Te vi mirándola, como si ella te diera el mundo que siempre esperaste tener, y por primera vez... Sé cómo se siente ahogarte a pesar de estar fuera del océano.

I find it hard to breath.

Wanna One ·Kissing· (Maknae line)

Park Jihoon

  • His kisses depend on the mood and situation
  • Somedays he wants a short sweet peck
  • Hands on both of your cheeks
  • Giggles and smiles everywhere
  • But other times wow
  • This boy likes long passionate kissing let me tell you
  • That also means making out
  • a lot
  • Hands on your waist that slowly move to your upper back, then to your cheeks
  • Loves it when you play with his hair, and run your nails across the nape of his neck
  • His hand sneaks under your shirt and he rubs small circles with his thumb on your hip
  • His lips move slow, sensual
  • Bites your lower lip from time to time
  • Like wow I know jihoon acts super cute the majority of the time but with his gf he would try to be more manly, sexy even
  • But he will just turn tomato red after kissing you at either situation
  • Because he would never accustom to the feeling of your lips on his
  • Loves to remind you your lips are his favorite thing
  • Buys you all kinds of flavored lip balm “for you” to try
  • Likes it when you use them and ask him which one he likes better
  • Because that means more kisses
  • And he is up for that any time you want

Park Woojin

  • His kisses are shy
  • This boy right here is so insecure about kissing
  • He thinks he doesn’t know how to do it properly because he hasn’t have many experience
  • Too shy to initiate anything that involves his lips getting near yours.
  • But that doesn’t stop him from loving kissing your forehead and temples
  • Watching him squirm every time your face gets too close to his makes you laugh
  • But you are aware that he does want to kiss you because of the way he always looks at your lips and simultaneously licks his
  • Probably the type to practice kissing when he is alone
  • can you picture it tho bc i sure can
  • One day he just bluntly says he wants to kiss you
  • So you just told him to do it and waited for him to do something
  • He didn’t move at all
  • He just kept looking at you
  • Like that wasn’t the answer he was e x p e c t i n g
  • Just an “uhmm” left his lips as his eyes looked at everything but your face
  • You smiled at him and leaned in
  • As your lips touched he came back to his senses and kissed you back
  • Loves when you brush his hair back
  • After that he would ask you to kiss him all the time
  • Like he has been missing out a lot, you have to make up for the lost time

Bae Jinyoung

  • His kisses are just aw
  • Idk if you get me
  • Like i see him just pecking you on the lips and all the members in the background awing
  • Because everything would be so sweet
  • From the way he holds you to the way he kisses you
  • Cute
  • Definitely would have heart eyes everytime he sees you
  • Such a romantic
  • Holds your hand and plays with your fingers with a shy smile on his face
  • Switching from looking at your face to your hands
  • Thinks you are the most beautiful thing he has ever seen
  • Leans down slowly while still smiling
  • Probably laughs * bc he’s a nervous mess * an inch away from your lips
  • When you are about to ask him why he’s laughing he just close the distance between you two
  • He takes his time
  • Slow shy lips
  • Always has one hand playing with one of yours
  • Interlocking your fingers, rubbing the back of your hand or your palm with his thumb
  • The other one holds your cheek
  • But loves it when both of your hands play with the hair in the nape of his neck and he just places his hands on your lower back
  • Brushes the hair out of your face after kissing you
  • Smiles softly
  • Tries to hide his head in the crook of your neck while he hugs you

Lee Daehwi

  • His kisses are cute and innocent
  • Simple as that
  • Loves to kiss your cheeks
  • Loves it even more when you kiss his
  • Back hugging you with his chin on your shoulder as he kisses your neck just because he knows it tickles you
  • And he loves your laugh and smile
  • Seeing you happy just makes him happy
  • Back to the stuff
  • Pecks on the lips are enough for him
  • But when he feels a bit confident he would let his lips linger on yours a bit longer
  • Or go in for a second peck
  • You would be just goofing around when he suddenly stops doing whatever he was doing
  • Says some cute compliment like how the way you look when you laugh is the prettiest you’ve ever looked
  • And as you blush
  • And he dies on the inside
  • He takes your cheeks on his hands
  • Leans in while he chews on his lip
  • and just before kissing you he releases the air he didn’t realize he was holding
  • Closes the distance between the two of you with a deep blush on his cheeks
  • Probably has no clue of how to deepen the kiss
  • But he really wants to stay with his lips locked with yours longer than a peck
  • You would feel his struggle when a whole 5 seconds passed and he still had his lips pressed to yours
  • So you tiled your head a bit and moved your lips.
  • His eyes would open in surprise
  • Like o m g this is h a p p e n i n g
  • But he would catch on quickly
  • Smiles a lot and presses many kisses all over your face when its over

Lai Guanlin

  • His kisses are smooth
  • Probably learned all he knows about kissing by watching movies and series
  • And he actually is not bad at it
  • Idk he gives me the vibe that he knows how to kiss pretty well
  • But he is not aware of it.
  • Like he is super insecure but he tries not to show it by making YOU nervous and flustered
  • Loves to bear-hug you
  • Your head on his chest
  • His head buried in your hair
  • Kisses your cheek and places his head back on your shoulder
  • Where he says something cheesy that makes you blush
  • And maybe unconsciously he spoke lower than usual and his breath was tickling your neck and made you shiver
  • Not being sarcastic he literally didn’t knew what he was doing.
  • Until he felt you shiver
  • Thats when he became a flustered mess himself
  • Leans back barely to look at you
  • Noses touching he looks into your eyes
  • If you were averting his gaze he would feel kind of ashamed
  • Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable
  • When you finally look back at him assuring him that it was fine
  • He would go back to his mushy smiley self but at the same time he wouldn’t want to let you go so would go straight to to the point and ask if he could kiss you
  • Closes the distance between you two
  • Plump soft lips
  • Hands firm on your waist
  • Loves when you kiss his cheek or nose afterwards

a/n: It took me longer than expected to finish this (bc of jihoon that boy confused me a lot) but it’s finally here! If somone has an idea of what should i write next, feel free to send me or ask me anything. It will take some time (curse uni) but It will be posted eventually.

