiles to himself because you’ve been keeping a secret
  • he’s gonna expose you 


  • “what the f-”
  • “how???”
  • “I mean, I thought you were terrible.”
  • “no offense but,”
  • begs you to record a cover with him

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Mark as your boyfriend

I haven’t done something like this before but hey why not amiright

  • first things first
  • how did you get so lucky
  • dating mark tuan is dating an angel
  • is always pulling you in for hugs
  • resting his head on top of yours
  • or burying it in the crook of your neck
  • and SMILING while he does it
  • on that note
  • always wants to cuddle
  • loves to see your face when you cuddle
  • but wants to cuddle at the most random times like dude
  • you’re drinking orange juice? sorry, time to cuddle
  • reading a book?  n o p e
  • he literally just hugs you from behind and just sorta
  • pulls you away
  • and you’re like mark. maaaaark. 
  • but you always give in because he’s so cute how is that possible holy shit
  • is very spontaneous with kisses
  • one second he’s pecking your cheek and giggling about it
  • the next he’s pulling you onto his lap for a makeout session
  • make up ur mind mark
  • is a piece of shit when making out tho
  • if he gets a call, you’re getting ignored
  • he’ll just pick it up and like
  • walk away
  • but ten minutes later he wants to make out again
  • sigh
  • is so excited for you to meet his family
  • because they’re a major part of his life and hey look at that
  • you are, too
  • and he knows they’re going to love you
  • because you’re the most amazing thing he’s ever known
  • and the whole time you’re meeting them
  • he’s smiling so brightly the sun feels threatened
  • a pure baby
  • sends you so many snapchats of practice/touring
  • because he misses you
  • and when you snap him back he just sits there
  • smiling at his phone
  • because wow he loves you more than anything
  • wants to take you everywhere with him
  • so when he gets a break, he’ll take you to all his favorite countries and cities
  • lets you see whatever sights you want to see
  • you two could literally just look at a brick wall all day but he’s happy as long as he’s with you :)
  • holds your hand 24/7
  • and sometimes brings it to his mouth and places a little kiss on your palm
  • just like
  • in the middle of a conversation
  • heart stopping
  • doesn’t really get jealous
  • he trusts you 
  • and if a dude is looking at you he’s like 
  • “hell yes, that’s my s/o.”
  • and is frankly pretty proud of you because holy shit you’re a beautiful human being why wouldn’t he be proud of you
  • probably kisses you deeply if they look too hard or for too long tho lmao
  • has a stupid picture of you as his lockscreen
  • where you’re sleeping with your mouth open and your hair going 18975 directions
  • changes it when he takes a worse picture of you
  • smiles whenever he goes to check the time or something
  • because he loves you
  • a good boyfriend
  • an angel

okayyyy lemme know what you think of this and maybe I’ll do them for the rest of the members 🤷🏼‍♀️

Soulmate!AU: Na Jaemin

a/n: In honor of my child’s birthday! Happy Jaemin Day :) I’m posting this a little early so it’ll be available on his birthday my cutie. 

Also don’t forget to send him love and support through NCT-Dream’s Account! please check out this link for more information!

Na Jaemin’s 17th Birthday

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  • In honor of my child’s birthday
  • here’s a soulmate! AU for his beautiful face
  • So
  • You basically see every color in the earth EXCEPT your soulmate’s eye color
  • It was his birthday
  • Jaemin felt his heart pumping in excitement as he went to the arcade with his friends
  • He didn’t know why
  • but he felt extremely pumped for today
  • Maybe because it’s my birthday

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Dating Veronica Lodge Would Include

Originally posted by roadtoriverdale

  • Being Riverdale’s power couple
  • Protective!Ronnie
  • Sharing milkshakes at Pop’s
  • Her being completely speechless when she first meets you
  • Comforting her when it comes to her father
  • Her surprising you with gifts 
  • She would always have an arm around you
  • Being a River Vixen 
  • Kevin third-wheeling your dates before he starts dating Joaquin 
  • Hermione adoring you
  • Smiling when she calls Cheryl out, but both of you helping her when she needs it 
  • Veronica always buying you cupcakes whenever you have a fight
  • Only going to games to watch her cheer
  • Shopping dates
  • Her being late to practice with smeared lipstick
  • Everyone had assumed you were already together months before
  • Being lowkey jealous of her friendship with Betty
  • Some much PDA, Ronnie is a jealous girly
  • Colour coordinating your outfits
  • Veronica buying different flavoured lip balms, and making you guess which is which
  • Stealing each others clothes (mostly you stealing hers)
  • Everyone practically fangirling over your relationship
  • Treating each other like royalty
  • 89% of your social media being full of Veronica
  • Sexual tension to the point that everyone just leaves the room, one by one
  • She’d constantly be trying to make you blush
  • Veronica would love to tease you public (especially if you had a skirt on ;))
  • She’d be the one to make the first move

