Life is a journey, sometimes a battle. Totally unexpected. Sometimes you focus on the destination, and forget to focus on that journey. When you fall, it allows you to get up stronger. It allows you not to lean on your own understanding, give in to faith and believe in something bigger than yourself give in to faith and believe in something bigger than yourself and find your purpose.
—  Justin Bieber in his speech during his performance at the VMAs.

Safe to say my skin, hair and makeup game is a hell of a lot stronger than it once was 5 years ago. Let alone my head space. Good grief.
Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take your time to become the best version of you. You have all the time in the world. It’s true you’ll only become more and more wonderful over time ❤️
I hope this helps someone today 😊

There is no way I can really say how happy and proud I am of Justin Drew Bieber.  You have come SUCH a long way, and it’s been amazing to see in front of our eyes.  We are so glad you found yourself.  It’s your time to show the world what you have been through in your new album.  It’s time to show the world who you truely are! 

Being a trans man doesn’t mean you can’t participate in misogyny or transmisogyny. Being male and presenting masculinely means you have to be constantly checking yourself for behaviors that are harmful to women and to people who are more femme. You can be as toxic as any cis man.

FYI - Reposting vs. Reblogging

I’ve seen some confusion about what ‘reposting’ entails, so I’ll clear this up

REPOSTING is taking something and uploading it to the same site as the original or to a different site.  When I post other people’s art, I am reposting their art on tumblr (with their permission).  Seeing a pretty picture on your dash, pixiv, deviantart, etc., saving it to your computer and then posting it yourself (without permission) is also reposting - the bad kind.  Don’t do this.

REBLOGGING is seeing a pretty picture on your dash and clicking the reblog button, therefore retaining the original source (hopefully the actual creator or someone with their permission to post) and giving them the credit.  DO THIS INSTEAD.

REBLOG but do not REPOST (without permission)

Dragondicks/Cuteosphere has officially gone too fucking far now.  I tried to have sympathy for you, DD.  I really did.  But this is the last fucking straw.  

Honey, just because other people have come out to point out how horrible of a person you are, that gives you no license to try to send your crazed, batshit-insane followers after them.  No one is “harassing” you by pointing out what YOU chose to post to public spaces on the internet.  You’re skewing the situation by claiming that the people being targeted in threads and posts are just hapless victims, when really, their conditions (if even real, considering that these are the type of people to believe in self-diagnosis) have bupkiss to do with their negative interactions with others.

You did this to yourself, yet now you think trying to attack another user that is likely a LOT more popular than you is somehow going to work in your favor?  I don’t think so, hon.  I really don’t think so.  It was your own actions that landed you a thread on Kiwi Farms, and every item listed on that thread is something YOU posted.  Hell–the only people that are ever mentioned on Kiwi Farms whatsoever are people that fucked up phenomenally via their own behavior, and have caused misery for others in the process.  You don’t get there from being an innocent victim of malicious trolling.  You get there from being a gigantic douchebag.

Let’s recap:

The people she associates with are honestly almost as bad as she is (if not worse, in some cases). 

What else has come from this particular circle of people? 

None of this is a “smear campaign”.  None of this is “made up”.  None of this is an exaggeration, none of it has been edited, and none of it is unsubstantiated.  Unlike the bullshit spewed by people like Dragondicks, all of the above comes directly from the mouths and blogs of the individuals in question.  Why do you think they’re so rabidly lashing out at the people that point these things out?  Because THEY KNOW THOSE PEOPLE ARE RIGHT, and they don’t want anyone else to catch wind of it.

Here are the facts, people:  This is a small group of individuals that have spent YEARS now completely unable to get the fuck over the fact that a bunch of guys ended up liking and promoting a show they never expected to enjoy in the first place, yet ended up being regular guys instead of the “feminist” army of white knight eunichs that they were hoping for.  That’s literally it.

All of this fuss.  All of this furor.  All because they can’t handle the fact that guys watch a cartoon with pastel horses in it (mind you, pretty much everything they continue to perpetuate about MLP:FiM fans has been long since debunked).  Sure, they’ve found other pet “causes” to try to leech attention from (GamerGate, etc.), but in the end, it all boils down to “I HAVE ISSUES WITH MEN THAT WERE PROBABLY DUE TO MY OWN RANCID PERSONALITY, SO I’M GONNA COMPLAIN ABOUT THEM ON THE INTERNET EVERY CHANCE I GET!”.