Hope you enjoy it! :)

Hyung line ver.

Making out: Hyung line + Jihoon

BTS headcanons on having a S/O who’s their personal teddy bear

Requested by; anon

Hi! Could I request a BTS headcanon/reaction (whichever you think would work best) to you, their S/O, being like their own personal teddy bear? Thanks! My cousins do this to me and since I love cuddles, it’s great until they squeeze too hard lol


  • happily cuddles back
  • pats your head
  • has to bring you to bed
  • struggles to go to the toilet at night because of you
  • smiles as you when he sees you cuddled up against him


  • kicks you when you don’t let go
  • eventually pushes the bed apart to sleep in peace
  • doesn’t mind cuddling on some days
  • gives you the look
  • sighs deeply when you’re dedicated to cuddle


  • laughs when you cuddle up against him
  • takes photos of you
  • buys matching pj’s
  • calls you his teddy bear
  • you guys have a weekly movie/cuddle date


  • shares his hoodies
  • you guys cuddle together in one hoodie
  • surrounded by stuffed animals
  • smiles and lots of kisses
  • falling asleep together all the time


  • likes being the small spoon
  • wraps his body around you when he’s the big spoon
  • is a human blanket
  • likes to cuddle more than anyone in the world
  • can’t fall asleep without cuddling you


  • is a teddy bear himself
  • nickname couple; taebear
  • lots of cool/aesthetic photos
  • soft socks for cold feet
  • you guys own too many blankets


  • teases you about you being cuddly
  • is cuddly as hell himself
  • usually carries you to bed when you fall asleep
  • tucks you in and joins you afterwards
  • soft forehead kisses when you’re asleep, cuddling him
Day6 Young K As Your Boyfriend

Request: “Can I get an imagine of young k from day6 as your boyfriend?”

This will be my first Day6 request! Hope you like!

~Admin Cherry Bop :*


Originally posted by helloday6

  • Brian would seriously be the sweetest and most caring of boyfriends
  • For one, he would be super affectionate and warmhearted toward you
  • Not in a motherly way, but more in a protective kind of way
  • like he would make sure you ate and ask how your day was, and he tells you all the time that you could go to him for anything
  • Speaking of him being protective, expect that a lot when another guy tries hitting on you
  • But he will hardly ever get jealous, because he loves you, and therefore trusts you
  • He will vent to you a lot and confide in you
  • He’ll be very vocal if he didn’t approve of something, and would just be really open with you about everything
  • Will  get really excited if you ever asked him to sing for you or play the guitar/bass, will probably try to teach you to play
  • Always has his arm around you and sneaks little kisses on your cheek
  • Loves skinship with you
  • Smiles a lot when he’s around you
  • Loves to kiss you, he doesn’t care if it’s around the guys, but will prefer to kiss you in private
  • Now, when you two are by yourselves, things can get pretty heated
  • When this boy is in the mood, it will be so obvious
  • And by so obvious, I mean Brian will be on you so fast
  • He’d love if you kissed his neck, he’d immediately go from cute to sexy
  • And straddle him, he’d go nuts for that shit
  • He will definitely go down on you first
  • And he’d do it so well
  • He’s the type to be low key kinky, and you two would explore in the bedroom
  • He’s definitely not vanilla lmao
  • Dominant, but wouldn’t mind switching it around
  • He’s a groaner and grunter and a heavy breather
  • Loves to hear you moan
  • Lots of cursing
  • Expect some teasing with him, even outside of the bedroom
  • Loves grabbing butt, preferably yours lol
  • LOTS of pillow talk sessions afterwards
  • Gets excited to see you, and would love it when you would get to know the boys better
  • Also, if you need emotional support, he’s your man
  • Because expect the relationship to be more than just sex, because you two would connect deeply on an emotional level
  • Dates won’t be boring, he will always think of something fun for you two to do
  • Don’t get me wrong, you two would definitely have those lazy cuddling-in-bed days, but he won’t count those as dates
  • He’d massage you if you’re stressed
  • Puts aside work if you’re really stressed and upset
  • Will literally do so much for you
  • Overall, he’d be fun and the most caring soul to date, and he would genuinely love you with all of his heart, so make sure you take care of him just as much as he takes care of you

anonymous asked:

Can you do a bts reaction to you telling you find the scene where jin kinda pins the girl to locker in their mv extremely hot. (Sorry if that doesn't make much sense :3) extra smutty pls. Ty


  • “say no more”
  • rips off sweater before pulling off yours
  • grabs your hand and pulls you to the wall
  • pins you against the wall
  • sexy smiles
  • runs hand up your side under your shirt
  • cups your breast
  • “like this, jagi?”

Originally posted by fawnave


  • jealous chuckle
  • “don’t lie to me. you found jin kind of sexy right there, huh?”
  • walks up to where you’re sitting on his bed
  • pushes you backwards until you’re laying flat
  • grabs your hand and loops your fingers in his belt buckle
  • “beg me to let you take this off.”
  • “don’t get an attitude, you made oppa mad.”

