hey players! our first event is favorite quidditch player! so whether you love ron weasley more than life itself (like I do), or you think regulus is the most underappreciated character in the series, you can share with us which player you like best! this event will be going from August 3 until August 13! (normally our events will last for a week, but I wanted to give you guys extra time for this one!)

how to participate: 

- make something; a moodboard, an edit, writing, anything!

- use the tag quidditchteamnet, so that we can all see it!

- reblog it to the net with your team tag ( team[yourteam], ex: teamgryffindor ) and the tag member content!

thanks guys!

Father Time?

I mean don’t get me wrong he was totally cool back in January, he just… he just looks really slow and is all dark and creepy. Not really great for team morale.

It certainly doesn’t help that he’s begun to remind everyone of shitty memories. Whenever I see him I start thinking about an emaciated Charlie Sheen yelling at me and a crowd cheering Ron Paul as he wishes death upon the young, Ivan Drago style.

He’s not a bad guy, and that’s what makes this hard, but he can’t be on my team. If you won’t take him, and I don’t blame you for it, he’ll just have to sit on the side till the games over.

I’ll take Baby New Year. He shows a lot of promise.