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I’ve Noticed A Thing

Recently - but seeing as I’ve only been active within this community (ask/rp blogs) for a while comparative to others, at times I feel as though I don’t have some sort of authority to speak about it.

Then I realized, after a second, I don’t care and I’m going to speak my mind.

And let’s get down to it; to the talk - THE talk about OC vs Canon, popularity, activity and your feelings!

Hi, I’m Kav and this is my own OC blog - with about 200 followers (as of right now, writing this) and have had this blog for about 2 months and a few days. Apparently that is a feat in this community, but I think I should point out that it’s possibility due to my activity, my art and also the guest that’s currently been hanging out with them.

And I need to point out something right now but don’t be offended/hurt. etc; it’s just an obvious thing.

Canon blogs will get the better treatment because they’re established characters in this world AND have that spotlight that original content creators don’t have.

But that shouldn’t diminish one’s determination to keep at it. People are not going to hand serve you the attention you think you rightfully deserve
Because you think so well of yourself, which I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but still.

Don’t let that bruise your ego or your spirit. (Because god, if that does it - then you’ll just be meeting people along the way who’ll do a lot worse and say worse.)

Anyways let that sink in a little and now, what do you do as an original content creator or an OC ask blog?

There’s not much to say besides don’t give up! Don’t lose all of your hope because seriously, it’s well established that no one really wants to deal with a person who gives up hope and complains or is negative on a constant basis. (*Looks at self*)

Like myself, you need to work on that - that part of yourself that needs to start looking more of positives and other options, instead of being down or thinking negatively. People can sense it and they’ll start leaving. 

Oh, you can say, ‘I didn’t need them anyhow’ or ‘I’ll find better fans or followers than those’ but really, stop making that excuse for yourself to feel better.

You lost them because of that sort of thinking.

Do better! Be better, not only for others but for yourself! As a content creator and someone who wants to have more interaction with others about your content! Don’t dismiss everyone because you feel like you are not good enough or you’re too proud or possibly anxious/shy. (I sound like I’m preaching to myself at this point…)

Also another elephant in the room; Art-based Ask/RP blogs vs Written-Only Ask/RP blogs

I hate to talk about this but let’s just be real; ask blogs - and ones where there’s constant activity and art alongside it, will always have more popularity.

Words are so beautiful, and strung along together - they can be amazing and well thought out ideas, stories and much more but… As they say, pictures write a thousand words.

It’s true and I feel bad for admitting that, as an ask blog - I’m not going to feel the same feeling as an RP blog because I don’t have the same frustration you have. I love your words and the image you can provide with them but it’s not for everyone.

It’s kind of tragic because so far, what I have seen and read - or at least skimmed through, the majority of those I follow are pretty great and incredible!

Please, don’t give up hope though - you’ve met some pretty cool friends and people who love you, either up front or afar! (Like me! And I love you, your portrayals and your blog in general)

Major vs minor characters and attractiveness

Not gonna lie; characters who are mains and have a huge role within a series will get more love and more attention - Also will get bashed too, for not having the right portrayal or the same headcanons as another. Keep doing whatever you wish, you’re good by the way.

But minor characters, that is somewhat tough - they needed to have a following, a fan base but they also can start attracting attention by being constantly active, possibly in character for most or some or just giving MORE to the character in question.

I’ve seen it happens and it’s pretty great! Some feel as though the captured the character even though there is so little information of them as it is. You’re amazing and are doing god or at least the level of the author’s work if they worked more on the character.

Not gonna lie either; physically attractive characters will always just get the glory and the good(?) asks - It’s just how the world works but please know, don’t let that put you down (or go make an ask blog for a possibly popular character for being attractive unless your heart is into it or else you’ll lose passion quickly for your own blog and really hurt others in the process because they always want more!)

Art styles and skills

I don’t really need to go on; people are attracted to dynamic and possibly (what they believe) is art styles that they are attracted, aesthetically, to or want to see more or.

It’s shallow and not at the same time - artists grow from learning from one another and wanting to achieve the same skills or skill level as those they place above them.

Don’t let that bring you down, keep practicing though. Keep drawing. Don’t stop either or lose hope, just keep at it. You’ll get where you wanna be! Practice and practice some more, look to tutorials, different brushes/pens/tools and whatever resources you can get over the internet to help you. 

Art is a skill you yourself have to hone and keep at - as Arin Hanson says from Game Grumps, “Do you think I came out the pussy drawing Mozart?”

I know this post is just a whole mess; but I haven’t really done this in a while - I’m pretty rusty and can’t really be sure to keep this post about the point as much. I apologize for so.

And now I need to ask you, why do you do this?

I’m not trying to be or act as though I’m an authority of what you should feel or think or a judgment of your thought process, etc etc - I’m just here, trying to level with y’all. WHY DO YOU DO THIS?

Seriously, you need to ask yourself this.

I’ll give you my reason for doing this, for having an OC ask blog - my thoughts and what goes through it.

I do and continue to do this because I have always wanted to do this for the past couple of years but the problem was also me and what I was thinking, you see - I wasn’t at the skill level I wanted to be at, the last couple of years,  to start portraying and putting out my own (very self-indulgent) self insert in this world.

And when the time came and I understood what my character was about, what were their goals, their intent and I was sure how to go about them - and that my art style was good enough for me to show them off in.

I made this blog though I’m still new to this and I’m still unsure which version I want to keep Kav as too - but I’m still happy with it, so far.