Originally posted by scartic


  • angry
  • silence
  • you ask if he’s mad
  • eye contact
  • his hands cup your face
  • “let me show you how I’m feeling”
  • pulls you onto his lap
  • you feel his length grow against your thigh
  • holds your hands still when you try to touch him
  • “stay still. don’t piss me off more.”

Originally posted by jinnamjoon


  • laughs at you
  • “HYUNG! my girl wants your dick…”
  • grabs your waist when you try to cover his mouth with your hand
  • picks you up, wrapping your thighs around his waist
  • “so… like this?”
  • pushes you hard against the wall
  • your core begins to throb as you feel him harden against you
  • “how does this make you feel?”
  • soft whispers into your neck

Originally posted by kpoptasteslikesin


  • “you’re so naughty, jagi…”
  • sexy eyes as he picks himself up from his bed
  • slow stroll to where you’re sitting on his bedroom floor
  • wipes bottom lip with his thumb
  • pushes your legs apart with one hand
  • crawls on top of you 
  • neck kisses
  • “so who was it that turns you on, baby?”

Originally posted by parkjiminer


  • no words
  • stands up, closes bedroom door
  • sits on the bed and scoots toward you
  • grabs your wrists
  • “let me show you who you should be thinking about…”
  • harsh kisses
  • cups your breast and waist
  • pulls you to straddle him
  • thrusts up into you
  • smiles at your tiny moans
  • stands up and leaves you
  • “next time you wanna get turned on by my brother, remember this.”

Originally posted by jiminarmy


  • full on fuck boy mode
  • “hyung made you wet?”
  • picks you up from where you sat on the kitchen counter
  • lays you on the couch
  • pulls off his shirt
  • positions himself between your legs
  • reaches up your dress and massages your inner thighs
  • softly runs his fingers over your clothed core
  • eye contact
  • slips one finger inside of you
  • chuckles when you arch your back and moan
  • “now what’s my name, baby? say it”

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Mark as your boyfriend

I haven’t done something like this before but hey why not amiright

  • first things first
  • how did you get so lucky
  • dating mark tuan is dating an angel
  • is always pulling you in for hugs
  • resting his head on top of yours
  • or burying it in the crook of your neck
  • and SMILING while he does it
  • on that note
  • always wants to cuddle
  • loves to see your face when you cuddle
  • but wants to cuddle at the most random times like dude
  • you’re drinking orange juice? sorry, time to cuddle
  • reading a book?  n o p e
  • he literally just hugs you from behind and just sorta
  • pulls you away
  • and you’re like mark. maaaaark. 
  • but you always give in because he’s so cute how is that possible holy shit
  • is very spontaneous with kisses
  • one second he’s pecking your cheek and giggling about it
  • the next he’s pulling you onto his lap for a makeout session
  • make up ur mind mark
  • is a piece of shit when making out tho
  • if he gets a call, you’re getting ignored
  • he’ll just pick it up and like
  • walk away
  • but ten minutes later he wants to make out again
  • sigh
  • is so excited for you to meet his family
  • because they’re a major part of his life and hey look at that
  • you are, too
  • and he knows they’re going to love you
  • because you’re the most amazing thing he’s ever known
  • and the whole time you’re meeting them
  • he’s smiling so brightly the sun feels threatened
  • a pure baby
  • sends you so many snapchats of practice/touring
  • because he misses you
  • and when you snap him back he just sits there
  • smiling at his phone
  • because wow he loves you more than anything
  • wants to take you everywhere with him
  • so when he gets a break, he’ll take you to all his favorite countries and cities
  • lets you see whatever sights you want to see
  • you two could literally just look at a brick wall all day but he’s happy as long as he’s with you :)
  • holds your hand 24/7
  • and sometimes brings it to his mouth and places a little kiss on your palm
  • just like
  • in the middle of a conversation
  • heart stopping
  • doesn’t really get jealous
  • he trusts you 
  • and if a dude is looking at you he’s like 
  • “hell yes, that’s my s/o.”
  • and is frankly pretty proud of you because holy shit you’re a beautiful human being why wouldn’t he be proud of you
  • probably kisses you deeply if they look too hard or for too long tho lmao
  • has a stupid picture of you as his lockscreen
  • where you’re sleeping with your mouth open and your hair going 18975 directions
  • changes it when he takes a worse picture of you
  • smiles whenever he goes to check the time or something
  • because he loves you
  • a good boyfriend
  • an angel

okayyyy lemme know what you think of this and maybe I’ll do them for the rest of the members 🤷🏼‍♀️


A/N: Who thinks Lee Chan has been wrecking our bias list as of lately??? Bc I do! It’s definitely his boyish charm and smile. I don’t see a lot of Dino stans??? You just give him another year or two and you won’t know what hits you. Mark my words *evil cackle*.

