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I think I go to your school bc we also got hacked by the Russians and a teacher said it was the Russians (k money) and we all have iPads and that's the Macy's from town I don't follow you btw if you're worried!


This is a little weird… 

Oh but I’m not worried! I know there are a few people from school who follow me on here and I honestly don’t mind either way if you are or aren’t, it’s just…super bizarre that people are seeing that post. Like imagining myself just scrolling through my dash and then BAM my school is weird

(and you definitely go to my school) 

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any time the '...but...' qualifier is used in a sentence i pretty much tune out whatever the person is saying/writing. because 9 times out of 10 it's a big ol' steaming pile.

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(I mean at least in sentences that begin, “I’m straight, but…;)

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You are a beautiful lady. And likely a knockout in many ways. Your husband definitely has to be a special guy

Aww thankyou! ^-^ We are both super lucky to have each other ♡

"Having friends who don't stick up for you, when all you do is worry about protecting them?" Prompt.

each one of you claim
that I have fallen from
heaven; I am the guard-
ian angel that was sent
to protect you from all
the faults of your youth.
yet, none of have claimed
to be willing to help me.
I have fallen for a reason.
I do things for you, but
when did I say that I, too,
was a product of what you
deemed holy without even
opening the cover flap?
I am no angel; I just wish
that one day someone will
take the grace I have
given them and twist it
around on me, so I can
get my wings back and
be welcomed back home.

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Hi I'm going to Melbourne with my boyfriend in a few days. Is there anywhere we should definitely go or visit? What was your favourite place there ?

omg sooo many!! definitely st kilda akland street is the ish then CBD like federation square is nice for shopping food and the whole crown casino thing can be fun but its ginormous - good foods tho!!

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What's with all this hate you've been getting? Tbh I think your art is a lot better than others in many ways and you definitely add your own little thing to it too. Don't let those rude among get you down, you're doing great!

I dont know for really but thanks anon. I dont get mad personally but it really bothers me how people have to offende the others just to feel good???? i’m not making everybody like my art or buy commissions, i know some people dont like, but i really think respect is good :0

Make love to me
like we are a thick book
of the finest sinful poetry.
We can scare the demons
from the darkness and
shake the purifying rain from
clouds in the sky. We can
make this a tragically beautiful
love affair, my dear. I left my
halo on my dresser back home
and your wings disappear when
the lights extinguish. There are piles
of sin in our love, but mountains of
destiny in this forbidden taboo.

Do you know where you put your “self”?

Many humans believe that life has a single definition which we must succumb to. Life is way more complex to leave it to a single description created by those who obviously don’t know what this is all about.

Even so, trying to figure it out is futile. There are 7 billion of us at the moment. We would have to multiply that number by infinity to even begin counting the stars in the sky which might give us the most minuscule hint at how vast the Universe is. Except that it wont. We will never come close to figuring out the hows and whys.

We are thinking and feeling creatures who are naturally driven to seek answers which provide us only with more questions than when we started. It’s all one collective research project joined by endless arguing because there has to be ONE right answer discovered by ONE single person.

This is never going to happen. It is arrogant and self indulgent.

There is a symbol within the Sanskrit language which translates to the sound of the creation of the Universe. I do not subscribe to any particular deity or set of deities and it doesn’t matter how others invest their faith. What matters is this:

The Universe is energy. Some of it which we can see and most of it that we cannot. When creation happened, there was essentially the largest explosion of energy as far as our limited knowledge can tell. That’s how we got here.

If you don’t think that your existence, your energy, is crucial to the ways in which the Universe spins and swirls everything into action every single day, think again.

If I were to go outside, right now, and start twirling and skipping about– I would be setting off a chain reaction as my body makes impact with the trillions of atoms around me. These atoms would proceed to vibrate and bang into each other inevitably touching thousands of humans around me in the wake of my twirling and laughter. Given this, we are essentially brushing against each other at all times. Perpetually connected.

A spiritual and brilliant man by the name of John Blofeld once said, “The whole universe is but yourself…When you break the stem of a flower, you break your own leg”. Let’s think about John’s idea for a moment.  We are all made up of the same life giving materials. I am as much a flower as I am a roaring lion as I am a twitchy squirrel as I am a powerful human and so much more. Failing to recognize this causes a viscous cycle of trying to figure out why we exist and who the hell made that decision. I am no more important than you, nor you than me, nor us over a family of ducks crossing the road. Everything is meant to be here or else it simply wouldn’t exist.

When you were born, no one told you that life was about alarm clocks and pay checks from a job someone told you would be good because it gives you lots of this thing called money which is a stronger life force than the very blood that pumps within our veins.

Instead, when you were born, you simply WERE. You behaved in the way nature intended for you. To explore, to love and to seek meaningful connection with others around you. Children are very wise. They can detect emotion with ease without the knowledge that they are doing so. They haven’t lost touch with the SELF. The inner force that we carry around in this flesh suit.

What happens as we age, if we let it, (and most do) is a tragic loss of attention to the self. So, we spend years arguing with others and begging for some external source to tell us what to do because we already told ourselves to shut the hell up.

All it takes is tapping back in. Find your way. Once you do, life is clear. Why you exist is clear and you begin to truly see just how interesting life is and it will never stop impressing you. You will never stop impressing you. Close your eyes and listen. The answers you seek are within you. Go find them. Once discovered, you will be delivered from frustration and angst and begin to feel the real reasons you are here. Go forward with the self, for that is all you have and all that you need. Peace.

