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Hello !
Not an art-related post this time, I need help to sell a big part of my collection !
I had to move in a new place in emergency, to avoid any more abuse ;;;;“
I can’t keep them all, and I would be more than happy to see my touhou reaching a new home !

Here is the items list and their condition !
International-shipping (with tracking number) is available ! But it can be a bit pricey for outside Europe.
I only accept Paypal payment right now.

Send me private message here or e-mail me at if you are interested or even if you have some questions regarding a figure ! Thank you for your help everyone ;;.;;


My Ass Burns Like Fire! — A Letter from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to His Cousin Maria Anna Thekla Mozart

Mannheim, 5 November, 1777

Dearest cozz buzz!

I have received reprieved your highly esteemed writing biting, and I have noted doted that my uncle garfuncle, my aunt slant, and you too, are all well mell. We, too, thank god, are in good fettle kettle. Today I got a letter setter from my Papa Haha safely into my paws claws. I hope you too have gotten rotten my note quote that I wrote to you from Mannheim. So much the better, better the much so! But now for some thing more sensuble.

So sorry to hear that Herr Abbate Salate has had another stroke choke. But I hope with the help of God fraud the consequences will not be dire mire. You are writing fighting that you keep your criminal promise which you gave me before my departure from Augspurg, and will do it soon moon. Well, I will most likely find that regretable. You write further, indeed you let it all out, you expose yourself, you indicate to me, you bring me the news, you announce onto me, you state in broad daylight, you demand, you desire, you wish you want, you like, you command that I, too, should send you my Portrait. Eh bien, I shall mail fail it for sure. Oui, by the love of my skin, I shit on your nose, so it runs down your chin.

apropós. do you also have the spuni cuni fait?—what?—whether you still love me?—I believe it! so much the better, better the much so! Yes, that’s the way of the world, I’m told, one has the purse, the other has the gold; whom do you side with?—with me, n'est-ce pas?—I believe it! Now things are even worse, apropós.

Wouldn’t you like to visit Herr Gold-smith again?—but what for?—what?—nothing!—just to inquire, I guess, about the Spuni Cuni fait, nothing else, nothing else?—well, well, all right. Long live all those who, who—who—who—how does it go on?—I now wish you a good night, shit in your bed with all your might, sleep with peace on your mind, and try to kiss your own behind; I now go off to never-never land and sleep as much as I can stand. Tomorrow we’ll speak freak sensubly with each other. Things I must you tell a lot of, believe it you hardly can, but hear tomorrow it already will you, be well in the meantime. Oh my ass burns like fire! what on earth is the meaning of this!—maybe muck wants to come out? yes, yes, muck, I know you, see you, taste you—and—what’s this—is it possible? Ye Gods!—Oh ear of mine, are you deceiving me?—No, it’s true—what a long and melancholic sound!—today is the write I fifth this letter. Yesterday I talked with the stern Frau Churfustin, and tomorrow, on the 6th, I will give a performance in her chambers, as the Furstin-Chur said to me herself. Now for something real sensuble!

A letter or letters addressed to me will come into your hands, and I must beg of you—where?—well a fox is no hare—yes there!—Now, where was I?—oh yes, now, I remember: letters, letters will come—but what kind of letters?—well now, letters for me, of course, I want to make sure that you send these to me; I will let you know where I’ll be going from Mannheim. Now, Numero 2: I’m asking you, why not?—I’m asking you, dearest numbskull, why not?—if you are writing anyway to Madame Tavernier in Munich, please include regards from me to the Mademoiselles Freysinger, why not?—Curious! why not?—and to the Younger, I mean Frauline Josepha, tell her I’ll send my sincere apologies, why not?—why should I not apologize?—Curious!—I don’t know why not?—I want to apologize that I haven’t yet sent her the sonata that I promised, but I will send it as soon as possible, why not?—what—why not?—why shouldn’t I send it?—why should I not transmit it?—why not?—Curious! I wouldn’t know why not?—well, then you’ll do me this favor;—why not?—why shouldn’t you do this for me?—why not?, it’s so strange! After all, I’ll do it to you too, if you want me to, why not?—why shouldn’t I do it to you?—curious! why not?—I wouldn’t know why not?—and don’t forget to send my Regards to the Papa and Mama of the 2 young ladies, for it is terrible to be letting and forgetting one’s father and mother. Later, when the sonata is finished,—I will send you the same, and a letter to boot; and you will be so kind as to forward the same to Munich.

And now I must close and that makes me morose. Dear Herr Uncle, shall we go quickly to the Holy Cross Covent and see whether anybody is still up?—we won’t stay long, just ring the bell, that’s all. Now I must relate to you a sad story that happened just this minute. As I am in the middle of my best writing, I hear a noise in the street. I stop writing—get up, go to the window—and—the noise is gone—I sit down again, start writing once more—I have barely written ten words when I hear the noise again—I rise—but as I rise, I can still hear something but very faint—it smells like something burning—wherever I go it stinks, when I look out the window, the smell goes away, when I turn my head back to the room, the smell comes back—finally My Mama says to me: I bet you let one go?—I don’t think so, Mama. yes, yes, I’m quite certain, I put it to the test, stick my finger in my ass, then put it to my nose, and—there is the proof! Mama was right!