  • ah yes, young love
  • can’t say I’ve experienced it lmao too busy drowning in assignments help
  • I can see him being the type that if he finds you attractive, no matter how shy he would get, he would definitely come up to you and attempt a conversation
  • and maybe slip some compliment here and there ;)
  • he learned from the best, ok?
  • even though his hyungs are pretty useless most of the time jk Joshua gives pretty good tips
  • learns how to be smooth from his hyungs’ mistake lol
  • probably prefers text messages over phone calls at first bc he’s too shy
  • asks you out to watch a movie and a dinner for the first day
  • ok it might sound mediocre but you had so much fun??? 
  • he doesn’t seem like it at first but he has a lot to say
  • tucks the stray hair away from your face
  • having to hide away from him hyungs whenever you call bc he’d never hear the end of it
  • “OoOoOo who’s tHAT?”
  • “introduce them to us!”
  • omg save him from his weird hyungs
  • wins you a plush toy from the arcade and gave you so you’ll think of him whenever you look at it ffff
  • “just hug it whenever you miss me :)”
  • like Vernon, he’d buy you things that you’ll like when he’s away as souvenirs
  • saved a playlist on his phone filled with songs that reminds him of you
  • smiles at himself whenever your favorite song comes up
  • he’ll be super cheesy oml
  • like, you know how messy eating an ice cream could be
  • and maybe you’d get some on the corner of your lips
  • he’d notice and be like “oh, there’s some on your..” and proceeds to wipe it with his fingers as he smiles fondly
  • wins you all the plushies and let’s you win at games
  • bc although he loves to win, he loves the smile on your face when you win even more so it’s totally worth it
  • swinging your hand back and forth while walking on the streets
  • always asks your permission whenever he wants to make a move on you bc he’s taught to be a gentleman
  • ahhh, Joshua will be so proud :’)
  • he takes care of you really well, okay
  • like one day you’d maybe forget to eat breakfast and he’d be like
  • “have you eaten yet?”
  • “no.”
  • “here, I have some biscuits.”
  • lending you his jacket when you’re cold and side-hugging you
  • I can imagine him liking that cheesy act of sharing one drink together with two straws as you stare at each other’s eyes
  • but you’ll end up laughing bc wOW that’s kinda awkward
  • but also his eyes are pretty
  • ok but Chan is also savage ok
  • like, have you seen how he roasted his hyungs?
  • s a v a g e
  • “channn~ can we get that hat??”
  • “you’re only this nice to me when you want something.”
  • also having to deal with his michael chanson moments
  • *mj randomly plays in the store*
  • “Chan, no.”
  • him: *moonwalks his way around the racks*
  • “oh my god.”
  • I think he’d be one of the most generous boyfriends?
  • doesn’t hesitate to buy you the stuff you like
  • but will also nag if it’s something you don’t really need?
  • “y/n you don’t need that collar.”
  • what were u guys thinking when I said collar u thirsty ppl
  • will pay for your meal every time despite your protests
  • will try teach you seventeen’s choreography but would end up just jamming to hit songs and laughing breathlessly on the floor
  • sitting on the company’s front steps, eating junk food and talking s***
  • him gasping dramatically when you curse lmao
  • honestly it’s probably his laugh that first got you hooked
  • I know I did
  • him laughing at you but his laugh is just too precious?? so you just pout but it’s ok bc you get to hear that laugh
  • being so proud at him? bc he’s done and accomplished so much for someone his age??
  • he gets all blushy and cute whenever you start to look at him in admiration
  • and those twinkle in your eyes whenever you talk
  • ‘ah how can they be so cute?’ he would think
  • falling asleep on his shoulder on the bus ride home, sharing earphones
  • bc even though you may live on the other side of the city, he’d still go out of his way to accompany you home
  • him giving quick, cheeky pecks on your cheeks and running away laughing
  • being lovable brats towards the rest of seventeen
  • “Dino, stop corrupting y/n.”
  • “more like they corrupted me, hyung.”
  • low-key scared you’re going to leave him for one of his hyungs lol
  • bc he thinks that they’re much more mature than he is
  • but you’ll slap him on his side bc what kind of nonsense is that?
  • bc honestly, he’s more mature than some of his hyungs are and he should never feel insecure that you’re going to leave him just bc he’s the maknae
  • he’s forever grateful that you’re always there beside him, whether he’s shining on stage or having a moment in the practice room
  • you saw him as lee chan instead of dino and he feels like he could be himself with you instead of someone he is not
  • pls cherish our lovely lee chan, he deserves all the love <3

anonymous asked:

V3 boys cheating on s/o and s/o doesn't know. S/o thinks he's being distant, so she bakes him a cake saying "I love you." Would they feel guilty or nah (bonus points if s/o told the boys they were insecure before they started dating)

Here comes some angst~ I’ve done the making cake thing more varied, so it’s like the S/O does something for the boys when they feel the boys are being distant, I hope that’s okay ^^

DRV3 Boys cheating on S/O

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He couldn’t bring himself to face you
  • But he couldn’t end it either
  • And he didn’t want to keep cheating
  • But his feelings has strayed
  • And now he didn’t know what to do
  • He was avoiding you
  • Going out with another instead
  • Being dismissive whenever you asked where he had been or was going
  • But everything inside him was unsettled
  • He knew how insecure you’d been
  • How he’d promised to always take care of you
  • To make sure you were okay
  • To be your man and make you happy
  • And then he came home
  • Dishevelled and exhausted
  • Only to see you
  • Smiling and extending a cake to him
  • “I hope you haven’t been too stressed, I thought we could sit down and enjoy some of this together! I made it for you today~”
  • He looked from the cake to you
  • And then choked up
  • Beginning to sob
  • You were comforting him
  • Saying if the stress was too much you were there
  • You could watch a film, have cake, cuddle on the sofa-
  • He fell to the floor
  • “Y/N. I-I’m-I’ve…”
  • He couldn’t bring himself to look at you anymore
  • Everything you’d ever done for him over the past few months was flashing through his mind
  • The guilt resurfaced violently
  • He found himself curling into himself
  • And sobbing and apologising again and again
  • “I’ve been cheating on you Y/N. I’m an awful person. I’m so sorry. You don’t deserve-”
  • You were silent
  • And that was when he looked up
  • And saw your own tears
  • “Y/N no no no no…”
  • His trembling hands were stroking your face
  • His words becoming choked again
  • “I-You-I… I love you Y/N, I love you, I’m so, so sorry,”
  • You’re both crying
  • The cake slips to the floor
  • Collapsing on its side
  • You withdraw to yourself
  • Pulling away from his arms as he tried to hold you
  • “Go…”
  • “Y/N, no, I can’t leave you like this, I-”
  • “Go.”
  • He was apologising so much as he backed away
  • “I never wanted this…”
  • He just wiped his eyes, leaving the house, trying to work out what the hell he was thinking to ever do this to you