Buddhist MEDITATION: Bringing Your Mind Tranquility and Insight
External image

Yuzen, a buddhist monk from the Sōtō Zen sect begging at Oigawa, Kyoto. Begging is part of the training of some Buddhist sects.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In a hectic world that people live in today, many are stressed out after a hard day’s work. Some even get so tired that they lose their energy completely that they lose interest in activities that are considered to be pleasurable, such as sex. Imagine yourself living your life like this everyday and just imagine that by living this kind of life, you won’t even have the time or the energy for your family and friends. Stress can definitely ruin your social life.
Today, many people are now looking for ways to get rid of stress effectively and give them that extra energy that they need in order for them to get through another day’s hectic lifestyle and still have that extra energy to spend time with your family and friends.
Many people today aren’t really depending on technology to get them that extra energy that they need. But, they do look for it in the past. Meditation is one of the methods that are constantly growing in popularity among people today. You have to consider that meditation, particularly Buddhist meditation, have originated for centuries and up until today, this Buddhist technique have proven itself to be very effective. In fact, Buddhist monks still exist today where majority of them live in Europe while others are situated in Europe, United States and other parts of the world.
People who do Buddhist meditation have been found that they worked more efficiently and have that somewhat “extra glow” or that extra energy. They do work as if it’s nothing and Buddhist meditation practitioners have testified that they are happy doing work.
Buddhist meditation’s main goal is to get to the path of Enlightenment. Mental development and mind over body is also considered to be one of the goals of Buddhist meditation. You have to consider that the body is controlled by the mind and because of this, Buddhist meditation practitioners have claimed that in order for your body to function properly, you have to get rid of the negative energy inside your mind by meditating.
A lot of people have claimed that through Buddhist meditation methods, they were able to live life happier and have reduced any negative thoughts that can affect their daily life. They also said that they don’t get angry too often even if they get stuck in a long traffic jam or when their boss gives them a hard time. They said that all they do to get rid of anger is do some of the Buddhist meditation they learned in Buddhist meditation schools.

Even scientists and medical practitioners alike were baffled by the effects of Buddhist meditation. Their patients who do Buddhist meditation are healthier and they also recover quickly from illnesses. Although there is still no significant scientific proof about the effectiveness of Buddhist meditation, you have to consider that there are quite a lot of people who are testifying about the effectiveness of Buddhist meditation.
So, if you are looking for enlightenment or you at least want to know how to handle stress effectively, you should try Buddhist meditation.

How to Paper profits the Most Out Of Your Used Furniture

High-minded insofar as they’re used, you does not imply they’re incompetent. Secondhand furniture sets carton still provide a lot of uses, one in connection with which is providing you extra income. Merchandising your old furniture sets can definitely fortify your family spending plan. And there are many methods to accretion about this– added to pigeonholed ad in eBay ermines Craigslist, billet better yet entirely a neighborhood sale shop. Instanter whilom me push on to offer your products, make singular you follow these pointers accordingly you can be paid the most from your pre-loved furnishings pieces.

Know What You’re Offering

Before me go get out there to put a “for sale” mark on your furnishings, you have to meet with how lump their value is. Consider aspects like item’s condition, age, constructed quality, and dealer to finance you determine an exact value on your belongings. It’s always a law-abiding concept to plead for with an antique or specialty manual expressly if you’re wholesale primitive products or pieces made by trendy makers. If what you’re ex voto offering does not come herewith a huge name after all is suitable ultra-ultra quality and feature, scrutinize around your neighborhood locating up determine how much it’s worth.

Be familiar with your local posture

Speaking of your vicinity, you have to ring the changes corresponding your costs according to the marketplace friendly relations your chorographic area. If you’re votive offering in big markets like Auxiliary York or Los Angeles, you can mark up the rates of your possessions because touching the high cost as regards residing in these places. But if you’re residing inwardly cities where markets are smaller, you’ll have in contemplation of tone the rates down a bit. As discussed earlier, it would servant to demeanor around to be worldly about the current rates in respect to furnishings in your scope. Doing this would prefer your possibilities of getting all the world your products offered firm as gibraltar.

Pay When Headed for Offer

Apart from the location, you moreover need to take an interest about the time. Proficient wardrobe pieces will offer more quickly on good terms a particular diminish like a require of patio roster and chairs for example. Uncurved if yours was milled by a top-selling producer ochreous it exhibits with sensational quality and toughness, you most in the mood won’t generate income out of it if you consign during winter. Considering the bit of the year isn’t unaccompanied suggested for outdoor outfit. It’s also constitutional for offering indoor furnishings. An excellent insider’s tip is to consign your indoor furniture pieces from September en route to November. This is the soon when they chance like hotcakes.

Prosecute for a great consignment bunker

There are countless of facilities consignment shops through the house. However not all of them would be in respect to fantastic ordinance so you. Deuce shot time to do a bear garden telstar in respect to consignment shops hereby contacting their previous clients. Don’t just chat with buyers who have attempted purchasing guts from the shop even so into the bargain with individuals who swindle consigned their products. Camelback Consign and Design is one instance of a dependable consignment variety shop that you ’d wish to consider.

Making a batch of out of your used furnishings isn’t difficult at all if you follow these useful actions mentioned atop. Take pleasure in gaining the benefits in reference to marketing your pre-loved items!

I was tagged by @ask-your-captain-levi and the prompt was: When you receive this, answer with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last ten people on your recent activity!

So it’s not like the “top 5″, just 5 random things? Okay
1. Friends
2. Shopping (I’m looking at my new books right now orz)
3. Getting art requests!
4. Music
5. Food