yours synthetically

This guy.

Buys semi-synthetic oil to put in CLEAN when he does his filter change. Note: CLEAN. Not mixing with anything that is in it right now.

Returns it because he doesn’t want to mix conventional and synthetic because he thinks his car will blow up.

Meanwhile, he previously bought semi-synthetic, A MIX OF CONVENTIONAL AND SYNTHETIC.

Clearly oil companies are selling semi-synthetics because they will blow up your car.

There is a purpose for this. Because semi-synthetics help your car run cleaner and better.



So I feel like we could all use a boost right now, myself included. So I want everyone who sees this post (that means you) to reblog this with a picture of their favorite robot and put their name and origin in the tags. Big, small, fictional, real, doesn’t matter. Just show me your favorite synthetic friend. Here, I’ll start.

Into you - Chanyeol fanfic


3,322 words (OOPS THATS A LOT)

A little bit of angst, a little bit of fluff and a little bit of smut.

[You are crushing on Chanyeol and have been for a long time now. So what happens at a party, where the both of you get quite drunk, and you get the garage for yourselves? Probably not what you think.]


You were sitting on the hard wood in your short dress, the synthetic white blanket wrapped around most of your body. Well, what it could cover anyway. It wasn’t long enough to reach your feet, which were red and tired inside your black converse. 

It reeked of alcohol and you felt the smoke from outside slowly creep into the garage, where you were sitting on a pallet all alone, just staring at the drunk and passed out people lying on top of the other pallets. It’s not like you weren’t drunk too, though. 

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Tired of Talking (Otero Remix) - Léon

AYYYOOOO. It is a rare, rare moment when I hit the “share” button barely a minute into a song. I like to soak into my music, letting the fullness of its glory hit me before I think about reviewing a track. But this stunner surpasses most because it’s positively outstanding in originality, rhythm, and beat. I’ve only known you for about a minute, Otero, but I am already in love with you and stoked about catching some more of your synthetic majesty. Please do yourself a favor & listen to this stunning remix of Léon. Everything about this up and comer has been perfection so far, but it’s always enriching to hear such a beautiful twist on an already entrancing song. We need more artists like Léon & Otero. If you don’t take anything else from today, you can suffice with that. 

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Do You Really Need to Use a Brush to Apply Foundation?

From eyeshadow to blush and lipstick, brushes are essential for creating a perfect makeup look, but do you really need to use one to apply your foundation?

There are synthetic kabuki, paddle, stippling and buffing brushes (plus many more) that can be used to apply your foundation and whilst they’re all great in they’re not 110% necessary in my opinion. Brushes have many pros, but they also have a few setbacks, for example they can often make foundation appear cakey and sit on top of the skin, they can also micro-exfoliate dry skin (causing it to look flaky) and absorb A LOT of product which are things I’m not a fan of. I generally prefer to use my fingers because it’s easier to build up and sheer out product, they don’t micro-exfoliate the skin and the warmth of the fingers can help the product blend easier making it look more natural.

Many people won’t even touch foundation without a brush, but I don’t think you HAVE to use them and I know of many makeup artists that agree. Don’t get me wrong, from time to time I love to use a brush for painting or buffing on my foundation, but generally speaking I think fingers work better.

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I am pro American flag burning but please be careful if you’re doing so in public, especially if you’re doing it on the 4th of July. Bigoted patriots have very short fuses on independence day and in combination with it being a popular recreational drinking day, watch out for yourselves or have pepper spray or something similar on you!

This goes double if you’re non-white, especially because there will generally be a heightened police presence and they will be looking for “suspected public terrorism”; which can be loosely defined to fit a racist profile

Make sure your flags are not synthetic fabrics if you can help it, if you can’t, make sure you burn it at a safe distance!

For flag burning and fireworks, please practice fire safety and have a significant source of water with you for dousing after you’re finished.

We don't care about your synthetic bullshit drama

Why is the world more concerned with what’s going on with Taylor swift and kimye than how France is doing after the attacks? Why are we not more concerned about the women being mutilated, dehumanized and forced to marry their rapists in Afghanistan? The terror and conflicts happening in the Middle East? The innocent men and women having their lives taken away by people who have sworn to protect them? What about the holocaust that happens everyday in slaughter houses to animals that only wish to be loved and free? What about climate change? The chance of world war three happening? Our world isn’t young anymore and our universe has reached the end of its calendar. Earth will not survive another violent outbreak. We are quite literally heading into a (possibly) nuclear post- apocalyptic dystopia and all we can think of or worry about is the next Kylie lip kit and who’s fucking who. WHO GIVES A SHIT! None of the money or fame or glory in the world will matter once we don’t have a sufficient amount of resources to go around and the air becomes poisonous enough to make us lose the very little sanity we have left. Please wake up! Start doing something to help change, make a difference. Educate yourself, share your wisdom and love with others. Be a part of a movement instead of a follower of a trend. Don’t just like that vegan post, become one. You have so much more power than what the suits on the tv give you credit for. You are human and you were born wild.

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Fox in motion🐺
A very subtle cat-eye lash, with a slight flare at end!
This memorial weekend only, get your favorite mink lash style and a FREE synthetic lash with your purchase! Offer ending tomorrow!! Enter code “freelash” after adding your choice of Synthetic lash Goddess or Doll Face and your choice of mink lashes! ($8.50 will be subtracted from your cart total) This amazing offer ends tomorrow!

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