Now farwell, I kiss you 10000 times and I remain as always your

Old young Sauschwanz
Wolfgang Amadé Rosenkranz
From us two Travelers a thousand
Regards to my uncle and aunt.
To every good friend I send
My greet feet; addio nitwit.
Love true true true until the grave,
If I live that long and do behave.

anonymous asked:

Can you write an imagine where you're really shy and timid and such of that sort and there a lot of crazy rumors about you as a result so Eric gets dared to find out more about you and realizes that you come from a crime filled family and your just rebelling against them?

 hOLY MOLY THIS IS ACTUALLY SO INTERESTING I LOVE IT!!! what a brilliant idea i can’t believe it’s been rotting in my inbox for so long.

Also sorry. This is so long. Mostly because I just really enjoyed writing this.

Also sorry for not finishing this earlier. I know, but I had to take a break. Beginning of high school was pretty rough for me, I hope you and others can understand <3

[L/n] = last name.


“Dude, you see that girl over there?” 

Eric and two of his so-called friends were making their way down the hallway. They’ve had plenty of time until next class, but the school’s halls weren’t as full of people anymore, so they decided to go there instead of remaining in the cafeteria’s chaos. Sadly, you just happened to be passing by.

One of those friends happened to be pointing at you, in order to make Eric familiar with some rumors.

“Yeah, why?” Eric stealthily looked in your way. At first sight, something about you seemed a little bit unordinary, at least to him.

“See how fuckin’ weird she is? Some people say that she’s cursed or something, and stays quiet for most of the time.” said one friend, the other one not forgetting to add some very trustful informations to it as well,

“Yeah dude, he’s right. I go to class with her and she’s super weird and everytime teacher asks her something, she just stutters like a retard.”

“What’s her name even?”

“Half of the class literally doesn’t know, but I think it’s something like [Y/n pronounced wrong] [L/n]… or maybe [Y/n]? Not sure.”

The two boys would’ve probably carried on talking and gossipping about you if Eric didn’t interrupt them.

“Did I need to know that?” He suddenly glared at one of his friends, not seeming too amused by them spreading rumors like that - Eric was never a fan of rumors. He hated them.

“I mean, maybe she’s just mentally ill or som-”

“Did I need to know that?”

Eric had to repeat his question, this time with a bit more aggression in his voice, successfully impacting them enough to finally fall silent. They changed glances, and obtusely shook their heads, both declaring a silent No.

“But hey, if this is bothering you so much and you want us to stop, why don’t you find out yourself huh? And then tell us the truth so no more rumors have to be made.”

“No need, seriously shut up.”

Needless to say, in their own benefit, the conversation’s topic changed right after.


A few days later, Eric happened to be skipping school. He wasn’t feeling too well on that day, but at least he could spend more time on the computer than usually. Recovering from any smaller sickness in bed wasn’t something he’d be capable of doing all day.

Sometimes when he played DOOM, his mind would stop concentrating on the game and rather on something else that was going on at school, for example. Just like this time. 

He was a pro player, so his instincts knew what to do in the game. His thoughts, however, were centered at a little, yet unpleasant conversation he’s had about you with his friends. He began wondering - were you in the same position at him? Did the high school make you suffer as much as it made him, resulting in you becoming so seemingly skittish? What if? What if yes?

What if you were quietly wishing to find someone similar to you, just like he was all the time?

After Eric finished his DOOM session, he browsed the web for a while, and ended up on AOL. He checked his inbox, replied to a few e-mails, but still couldn’t get the thought of you off of his mind. Then it hit him - what if you have an AOL profile, too? 

I doubt, but that would be so rad, he thought to himself with a slight smile appearing on his face. A moment later, he’s already been searching for your name, putting effort into finding out if it’d be possible to contant you through AOL, or at least check out your profile. For the first time in those days, he acknowledged the previous conversation as useful, since if it didn’t happen, he wouldn’t know your name. He wouldn’t get dared to find out more. But was he really doing it just because of the dare?

And there, finally, he succeeded in searching for your profile. It didn’t even take him that much of a time.

[Y/n] [L/n]
Student at CHS

Darn, it had to be you!

Eric picked up the rest of his courage and decided to e-mail you.

After Eric sent the e-mail, he sat in his chair and waited. After a while though, he realized that he can’t just sit there like that all day. He began switching activities - browsing AOL, e-mailing other people, ocassionally playing something. Writing in his diary, having a lunch… until evening, when he finally got an email from you. Not gonna lie, he was pretty excited to see what you’ve replied with, but was also prepared for disappointment.

