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If there’s anyone who hasn’t read ‘‘Fleimkepa’‘ by @alexispayton , Fix-it fic in all its G L O R Y.  Captivating intricacies of Grounder politics, Clarke and the Flame and Lexa transcending ascende superior.

One last time Jack g imagine

I turned flopped over in my bed, I’d been tossing and turning, but it was the same as every night since he had left. We’d been broken up for about 3week. And it was my fault, if he had asked me to I would have taken all the blame. But he didn’t he just left. He didn’t call he didn’t text, and when I tried to call him it went strength to voice main. I rolled over and checked my phone. I hadn’t slept in weeks. I had become and insomniac. I missed him us everything.

It was not 5am and time for me to get up. I had to go to the studio to finish up my album. I need one more song. I got up and got dressed in simple black pants a cute black sweater and some boots. Then got into my rang and headed to the studio. Me and jack had been dating practically since magcon started, that’s were I got my start too. As I arrived to the studio. We started right away on our studio session. And I would have sang my heart out,there was nothing more for me to say. All I wanted was him back. So we didn’t get very far

but we Practically my whole album was probably in some way could have been portrayed as about Jack, and it was true. The last song was called one last time, and it meant the world to me.

After the studio I had to get rest for a party I did not want to go to tonight, but I knew he’d be there and I needed to see him one last time. Hours past and as I arrived to this stupid adult like party I saw almost no one I knew a few famous stars I’d never met and some uprising stars my age. I headed for the youtubers, since I knew someone of them, I figured I’d be most conferrable with them.

I’d herd about jacks new girl, I herd her name was madison, madison beers. And she was some girl who Justin Bieber found, and thought she was going to be the next big thing but instead was just singing monster high songs. For the past hour or so I had been scrolling on my phone and Breedlove talking to anyone I encountered. Then I saw him walk in.

He saw me and quickly looked away. I mean he couldn’t have been that disused or heart broken with be because he had a new girl and everyone knew it, and I was just the left over. Then I saw Johnson walk in behind him, he smiled at me. He’d been giving me updates, before Gilinsky and madison got together about a week ago. And all I could think was wow he moves fast. When they walked over to us Johnson spoke to me with a nice warm hug like we had survived the apocalypses, and in a manner of speaking we had. Jack on the other hand made it a point not to speak to me.

As the night went on we snuck a few drinks, and once I had enough liquid courage, I blurted out “ Jack, can we talk” and either he was too drunk to object, or not drunk enough to make a scene. So we walk to a different quieter area. And did just what I asked. We talked. He was doing well. a lot better than I was even trying to act. But in one of my drunk in fitz I kissed him. But he didn’t stop me. At Least not for a couple minutes. Then he told me how good she was for him, and at that moment I had decided I dident care I just needed him one last time.

And that kids is the story of how I wrote that last song on my first album

Sorry it sucked 😭