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007 Teasing Him While He’s Driving

Ashton: The two of you were on yourway home from a day out with the other lads and since this morning all you wanted to do was jump Ashton. You were incredibly horny for him and felt like if you didn’t have him right now you would explode. You removed your hand from his to place it on his thigh, slowly inching your hand up until it was lightly ghosting over his back skinny jeans. You heard him suck in a deep breath as his hands tightened on the steering wheel. You could feel him get harder almost instantly under your touch. He bit his lip, trying his hardest to concentrate on the road, before he roughly made your hair into a makeshift ponytail and pressed your face down to exactly where he needed you. 

Calum: You and Calum had gone clubbing with the rest of the lads and you made sure to wear that little black dress you knew would be driving him insane, if he had his way the two of you would be in  bed right now. Tonight it was Calum’s turn to make sure everyone got home safely so he was the only one not drinking, you on the other line were borderline drunk. You kept dragging Calum onto the dance floor only for you to grind on him and make him even hornier than he already was. By about 10 you were completely wasted, so he decided it was time to take you home and after calling cabs for all the other lads and their ladies, the two of you were off. About halfway home you started getting extremely touchy feely with him, palming him over his jeans and leaning over to place kisses on his neck, making him want you incredibly badly. By the time you two got home he was just about to jump you, but looking over to you he found that you were passed out completely. He let out a soft chuckle before picking you up bridal style and carrying you up to your bedroom, to sleep your definite hangover off. 

Michael: The both of you were on your way home from your daughter’s first ever ballet recital, and you were immensely proud of your little girl. Your hand was intertwined with Michael’s as he drove, listening to your daughter babble on and on about the show and all her little dance friends. Michael removed his hand from yours to shift gears, and you place your hand on his thigh, gently running your hand up and down as you saw him visibly stiffen. You looked avor at him as he gripped the steering wheel tighter and cleared his throat, which could only mean one thing; he was horny. Deciding to be a tease as usual, you kept inching your hand up his thigh as you guys finally pulled into the driveway of your home. Your little girl was pretty exhausted from her recital, so after dinner you tucked her in and after checking to make sure that she was asleep almost four times you and Michael finally headed to the bedroom, for some much needed ‘mommy and daddy time’.

Luke: You and Luke were on your way home from an interview that you tagged along to and he was furious. The interviewer was an absolute prick, not asking anything about the music and only wanting to know all the juicy gossip going on about the band’s personal lives. You could sense that he needed to relieve some built up tension, so you directly placed your hand over his crotch area. Feeling him grow hard under your gentle touch, “Need some relief babe?” you questioned, batting your eyelashes at him, he moaned out a little yeah and that’s when you leant over, your lips ghosting over his black skinny jeans as you continued to palm him through them. His hands were gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles started to turn white, yet his eyes remained on the road in front of him. You unzipped his jeans now palming him through his briefs as you finally pulled his now engorged member from them, he was throbbing in your hands as he pulled his beloved car over to the side of the road, not being able to concentrate with what was about to happen. After a while of just rubbing up and down his length you took him into your mouth, hollowing out you cheeks and deepthroating him, until he shot his load down your throat, before leading you to the backseat to pleasure you as well. 


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No matter what people think about your appereance, no matter what they say about how you make their feel, no matter how wrong their gazes could be …just love you just the way you are. Every day stay in front of the mirror and tell you: “ HERE I AM AND I AM BEAUTIFUL”. 

Nobody should tell you that you are not enough, that you aren’t as good as they tough because always will be somebody right beside you telling how special your smiling is.

Life is too short

to wake up in the mornings with regrets. So love the ones who treat you right, forget the ones who don’t. Remember that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance take it, if it changes your life, then let it. No one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.


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