Kaito Momota

  • He was cold with you
  • Trying to protect you
  • Hoping if he made you hate him then the guilt would go away
  • Hoping you’d end it
  • Before he had to
  • Because he didn’t want to break your heart like that
  • He didn’t want to tell you the truth
  • Until he came home
  • In the early hours
  • To see you
  • Asleep at the table
  • A tray of food for him there
  • With a note
  • ‘I’m sorry we haven’t had time together recently. I hoped to make time tonight but I guess fate is against us huh? Anyway. I just wanted to remind you…
  • …I love you’
  • He took the note in trembling hands
  • Swallowing audibly
  • And then feeling the guilt creep up on him
  • Even if he made you hate him
  • Even if you broke up with him
  • It was because of what he did
  • Because of his infidelity
  • Because he couldn’t be loyal to you
  • It wasn’t even one person he cheated on you with
  • He’d slept with multiple people in the past month
  • He’d been greedy
  • When he should have been here
  • Looking after you
  • As your life had spiralled
  • But he only saw it now
  • With how ill you looked
  • How pale you’d become
  • With the dark circles under his eyes
  • From waiting up for him night on end
  • He couldn’t do it
  • As you looked up at him with a sleepy smile he offered you a sympathetic one in return
  • He’d scoop you up and carry you to bed
  • Making sure you were settled and back asleep
  • Before collecting a bag of his things
  • Eating the meal you’d made him with regret
  • And leaving you
  • With a single note
  • ‘I’m so sorry Y/N. I never deserved you. I need time to sort my head out. If you knew what I’d been doing you would never forgive me. I’ll be in touch. I love you too. But what I’ve done is unforgivable.’


  • He didn’t even know how it happened
  • But he knew they’d lured him in
  • Telling him one night wouldn’t do any harm
  • And then again and again
  • Reassuring and manipulating him into thinking it was okay
  • But he realised
  • It wasn’t
  • At all
  • Everything you’d confessed to him during your time together was coming back to him
  • How insecure you’d been
  • How you had let him know your secrets
  • Ones no one else knew
  • How you’d promised to always love him
  • No matter what
  • He knew those words couldn’t be true
  • Not now
  • This wasn’t right
  • The guilt was building
  • And he just sat down with you
  • Asking if you could chat
  • You agreed
  • But before you did so you brought him a card
  • Filled with your photos together
  • Beaming to him saying you’d spent hours collecting them
  • You’d wanted to show him how much you loved him
  • And then he found himself frozen
  • The dread inside him creeping up
  • “You know I love you Y/N.”
  • You cocked your head at him
  • He couldn’t seem to put the sentence together anymore
  • “I-cheated-on-you”
  • His tone was monotonous
  • And he couldn’t look at you
  • He felt like he’d completely frozen
  • Though he snapped out of it when you begun to cry
  • And his arms were around you
  • “I still love you Y/N I do I promise,”
  • He’d cup your face
  • “It was a mistake, a continuous mistake, I want to make it up to you,”
  • But you were leaving
  • He was begging you
  • He didn’t know what else to do
  • But you’d walked away
  • And he was left lost and alone
  • Feeling like there was no reason for him to stay here anymore

Rantaro Amami

  • He was a flirt
  • You knew it
  • And he’d flirted in the past with others when tipsy
  • But you trusted his words
  • When he assured you that you were his one and only
  • You trusted him
  • And he threw it all away
  • Nights in other’s beds
  • His lips on others
  • His hands on their bodies
  • Lust consuming him
  • He would enjoy it while it lasted
  • But the weight of the guilt when he returned to you
  • Many times he considered not returning to you
  • Leaving you in peace
  • Allowing you to be better without him
  • To move on
  • But he couldn’t bring himself to do it
  • He couldn’t break you like that
  • So he kept it quiet
  • Promising himself each one would be the last
  • And sure they became less frequent
  • But he didn’t tell you
  • He couldn’t do it
  • But when you left him a box of chocolates
  • And a handmade card
  • He found his head in his hands
  • Knowing you were too good for him
  • He couldn’t keep on like this
  • But he couldn’t break your heart
  • He’d try to stop the one night stands
  • And he would in the long run
  • But the guilt he chose to carry alone

Kokichi Ouma

  • He loved you
  • And he knew that was the truth
  • But he couldn’t help but flirt back
  • He thought it was a joke
  • Until they got drunk
  • And got him drunk
  • It’d be a one off
  • And he would tell you
  • He knew he would
  • But when he was going to you were making him dinner
  • Rushing him out of the kitchen
  • Saying it was a surprise
  • He sat and waited
  • His anxiety growing
  • Until you came out of the kitchen
  • With his dinner
  • And the words I love you written in dressing across the plate
  • With a smile of pure adoration on your face
  • He couldn’t break you
  • He couldn’t see the happiness in front of him shatter
  • So he chose to not tell you for now
  • But at another point
  • Each time he was going to tell you he would bottle it
  • But as time went on he found himself giving into temptation
  • When you had a small argument
  • And his guilt stayed with him
  • Until he completely broke down
  • When you made his birthday the most special
  • He found himself crying
  • And telling you everything
  • Leading to him becoming newly single
  • And both of your hearts shattering

