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I think Chocolina would be a Synergist, because of her ability to synthesize materials (it makes sense right?). She'll have access to Haste of course because of her quick service in getting goods. If not, she would so be a Ravager just because her various pose and charms have "lightning fast" reactions on her customers.

I agree with all of this.

Maybe they should just make her the ultimate pet who can actually switch paradigms as well. Chocolina - she’s everywhere and everything you want her to be. 


Tomodachi Life Cards, based off the  "will you be my boy/girlfriend" songs at their appropriate locations (Beach at the top, Café at the bottom).

There will be heart shaped treasure map necklaces for the Beach and Mini Hot Cocoa (with Mini Marshmallow) Candles (scents are: Cinnamon, Vanilla or Coffee Cake [which I have very few of]).

$5 for the card with its appropriate item, and will be sold at ConBravo! 

yoursassygaycanadianfriend  asked:

Making her a pet that can transform into every class defeats the purpose of the Paradigm Pack option. It's just basically making a third party member. Now if we could have Chocolina AND have a monster at the same time, now we are talking.

Well given how unlikely it is to see her as a party member, I like to just imagine her as breaking ALL the rules. 

But if we could have Chocolina and a monster at the same time, then wouldn’t that have to be in only one area as party of a story?