Thankfully, no disappointment happened, as your response turned out to be interesting enough for him to answer with another interesting e-mail. You, at the other side, tried to answer as best as you could too, not letting the conversation die out. You were glad that there was finally someone who wasn’t familiar with your name only through gossips.


It was getting relatively late - 8 PM, already dark outside, and your house was filling with a tense atmosphere. Nothing like that, however, would stop you from excitedly replying to Eric’s e-mails. Judging by how frequently he was answering to yours, he probably felt the same way.

e-mail from: REBDOOMER
8:06 PM

Can’t say I don’t. Anyways what about the rumors? Any idea why people say stuff like that? I know it’s probably an uncomfortable topic for you so if you don’t wanna talk about it just change the topic. I won’t mind.

You read the e-mail, staring at it for a while. It was hard to overthink what you’d want to answer with, since the tense atmosphere quickly changed into your parents having another verbal fight. Sadly, you were afraid that it might stop being verbal if they’ll continue in what they’re doing.

e-mail to: REBDOOMER
8:10 PM

Not sure but I think parents of the kids who spread rumors about me probably told them that my family is not too nice. So basically my family is the cause, that’s why I hate most of it.

So you know about me because of the rumors, right?

You hit send. About three minutes later, you got another answer from Eric. You began feeling nervous, but not because of his reaction - mostly because of what you were hearing. If something serious was about to go down again, you swore to God that you’d just flee from your family.

e-mail from: REBDOOMER
8:13 PM

Not like my family is the best either. I don’t hate them but everything has flaws. What’s up with your family though? Again you don’t have to tell.

Just when you were about to touch the keyboard and make a polite rant about what’s going on with your family, someone touched your shoulder - like a calming ghost of silence in the middle of a complete chaos. You turned around to see that it was your auntie, having slightly reddish eyes from crying. 

“[Y/n], don’t take it wrong, but you should go… take a walk maybe. This is not a safe place for your right now.”

Her voice was cracking, making her words sound even more heartbreaking than normally.

“How about you?” You asked carefully. The way she spoke to you made you want to break in tears as well, but you tried your best not to fall into that pit with her. One person at the verge of crying was enough.

“Someone has to stay… you know. In case it gets really rough, just go!”

“I’ll be out in a minute, I promise. Give me a second.” 

You promised, and saw your aunt nodding. Soon after, she quietly left the room. It was time for you to send the last e-mail to Eric, then hope for the best to happen.

e-mail to: REBDOOMER
8:20 PM

I gotta go. I know it’s late but if you really wanna know what’s up then meet me outside, I’ll be in Otis st. You told me you know where it is so you can come. Time’s not a problem, I don’t think I’ll be able to get home soon anyways. See you there hopefully.

You made sure that the e-mail got sent, then switched off your PC. You put your coat and shoes on. You thought you could get out through the front door, but as soon as you opened the door to your room and saw the horrifying scene that was going on in the living room, you decided to sneak out of your window instead.


It was incredibly cold outside, not even allowing you to sit on a bench across the street. You felt like if you stopped walking back and forth, you’d freeze to death in no time. Not knowing how long it was since you left the house - maybe 10 minutes, maybe 15 or even 20 -, you began doubting Eric’s arrival.

Thankfully, only until you saw someone’s silhouette coming to Otis street from behind the not-so distant corner. You wished for them to be Eric, you wished that the figure was really wearing the so iconic trenchcoat with backwards baseball cap, that it wasn’t just an illusion coming from pure despair.

The closer the person was getting, the more you could tell it was Eric. You were kind of surprised that he actually came, since you preffered to put yourself down by the thought of him being careless enough.

“[Y/n]? What’s up? Why are you here?” You heard his voice, slowly walking closer to him.

“To show you how messed up my family is, if you wish.” You said, sounding more irritated than you intended to. It immediately made you feel bad about yourself.

“Did they kick you out?”

“My aunt told me to get out because my parents were fighting… my mother is, well, not too mentally stable.”

Suddenly, both of you could hear someone opening the door, yelling. It was coming from the middle of the street, about a couple dozens meters away from where you and Eric were standing. 

The yelling ended with the sound of door shutting closed. You sighed immediately, lowering your sight at the ground, feeling ashamed of your family. Of course all the sounds came from your house - it would be too much of a coincidence if two fights took place at the same time, in the same place.

“That was your family?” 

“Yeah.” you nodded.


You two would probably stand there in awkward silence forever, but Eric wouldn’t allow that to happen. He immediately got the conversation going again.

“So do you wanna tell me more about it? About where the rumors come from, as you wrote in the e-mail.”