I get frustrated too because at times, I can’t still properly give details to what goes on in my head - it’s always been a struggle to put thought and ideas down into art, whether digitally or paper. Written or drawn.

But I’m going to continue this, whether I have 1 follower to over a 100+ followers. I’m not going to change either because I’m comfortable at this pace, at this level and what I’m putting out as it is - whether sfw or not.

I’ve grown to know that, I’m not for everyone and I need to keep reminding myself of this - a lot more than I let on. Granted, my need for validation and attention really puts me in the wringer but- *slaps self* - I need to keep trying and be active and keep going because if I stop now, I won’t forgive myself.

Kav, my character, as fictional as they are - won’t let me forgive myself for giving up when I know people out there, before this blog and letting people get to me, that they love her. Maybe more than I do, maybe not as much but they still love/like and appreciate her for existing!

She provides people with a sense of… strength; she gives people the drive and determination to put out their own content, whether OCs or self-inserts and for that. God I’m going to keep this up.

You should too.

But for whatever sakes you believe in, don’t give up! Don’t give in to that fucking bullshit that you are not good enough for all these people! Because if you think you deserve a bit of, what, attention or some other reason! Then keep doing this, keep being active, keep putting out more content, whether drawn or written out there because someone else, someone out there will love you and your character!

Doing nothing but feeling sorry for yourself or some bullshit isn’t going to do just that.

Though this is from my opinion and my standpoint but if you create a blog, more specifically an ask or RP blog hoping for popularity and followers - Well, I’m sorry to say but doing this for something like that won’t turn out to what you hoped.

And you’ll either grow tired or dislike for the whole thing and seeing that; isn’t always fun for everyone else when you decide dropping the character because you lost the passion or muse on account of not enough attention and the like.

If you’re in this, be really into your role - But also don’t let it consume you as well, update about things you feel important and be more open to your fanbase if you have any to your thoughts. It’s just easier.

Anyways I’m done, thank you all for taking the time to read this. Stay cool.

I see there’s a renewed fervor for the theory that Revolver is related to Yusaku.

And the basis of it is that scene confirming that Revolver is doing everything at his father’s request, thus leading credence to the idea that our current Revolver and the one we saw almost destroying the Cyberse are two different people. So the thinking is, the Revolver from five years ago was the father, and ‘our’ Revolver is his son. They’re just using the same account/avatar to keep up appearances.

But if this is true, and he winds up being Yusaku’s older brother/twin?

That means that the original head of the Knights of Hanoi is Yusaku’s father.

No offense but people gotta stop slapping trans headcanons onto characters just to make them “cute” or add Angst


perhaps this is premature but i’m gonna go ahead and say it: I already love “The Little Things That Give You Away” more than anything on Songs of Innocence.  Instant classic in my book; it pretty much completely skipped the “OMG NEW U2 SONG!!!!1111″ phase for me and went straight to feeling in my head like “oh yeah, I’ve been listening to and loving this song for years.”  like, I only listened to it twice - volume low, even! - before I saw them in Santa Clara, but it was already stuck in my head morning of the show, and I sang along to at least half the lyrics when they played it… didn’t listen to it again ‘til I saw this performance but now I can’t get enough.  The ending is like… U2 has always been good at juxtaposing light and dark; but there’s something about this one in particular that just feels different.  The music is classic U2 uplift, but the melody and lyrics are so fuckin’ sad, and altogether it leaves me with a feeling I can’t fully describe.  It definitely hits somewhere deep though, like really deep.  Soul level shit bruh (the end lyrics could have been stolen straight from my head tbh… in fact I’m pretty sure he pulled some inception shit with ‘Sometimes I can’t believe my existence/I see myself from a distance/I can’t get back inside,’ it’s kind of been a common theme in my thoughts/writing/life for awhile now…).  Thank God Bono said “We got a new album…this is a song that’s on it…and…we’re just warming up!” before they played it in Santa Clara, ‘cause honestly it kind of feels like it could be…y’know…the end.  I don’t think they’d end their career on such a dark note - that’s not really what they’re all about - but it does have that gravitas, it feels like it could be a grand finale kind of song… and though Bono’s always been sincere and often reveals himself in his lyrics, this is a kind of raw and deep sadness I don’t feel he’s expressed before.  Powerful stuff for sure…

I already had incredibly high hopes for Songs of Experience (Jacknife Lee, blow your mind sonically, etc etc) but now I’m pretty much convinced it’ll be my favourite album since Pop.  And I’m wondering if the cool electronic beat in TLTTGYA (geez, I love you guys but does every song title have to be an entire goddamn sentence?! what are you, a post-rock band?! XP), the synth riff version of ASOH, and the weird robot bridge of BD are maybe indicators of the kind of production we’ll see on SOE… cuz I am all for incorporating more electronic elements and some sonic experimentation.  On top of brilliant songwriting, which SOE so far has exhibited 100%.  

in conclusion: Love the new song @u2, please send me the rest of the new album ASAP so I can tell you how much I love all the other songs on it 


anonymous asked:

I understand your point, but I think as a reader I can be critical of what I read. I love Fairy Tail, but the last two chapters have deeply disappointed me, I hope Mashima does better with the remaining 9 chapters, but I never insulted or hated Mashima.

I never said you couldn’t say your opinion of the chapter.

Just don’t hate on Mashima.


if that’s not a confession of love idk what is