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He knew once he did it
  • It was a mistake
  • And he was going to own up to it
  • He took you out to dinner
  • Having told you beforehand he wanted to pamper you
  • In order to make up for what he’d done
  • He knew it wouldn’t make everything okay
  • And he told you this
  • Though you laughed and dismissed it
  • Saying he couldn’t have done anything that bad
  • And producing him a gift
  • A bracelet with your anniversary date on
  • And a small heart
  • He didn’t take it
  • And then looked up at you tearfully
  • The guilt he’d been carrying was about to burst out
  • So he just took your hand
  • And told you everything
  • “Gonta understands if this is the end… What Gonta did was unforgivable… But it was once… And Gonta wants to be honest with you… Please, let Gonta fix this…”
  • He would do anything you asked him to
  • He would move out
  • He would court you all over again
  • Willing to wipe the slate clean
  • And begin again
  • Starting on the date of your anniversary
  • So that the bracelet wouldn’t ever lose its meaning
  • And would show the new beginning you’d had
  • Though he knew that if it was over he would deal with it
  • Because it was his fault
  • And he knew you were too good for him
  • He just wanted you to know that too
  • Because he knew how the act would knock your confidence
  • And he wouldn’t let you leave without assuring you that none of this had anything to do with you
  • You were perfect as you, it was him who was flawed

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • He wouldn’t tell you
  • He promised himself that
  • He’d seen you broken in the past
  • With your insecurities weighing you down
  • He knew there was no right way to tell you this
  • So he reasoned with himself that he would keep it to himself
  • Until he saw them in the street
  • Whilst with you
  • After having avoided going out with you for months
  • Not wanting to hurt you further
  • But when they winked at him he knew he had to be honest
  • Especially when you took him to a restaurant
  • Where the chef especially made the effort for you two
  • Making a cake for you
  • With the most gorgeous font
  • And a romantic message across the top
  • He was silent
  • He found himself choked up
  • He didn’t know what to do
  • He was sure not telling you was the right thing
  • But he didn’t want to keep this from you
  • He wanted to be open
  • But he couldn’t do it
  • Instead breaking down
  • And telling you it was nothing to worry about
  • He would promise to tell you one day
  • But not at that day
  • Because he wanted to treasure what happy times he had with you left
  • Knowing once you knew, those days would be gone

Ryoma Hoshi

  • He would be sleepless next to you
  • And whenever you woke asking if he was okay he would brush it off
  • Not being able to discuss it with you
  • He didn’t want to keep doing this
  • But whenever you tried to check on him he got irritable
  • And he went back to them
  • Again and again
  • Becoming increasingly distant with you
  • And knowing it was cruel
  • But he couldn’t do it anymore
  • He loved you
  • He wanted you to hate him
  • So that the only heart broken would be his
  • He came back to you
  • With a gift for him
  • A cake in the shape of a tennis ball
  • Hand made
  • He knew the effort you would have gone to
  • He knew how long you would have planned it
  • He knew then that he didn’t deserve you
  • He’d spend that night with you
  • Making sure you knew how much he treasured you
  • Before leaving you
  • He couldn’t face hurting you anymore
  • So he would ring you
  • And tell you it all over the phone
  • Wishing you the best of luck in your life
  • But he knew you deserved better
  • And he didn’t want to go back and comfort you
  • Even though your sobs hurt him
  • Even though he just wanted to pull you to him and stroke your hair until it was all better
  • There was no way it’d get better
  • There was no going back
  • And he’d chosen this
  • So he would live with it
  • Instead contacting all of your friends to make sure they looked after you
Dating Cat Grant would include...

Requested by @mysterious-teen-blogger

  • Being a new employee at CatCo
  • Kara meeting you and automatically knowing that you and Cat would be perfect each other
  • So she arranges a meeting
  • “I’ve already told you, Kira, I don’t have time to meet with new employees.” “Trust me, you’ll want to meet this one.”
  • Cat being her normal, intimidating self around you
  • But you don’t find it as intimidating as most
  • In fact, you find her closed-off-ness intriguing
  • And you make it your personal mission to get to know Cat Grant
  • Cat secretly wanting the same thing
  • Growing closer and closer over time
  • But Cat not wanting to ask you out in fear that it will interfere with her business
  • Kara lowkey dropping hints that she should just ask you out
  • Which, after many, many months, she does
  • Cat regretting it the minute after
  • Then regretting regretting it after your first date ends
  • Cat becoming warmer and softer around you
  • Being one of the only people able to make Cat genuinely smile
  • You having to make the first move
  • But, even though you had to move first
  • There is no doubt that Cat grew to become the dominant one
  • Cat being into some kinky shit oh my lord
  • Cat leaving hickeys everywhere on your body
  • Helping each other cover up each other’s hickeys for the next day at work because you don’t want to look unprofessional
  • Surprising Cat with kisses every morning in her office
  • Lots of sweet kisses in general
  • Cat always cupping your face when she kisses you
  • Smiling into each other’s lips
  • Being the only person able to make Cat relax
  • Forcing her to watch cheesy movies
  • Cat complaining the whole time, even though she secretly loves them
  • Always falling asleep on each other
  • Making each other breakfast
  • Getting along great with her kids
  • Cat always surprising you with small gifts
  • “What’s the occasion?” 
  • “Nothing, I just love you.”
  • And she did truly love you
  • And nothing could ever change that
Secret Dates with Kyungsoo

Originally posted by smileysoo

To the anon who requested this, hope you like it !!