And so you began. First off, describing where and when it started - your grandfather opening fire on your grandmother and mother, using a semi-automatic weapon. They’ve both barely survived, but it left them scarred.  Your brother robbing banks, getting arrested and drunk almost everytime he’s had the opportunity. The shooting incident inflicting your grandmother so much that she began abusing your mom, resulting into your mom developping several mental illnesses and attempting to stab her former husband. Eric soon found out that your family was filled with pure crime, and it wasn’t easy for him to absorb all those informations at once.

“And please, if you’re gonna stop talking to me just because of what my family is like, let me tell you that I’m in no way like them. I don’t want to continue this horrendous tradition of being an uncontrolable psycho… trust me, my almost entire family makes me sick.”

You stopped walking and wiped away a tear that was furiously trying to make its way out of your eye. Your speech left Eric sitting on a wooden bench, staring into nothingness. He had no idea what to say, but didn’t wonder that recalling your family’s entire history made you sob. 

“I’m sorry about it…” he managed to say. The tone in his voice sounded blank, confused. It made you worry that you’ve told him too much and now he’ll try his best to stay away from you. Everywhere.

“I’m so sorry for spilling all of this out like that.” you apologized, getting unpleasant shivers all over your body.

“It’s okay. It had to happen.” 

In a blink of an eye, Eric surprised you again. He stood up, and you found his arms tightly wrapping around you as he pulled you into a hug. You truly had no idea what to exactly do, but didn’t resist on hugging him back.

“Fucked up shit happens almost every year, almost every year we have to solve something with the law, I’m so tired of it…”

You sobbed, hearing police sirens in the distance, getting closer and closer. Your throat got filled with a knot, making you clucth onto Eric’s trenchcoat.

“And it’s happening again!”

“It’s gonna be cool, it’s okay.” 

It seemed like you were hearing his calming words over and over, until they got silenced out by the sirens.


it’s currently a litle after midnight, november 21st, and I just finished pairing everyone up. it took me longer than I thought it would - almost 150 people applied! i’m starting sending out e-mails now, but i might have to go to sleep soon, so if you don’t get your e-mail today, i promise you will get it tomorrow.

apologies for this delay!

ID #81185

Name: Ashley
Age: 13
Country: Hong Kong

Hi my name is Ashley!

I absolutely love music and listen to a huge variety of different artists. To name a few I listen to Halsey, twenty one pilots, Melanie Martinez and many more. I am a huge fangirl and love many shows and movies such as star wars, anything marvel related, teen wolf, greys anatomy and many more.

I really like the idea of snail mail so I would love to do it. However since shipping costs alot, if you want to just email ( talk online ) that is also fine with me.

I’m really struggling to write about myself so I seem really boring but I promise I’m not ( at least I don’t think so) Hope to hear from you soon! x

Preferences: 12-16, I don’t really mind as long as your under 18. Im fine with any gender and also Lgbtq+ friendly. I can only speak English fluently, so I can only correspond with English speakers.

Rude Interruption - iDubbbz Imagine

Every time you look at your daughter, she still takes your breath away. She’s three now and growing up so fast, constantly learning things and coming up with the funniest ideas. Ella is her name, and she looks so much like you that it’s almost a little frightening. But she’s got Ian’s eyes and his hair color, a fact that he doesn’t let anybody forget. You both love Ella more than anything in the world, but she’s definitely a Daddy’s girl. Ian spoils her rotten, and the two of them are thick as thieves.

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Hey, friends! Do you ever have trouble with clutter in your Animal Crossing games? Run out of storage, end up with litter all around your town and in your house, that sort of thing? Well, never fear! If you get started on this simple set of guidelines, you’ll be able to get into the habit of living a clutter-free Animal Crossing life in no time, and also enjoy a greater income.

  1. Sell any item you don’t immediately need. Get a shirt from a villager, or find a dresser in a tree? If you’re not going to put it in your house or work it into your usual outfits, sell it over at Retail! Remember that you can always reorder the item if you need it later. If it’s a special item that can’t be reordered through the catalogue and you really want it, then consider keeping it in your dresser, but remember that ACNL has a really strong online community that will almost always help you find rare items if you ask nicely.
  2. Organize your dresser.Work out a system that fits your play style, but don’t just store items randomly in your dresser. For example, my blue drawers are for furniture, yellow are for extra tools/vanity items and gardening items, and pink are for clothing. This makes things a lot easier to find when you need to swap out an item in a pinch.
  3. Don’t quit with items on the ground! It’s okay to temporarily drop items when you need to work with a limited inventory space, but make a habit of always picking them back up before you end your session. This avoids having to run through rows and rows of items looking for a particular one, or having your items destroyed by a random move-in or event building, and keeps your town neater overall.
  4. Don’t quit with junk in your house! As a follow-up to rule #3, don’t quit with tools, clothing, or random items in your house. You will be too lazy to organize them all later, trust me! This is how your house gets full of useless things and becomes impossible to clean up later. If you need to drop something for a minute or see how a furniture item looks, drop it, do what you need to do, and pick it back up.
  5. Delete letters as soon as you read/reply to them. I am a very sentimental person, so I got used to keeping all the letters I got from villagers in my old towns, and I could never get new mail! If you have a letter that you really like, store it with Pelly in the Post Office, but otherwise, toss it. You’ll thank me when you can open your mailbox and actually receive all your catalogue orders without having to grapple with letter space. You’ll get more cute mail, I promise!
  6. Don’t get used to using your letters as inventory space. I know that this is a popular practice among a lot of players, but it creates a lot of issues in the long run. If you need some temporary extra space, by all means, store your items in letters, but don’t let yourself fall victim to this bad habit. Your mailbox will get clogged, your inventory will get clogged, and you will have to spend a lot of time removing items from letters to find the one you need. The game is perfectly playable with the given 16-slot inventory if you use the above guidelines. ;)

