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I have to say I saw so many different styles of drawing Kyman but yours is definitely the BEST one *-* ♡ !

Thanks man >u< I mean I prefer zurka-durka but I am glad you like mine <33

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23+ Minghao! :D <3

23. First time having sex against a window
“short scenarios” and yet… I hope you like this! ;)

Minghao had the pleasure of living in a high building in the middle of the city, and you had the pleasure of dating him - not that it would be for where he lived, of course. No, he had a lot of other qualities, which in short was all of him. He was kind and loving, treated you well and wanted to solve any and all conflicts as soon as he could; your personalities matched in many different ways, and you definitely didn’t have anything against his much more confident nature when it came to sex, either.

It was yet another evening in Minghao’s apartment in the 12th floor, with you trapped between him and the wall, his hands cupping your cheeks while you exchanged kisses that grew hungrier with each one. Your hands that had initially been on his shoulders had moved down to his hips, and you began tugging at the hem of his shirt.

Minghao chuckled softly and broke the kiss, looking down into your eyes with an amused glint in his. “Are you in that mood?”

Nodding with a small pout, you began lifting the hem of his shirt. “You’re kissing me like that and you have to ask?”

Minghao chuckled brightly and let you pull his shirt off him before leaning back to kiss you, sliding your loose tank top down your shoulders and then moving down to your shorts. You unbuttoned and unzipped the piece of clothing after you had let your shirt fall down to your ankles, and when your shorts were down as well, stepped out of them, too.

With your lips locked with Minghao’s ones, you helped him out of his jeans and underwear and began stroking him. You moaned quietly into the kiss when you felt him being half-hard already, and he grinned as he unhooked your bra and slid your panties down from your hips. When they were both discarded, he ran his fingers along your wetness and nibbled lightly on your bottom lip. “I have an idea.”

You raised your eyebrows, and Minghao pulled away, pointing at the window a bit to your left. “Have you ever had sex against a window?”

Feeling your core clench around nothing at the mere thought, you shook your head. Oh, how you loved his experimental side. Minghao rubbed circles into your hip bones with his forehead pressed against yours, his gentle eyes bringing quite a contrast to the situation where he was suggesting sex against a window, his hardening length in your hand. “Wanna try it out?”

What he didn’t tell you, naturally, was that he hadn’t ever done it, either, but he was dying to. He backed away and held your hand as you walked to the window, looking down from it right when he pressed against you, pushing you a bit against the window in the process.

You hissed when your chest was pressed against the cold window, your nipples hardening even more than they already had. Minghao stood behind you, his length pressed against your lower back as he kissed your neck by your ear.

“Exciting, right?” he asked as a mumble, his eyes joining yours in looking down at the busy streets. You were glad that you were at such a high floor, but even so you recognized the possibility of someone seeing you - and that if anything turned you on. Minghao grinned to himself, his hand moving to your front. “Anyone can see you if they just look up…”

You swallowed hard when he palmed your mound and slipped two fingers between your outer lips, and a whine escaped your lips when he ran those digits along your wet folds. Minghao licked his lips, a much more of a mess inside than he was willing to let you know, and grinded against you. Both his touch and the underside of his cock against your lower back were making you weak, especially when you knew all you needed was so close.

“Minghao,” you started, your voice as determined as you could make it in your needy state with the said male easing a finger into you, “get on with it, please.”

Minghao kissed your shoulder and sucked on the skin lightly, forming a light bruise, and shook his head. “Not yet.”

He fingered you, first slow and gentle, but after adding a second finger the thrusts got faster and a bit rougher; your knees were nearly giving in and the window got foggy fast with your moans and heavy, hot breath. Minghao grunted and pulled his fingers out of you, his fingers only slightly stickier than your lower back was with his pre-cum.

You turned your head so that you could somewhat see Minghao from the corner of your eye, while he smoothed his hands over your ass before sliding his cock between your legs. A whine left your lips when he grinded against you like that a few times; his length sliding easily between your inner thighs, rubbing against your pussy so deliciously that you wanted to come right there and then.

