No matter what people think about your appereance, no matter what they say about how you make their feel, no matter how wrong their gazes could be …just love you just the way you are. Every day stay in front of the mirror and tell you: “ HERE I AM AND I AM BEAUTIFUL”. 

Nobody should tell you that you are not enough, that you aren’t as good as they tough because always will be somebody right beside you telling how special your smiling is.


Hey beautiful people! My name is Anjelica! I’ve posted before and made a lot of new friends, so I thought I’d post again and see what happens! I’ll be a traveling nurse soon, so the more friends I make on here, the more people I can hang out with if I end up in your city. That being said, I love having great conversation with people, sharing music and sharing laughs. So hit me up on here @baby-ilove-yourways or check out my Instagram @anjelicadiana and let’s be friends!

Lol I’m thankful that this blog exists. So my boss of the Yourway I work at (Obvious ain’t it?) told my manager to tell us we couldn’t over serve meat since the company is losing money fast. Otherwise we get in trouble. We have to use these small scoops for the tuna. This lady comes and asks for a 6 inch tuna and the scoops are small. She says “That’s too little tuna you gave me” with a stank face. I tell her “That’s the amount I’m supposed to give you.” She starts bitching at me expecting me to give in. Bitch. You’re not my boss so I don’t have to listen to you HAHA. XD

I repeated it twice and she told me she didn’t want the sub anymore out of anger. I shrugged my shoulders (I was done at that point lmao) and told her “Okay” and tossed it quickly once she said that.

Her poor daughter was feeling helpless since she was trying to explain to her mom that I was in the right. I didn’t look at the mother since she wasn’t worthy of my attention anymore. (Get overly emotional with me and you get no acknowledgment haha) Her daughter was the only one who wanted a sandwich.

After I rang up the daughter they left. A man after the lady noticed I was pissed. He said “You didn’t deserve that. You’re just following orders.” He tipped me and said “Here. You were so nice.” That made my day better. 😢

I’m falling in this void again

Star spaghetti slipstream

I am a constellation wrapped

Inside a gum wrapper, I might

Look like I am covered in thorns

But the petals are so soft, you

Can use a razor to cut your

Way inside- this haunted house,

Choked with smoke, the windows

Are breaking and the floors are

All beginning to rot, the ceiling

Is leaking, these repairs call for

A total loss, there is nothing here

Worth saving, here’s the tinder,

Here’s the matches, this glow

Of amber reflection keeps us warm.

Renew your oath

Renew your oath, renew your oath every day.

Renew your Niyyah every day.
Not every day but many times a day, not many times a day but every step of your way, every act of yourway.

Every time you say a word, every time you type something, every time you go for a Da’wah event, any time, renew your Niyyah.

That is how you get your strength for Sabr when calamity hits you later on.

If hard times pass you in this life and people turn awaydo you think anyone is going to help you before Allah?

(Shaykh Ahmad Jibril حفظه الله - Tawheed Class 11)


Posting again because I LOVE all the friends I’ve made from posting here. So, my name is Anjelica. Im 23! I’m from Kansas. I graduate nursing school this May, and am going to be an ER nurse. I love meeting new people and I love talking about conspiracy theories and aliens, you know, the important stuff in life lol. I love being outside, going on hikes and all that good stuff. Like I said, I love talking so I could rant forever but I think I’ll stop there and we should just follow each other on here or Instagram and start talking!
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I'm quitting my job at YourWay LMAO. I can't deal with having to bend over and kiss people's asses JUST TO MAKE SURE THEY DON'T YELL AT ME. I KEEP GETTING CUSTOMERS COMPLAIN ABOUT TUNA. Not my fault that the scoop is too tiny. .-. I'm gonna stream and sell tarot readings to earn money instead. My antisocial self has grown in proportion to the number of bad customers I've had. Frankly, those idiots can go suck it. =_=

007 Teasing Him While He’s Driving

Ashton: The two of you were on yourway home from a day out with the other lads and since this morning all you wanted to do was jump Ashton. You were incredibly horny for him and felt like if you didn’t have him right now you would explode. You removed your hand from his to place it on his thigh, slowly inching your hand up until it was lightly ghosting over his back skinny jeans. You heard him suck in a deep breath as his hands tightened on the steering wheel. You could feel him get harder almost instantly under your touch. He bit his lip, trying his hardest to concentrate on the road, before he roughly made your hair into a makeshift ponytail and pressed your face down to exactly where he needed you. 