** Bonus tip: It’s much easier to pay off your loans and PWPs a little at a time instead of saving up to pay it off all at once. Get into the habit of depositing 100,000 Bells into your loan/PWP payment every time you’re pushed over the Bell limit. You’ll be surprised at how fast you raise the money just by selling off things you don’t need and being active about payments!

Feel free to take all or just some of the above rules to help you enjoy your Animal Crossing game, and remember that the most important rule is to have fun! Questions, comments, or more suggestions are appreciated in my ask box. Happy crossing! :)

Flower Of Scotland Is A Sunflower

From this request: Can you do one where sam finds out he has a daughter (around 14 or 13) and she finds him after her mom dies and he brings her back to the bunker, and everyone likes her but shes kinda hard to understand cause she has a really thick Scottish accent?

*Bobby’s alive because I said so


“Hey, Bobby, what’s up?”

“You got a letter, Sam. Arrived just this afternoon.”

“A letter? From who?”

“No idea. There’s no return address.”

“Okay, well, we’re actually on our way to your place now. We’ll be there soon.”

Dean looked over as his brother hung up. “What’s up?”

“Mail call.”

Dean snorted. “Make the mistake of having your Playboy delivered to Bobby’s?”

Sam glared at him. “No. Apparently, I got a letter.”

“Jury summons?”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Just drive.”


The boys let themselves into Bobby’s house. Dean headed straight for the fridge while Sam wandered into the study.

“Hi, Bobby.”

“Hey, Sam.” Bobby held out an envelope. “Here it is. I promise I didn’t open it. I only held it up to the light to try and read it.”

“And?” Sam said with a laugh.

Bobby shook his head. “Nothing.”

Sam ripped the envelope open after examining it for a few moments. He pulled out a single sheet of paper and began to read the neat writing.

“Well?” Dean asked, leaning against the doorway. “What is it?”

Sam shook his head, his brow creased. “I…”

“What is it, son?” Bobby asked.

Sam read the letter one more time before shoving it in his pocket. “Nothing. I just… I have to go.”

“Nuh-uh,” Dean said, stepping in front of his brother, blocking the doorway. “Spill.”

“Bobby, can I borrow one of your cars?” Sam asked.

“Sure thing.”

Sam turned to his brother. “I’ll… meet you back at the bunker.”

Dean watched as his brother stepped past him before turning to Bobby. “We really going to let him just… leave like that?”

“Give him time. This is apparently something big. He’ll tell us when he’s ready.”


So Dean drove to the bunker alone. He waited for Sam to come home.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally, he heard the car pull in. He sat on the couch, waiting for Sam to come in so he could ream him out for being so secretive.

Sam finally poked his head in. “Dean?”

“It’s about damn time you showed up,” Dean said turning. “What’s the big idea…” Dean stopped upon seeing you. “Who’s that?”

“Dean,” Sam said, swallowing hard. “This… is my daughter.”

Dean’s brows raised in surprise.

“Hello,” you said, a strange accent lacing the simple word.

“Uh…” Dean said. He turned his eyes back to Sam. “What?”

Sam looked down at you. “Let me show you to your room. Then I’ll come explain things to… Uncle Dean.”

Dean watched, wide-eyed, as Sam led you down the hall. A few minutes later, Sam reappeared, solo. He sat down next to Dean.

“I’m sure you have some questions,” Sam began.

“No,” Dean said. “Why the hell would I have questions about my brother showing up with a teenage girl, claiming she’s his daughter?”

Sam sighed. “Look, I know this is weird, but… it’s true. She’s biologically mine.”

“What, you had her tested?”

“Well, yeah. I wanted to be sure.”

Dean chuckled, tipping his bottle to his mouth. “I’m sure she loved that.”

“She was understanding.”

Dean sighed. “Okay, well… get with the story.”

“There’s not really much to tell. I met her mother in college. We… had a brief relationship….”

“You mean a one-night stand.”

Sam couldn’t disagree. “Anyway… she was a transfer student from Scotland. And at the end of the semester, she went back home. I never heard from her again.”

“So how’d that girl find you?”