  • He was at first scared of doing public dates
  • But he now enjoys the trill of it
  • He also likes when people walk past him and dont recognise him
  • Keeps you near him at all times
  • Keeps looking around when he feels that someone might be following you both
  • Has made a list of places  where you are both can go on dates and not be recognised
  • “ Look Jagi, we can go to that restaurant near the dorm, I dont think that it is so busy today”
  • Puts a big puffy coat on, and a face mask 
  • The only thing visible is his eyes
  • Puts lots of puffy clothing on you
  • Smiles when he can also only see your eyes, because of all the protective clothing he has made you wear
  • “ Are you comfortable babe ? “
  • You both get weird looks from people
  • Expecially if its not that cold out
  • “ I know that it is hard expending time with me right now, but it will get better one day”
  • Likes cinema dates
  • Makes you both sit at the back
  • Forgets that he is a famous singer for a while
  • soft and random kisses during the film
  • Feeds you a lot of popcorn
  • Both of you are the first to rush out once the film ends
  • Gets into squishy mode when you tell him how much you enjoyed the date
  • Searchs up a new place for you both to go on your next secret date


Hello everyone!! hope you all enjoy this headcannon :)

I finished this earlier than expected XD

Thank you for all your support!!

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[TRANS] Zenith News’ ONF Resumes: Laun

Name: Laun

Birthday: 12th of August, 1999

Family: Eldest

Position: Dancer

Skill Levels:

Vocals: Intermediate

Rap: Intermediate

Leadership: Advanced

Personal Talent: Intermediate

Foreign Languages: Advanced

Body Gags: Intermediate

Self Introduction:

Happiest Moment

When I went to the sea with the members, when I stood on our debut stage

Toughest Moment

When I have to wake up early in the morning after practising late

A Moment From the Past you Want to Forget

The episode of On the Run where I wore glasses

A Moment that Gave you Strength

When I have a nice chat with my parents and when I read a good book

Favourite Singer

Highlight, BTS


Collecting pens and music boxes

Strong Points

Kendo first prize

Physical Feature you’re Most Confident in

Eyes, lips


Chicken, earphones, perfume


Fizzy drinks, sushi

Word to Describe you

Smiling angel, Milk boy


Endure it, even when it gets hard

translation by: fy-onf take with full credit

boyfriend! hwall

  • your cool and swaggy boyfriend
  • he’s rlly quiet,, more of a listener
  • he listens to all ur problems and gives u rlly good advices
  • hwall’s cute smile cld brighten up ur entire day
  • probably knows your likes and dislikes in detail
  • pays super close attention to ur actions/words
  • arguments are very rare,, cus hwall’s just so attentive and there’s just no reason as to why there wld be a disagreement
  • when you’re on dates,,, he’ll feed u and share food with you
  • smile at you while ur just talking to him
  • wld hold ur fringe up for you when he realises ur hair’s getting into the food
  • cleans food stains off ur cheeks for you
  • interlocks hands with you
  • kisses you head/forehead/cheeks
  • and then be all embarrassed by it 
  • hwall’s just super accomodating to you 
  • whenever you’re feeling down,,,, he wld shower you with aegyo
  • he wld feel bad too, but won’t show it 
  • wld use both his hands to hold ur hands and talk to you
  • “don’t worry y/n, everything will be back to normal very soon!! you still have me don’t worry sweetie!!” 
  • *pinches your cheeks* 
  • you smile slightly at how cute he is and he sees it and becomes back to the cheerful hwall
  • study dates!!!!!
  • hwall’s probably a bright student with straight a’s
  • u seek help from him whenever ure having difficulties
  • patiently explains every single question u have
  • shows his bright smile when u finally get it
  • when you’re at their dorm,,,, he wld just like to rest in the couch to watch a movie 
  • he’ll actually be a really shy baby when the members tease him face wld be as red as his watermelon shirt
  • he can’t stop smiling though 
  • on a daily basis,,,, he’ll text you to ask about your day
  • “hELLO Y/N!!! how was ur day??”
  • constantly expresses how much he misses you
  • “hwall is sad cus y/n isn’t here with me today :-( ”
  • he’ll send you messages with many emoticons the japanses ones
  • hwall is just the cutest boy you could ever date
  • he’ll never fail to make you smile
  • rlly supportive of whatever u do and helps u out whenever he can
  • aLSO,, hwall’s dances mesmerises you 
  • he teaches you to dance and two of u wld end up dancing a duet
  • he dresses really well and so do you,,, so swaggy and cool couple !!!

Originally posted by haknyeons

dating luke would include:
  • wearing his flannels
  • him singing quietly to you so you can fall asleep
  • dancing at midnight in the middle of the kitchen to old songs
  • him showering your face with kisses when you’ve had a bad day
  • him always being the big spoon
  • late night talks about your future together 
  • showering together but mostly just staying hugged under the hot water
  • always telling you how beautiful you are when he sees you stressing out about something someone might have said about you
  • always coming home with something for you like just a cupcake or sometimes a surprise like tickets to go back home to see your family, he would just love to make you happy
  • more forehead kisses than actual kisses 
  • whispering in your ear how much he loves you
  • choosing names for your future kids
  • teaching you how to play guitar
  • helping him shave
  • keeping your relationship private to protect you
  • smiling through kisses
  • going camping together 
  • eating food from each other’s spoon or cute stuff like that
  • basically just treating you like a princess

ashton / michael / calum

BTS reaction to you singing good when you’re alone whereas you usually sing terrible on purpose in front of them. 