Calum: You and Calum had gone clubbing with the rest of the lads and you made sure to wear that little black dress you knew would be driving him insane, if he had his way the two of you would be in  bed right now. Tonight it was Calum’s turn to make sure everyone got home safely so he was the only one not drinking, you on the other line were borderline drunk. You kept dragging Calum onto the dance floor only for you to grind on him and make him even hornier than he already was. By about 10 you were completely wasted, so he decided it was time to take you home and after calling cabs for all the other lads and their ladies, the two of you were off. About halfway home you started getting extremely touchy feely with him, palming him over his jeans and leaning over to place kisses on his neck, making him want you incredibly badly. By the time you two got home he was just about to jump you, but looking over to you he found that you were passed out completely. He let out a soft chuckle before picking you up bridal style and carrying you up to your bedroom, to sleep your definite hangover off. 

Michael: The both of you were on your way home from your daughter’s first ever ballet recital, and you were immensely proud of your little girl. Your hand was intertwined with Michael’s as he drove, listening to your daughter babble on and on about the show and all her little dance friends. Michael removed his hand from yours to shift gears, and you place your hand on his thigh, gently running your hand up and down as you saw him visibly stiffen. You looked avor at him as he gripped the steering wheel tighter and cleared his throat, which could only mean one thing; he was horny. Deciding to be a tease as usual, you kept inching your hand up his thigh as you guys finally pulled into the driveway of your home. Your little girl was pretty exhausted from her recital, so after dinner you tucked her in and after checking to make sure that she was asleep almost four times you and Michael finally headed to the bedroom, for some much needed ‘mommy and daddy time’.

Luke: You and Luke were on your way home from an interview that you tagged along to and he was furious. The interviewer was an absolute prick, not asking anything about the music and only wanting to know all the juicy gossip going on about the band’s personal lives. You could sense that he needed to relieve some built up tension, so you directly placed your hand over his crotch area. Feeling him grow hard under your gentle touch, “Need some relief babe?” you questioned, batting your eyelashes at him, he moaned out a little yeah and that’s when you leant over, your lips ghosting over his black skinny jeans as you continued to palm him through them. His hands were gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles started to turn white, yet his eyes remained on the road in front of him. You unzipped his jeans now palming him through his briefs as you finally pulled his now engorged member from them, he was throbbing in your hands as he pulled his beloved car over to the side of the road, not being able to concentrate with what was about to happen. After a while of just rubbing up and down his length you took him into your mouth, hollowing out you cheeks and deepthroating him, until he shot his load down your throat, before leading you to the backseat to pleasure you as well. 


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[Jiji] AKB48 Yokoyama Yui’s Interview (Part 1)

※ Became the general manager

  Ten years has passed since the group started, AKB48 Group has entered “the second chapter” as the generational shift occurs. Yokoyama Yui who plays as the steering role was appointed as the general manager of the second generation on December 8, 2015. “I want move forward while savoring the same feeling at the same level with all of the members,” Yokoyama talks about her preparation as the general manager. The contents of the interview are conducted after three months post her inauguration, we present the interview that we divided into two parts.

     ※     ※     ※

― How do you feel about being the general manger after a year of “practice”?

  I was named to be the next general manager in December two years ago and took over the position became the general manager last year on Demeber 8th at [AKB48 Theater 10th Anniversary Special Performance], I stood on the stage together with all the OG members on December 6th and at that time, I felt the strong feeling that I said in my speech on 8th. “AKB48′s rival is AKB48 itself. I want to do my best to catch up with the AKB48 that has came this far,” I said.

  When my life as the general manager began, I was worried about “What have I done the past year?”, I was frustrated over it everyday.

  At the concert, I was given the chance to introduce the last song and say the closing comments which was usually done by Takamina-san until then, but, I cried while thinking, “I totally can’t do it well like Takamina-san”.