“Her name is Y/N,” Sam said. He ran a hand through his hair. “She… I don’t know. She said her mom told her about me and when her mom died, she… took the inheritance money, hopped on a plane, and was planning on going across the country to try and find me. She ‘did her research’, as she says, and found our tie to Bobby.” Sam pulled the letter out of his pocket. “It was a long shot, but she found me.”

Dean took the letter and scanned it. It was very simple, laying out the basics of what Sam had said. It asked Sam to meet you at a small diner close to route 66.

“So, what now?” Dean asked, handing the letter back. “You… raise this kid?”

“I have to. And I want to.”

Dean stood and clapped a hand on Sam’s shoulder. “Well, for what it’s worth… I don’t envy you.”


It was strange for the first few weeks, but eventually, Dean grew to enjoy having you around the bunker. And when the boys introduced you to Cas, he loved you immediately. The boys trained you and you went out on a few hunts with them. You fit into their family just fine—just like a Winchester.

The only thing that threw the boys for a loop sometimes was your accent. Having been raised in Scotland, your native tongue was heavy with the accent. Sometimes the boys had to ask you to repeat yourself when you were speaking. They could tell it flustered you, embarrassed you, but you never said anything about it.

“Do you think her accent is ever gonna leave?” Dean asked one night while he and Sam enjoyed a beer.

“Probably not,” Sam said. “It might lessen over time, being around Americans. But she’ll probably still have it.”

Dean nodded. “Y’know, I always thought accents were kind of cool.”

Sam laughed slightly. “It’s weird that a Winchester has anything other than a Plains accent.”

“She’s gonna have the boys trailing after her. You’re gonna have a hell of a job fighting them off.”

“You know as well as I do that you’re gonna be right there with me, shotgun in hand,” Sam said with a smile.

“Damn right.”

The Mattress Incident

Relationship: Jensen/Reader

Summary: Jensen tells the fans the story of how he met the reader, who he’s been in relationship with since 2007.

Word Count: 1480

A/N: I wrote this in How I Met Your Mother format sort of. We get a narration from Jensen to start the story out, then it goes to a flashback of the actual story, and then at the end of the story it goes back to what’s happening with Jensen in the present. ~Jordan


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I’ll Be Seeing You

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst, language, mentions of death

A/N: This just poured out of me at 3am. Made me cry. 

Dean swiped the back of his hand across his bottom lip, catching the alcohol that had gathered there. His thumb slid across his phone screen, clicking the voice mail button and pressing the screen to his ear.

Your brittle voice resonated through the speaker, “Hey, baby boy,” You let out a shaky sigh, “Dammit, this is hard. I know you’re gonna be angry with me. But please, don’t blame yourself Dean. This didn’t happen because of you, I did this for you; because I love you, because I need you. Sam needs you. Hell, the world would stop spinning without Dean Winchester in it. It doesn’t matter what they do to me down there, it’s worth it, you’re worth it baby. No matter what happens I want you to remember how much I love you. Remember that day at the pier in Maine after we took out that vamp nest? You promised you would always choose me, so this is me, choosing you. You make me so crazy. I’m stupidly, madly in love with you Dean Winchester, don’t you ever forget that. We promised we would never say goodbye, so I’ll be seeing you Winchester. But I better not see you anytime soon. Give ‘em hell Dean.”

Dean replayed the voice mail once again as he took a pull from the whiskey bottle. No matter how many times Sam told him to delete it, he just couldn’t. The scent of you was beginning to fade from his room.He wouldn’t let himself forget your voice.  Every time you voice would start to grow distant and fade, he found himself here; sitting on the floor in front of his bed, Jack in hand, tears staining the carpet with the phone glued to his ear, you on repeat. His world had stopped spinning without you in it. He had lost you.

He still remembered the last time he saw you so clearly, and he wants to kick himself every time he thinks about how he didn’t realize that you were saying goodbye. He should’ve known, maybe he could’ve…

Six months. You had been gone six months; that’s 60 years in hell. More than him, definitely more than Sam.

He had to find out that you had made a deal to save him, through a folded note taped to the barrel of his gun. He was supposed to be dead right now. It should be him on the rack, not you.  

He didn’t know who he was angrier at, himself or you for being stupid enough to suffer in his place. For letting him believe you were going off to visit Bobby, when you were really driving up to the old cabin, waiting for your time to run out. He wished you had told him. He would’ve found a way to get you out of it; to save you or take your place. He had since tried the latter, he tried to bargain and beg every crossroad demon he could find to take him instead, but no demon would deal.

He couldn’t allow himself to think about you, alone in that hotel room; waiting. Screaming and crying, all because of him and his devil-may-care attitude on your last hunt together. Two seconds was all it took; he dropped his guard for two seconds and was rewarded with 6 inches of serrated steel in his chest. You and Sam had rushed him to hospital which had ended with him in a coma. At some point between the surgeon informing you and Sam that Dean wasn’t going to wake up, and him coming to with a tube down his throat, you took a trip and made a deal. The black-eyed bitch only gave you 4 months. And you took it. He shouldn’t have been so reckless. Now you were paying the price. That was the kind of guilt Dean could never recover from.