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Can you do a bts reaction to you telling you find the scene where jin kinda pins the girl to locker in their mv extremely hot. (Sorry if that doesn't make much sense :3) extra smutty pls. Ty


  • “say no more”
  • rips off sweater before pulling off yours
  • grabs your hand and pulls you to the wall
  • pins you against the wall
  • sexy smiles
  • runs hand up your side under your shirt
  • cups your breast
  • “like this, jagi?”

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  • jealous chuckle
  • “don’t lie to me. you found jin kind of sexy right there, huh?”
  • walks up to where you’re sitting on his bed
  • pushes you backwards until you’re laying flat
  • grabs your hand and loops your fingers in his belt buckle
  • “beg me to let you take this off.”
  • “don’t get an attitude, you made oppa mad.”

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  • angry
  • silence
  • you ask if he’s mad
  • eye contact
  • his hands cup your face
  • “let me show you how I’m feeling”
  • pulls you onto his lap
  • you feel his length grow against your thigh
  • holds your hands still when you try to touch him
  • “stay still. don’t piss me off more.”

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  • laughs at you
  • “HYUNG! my girl wants your dick…”
  • grabs your waist when you try to cover his mouth with your hand
  • picks you up, wrapping your thighs around his waist
  • “so… like this?”
  • pushes you hard against the wall
  • your core begins to throb as you feel him harden against you
  • “how does this make you feel?”
  • soft whispers into your neck

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  • “you’re so naughty, jagi…”
  • sexy eyes as he picks himself up from his bed
  • slow stroll to where you’re sitting on his bedroom floor
  • wipes bottom lip with his thumb
  • pushes your legs apart with one hand
  • crawls on top of you 
  • neck kisses
  • “so who was it that turns you on, baby?”

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  • no words
  • stands up, closes bedroom door
  • sits on the bed and scoots toward you
  • grabs your wrists
  • “let me show you who you should be thinking about…”
  • harsh kisses
  • cups your breast and waist
  • pulls you to straddle him
  • thrusts up into you
  • smiles at your tiny moans
  • stands up and leaves you
  • “next time you wanna get turned on by my brother, remember this.”

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  • full on fuck boy mode
  • “hyung made you wet?”
  • picks you up from where you sat on the kitchen counter
  • lays you on the couch
  • pulls off his shirt
  • positions himself between your legs
  • reaches up your dress and massages your inner thighs
  • softly runs his fingers over your clothed core
  • eye contact
  • slips one finger inside of you
  • chuckles when you arch your back and moan
  • “now what’s my name, baby? say it”

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Prompt: “Their pick-up line wasn’t as good as any of mine, I’m just saying.”

Characters: Booth (Bones) x Reader

This was Requested by anon

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You and Booth had showed up at one of the suspect house, you two were partnered for this case since Brennan was out of town. After you had entered the suspects house he wouldn’t stop eyeing you. Booth was asking him question while he wouldn’t stop flirting with you, barely answering the questions. 

After Booth had gotten enough out of him you were ready to leave. The suspect stopped you before you left “I may not be the bad guy your looking for but I can be a different kind of bad if you want.” 

This elicited a hardly hidden scoff from Booth and a quick exit on your part. After you had gotten into the car Booth couldn’t help but poke fun “I can be a different kind of bad if you want.” he said in a horrible impersonation while laughing. 

You started laughing along with him “Yeah, that one was pretty bad”

After Booth had stopped laughing he glanced over at you “Their pick-up line wasn’t as good as any of mine, I’m just saying.”

You laughed at this “True, but our aren’t a that great either” this earned a faux look of hurt on his face.

“My pick up lines are great” he said feigning offence.

Oh please, the week we met you compared my eyes to a vegetable.”

“Okay, well that wasn’t my best line, but there have been some good ones in there you have to admit.” he was determined at this point.

Rolling your eyes you give in “Alright Agent Charming, they aren’t that bad.”

Booth had been flirting with you since you first started at the Jeffersonian, but you never took them seriously. You though that he only flirted with you because he enjoyed how flustered you got, not that he actually liked you.