Impatient and even annoyed, you began pushing against him and shot him a sharp glare. Minghao smiled at you and pressed a soft kiss to your neck, nearly laughing as he spoke. “I’m sorry.”

With that he finally guided himself to your entrance and slammed in with one thrust that had you moaning loudly and hissing a satisfied “Yes”. Minghao groaned quietly, reveling in your tightness, and looked out of the window with his chin resting on your shoulder.

“Quite a view, isn’t it?” he asked, and just as you were answering positively, he began pushing into you. Your eyes scanned the view down at the streets, people walking everywhere and cars, mostly taxis, filling the road. The thrill of the possibility of someone seeing you was exciting, especially with the fairly bright lighting of Minghao’s bedroom. He chuckled when he felt you clenching around him. “Thinking about someone watching you?”

Your eyes widened for a second, but you closed them with an intense wave of pleasure coursing through you when you got a sharp thrust from Minghao. “How did you know?”

He bit his lip at the fact that that actually was what you were thinking about, and moved his hands from your hips to your breasts, pulling your upper body away from the window so that he could hold your cold mounds in his hands, where he’d gladly have them all the time. “Just a lucky guess.”

Feeling your cheeks heat up more than they already were, you leaned into his touch and moved your hips in time with his, allowing yourself to just give in to the pleasure you had been anticipating for a while. Minghao’s thrusts got a bit deeper as he rolled his hips and re-angled them, making you bite your lip. With your nipples between his fingers, he kissed your neck gently.

“Just think about it… Someone seeing you like this, pressed against a foggy window, pushing against it again and again as I thrust into you… And you’d love it, both me and the attention,” he whispered huskily and pressed a series of kisses below your ear. You whimpered and slid one of your hands from the window to your clit and began rubbing circles on it.

“Wouldn’t you like that, too?” you asked, stifling a moan as Minghao pushed deep into you, hitting your spot dead-on.

“Oh, I would,” he said with a smile and let go of your breasts, turning your head a bit more towards him to kiss you deeply as he fucked you to your orgasm, his fingers soon replacing yours on your clit as he rubbed it fast, in time with his thrusts.

With the coldness of the window contrasting with the warmth of your body, you came undone around Minghao and easily brought him to his peak, too. He caught all of your moans with his lips and continued rubbing your clit even when he had you clenching around himself rhythmically.

Smiling against your lips after he had released, Minghao pulled away and out of you, sitting down on the bed right next to you and pulling you down with him. He hugged you close and ran his hands lovingly over your body, his lips gentle on the light bruise he had sucked onto your shoulder.

“That was definitely something,” you breathed out and caressed his arms. He chuckled and nuzzled his face into your neck.

You’re definitely something.”

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thank you :)

🌷 = favourite blogs

way too many tbh

yours is definitely one of my favourite blogs, @saphauel@bobmorleyisking, @jamescarstairs. @aliciacareys@cathelynstark, @bluesargznt, @shhadowhunter, @czeernys, @killianswench, @drkhales, @avenqer, @xxgoldie12xx, @peteypieparker, @bobmorlhey, @dianaprinnce, @perrisedwards, @ohkira, @poedameron, @katesrick, @criztinarosales, @henrvwinter, @chelsey-reist, @minyardandruw, @matthewdaddrio, @matthewdaddaryo, @aelinqueen, @aelin–of–terrasen, @glitternsass, @alvxpcrrish, @shumsharry, @amidalias, @elektrenatchios, @grantgustic, @trytocountelectricsheep, @renneewalkers, @charliceox, @raphaelsanteago, @civilcaptain, @emmacarsteirs, @clarkebellamy, @saralanxe, @snartleo, @nephilimalecs, @loranhale, @clarysjace, @claryisabelle, @capitolfalls, @ladyreyes, @jacesclary, @takemystrengthtoo, @taurielz, @elodieynug, @buckybarnesz, @liqhtwood, @wantedheda, @defendrey, @deanyw, @plsbuymepizza, @shelbywyatt, @ravenreryes, @tobyregbho, @itsfrarysreign, @mavencalore

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Playlist live was so much better than I ever expected! Given I could count everyone I met who was over 18 on one hand, I still had the time of my life!! Saw some really informative panels featuring so many creators whom inspire me so much, I even got to meet some of them (insert Dan and Phil pic, I also had a lovely chat with Louise woohoo) along with a couple of new pals. If you ever have the means to go I can’t recommend it enough, even if you go on your lonesome like I did you meet so many people! I’ll definitely be coming back next year :D also tatinof was so entertaining, definitely not completely geared at their younger demographic as I was expecting. The amount of time and effort that everyone involved must have put into the massive production is just insane. So much respect for Dan & Phil and this crazy whirlwind life they’ve created for themselves. Thanks for the best weekend ever playlist!