The thought of anyone hurting you, ripped Dean apart from the inside out. It was eating away at him every day. You were down there with god knows how many demons, who were inflicting the most unimaginable pain on you. And it was all because of him.

Had he not had Sammy, he probably would’ve joined you. He was gonna die at the barrel of a gun or the tip of a knife someday, why not pay you a visit a little sooner? But he would never do that to Sam.

He wanted more for you, more time with you–all the time with you. He loved–loves you with everything he has. He needed you back. Somehow, he would find a way to bring you back to him. Dean Winchester has seen a lot of shit, endured immense pain, faced the biggest bads, but the one thing he couldn’t bare was losing his girl.

Until then, until he found a way to bring you home, this is where he would be, drinking and crying to the sound of your beautiful voice.

He dragged a hand down his face, ridding his cheeks of the moisture that had gathered there and gritted his teeth, pushing play on the last audible memory of you.

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A Quick Note on the SSOG Book

Ok, I’m slowly getting to the bottom of this, it’s difficult while I’m still in Korea ^^; 

1) As I was revising the book and ordering a few new copies, a setting was changed in lulu that affected the book’s paper quality. I didn’t realize this had happened until I received the updated books. 

2) As soon as I discovered this, I pulled the book from the shop because I didn’t want more people to order while I was figuring this out. 

3) This change only affected orders placed between 01-03-2017 and 01-14-2017. If this is you, please send me a note with your mailing address (I promise I will not publish). 

4) I have fixed the problem, and I have ordered a new proof copy to verify. I want to make sure it is correct before I put it back up for order, but I promise I will. Probably in 2 weeks (shipping is very slow). 

5) The book will be available for a “last chance” order after that. I don’t want to sell it forever, exactly because of issues like this which cause me a lot of stress. 


AAA looking for writers!

Hello folks! So, with the new year I decided to embark on a new project! Since you’ve always been the ones who supported me, I decided to start supporting you too! I want to create an anthology with YOUR writings on it. Poetry, prose, whatever style you prefer, you can send it to me and I will read it. If you are interested, select ten pieces of yours you like and send them in a file with your name and tumblr tumblr in it to

I will choose five poems that will be in the book. You’ll be a published author!! I need 20-25 people for this, so if you think it would be cool don’t hesitate and start sending your writings now!! I will reply to each one of you.

What you need to do is: choose ten pieces, put them in a word file with your name and tumblr url in it and send them to my e-mail address. That’s it! I will contact you as soon as the project will be live. This might be your chance to get that exposure you deserve. 

Love, Giuls

Edit: Submission are closed. Sorry if you didn’t get to send your works in time but I promise there will be more chances in the future :)

Traveling to space? All you need is a fried egg 

hi everyone! thank you so much for all of your kind messages! I feel absolutely honoured to have your support! Really appreciate it!! and really really sorry I haven’t been able to answer all the mails, I have read them!! I will get to that very soon! I promise! 

I am trying to make a FAQ page so if you have any questions about my art or me or bunny or alien? lol feel free to drop me a message here! Will try fit everything :)))

If you have been following my blog for sometime you have probably noticed that I haven’t been making as much gifs as I used to! (and the Barcelona project have been on hold half way…shhh) well that is because I am working on something that has almost taken over my life atm! :O I can’t reveal it but I will defo show you guys when its ready! 

Meanwhile there will still be doodles :3 (you can also find me on instagram where I post doodles,photos and my face on occasions lol ) my handle is @ yoyothericecorpse. AND! there will be loads new products dropping in May!! keep your eyes pealed (>3<)/ 


Yo xo 



I reached what I consider to be a pretty big follower goal, and I decided to combine that with some spring cleaning, so…free stickers! They’re all stock from my Redbubble (link here) if you want to see any more closely (and not in an awful cellphone picture quality). 

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Giveaway ends on 25 April 2015 at 5PM Pacific Standard Time!


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@shieldshockfanfic Followers Celebration Giveaway- ‘Constellation Cap’ Prize Set!

ShieldShock stories commonly feature Darcy Lewis craving or getting coffee, and Steve Rogers sketching.  In honor of this and as part of the Followers Celebration, I will give one lucky follower a coffee travel mug and a blank sketching journal, purchased from Redbubble. 

The design featured on these special items, ‘Constellation Cap,’ was created by fellow ShieldShock fan, artist @typhoidmeri w/ShieldShock as part of the inspiration.  I have purchased ‘Constellation Cap’ items (t shirts, art print, note pad) and it is GORGEOUS.  Now that I see the mug in person, it’s going on my own Christmas wish list. :)  (the journal is great, too… but I can’t draw)

‘Constellation Cap’ Travel Mug

  • Features wraparound print
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Insulated stainless steel with removable lid

Constellation Cap Hardcover Blank pages Journal (Sketch book)

  • 128 pages
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If you win, please message me your real name (off Tumblr) and mailing address.  I will ship the package as soon as I’m able.

