“Back in my real world, I’m Mark—a straight and very masculine guy, a single bachelor in town—and women are attracted to me. I have two kids, four jobs, and a stressful life. I put these on, and I’m Coco. Nobody knows me. It’s a true vacation because you’re not yourself—you’re somebody else now.”

     Provincetown, MA


It’s about truly feeling good about yourself. I love the sensuality. It doesn’t try to hard. It’s not in everybody’s face. It’s like when you have that feeling with someone, when you just want to feel pretty and you want to feel good. Whatever it is, whether its in jeans and a t-shirt, or someone else’s shirt. Just something that makes you feel beautiful and sexy. 

My sadness has never amounted to anything close to beautiful.

There is nothing beautiful about looking at yourself through the bathroom mirror asking yourself to hold it together and there is nothing beautiful about sitting on your bedroom floor hating yourself for all the people who couldn’t love you right.

There is nothing beautiful about drinking until you can’t even feel your fingertips because you’re trying to forget. There is nothing beautiful about spilling blood and vodka on your white t-shirt because you couldn’t hold it together anymore.

There is nothing beautiful about leaping in front of fast cars on empty streets because you’re running out of breath and there is nothing beautiful about your bestfriend dragging you out of the street when you think you’re ready to die.

There is nothing beautiful about not being able to get out of bed for days or snorting cocaine with boys who never learn your last name but you do it anyways because you feel a little less empty, because you feel nothing at all.

My sadness has never been beautiful.
It has been terrifying and ugly and messy.
But you don’t get to look at me like
I’m the problem you’re trying to fix.
Stand by me while I fix myself.

—  Stand by me while I fix myself / thewordsyouneverunderstood

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Hi carrie! I was just wondering if you consider yourself an actress or a singer? What do you think is the most important one in musical theatre? Xx


I consider myself both seeing as I do both professionally at the same time every night on stage! And I think both are equally as important. Having a good voice doesn’t get you anywhere if you can’t convey the emotion through the song and conveying the emotion doesn’t get you anywhere if you can’t sing the song! :)


The promise of a reward works wonders for generating writing motivation. I make sure to line up a few favorite activities that I can’t partake in until I’ve completed the day’s writing goals. By conditioning yourself this way, you begin to associate writing with a golden carrot. Not to mention, there’s the bonus of riding that writer’s high, and enjoying your favorite pastimes guilt-free!

Steven dos Santos is a Team Member of We Need Diverse Books. Steven is a passionate advocate of LGBT rights and is currently working on the third book in The Torch Keeper series.

Writer’s Care Packages from Camp NaNoWriMo and We Need Diverse Books.

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I like you because you actually have content that you have made yourself instead of other blogs just being reblogs

I try to make 1 or 2 original posts a day! Im glad someone sees them as they are hidden between reblogs haha

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any tips on how to get over someone?

1. Cry. Cry until you can’t cry anymore. Don’t hold it in for weeks and collapse on your bedroom floor unable to breathe. Let it out at once. It will feel so much better.
2. Delete the text messages. I don’t care what he said. I don’t care how beautiful he said you were. Don’t go back and read them, that’s fucking suicide.
3. Go ahead and delete his number and unfollow him on everything too. You will feel so much more free. Stop yourself from stalking him, all that does is make you angry.
4. The world is small, you will see him around. Do not panic. Do not cry. Do not run. Stand tall. Pretend as if it’s just another stranger. Don’t look at him. No matter how hard he’s looking at you. Let him know he did not phase you.
5. It hits you in the most random spots, the words and lies repeating over and over again. Get mad. Call up your best friend and grab some old plates and smash them in the parking lot. It’s all about letting it go.
6. Finally, forgive. Move on. It’s just another set of bones and skin. There are bigger things than boys who lie to you. I promise.

Robert Plant teases Mike McCready about song theft during their SiriusXM interview
  • Mike McCready:How important is it to create?
  • Robert Plant:Crucial, absolutely crucial. Being an entertainer, outside of skill, craft, experience, and whatever else it is you grow into, repetition is a hell of an evil bedfellow. To repeat yourself as regularly as we do as entertainers, you know this, I mean how many times have you played "Going to California"? Oh sorry, whatever your song is called. Fucking hell, what is it called?
  • McCready:It’s called "Given to Fly," yes, yes.
  • Plant:Yeah, yeah, whoops-a-daisy. Mind you, nobody’s perfect. The truth of the matter is—
  • McCready:We all borrow, right? Or steal?
  • Plant:Well that's what your singer said.
  • McCready:Yes. He said "Given to California." When you came to see us in Sweden, we did the song, and he said, he dedicated it to you I think, and acknowledged you, and [said] "Given to California."
  • Plant:It’s a good job he had some dancing girls backstage afterwards to take the heat out of the moment. We’re all mature, so we all know that’s okay. I didn’t get a check in the post, nothing like that.
  • McCready:It could be in the mail!