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Do you think having too many cc in mods folder might slow down a computer or playing in a lot with decorated lots of cc?

well yeah. Depends on the type of cc, the polygons, the computer’ specifications, your definition of “many cc”. if something starts lagging it’s because the machine can’t handle it.

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love ya too, and I hope you get the best birthday you can get!!!!

(gotta add in the tags later)

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Marek, please help. I know you are vague about your wig purchases bc you have so many but is there a definitive site you like to order from that is reliable in quality? I started losing my hair this past year, baby has autoimmune illness. I have $$$ medical bills on a broke bitch salary and no parents to help me. I can't afford to see a wig specialist to have one made and I'm scared to waste $$$ on sketchy sites. Guide me, adopt me. Thank you, I love you, God bless you and your pussy.

Honestly just browse on the sites I just posted they’re all good like any of them also hairsisters is where I got my last dark one with a middle part

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Definitely many congrats on your coming out. I still have issues about being bold about it myself, even in anonymity.

Thank you! I haven’t come out to my parents yet, but let the rest of the know- I’M BISEXUAL!

"Having friends who don't stick up for you, when all you do is worry about protecting them?" Prompt.

each one of you claim
that I have fallen from
heaven; I am the guard-
ian angel that was sent
to protect you from all
the faults of your youth.
yet, none of have claimed
to be willing to help me.
I have fallen for a reason.
I do things for you, but
when did I say that I, too,
was a product of what you
deemed holy without even
opening the cover flap?
I am no angel; I just wish
that one day someone will
take the grace I have
given them and twist it
around on me, so I can
get my wings back and
be welcomed back home.


So many way to define yourself …so many ways to express your definition !!! 🚀new ep just went up (Beautiful noise) on bandcamp link in profile 🚀
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Hey, so I'm questioning if I'm graysexual. Until recently, I thought for sure I was pansexual but I had a boyfriend a few months ago and I had zero desire to do anything remotely sexual. Holding hands and hugging was fine but I don't care for kissing or anything further. I'm also wondering if I'm greyromantic because I don't really care to be in a relationship at all. I'm not sure I'm asexual because I still feel some sexual attraction though it's weak most of the time.

Hey Anon,

It does sound like a good chance that you could be graysexual. Your thoughts and feelings definitely coincide with how many Graces and those on the ace spectrum feel. And there are several Aces across the spectrum who have identified as bisexual and pansexual before they realized that they were Ace. 

Though lack of wanting to do anything sexual can be related to many different things, there are many of us under the ace spectrum that are not interested in sex or sex related activities. We don’t care for sex, though that doesn’t mean we won’t have it, but we prefer to do other things. And sometimes we are more comfortable with nonsexual physical contact like holding hands or cuddling. For  many of us, this is more important than sex.

If you do know for sure that you can still feel sexual attraction then you will not be asexual. But if it is as weak as you are saying you can identify as gray ace for this reason. Many Graces can feel sexual attraction at any level, sometimes it can be so low that they may not even recognize they are feeling sexual attraction. Some people can feel it, but easily ignore it. Other’s can feel it weakly, just like how you described. 

As for your romantic orientation, you could be greyromantic. It’s completely okay to not really care about being in a relationship. I would say it’s a trait many aromantics and those on the aro spectrum have. And given the fact that you don’t care much for kissing can also be link to the aromantic spectrum. You could also identify as aro flux at the moment if you are questioning or unsure, but grey-ro can work as well. You may even be just aromantic or even romance indifferent. There are a few more blogs here and here. They might be better at helping you figuring this out.