There were numerous people I had to unfollow because of this pathetic behavior.  The funny thing is, I had originally followed a few of them because they reblogged from Catbountry.  It’s funny how people can suddenly show their true colors if they think it’ll nab them a few more notes.  Some of them seemed cool at first, but in the end, they were repulsive individuals–decrepit, attention-starved wolves in tattered sheep’s clothing.  I can only wonder how such wretched creatures were following someone as awesome as Cat in the first place.

If they’re going to attack Catbountry, then they’re going to have to go through a hell of a lot of people first, myself included.


Last night J Cole ended his ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour’ in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Cole broughtDrake to the stage and he performed “Back To Back” as well as one unheard bars.

Last night was definitely one to remember as Cole brought both Jay Z and Drake to his hometown to finish off the third leg of his ‘ 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour’. As we reported on Twitter, before going into “Back To Back” Drake spit some new bars. “I used to give no reaction, now I’m overreacting”, rapped Drake. He also performed “Energy”, “Know Yourself”, and “My Way”.

Additionally, Drake  took a minute to praise Cole. “This one of the realest, greatest, genuine, m0st talented motherfuckers I ever met in my life. This my brother. I want to be at your wedding one day, you understand what I’m saying. We family.”
Watch the video from the show here.

whispersofadecayedmind asked:

I'm having a really bad day. It's nine p.m. now. I spent the evening in a black mood, teary eyes, messed up head. All through it, I looked at your blog, page after page -I think I reached almost hundred- and it helped a lot. I learned beautiful new words and I loved the gif's you'd used in each post. Everything was positive and colorful. I'm still going through it. It helps. Thank you.

Hello there. I hope you are now okay by the time you read this message. Whatever you were going through that night — and probably you cried yourself to sleep, I hope you already have the courage to get up in the morning, and you have your favorite cup of coffee and your breakfast already. I know telling people “you’ll be fine” is not enough, but I hope you’ll be able to smile again, forget whatever it is, for there are more things to be grateful about in life. I’m glad this blog helps you in any way possible. I hope everything will be well for you.

Hello everyone! Just a short word from me.

Just last month, the blog Wordstuck just turned 2 years. Can you believe it? We are two years now, and Wordstuck community is growing! With over hundreds of words posted, thousands of Tumblr followers, more than 1 million pageviews, and different web magazine & blog articles about Wordstuck, I am very grateful for all these things and I know I’m very lucky for the unceasing support you all guys have for the blog throughout these past two years.

Meanwhile, for the past few months, this blog and its facebook page has been rarely updated. I have been busy with work lately, and been going around places during some of my rest days (photo above is from my personal Instagram account). I am really happy for all the messages and e-mails you sent, though most of them unanswered yet, but I am reading them right now. It’s rainy season here in the Philippines and that’s less of me going out and be more around here on my laptop. Haha. Also, tomorrow is September already and that is 2 months away from my birthday yay!

I hope you all guys have a lovely day today. Thank you.

If you’re someone out there […] and you take it upon yourself at any moment to attack, berate, insult, spread rumors, do nasty shit to other people… You do not belong in this community, and we do not care. Period. It should go without saying. Period.
—  Markiplier PAX 2015

anonymous asked:

How did you set goals for yourself? Like weekly ? monthly ? What was your motivation to keep going? I feel stuck in my life I'm in need of change just don't know where or how to start thanks! Much love and God bless

I’m a person who is constantly resetting myself. I think being a student kind of forces that. Every semester I set new goals. Every Sunday I set weekly goals. It’s routine for me to take a step back and to appreciate my growth and also work on areas that need growth
One thing you can look into are life planners. You can find them online or on etsy or even in actual bound planners. You can use a life planner to take a step back and look at your life. You will see how far you’ve come and how far you need to go
I also see that there are different parts of my life that I want to have balance in; my spiritual life, my mental health, my academics, my career, my romantic relationship, and my other relationships. It helps to see myself in this way because I can see if I’m doing well academically and career wise, but I need to work on my mental health. Being able to see what I’m doing well and what I need to improve allows me to think about goals and paths to self improvement