“But they don’t work do they?” he seemed to have gotten more serious

What do you mean?” you turned in your chair to look at him

He glanced over at you seeing that you honestly didn’t understand “Seriously? I’ve been flirting with you for seven months and you never thought I was being serious? I thought you were a genius?”

“What? That was you being serious? Booth, I thought you only flirted with me because you enjoyed how it embarrassed me.” you put your hand on your face not being able to stop the laugh that bubbled out.

“Don’t laugh at me, your the one who didn’t get that I was serious!” he was trying to sound mad but he couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face. Soon you two were laughing uncontrollably, Booth even had to pull the car over. “Okay, enough, enough” you stifled you giggled and wiped your eyes “Yes, I was being serious, I’ve wanted us the be something for a while now, so whaddya say?.”

“Does this mean your not gonna flirt with me anymore?”

“Only if you say yes.” he smiled at you

Smiling and shaking your head in amusement at him “Okay, yes.”

Dating Cat Grant would include...

Requested by @mysterious-teen-blogger

  • Being a new employee at CatCo
  • Kara meeting you and automatically knowing that you and Cat would be perfect each other
  • So she arranges a meeting
  • “I’ve already told you, Kira, I don’t have time to meet with new employees.” “Trust me, you’ll want to meet this one.”
  • Cat being her normal, intimidating self around you
  • But you don’t find it as intimidating as most
  • In fact, you find her closed-off-ness intriguing
  • And you make it your personal mission to get to know Cat Grant
  • Cat secretly wanting the same thing
  • Growing closer and closer over time
  • But Cat not wanting to ask you out in fear that it will interfere with her business
  • Kara lowkey dropping hints that she should just ask you out
  • Which, after many, many months, she does
  • Cat regretting it the minute after
  • Then regretting regretting it after your first date ends
  • Cat becoming warmer and softer around you
  • Being one of the only people able to make Cat genuinely smile
  • You having to make the first move
  • But, even though you had to move first
  • There is no doubt that Cat grew to become the dominant one
  • Cat being into some kinky shit oh my lord
  • Cat leaving hickeys everywhere on your body
  • Helping each other cover up each other’s hickeys for the next day at work because you don’t want to look unprofessional
  • Surprising Cat with kisses every morning in her office
  • Lots of sweet kisses in general
  • Cat always cupping your face when she kisses you
  • Smiling into each other’s lips
  • Being the only person able to make Cat relax
  • Forcing her to watch cheesy movies
  • Cat complaining the whole time, even though she secretly loves them
  • Always falling asleep on each other
  • Making each other breakfast
  • Getting along great with her kids
  • Cat always surprising you with small gifts
  • “What’s the occasion?” 
  • “Nothing, I just love you.”
  • And she did truly love you
  • And nothing could ever change that
BTS headcanons on having a S/O who’s their personal teddy bear

Requested by; anon

Hi! Could I request a BTS headcanon/reaction (whichever you think would work best) to you, their S/O, being like their own personal teddy bear? Thanks! My cousins do this to me and since I love cuddles, it’s great until they squeeze too hard lol


  • happily cuddles back
  • pats your head
  • has to bring you to bed
  • struggles to go to the toilet at night because of you
  • smiles as you when he sees you cuddled up against him


  • kicks you when you don’t let go
  • eventually pushes the bed apart to sleep in peace
  • doesn’t mind cuddling on some days
  • gives you the look
  • sighs deeply when you’re dedicated to cuddle


  • laughs when you cuddle up against him
  • takes photos of you
  • buys matching pj’s
  • calls you his teddy bear
  • you guys have a weekly movie/cuddle date


  • shares his hoodies
  • you guys cuddle together in one hoodie
  • surrounded by stuffed animals
  • smiles and lots of kisses
  • falling asleep together all the time


  • likes being the small spoon
  • wraps his body around you when he’s the big spoon
  • is a human blanket
  • likes to cuddle more than anyone in the world
  • can’t fall asleep without cuddling you


  • is a teddy bear himself
  • nickname couple; taebear
  • lots of cool/aesthetic photos
  • soft socks for cold feet
  • you guys own too many blankets


  • teases you about you being cuddly
  • is cuddly as hell himself
  • usually carries you to bed when you fall asleep
  • tucks you in and joins you afterwards
  • soft forehead kisses when you’re asleep, cuddling him
Te vi mirándola, como si ella te diera el mundo que siempre esperaste tener, y por primera vez... Sé cómo se siente ahogarte a pesar de estar fuera del océano.