Originally posted by gwiyomicutiepie

note: this is my first reaction, so bare with me. (also, I didn’t wanna add individual gifs since I couldn’t find some for all the members??)


  • is shocked at first to hear you singing 
  • interrupts you upon hearing your beautiful voice
  • “why don’t you sing like that when you’re with me???”
  • “don’t be embarrassed,”


  • kinda just listens to you for awhile
  • will wait til you’re done for him to start commenting
  • gets down on one knee
  • “please sing a duet with me.”


  • is just passing by when he hears your voice
  • stops to really listen
  • “is that….?”
  • “no it can’t be.”
  • “have you ever considered auditioning for big hit-”


  • “that’s some voice you have!”
  • “no wait, it was a compliment I swear-”
  • constantly asks you to sing for him


  • doesn’t believe what he’s hearing at first
  • “not to make you feel weird but um, you have a really good voice.”
  • makes you send him recordings of you singing
  • “your real voice. not the one you use with me.”


  • sits down and just listens to your singing voice
  • runs away if he thinks you’re gonna catch him eavesdropping on you
  • smiles to himself because you’ve been keeping a secret
  • he’s gonna expose you 


  • “what the f-”
  • “how???”
  • “I mean, I thought you were terrible.”
  • “no offense but,”
  • begs you to record a cover with him

Originally posted by hixtapexx


this is it.

sweaty hands holding each other so tightly the knuckles go white

watery eyes looking in the same direction with passion

trembling voices whispering little things that mean the world

beating hearts that beat in the rhythm of a bird fluttering its wings

butterflies flying happily in the stomach making fun of all that nervousness

first times when everything is so serious and important

caring kisses on the forehead full kisses on the lips

long walks by the beach throwing pebbles in the ocean laughing until you cry

promises of eternity growing old together dying by each other’s side

singing stupid songs to proof something you don’t really have to 

sleeping in his t-shirt because although it’s way too long it fits you perfectly

listening to the oh’s and ah’s when everyone is amazed by you

smiling without a reason when he’s the only reason to smile

watching her getting ready in the morning 

when she pretends she knows what’s going on in basketball

when you both fall asleep on a couch cuddled to each other

when you argue when you’re not together and then you fuck each other to death

when you say it and you mean it and you know this isn’t temporary

when you finally realize it

this is it.

you know what, right?

Soulmate!AU: Na Jaemin

a/n: In honor of my child’s birthday! Happy Jaemin Day :) I’m posting this a little early so it’ll be available on his birthday my cutie. 

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Na Jaemin’s 17th Birthday

Originally posted by haechannie

  • In honor of my child’s birthday
  • here’s a soulmate! AU for his beautiful face
  • So
  • You basically see every color in the earth EXCEPT your soulmate’s eye color
  • It was his birthday
  • Jaemin felt his heart pumping in excitement as he went to the arcade with his friends
  • He didn’t know why
  • but he felt extremely pumped for today
  • Maybe because it’s my birthday

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Prompt: “Their pick-up line wasn’t as good as any of mine, I’m just saying.”

Characters: Booth (Bones) x Reader

This was Requested by anon

Originally posted by jigsmave

You and Booth had showed up at one of the suspect house, you two were partnered for this case since Brennan was out of town. After you had entered the suspects house he wouldn’t stop eyeing you. Booth was asking him question while he wouldn’t stop flirting with you, barely answering the questions. 

After Booth had gotten enough out of him you were ready to leave. The suspect stopped you before you left “I may not be the bad guy your looking for but I can be a different kind of bad if you want.” 

This elicited a hardly hidden scoff from Booth and a quick exit on your part. After you had gotten into the car Booth couldn’t help but poke fun “I can be a different kind of bad if you want.” he said in a horrible impersonation while laughing. 

You started laughing along with him “Yeah, that one was pretty bad”

After Booth had stopped laughing he glanced over at you “Their pick-up line wasn’t as good as any of mine, I’m just saying.”

You laughed at this “True, but our aren’t a that great either” this earned a faux look of hurt on his face.

“My pick up lines are great” he said feigning offence.

Oh please, the week we met you compared my eyes to a vegetable.”

“Okay, well that wasn’t my best line, but there have been some good ones in there you have to admit.” he was determined at this point.

Rolling your eyes you give in “Alright Agent Charming, they aren’t that bad.”

Booth had been flirting with you since you first started at the Jeffersonian, but you never took them seriously. You though that he only flirted with you because he enjoyed how flustered you got, not that he actually liked you.

“But they don’t work do they?” he seemed to have gotten more serious

What do you mean?” you turned in your chair to look at him

He glanced over at you seeing that you honestly didn’t understand “Seriously? I’ve been flirting with you for seven months and you never thought I was being serious? I thought you were a genius?”

“What? That was you being serious? Booth, I thought you only flirted with me because you enjoyed how it embarrassed me.” you put your hand on your face not being able to stop the laugh that bubbled out.

“Don’t laugh at me, your the one who didn’t get that I was serious!” he was trying to sound mad but he couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face. Soon you two were laughing uncontrollably, Booth even had to pull the car over. “Okay, enough, enough” you stifled you giggled and wiped your eyes “Yes, I was being serious, I’ve wanted us the be something for a while now, so whaddya say?.”

“Does this mean your not gonna flirt with me anymore?”

“Only if you say yes.” he smiled at you

Smiling and shaking your head in amusement at him “Okay, yes.”