― At the end of December last year, you said that it’s a year where you personally felt very troubled, right?

  At that time, I think that I was very depressed for couldn’t speak well. But, maybe the reason why I couldn’t speak well was because I wasn’t mentally prepared….

 I finally stood on the starting line

― After becoming the general manager, you experienced a large-scale event like “Request Hour Setlist Best 100″, right?

 Request Hour was full of the things that I couldn’t do. I always felt like crying except for when I was standing on the stage. But, the members told me, “Yokoyama-san has came this far, becoming the general manager. So, there will be no people thinking, “I won’t follow her,” just because you’re failed on something now”. The staffs also spoke to me, “You have our support and it’s fine to do it yourway”.

  Thanks to them, I realized, “Maybe it’s okay to let people see me struggling being the general manager”. I finally feel like standing on the starting line as the general manager.

― Did you feel the pressure of being Takahashi Minami-san’s successor?

  I’m the type who is very optimistic at heart by nature, I came to live with the thought of “There’s no thing like pressure”, but, even so it’s still a great pressure.

  Didn’t all the fans and members always look at the figure of a leader named “Takahashi Minami”? It was natural for all of us to have the “AKB48’s leader should be like this” feeling,that’s why, I told myself that I need to work in the same way as Takamina-san has successfully done. I was frustrated with myself who couldn’t do it, but, (later I realized) it didn’t seem right.

 If I work as a leader in my own way, I think I will be able to be “Yokoyama Yui, the leader of AKB48 Group”. Takamina-san (’s leader image that was formed) too, wasn’t it (formed) because of her own way of leading? That’s why, I finally understand that I have to do it my own way.

 Laugh and cry with everyone

― About Yokoyama-san being the general manager, senior Miyazaki Miho told the reporters, “(Yokoyama-san) is not the type to lead, rather she’s the type that will walk together with us,” she said.

 Takamina-san has the charisma and is a leader who leads with her back, while I, on the other hand, am not that type. However, I think I can (do it) if that to move forward while savoring the same feeling and standing at the same level with all of the members, so, I think that I should be able to establish the new AKB48 while struggling, laughing and crying with everyone.

 The members told me that I’m not alone, so, I should let them know that they are not alone too.

  For example, during the concert’s engine (circular array) and evaluation meeting, Takamina-san (usually) would speak out her thoughts and the members would sincerely listen to it and follow (Takahashi). Takamina-san spoke a lot during the engine until now, while I’m the opposite, I will call out the quite members to speak, (during the evaluation meeting) I will make sure to ask something like, “With whom did you exchanged glances during this/that song?”.

 I’m still feeling my way, but, I think that’s the only thing that I can do (now). AKB48 is a big group now, so, I feel that I can’t forget the idea of “Each member is part of AKB48”.

 I want to attract new new fans

― What do you want to do for the future in the Yokoyama union?

 Now the group name “AKB48” has been well known, but, the most of the well-known members such as Maeda (Atsuko)-san, Oshima (Yuko)-san, Itano (Tomomi)-san and Shinoda (Mariko)-san has graduated. So, for this reason, I want to increase the number of people who will say “I love the now AKB48” in addition to all the support we’ve received until now.

 That’s why, I want to work harder to get people to know the current members more. Like last year, we held a Free Live in Osaka, “It will be interesting if all of the members perform in front of a station,” I proposed to the management and it came true.

 When I had a meal with all the members, “What (kind of thing) would be interesting if we do?” they asked me. The thing that I want to try to do now is visiting the CD shops all across the country while also carrying the meaning of “Back to the origin”. We (the current members) joined the group only after the group has became well-known, so, we don’t experience that.

 Thereto, (General producer) Akimoto (Yasushi)-sensei has written us a new theater performance (for AKB48) after about 5 and a half years. All of the members well aware that “Theater erformance” and “Handshake event” are important for AKB48 Group, so, everyone wants to cherish the new theater performance.

     ※     ※     ※

 Part 2

Life is too short

to wake up in the mornings with regrets. So love the ones who treat you right, forget the ones who don’t. Remember that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance take it, if it changes your life, then let it. No one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.


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