Maybe I Just Think You Look Good in Red

By YouShineBrighter

Derek’s voice is firm when he inquires, “What the fuck are you supposed to be?”

“More like who,” Stiles corrects, shrugging as he shifts a bit against the wall. He rolls one shoulder, movement more flippant than it has any right to be, and admits what Derek already knows. “I’m you, dumbass. The almighty alpha wolf of Beacon Hills.”

gvorgeblagden asked:

WOAH THERE CUTIEFACE YOUR GRAPHICS ARE AWESOME?? I particularly love the 'this boy is my sun' one, its beautiful!! *adds all of your edits to my queue* (:

oh my lanta thank you so much, you are so sweet i can’t.

and tbh all the credit for that graphic should really go to allie’s amazing poem because without her incredible words it would never have happened.

but yes thank you for your kind words i hope you find some free money or eat a really big cupcake today. :)

I'd Fall Anywhere With You

By YouShineBrighter

Every year. Every single year, the pack decides that the best day to do Secret Santa shopping is the Saturday before Christmas.

They’re all idiots.

“Alright,” Stiles announces, clapping his hands together. “You all know the rules. Even though we drove over here in a fucking convoy, we need to make this quick because we’re all going to leave at the same time. There’s a…”

And of course no one is listening.