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“Javert!” Grantaire greets cheerfully. Javert does not look at all cheerful, and neither does the pretty blonde kid whose wrists are clamped in the guard’s grip.

“Fuck, who the hell pissed in your coffee today?”

(Otherwise known as the prison AU people actually,,surprisingly,,asked for. In which Grantaire gets a new cellmate, who happens to look like he’s dropped straight from above. Updated weekly!! Hopefully!!)


Happy Birthday to the gay king Mi-chan(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤


the records of KAT-TUN LIVE CONCERT (2002~2013)
: celebrating KAT-TUN 8th Debut anniversary [ - ]


We’re all just kids who can’t fill the shoes we never wanted to grow into.

Yours Truly

Table Tennis
Yours Truly
Table Tennis

Yours Truly – Table Tennis

I bought this today, and love it.

Well, I already knew I loved it, because of the Craig Owens’ solo show and facebook.

But buying music always feels nice, okay?