I sit here in a dark room left to nothing but my thoughts. I sit here thinking about everything in my life. Who am i? What is my purpose? A part of being yourself is knowing who you are. I now know what i am and i couldn’t be any happier. I am a proud homosexual man. I denied it for the longest time and to be honest it was the saddest most depressing time of my life. I don’t wanna be sad anymore i just want to be me. I tried for the longest time proving to myself that i wasnt. I tried to make myself like girls. I even told everyone i was bi in hopes that maybe one day i would meet a girl and get married and have children, like society tells me i have to do. But thats not me. I am not sexually, emotionally, or physically attracted to girls. I am not now or will i ever be. I realize i only like guys and i can see myself marrying a guy one day. Now as i sit in this dark room looking at my life i realize that i am not content with my life. My parents still dont know but i plan on telling them sometime this week. I love you all. Bye.

I’m sorry but i hate seeing stupid posts on Facebook about why do gays celebrate gay pride when straights don’t celebrate straight pride. Sorry but being straight is pretty fucking easy. You can marry whoever you wants. Religions don’t hate you or you don’t hear you are going to hell when you are walking down the street with your significant other. You dont have to worry about being attacked or assaulted for holding hands with your significant other. You don’t have people in congress saying how straights shouldn’t be able to marry who they love because its immoral and disgusting.You never see a straight couple on espn and fox news bashing them for shoving their views down our throat.  and besides gay pride isnt even about bragging about how we are gay, its about how we should have equal rights. so if straights ever are isolated or discriminated against then i will be more then happy to have straight pride events but that’s not the case. To be straight is a fucking gift so please stop trying to bash gays.