Other @shieldshockfanfic Follower Celebration Prize drawings yet to come.  We have 520+ Followers now!

And, YES, I know I promised to write prompts.  I’ve started. I haven’t forgotten!  The kids just got back to school. :)  Consider those ‘Coming Soon!’ ;)

THANK  YOU for following @shieldshockfanfic.

I see I already have numerous followers!

I should now take the time to welcome you to the blog of the one and only Rachel Barbra Berry ✫! I am sure that you have all jumped at the chance to follow a bona fide star and in return, I can assure you that you have made absolutely the right choice. Having been informed by many reliable sources that, despite an attempt to revive MySpace through a relaunch, it is decidedly dead, I will admit that it was in consideration of my fans, present and future, that I decided to invest in one of these blogs. My thinking was simple as in order to reach my fans I must be part of the most upcoming and lively social media. A star must be present if she is to glow as brightly as she wants. 

For those of you who are claiming that you merely ‘stumbled’ onto my blog then I have generously provided you with an an extensive and detailed version of my life thus far on the part of my blog referred to as the ‘description’. I have laid out as much as I am willing to give now without jeopardizing my future autobiography, turned film, turned musical and so I request you don’t press me too much in regards to the finer details of such an incandescent life. Indeed readers of this post who are fellow native New Yorkers must already have been aware for many years of the rising star in your midst by the very sense of anticipation that seems to hang over the Great White Way following Sutton’s departure for the sunnier and more ‘star’ laden climes of Los Angeles and a failed ballet sitcom. Indeed I just know there was the same hazy energy of being near such burning potential when Barbra and Patti were living out the brief, wasteful periods in their lives before their talents were discovered and as I pace the sidewalks of Manhattan, I can only promise that my star will continue to rise. 

I’m sure the majority of my followers will be from my fan base established during my time as Fanny in the (still running) production of Funny Girl. Anyone with any true Broadway knowledge would be well aware of how much time and talent it takes to revive Barbra’s career making role and so I’m hardly surprised by the little fanbase I have accumulated after such a triumphant success on my Broadway debut. You may also know me from my turns as Nora in the Off-Broadway production of A Doll’s House and the replacement to Nikki M. James’ Eponine in the most recent Les Miserables revival. I may only be the tender age of 23 but I can assure you that my resume is extensive and as highly impressive as one would expect from the top contender for Ms. Streisand’s throne. 

I suppose I should also take a brief moment to address the spurious, and entirely fictitious, rumours that my rise to aforementioned throne has been stalled by some career setbacks. I will be the first to admit that I have unfortunately been forced to seek paid employment in the food service industry again but I can assure you that it is a mere blip in the road as I head towards my true stardom. One can only star on Broadway when there are roles worthy of your talents and unfortunately I am not currently inspired, or apparently inspirational, enough to warrant taking any of those roles. To my dear fans, though, I promise to re-start the Daily Doses of Berry series on this very blog to give you your expected fix and that my return to the Great White Way will be announced as soon as possible. I know I have my very own star watching over me, after all. 

I think I have now surmised the most important developments in my life of late and therefore all there is left to do is encourage you to send me as much fan-mail as possible. Now is the time to seize such an opportunity before I am dragged back into the glittery whirlwind of the theatre! 

Lots of love and stardust, 
Rachel Barbra Berry ✫

hiiii so i just turned 23 (rip) and i decided to do a follow forever (yeah graphic design is my passion whatever) to celebrate being the same age as louis for 2 whole days. i just wanna start by saying thank you to every singe one of my followers, idk how yall put up with me i love you all so much💖💖 i’ll try not to get sentimental tho so here we go

✨special mentions✨

@zaynsfakedeeptweets my salty american i love u u meme loving fuck

@zourrydrag you’re honestly a lil ray of sunshine in my life ily so much i didn’t forget about your prince cookies i promise you’ll get them on the mail soon rip

@casisinlovewithdean honestly idk how you’ve put up with me for like…5 years now?? incredible i love you so much [louis voice] if i didn’t have you there would be nothing left..the shell…..of…a…*sobs*

@harrysaesthetic i mean…you’d fuck simon which is gross….but other than that you’re okay………..i guess……………. (jk ily)

@liamtrash you’re on a hiatus rn which breaks my heart but i’m so happy for u ilysm

@projektrevenge and @flungintospace you two are the real mvps of this whole thing. yall don’t even stan 1d (you do lowkey tho) how do you even cope with my blog??? im

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7000 followers thank you promo!

I’ll soon be at 7000 followers, which is absolutely crazy! I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far with Tumblr, and it’s so exciting!

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