#5 Highlight of Metro Con


Just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful human being. 

Whom took the time to talk with me.

Just talk.

In a way were should I need to conjure a patronous I will use our brief time together as the happy thought.

Because you’re amazing and the crack bromance of Lockheart and Malfoy will forever give me hope in the world. 


This is where Pitch apologizes to Jack’s sister. Where he gets on his knees and asks her to forgive him, “Forgive me for not showing Jack what fear is. Forgive me for not protecting him." 

Since Jack felt no fear, he didn’t panic and try to escape drowning, therefore he died. Pitch will never forgive himself. 

I play the tooth fairy

 My friend’s kid is staying with us for a while and the kid keeps loosing teeth. This time he lost it while him and his dad were playing and they can’t find it. Well he wrote a note to the tooth fairy.

(Dear tooth farie. I lost my tooth in my moms and dads room can you please look for it? If you can’t find it please give me anything you think is fair. Thank you Tyler)

Then on the back it asks: Are you a boy or a girl? 

My roommate is freaking out “Santa and the tooth fairy cannot have the same hand writing”  and I go hand it here. I wrote all girli and cute and I can’t wait to see his face in the morning. 

My roommate thinks my mom is dead.

I only have pictures of me and my mother from when I was young hanging up in my dorm because we haven’t taken family pictures since I was 13-ish.

I told him I was off to visit my mom last weekend and he hugged me when I got back. I spent the entire week thinking this kid really missed me and was being nice to me and bringing me cake in bed and doing my laundry for me because he was a nice kid!

Nope he thought my mom was dead.