Let yourself make AND learn from your mistakes. 

and ive learned that you don’t need to forgive anyone. you don’t need to forgive the people who hurt you just to give them some peace. not if your mind is a war zone. not if forgiving them only makes you swallow more gun power and cause your body to be littered with bullet holes. you don’t need to be quiet and stay silent. you can speak up. you have a voice and your voice deserves to be heard. your voice can move mountains, don’t you dare let them clamp a hand over your mouth. you don’t need to dim yourself down, you don’t need to turn out the light. you are bright and glowing and that’s going to be too much for some people and that is not your fault. they simply aren’t worth your time, they don’t deserve to bask in your light. you don’t need to pretend you’re okay when you’re not. you don’t have to fake a smile, you don’t have to insist that everything is okay when clearly it’s not. stop wiping away your tears hoping no one ever sees and smiling when they look your way as if everything is okay. you have a right to hurt, to ache, to tremble. you have a right to feel like you can’t get out of bed some days and its really alright if some days, you can’t. you are not weak. you are brave. you don’t need to do anything, not if you don’t want to, not if its going to make you unhappy. but what you do need to do, is accept yourself. love yourself. be kind to yourself. heal, set yourself free. you owe that to yourself.