I find it hard to breath.


this is it.

sweaty hands holding each other so tightly the knuckles go white

watery eyes looking in the same direction with passion

trembling voices whispering little things that mean the world

beating hearts that beat in the rhythm of a bird fluttering its wings

butterflies flying happily in the stomach making fun of all that nervousness

first times when everything is so serious and important

caring kisses on the forehead full kisses on the lips

long walks by the beach throwing pebbles in the ocean laughing until you cry

promises of eternity growing old together dying by each other’s side

singing stupid songs to proof something you don’t really have to 

sleeping in his t-shirt because although it’s way too long it fits you perfectly

listening to the oh’s and ah’s when everyone is amazed by you

smiling without a reason when he’s the only reason to smile

watching her getting ready in the morning 

when she pretends she knows what’s going on in basketball

when you both fall asleep on a couch cuddled to each other

when you argue when you’re not together and then you fuck each other to death

when you say it and you mean it and you know this isn’t temporary

when you finally realize it

this is it.

you know what, right?

what it’s like being close friends with monsta x...

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Being Close with Monsta X Includes…

  • ALRIGHT, firstly, having monsta x as your friends is a life changing phenomenon on its own
  • You have a pack of famous memes for friends, your life is golden!!
  • but also a piping hot mess, but that doesn’t count
  • So…they can be loud, but they’re not loud 24/7. They’re only extra loud when they’re hyped up for whatever reason, don’t mind them, pls
  • You getting recognized by a few hardcore monbebes, but fear not, they’re always friendly and never malicious.
  • If they’re a big enough fan to find out your identity, but never expose it, then rest assured they’re sweethearts, and they actually care about monsta x
  • HOWEVER, there are a few saesangs who want to see you burn in flames, but ha, that won’t happen…you’re too smart for them.
  • Has their management to back you up anyway, like bless them. even though they’re so strict on you that you think they hate you, that is until they turn around and treat you like a precious queen
  • Sympathizing with other non-celebrities who have celebrity buddies, like wow, the STResS and pressure can have you growing gray hairs

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Here is one of projects I’ve been preoccupied with for the past couple days. Assignment was to create a magazine covered that showed your personality and design style.

The article titles in case you cant make them out here:
Why wait? Procrastinate now!
Ditch espresso | Extreme Anxiety | the new get up and go craze.
Self Deprecating Humor | The secret to tricking people into liking you
Smile & Now | Dealing with difficult people day to day. 

Please take a moment to do at least one of the following:

  • Hug someone you love
  • Take a deep breath
  • Watch a funny cat video
  • Get a good stretch in
  • Think of your favorite song
  • Tell the person you love how much they mean to you
  • Smile at someone
  • Cuddle your pet
  • Tell your best friend why they are your best friend
  • Listen to your favorite song
  • Dance like an idiot
  • Look for beauty in hidden places

Please do something that makes you happy … because life is too fucking short.


“What would I give to live where you are?
What would I pay to stay here beside you?
What would I do to see you
Smiling at me?
Where would we walk
Where would we run
If we could stay all day in the sun?
Just you and me
And I could be
Part of your world

I don’t know when
I don’t know how
But I know something’s starting right now
Watch and you’ll see
Someday I’ll be
Part of your world” (X

MakoHaru Little Mermaid!AU

second part

Commissions Open (here)

anonymous asked:

What would being Tony Starks younger sister and dating Bucky Barnes be like???

  • Keeping it a secret from Tony because you know that if he found out, he wouldn’t be happy in the slightest
  • Sneaking out to see Bucky and making Jarvis promise not to tell Tony
  • Secret rendezvous with Bucky to be together where no one can stop you
  • Smiling at Bucky from across the room and he fights a smile back but he crumbles and smiles behind his hand because you make him too happy
  • It’s Steve that spills the secret
  • And Tony is less than thrilled
  • ‘Him?! You’re dating him?! No way!’
  • ‘Shut up, Tony. You can’t stop me. You don’t even know him!’
  • Fighting with Tony for ages
  • Bucky being so broken and upset that he thinks you would dump him but you shake your head and hug him, whispering that you love him no matter what
  • Giving Tony the silent treatment for however long it takes him to apologise to you and Bucky
  • Steve talking sense into Tony and slowly, Tony becomes more accepting
  • He’s absolutely banned PDA around him but he’s happy if you’re happy
Monsta X Hinting That They Like You

I don’t think that’d be their reaction, so I’ll make it a “How would they hint they like you”, I hope you don’t mind!

