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You’ve got to love yourself.  Unconditionally.  Fully and without a single doubt.  In order to get passed the negativity projected onto you by the world, you must protect yourself.  So, take care.
Tmblrvision: Tumblr Decides

The current results of the UK @tmblrvision national final are as follows:

Emma Blackery - Sucks To Be You: 31

Busted - Coming Home: 9

Lawson - Where My Love Goes: 5

Pet Shop Boys - ‘Twenty-something’: 5

Birdy - Keeping Your Head Up: 3

Dua Lipa - Hotter Than Hell: 3

Radiohead - Daydreaming: 2

The 1975 - A Change Of Heart: 2

David Bowie - Lazarus: 1

Elton John - Blue Wonderful: 1

KT Tunstall - Evil Eye: 1

AlunaGeorge - I Remember: 0

You have until 7pm GMT/8pm CET on Thursday to vote on the #TumblrDecidesUK2016 tag by liking/reblogging as much as you like!


Panel 1:
-Nightshock walking inside after taking to SmashHit-
“Damn salesponies.. I get enough of these damn cards as it is… Shitty advertising too so I doubt that fucker is legit…”

Panel 2:
-NIghtshock looking at the counter after putting the card he got from SmashHit onto the counter-
“Need to throw all these out damn it.. They ask to fucking call them.. Ain’t no way.. I don’t want to get fucked over again…”

The new and Improved Ask Nightshock is here! I spent way too much time on the bgs but oh well XD.
Speech bubbles and so on may change from time to time so just letting you all know. Also keep an eye out, I may hide stuff in the bgs from time to time!

Late, Lonely Nights


It was late, around midnight as Anna was walking home as she usually did. It was her routine to pretty much say alive since the person she would go and ‘talk to’ knew where she was pretty much at all times. She stepped into her home, not a single sound made as she shut the door quietly. She was slightly surprised to see that Lena was still awake, pacing…

Did she wake up to see Anna still gone..? Usually Lena slept through the entire night. Lena never knew about the abuse Anna had gotten. So what that why her love was pacing?

anonymous asked:

'I see you're with my older brother. Well dear why don't you drop him and be with a real god for a change?' Zeus put an arm around Elsa's shoulder and gave her a playful wink with his dashing smile.

every   muscle  in  the  queen’s  body   tenses   at  the  unfamiliar     (     &   completely   unwelcome      )     touch.       unaffected   by  the  god’s    ‘CHARM’,     she   tears   herself  from  his  one  armed  embrace   &   twists   to  face  him.     ❛     i  don’t  know   who   you  think  you  are,     but  you  have   NO   right  to  touch  me               or   to  speak  of   hades   that  way.     ❜

as  a   soldier   would  brandish  a   sword   or  an   archer   draws  an   arrow,    elsa  sets  her  feet   apart   &   raises  her   HANDS.     the  smooth  surfaces  of  solid   ice   around  them   darken   from  a   deep   blue  to  an   ominous   amber.     from   every   wall  extends   SPIKES,     the  castle  itself  coming   alive   to   protect   its  queen.     ❛     get   out.     NOW,     before  i   make   you!     ❜     .