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My boyfriend has really bad mood changes and overreacts and gets angry over small things. I'm not allowed to leave the house unless he is with me and he hits me on a daily basis but threatens to do worse if I tell anyone, I can't explain properly how alone and scared I feel and I'm so clueless as to what to do

you need to get out of this relationship as quickly as you can, he is dangerous. he’s saying that to scare you and you won’t be able to help yourself unless you do tell someone so tell the police or something I’m not sure who would be ideal to tell where you live but you don’t deserve to be treated like that x I understand that you’re scared and if I were in your place I’d be scared to speak out too but it’s important that you do otherwise your situation will probably just get worse. good luck and sending you lots of love ❤️

Take you time…
You are coming home…
To •{Yourself}•…Nayyirah Waheed

Good •{Morning}• Lovers…May you be kind with yourself, and dig even deeper on your •{Journey• … You must fall in Love with yourself, with your being, with your skin, before anyone will…Namaste

Elephants are one of my •{Spirit}• animals which is why I used them along with my •{Meditation}•…Thank You @glotatts for sending me more beautiful adornments…


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I heard recently that you should do a full cleansing of yourself and your house once a year, just to strip down all spells you've cast and clear the space. How do you do this?

I do it once a month to get rid of any grime and dirt clogging up my energy. Once a year I do a really big cleansing to start fresh, but it isn’t as intense as it could be, since I do it monthly :)

For a full cleansing of yourself, I would do something like this:

~ Ritual of Cleansing ~

**Warning: This should be done outdoors, since you deal with two separate smoke sources**

What you’ll need:

  • One Sage Stick {Cleansing Herb}
  • One Fireproof Dish
  • One Cup of Salt {Cleansing and Protecting Agent}
  • Four Cups of Water
  • One Large Bowl & Spoon
  • Lavender Incense (non artificial is best) {Purifying and Protecting Agent}
  • Three Black Candles {Banishing Color and Element}
  • Somewhere clean to do this ritual

Begin your ritual by burning the sage stick. allow it to curl around you, removing any negative energy and cleansing every part of you. Start from head and go down to toe, carefully scanning yourself.

When you are satisfied with the sage smoke cleansing, place it on a fireproof dish to burn throughout the ritual. If you ever feel like you need to do it again while performing the ritual, you can pick it back up and do so.

Mix together your salt and water into the large bowl, and stir it counterclockwise to banish negative energies. Set this blend aside for a moment.

Light your four black candles, either in front of you, or all around you. Place them in places where you will not catch anything on fire, and be careful if you turn away from them. Visualize their flames eating away any leftover negative energy you have, and feed all of your doubts and worries and problems into the fire. 

Light the lavender incense as a purifier and also a protective addition. It may start to get a bit strong smell wise at this point, so if you need to, you can stand in front of your incense/sage smoke so the wind blows it away from you.

Turn back to your bowl and dip your hands in it. Send all of your unclean energy and built up grime into the water, releasing it from yourself. Do this for as long as you can, and then dump the water outside onto the ground.


I don’t like to strip down my protection since I spend a lot of time on it, but if you wanted to do, you could do a banishing spell of all the energy you’ve called, and then redo everything :) There are a lot of protection spells out there to try, so I suggest finding some that fit your needs the best ^_^

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I have depression and social anxiety and I never thought I'd end up this way. I've cut twice and punched a wall. I've tried everything to improve my mood, including therapy. Somedays it feels like I'm getting better, but then I just get pulled down again. The worst part is my parents refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of how I feel. They support me going to a therapist and all that, but dad often comments that I'm overreacting and being dramatic etc. I'm sorry I just had to tell someone

I’m so sorry you’re going through this! it can be hard for parents to understand and often what they think helps the situation is actually really insensitive and makes things worse, mostly because mental illness was not really talked about when they were young so a lot of the time they don’t know how to deal with it. just keep telling yourself that they love you because deep down they do, you are their flesh and blood so they aren’t happy seeing you this way. recovering and healing is a long journey and can only happen if YOU choose that path, not your therapist, not your parents or friends. there will be bumps along the way where you will fall back into that dark place but one bad day doesn’t mean every coming day has to be bad, every day is a new day and a new chance for us to try and be better! I’m not sure exactly how social anxiety works but you can start off by just taking care of your body. nourish it by eating the right things and do some exercise everyday, a walk without listening to music can really help clear your mind. once you tell yourself you are worthy of love and start believing it, everything else will follow ❤️

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I feel like me and u have the same exact body type.. Do u ever feel criticized for being thin? I feel like the media is making "thick" and big fat butts so trendy... I get talked down upon because I'm skinny :( how do u stay confident ?

i dunno it’s just like advertising and media. just noise. don’t let people getting paid to make you feel bad about yourself win.

plus, i dunno, it’s nice to see fuller figures being celebrated. celebrating other women doesn’t make you less than them ya kno