Other Versions:

| iKON | BTS | SHINee |


  • Spending lots of time with you, trying to be close to you is his way
  • He’d also get a little bit jealous when it’s reasonable
  • Laughing at whatever you say, you can say “This bin is really pretty” and he’d laugh
  • He might be a bit shy around you


  • Licking his lips a lot
  • He’d stare at you 24/7
  • Whispering into your ear. He would do it  for no reason, especially around other guys
  • He’d stare deeply into your eyes when you talk


  • Extra loud
  • Extra affectionate
  • Extra humorous
  • He’d like having you close, you can sit only right beside him, if not - he’d make you
  • He’d touch you a lot, not in a weird way, he’d hold onto your arm or put his hand on your knee


  • Would act a little more awkward around you
  • Compliments you much more than before
  • More touchy than usually
  • Easily amused by your jokes


  • Would look at you a lot
  • A little possesive and would be close to you
  • Smiles at you when you look his way
  • Messages you a lot, even stuff like “Hi, I just ate dinner! What about you?”


  • He’d act more casual than the rest
  • Messages you a lot
  • Very touchy
  • Gives you ‘special’ looks
  • But in the end he’d still be kinda shy


  • Loud
  • Always tries to go with you everywhere
  • Compliments you from time to time
  • Gets visibly shy when you touch him or say weird/nice things to him (yep…)

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

Dating Yoongi means...

Original request: “bts and got7 request still open? if so can you pretty please do the dating would include thing for bangtan boys as well???”

Thank you, anon! It might take time to finish all of them though.

I`ll do the infamous order: Leader => oldest to youngest

- Vivian

  • Letting him sleep with his head on your knees while you`re on the phone or something
  • Telling you to gain some weight because your thighs are “too firm to lie on”
  • Random hand kisses, finger kisses, thigh kisses from him
  • Watching funny videos and memes together as you both are lying comfortably on the couch
  • Telling him to go sleep in the living-room because he works on his masterpieces late at night
  • Not being able to handle it, going to the living-room and embracing him in a tight hug as his face brightens up and he smiles widely.
  • Private space for the both of you
  • Not showing any kind of affection in public, sometimes even seeming cold towards you
  • But once you`re alone, he`s a bun of fluff
  • Casually resting his hand on your knee/thigh because it feels nice and comfortable
  • Putting headphones on you and letting you hear what he`s currently working on
  • Asking what you like and what you don`t like about it
  • Lazy sex in the morning
  • Watching him being hyper with the boys and laughing your butt at the faces he makes
  • Constantly letting you know he finds you the most attractive of them all
  • Watching him bring his head down to hide his flustered expression when you tell him you love him in front of someone else
  • Movie marathons where you fall asleep in the middle of the first movie
  • And he probably blames it on you, saying you chose the most boring movies in history
  • Kumamon everything. Everywhere.
  • “Min Yoongi, I swear to God, when will you learn to put down the toilet seat?!”
  • “I thought I did?!” while scratching his head
  • Being able to get everything you want with the magic word of “oppa”
  • “What the heck is that, Min Suga? Why are you wearing that?”
  • “This woman, can`t you see? It`s called swag.”
  • “You look like an unemployed clown.”
  • But he would change his clothes anyways. Because he trusts you
  • Smiling warmly to himself when he gets text messages from you
  • And when someone asks him what it was, he hides his screen and doesn`t let anyone see
  • Replying to your texts as soon as possible
  • Rarely telling you how he feels about you. Instead, he shows his love with actions
  • But when he does starts talking about his feelings, he`s unstoppable and adorable
The best he could  Part one

You weren’t the normal girlfriend or “Old Lady” but you loved him and he loved you. Well, the best he could I guess. The question that keeps you up lately was would that ever be enough. You loved Jax. You loved his boys. Hell, you even loved his mom the best anyone could. She was right about one thing. You did learn to love the club. The crow eaters not so much. They moved away from your man mostly but there was one little bitch that wasn’t getting the hint. The little blonde porn star wasn’t getting the hint. 

You didn’t care much about the partying. You would rather be at home reading, watching movies with the boys, or just being with Jax. Tonight though was a patching in the party and as an Old Lady, it was your job to be there. Jax had been acting more grumpy and more stressed lately. So his late nights at the club didn’t really bother you. Deep down it should have, though.

