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“can you just give me 5 minutes? i know, i’m sorry, just stay here, um, continue crying… or not crying, if you want, or whatever works for you, but just stay here and i’ll be right back ok? and then we can talk. about anything. yeah?”

“you came back…”

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OK it’s past time I talk about this incredible Jon x Daenerys fanvid by Art & Video. It’s embarrassing how many times I’ve watched this now (or it would be, if I had any shame left). I watch it whenever I get stuck and need inspiration for my Season 7 companion fic (A Conversation at Dragonstone, see I told you I have no shame). I watch it before bed if I’m having trouble falling asleep. I just watched it this morning with my first cup of coffee. I could watch it in a house with a mouse, or a box with a fox- in a boat with a goat, in the rain, on a train!

This video has it all for me with regards to the Jon x Dany relationship: it shows their separate struggles, their loneliness, their iron wills, their secret desires for family and companionship, the parallel journeys that brought them together, and then, the evolution of their relationship once they meet: melancholy due to their separate burdens, fraught due to their initial misunderstandings of each other, but somehow hopeful due to their core goodness - and ultimately, really damn sexy.

Please accept my wholehearted recommendation, Jonerys fam! Now, go: watch fanvids, read fanfic, look at fan art, and be merry!

I saw Everything Everything again on Friday and ugh they are SO good. Their live act is incredible, it’s full of energy and I don’t even know how to explain because I’m bad with words but their sound is the most unique sound I’ve heard and the vocals are just incredible. The basslines and percussion are also A++. But back to the vocals, Jonathan sings in falsetto a lot but also switches from high to low as if it’s the easiest thing in the world and that’s very impressive. His voice might not be for everyone but give them a chance !

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So it seems like Louis went to a club after his performance yesterday but wait.. wasn't it that after mothercalderesa came back he didn't went out clubbing anymore because "that was not him and she helped him go to the right path" or it's an exception because she is in London and not there..


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:O que dizer sobre o Louis falar que já faz algum tempo desde que fez a última tatuagem e se fize-se uma nova seria sobre bty ou jho, cheira que uma certa tatt foi feita a caneta ou das que faz com água

é tão pequena e mal feita que ele nem lembra kkk

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I’ve just seen that vid of F running with ball… There’s no way a 18 months old kid would have the skills of a 3 year old!!! When can they end this mess? It also telling when B suddenly remembered she was a mother and when P remembered she was a auntie and whining about not seeing him for a year! Sorry, love but you had all summer to see him if you really really wanted to, but you choose to go to France!!

it just shows how fake it all is 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:How sad for Harry and Louis, the mortal enemies, that their families and friends are the ones that overlap the most? Phoebe just posted an insta story with Nick Grimshaw. Lou Teasdale is best friends with Harry and Lottie. Gemma hangs out with Lottie. I mean how can the universe be so mean to have their lives be so mixed together? While Liam and Niall have totally separated friends and family. The universe must hate Harry and Louis

so unfortunate 


Jin ~ S&F Festival 170924 x