For yourunderwaterskies, an old request I’ve finally finished. Hope you like it! <3

First try with this kind of coloring and no use of Photoshop (100% done in SAI) mostly because my pc is too old to even load it…but the result is not that bad, and ehy, I’ve even drawn pre-PoR Ike for once! Though I still suck at drawing his face…./sobs

well, you did ask for stories

yourunderwaterskies submitted:

She’d gleaned the story from a yellowed newspaper clipping, dated 1965. The edge were burned, the paper smelled like smoke. A young patient who’d nearly burned down an entire town, laughing and skipping through the roads as the houses went up in flames around him.

And that was brought her here, with Engineer into a house of white agony. The whole place had a dingy, gray look about it, like walking into some endless unsettling dream. Patients huddled in the corners with greasy hair that hid their eyes, marks and burns along their arms. The squeak of a cart going down the end of the other hall kept drawing her eye back.

She’d never liked hospitals.

Engineer stepped through the rooms, past the sound of a cry behind them, as one of the patients broke into sobs that echoed. The whole place smelled of mold, urine and bleach. Enough money had bought them the keys, and a patient that they were all too happy to be rid of. Engineer opened the door to room six, a room with many locks. Parts of the padding had rips, burns and old bloodstains across them. This patient was never allowed out, never saw the light of day except through one very high window.

He was in a padded room, wearing a straitjacket laced so tight he could barely move. There was a mask across his mouth, so he couldn’t even speak. He craned his gaze up, looking to the little bit of light in his dark world.

“Are you sure about this?” Miss Pauling said.

“You might just see a bunch of scrap metal, but I see building potential. All you have to do is work it a bit, and then make something good out of the rubble,” Engineer said.

She couldn’t see any potential, only a broken individual who very well might turn and kill them all. Then again, they already had Medic and Soldier. They might as well have an insane firebug to match their mad doctor and overly enthusiastic and reality-challenged soldier.

The patient looked up at her with dark, vacant eyes. His hair was shaved close, revealing many burns across his scalp.  He shifted his gaze to Engineer and lingered there.

“I got a present for you. You want a present?”

He took his clippers and cut through the leather mask. The prisoner did not struggle. Engineer fitted a gas mask over the man’s head, and flicked his lighter open to bring forth a flame. The prisoner stared, entranced at the flame. Through the mask, there were mumbles of speech she couldn’t understand. After a moment, Engineer began to cut the straps of straitjacket.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea—”

The patient moved fast. Miss Pauling stepped back and reached for her gun.

“Now, now, he ain’t hurtin’ me none,” Engineer said.

She realized the man was hugging Engineer. His head laid against Engineer’s thigh, the patient began to rapidly speak indiscernible, but definitely happy things.

“My daddy taught me how to deal with spies. Their number one weakness, now that’s fire. You wanna help protect my machines, son?”

The man nodded enthusiastically. There was a muffled sound—laughter?—through the mask. The patient nuzzled against Engineer’s leg even more. As Engineer tried to step, the patient clung on tighter.

“You’re gonna have to let me go if you want to leave this place, boy.” Engineer said.

The patient tilted his head, like a puppy. Not entirely comprehending, but he seemed fascinated by the sound of Engineer’s voice.

“Throw the lighter here,” she said.

Engineer did, and she just barely caught it. She flicked on another flame, and the patient let go of Engineer, stepping forward

“See that? It’s fire,” she said in a soothing voice.

The patient let go of Engineer’s leg and pushed himself up on unsteady legs. He reached for the fire and she quickly let go with her thumb, dousing it out. He made a sad noise, like a wounded animal.

“Give it here, Miss Pauling. I’ll deal with him. Don’t worry about me, none. I’ve tamed far meaner horses than anybody I know. All you need is just the right tools and a little TLC,” he said, his voice a sweet drawl.

He lit up the lighter again, and the patient made a happy noise, clapping his hands and reaching out to Engineer.

“You can take my arm, how about that?” Engineer said.

The patient pulled hard on his arm, until she heard a sickening crunch. He held a mechanical hand, with sparks

Engineer sighed. “I didn’t mean literally.”

The patient tilted his head again, holding tight to the arm like it was his greatest treasure.

“Oh, I’ll attach it later. Come on, we’re goin’ home,” Engineer said.

Even though his face was covered in a mask, she could’ve sworn that the patient broke out in a huge smile.





yourunderwaterskies  asked:

don't walk away (I'll never, ever see you until our wedding day)


this is clearly the one where johnny and peter accidentally get married because of a convenient plot device and have to work out all their feelings by being generally inept at everything that isn’t bad jokes and fighting crime.

There’s a long, awkward silence. Ben is the one who finally breaks it.

“Mazel tov,” he says, clapping Peter on the shoulder hard enough to make him stagger. Turning to Johnny, he adds, “Better break it to the squirts gently. Val’s gonna have a fit when she finds out you got hitched and she wasn’t there to be yer flower girl.”

Johnny splutters, which is more than Peter can manage. He feels, just a little bit, like he has the vapors. He desperately wants to call his aunt, and maybe to have a breakdown. A little one. A very small breakdown.

“I hate you,” he tells Johnny, very sincerely.

yourunderwaterskies  asked:

OFF, Team Fortress 2, Rune Factory, Fire Emblem: Awakening (it has a no-death mooode) Paperman

OFF - I’ve watched some of the walkthroughs on YouTube, but I’ve never played any of it myself and the art just can’t quite draw me in.  The fanart looks really neat and I love fandoms/games like this, the background music is fun, and the story looks cool!  It’s just not clicking with me, though.

Team Fortress 2 - I’ve seen this one around the internet, of course, and I could probably name characters from it just through fannish osmosis, but I don’t actually know anything about it.

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Oh, man, the last time I played an FE game it was… I forget, that one with Marth for the DS, though.  THE ONE THAT HAD MID-MAP SAVE POINTS, that was enough to blow my mind.  I’ve seen the latest one around a bit, but I know nothing about it.  (Is it good?)

Paperman - The Disney short, right?  It’s very cute!  But I couldn’t help kind of sighing about it while watching, because, well, of course it’s the same old story about a dude chasing after some lady, where it’s HIS story about HIS feelings and HIS attraction, that we get nothing about HER, except she magically returns his feelings.  I’m not mad at it, it’s very cute!  I just… can’t bring myself to care.  :/