Abel was the nanny while you were at work. Getting off early you decided to surprise Jax with a small lunch. You missed him and any time alone with him is something you would take. There weren’t many bikes parked so you figured most of them were getting supplies or resting before the party tonight. Walking in the club was eating but you could here Jax and a couple of them taking in the chapel. 

“I saw Ima leaving from here,” Opie said 

“Did she have a nice blow by,” Tig said laughing

“She offered, but somebody had to walk in,” Jax said

“You didn’t want an audience,” Tig asked

“I’m not you, You sick fuck,” Jax said laughing along with the guys

“Besides Y/N would cut your dick off,” Chibs said 

“Y/N isn’t gonna find out shit,” Jax said getting serious

“You sure have taste in different women Jackie Boy” Chibs said 

You couldn’t listen to this anymore. Dropping the bag of food on the floor you hurried outside. 

“What was that?” Jax asked as the all hurried outside to the club.

“Whats that bag?” Ask Opie

Running out the door the guys saw your car driving off.

“Jackie boy I think you have some trouble on your hand,” Chibs said slapping him on the back

Opie and Chibs knew he loved Y/N but they also knew he wasn’t admitting how much to himself yet.

Jax didn’t have time to call you since soon after you left members to start showing up and the old lady started coming by to get the things ready. You, on the other hand, went shopping. Because if Jax wanted a girl like Ima. Then tonight that was what he was going to get. 

The party was going full swing. A lot of drinking and laughing. Croweaters keeping the Son’s happy. Gemma walked over to Clay who was laughing and drinking with everyone.

“Hey, babe.” He said giving her a kiss

“Where is Y/N?” Gemma asked him

“Not sure, but it doesn’t seem to bother him,” Clay said looking over at Jax.

Standing in front of your mirror looking at yourself. This wasn’t you, but if Jax wanted a girl like her then let the party begin. You had bought the tightest pair of jeans you could find. The jeans rode low on your hips and hugged your ass like a pair of gloves. You had on a strapless mesh back bustier top. That you made sure pushed your breast as high as they could go. The black high boots would kill your feet but you could make it a couple hours thru the party. Leaving your hair hanging down your back with just a little curl. You did your makeup a little heavier tonight. Taking a deep breathe you walked out of your bedroom and left before you chickened out.  

The party was in full swing. Pulling in you saw Chibs and Opie and a guy you had never seen before talking. Parking the car you waved at the guys before you got out. The weren’t expecting what they saw. Opie’s mouth fell opened and the guy next to him had a smile on his face that showed everything he wanted to do to you.

“Evening boys.” You said walking up to them

“Y/N,” Chibs said getting up to hug you

Smiling at him.”You going to introduce your friend?”

“This is Y/N Jax’s old lady,” Chibs said making sure the last part was heard

“Y/N this is Happy,” Chibs said watching you both 

“Nice to meet you, Happy.” You said walking closer to him as you walked by

Happy walked you walk by. Chibs didn’t like it

“Be careful that will get you in trouble.” 

Every eye was on you when you walked in. The glares from the women and the fuck me smiles from the guys. You didn’t see Jax so you walked over to the bar to get a drink. This wasn’t going as well as you planned. Hell you didn’t really have a plan you thought Jax would see you right away and this would be over, but no you were at the bar getting a drink and you could feel the eyes on you that you didn’t want. 

If this gets ten notes I’ll write the second part

Morning After - Jinhwan
  • you wake up to find him not next to you
  • next thing you know he’s walking in with breakfast
  • and you’re like “wtf babe”
  • “i figured you’d be pretty hungry after last night”
  • you’d laugh and accept the food
  • he’d sit next to you and just watch you
    • smiling as you try not to spill in his bed
  • once done he’d put the dishes in the kitchen
  • then next thing you know he’s running down the hallway screaming your name
    • annoying the other boys
  • and then he’s like a flying squirrel or something jumping from the doorway landing on the bed
  • “hi”
  • you just stare at him like are you on crack or something
  • he curls up next to you, pulling you close
  • “”
    • he kisses all over your face
    • making you giggle
  • you two just lay there, laughing, smiling, just being in love
  • and then hanbin and bobby appear in the doorway
  • “what did you two do last night?”
  • they both have devilish smiles on their faces
  • “get out!”
  • jinhwan throws pillows at them as you laugh
  • “don’t worry, we heard it all for ourselves. try and keep it down next time please”
  • they close the door, leaving you two on the bed laughing
    • your cheeks bright red with embarrassment as jinhwan just covers his face with a pillow