In the end it’s all up to you how you want to identify, Anon. I think gray-a can definitely work for you. Your feelings of sex and the fact that you are aware that you can feel sexual attraction, but it’s weak, are all characteristics of graysexual. It could also be possible that you are on the aromantic spectrum and if you want to identify as greyromantic for that reason that you told me you totally can. If you have any more questions, need me to clarify or elaborate on anything, feel free to stop by again.

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[Text]: I just read your letter... Not many people are able to do this, but uhm.. You definitely had me speechless, not gonna lie. So yeah.. That also kinda means via text... I can't say I'm confused because I feel stuff for you... And for Mack. (I'm assuming that's the person) How did you know I had a thing for her? But yeah... I'm confused that I feel this way, I think. Anyway, hi. I just got released.

[Text] I meant Mack, but I got paranoid about the letter being stolen as I wrote it. I didn’t want her to lose her job over a letter, so I decided not to put her name in it. That day in town… you know you’re both obvious, right? Not to everyone, but to me. Maybe because I know you pretty well or because I’m as into her as you are. Are you okay? I’m glad you’re out.

Stay At Home Mothers (SAHMs)

According to a study by, “26 percent of SAHMs said they experienced depression, vs. just 16 percent of working moms. And 41 percent of the at-homers reported worry, compared to only 34 percent of their counterparts.”

This is such a shame that depression is more prevalent in stay at home moms. I could imagine that the dramatic change that occurs when a child enters your life must be extremely shocking. Being used to working for so many years then changing the entire dynamic of your routine can definitely trigger a lot of emotions. People underestimate the experience of mothers that stay home, sometimes due to lack of options in childcare, in order to raise their kids.  It is so ridiculous to blindly accuse a SAHM of being lazy. The decision to stay home is so much more complex. 

Make love to me
like we are a thick book
of the finest sinful poetry.
We can scare the demons
from the darkness and
shake the purifying rain from
clouds in the sky. We can
make this a tragically beautiful
love affair, my dear. I left my
halo on my dresser back home
and your wings disappear when
the lights extinguish. There are piles
of sin in our love, but mountains of
destiny in this forbidden taboo.

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1-4 & 11 for the roleplayer ask meme

1. your favorite face claims

oOOoH so many omg, but i’d definitely have to say ( atm ) i love emilia clarke, holland roden (pls dont judge me lmao), daisy ridley, and tyler posey 100%%%%%

2. your least favorite face claims

uUuUUUUuumMMmmMMMMMMM 5sosjustinbieberdemilovato :)

3. face claims that you are dying to use

EIZA GONZALEZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also gigi hadid umF

4. face claims that you are dying to play against

~strums guitar~ matthew daddario has the key to my heart

11. an rpg that meant a lot to you

I KNOW THE QUESTION SAYS MEANT BUT IMMA PRETEND IT SAYS MEANS :)))) bc my life would honestly not be complete without @fiditenemini-rp . i honestly think i would’ve left the rpc a loooooong time ago if it weren’t for fn ( also i would be friendless whOO amazing ), bc fn just??? it means soso much to me ?? every single member is a close friend of mine, really, bc everyone is so kind and inviting and talENTED ( holy shit sosososo talented ), and i just…….idK MAN FN JUST MEANS SO MUCH TO ME I DON’T KNOW WHERE I’D BE WITHOUT THAT RP TBH c:

another one of those roleplayer ask meme things

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1, 4, 11, 17! :-)

1. what’s your favorite thing about your town(s)? the villagers, definitely! i have so many villagers i love and my towns are full of them! and i kind of miss having lollipop just because i miss getting to spend time with villagers that aren’t my dreamies.

4. what is your #1 ac goal at the moment? to find the time to play regularly again. i was soooo close to updating camelot’s dream address and then work actually decided to make me earn my paycheck! [maybe this week, though, since i’ll be stuck at desk, hopefully reception, due to my ankle.]

11. favorite perfect fruit? apples! they just look so nice. perfect oranges look really weird to me, haha. i tried to get a different perfect fruit in every town, but i love the apples the most!

17. fav/least fav smug pwp? favorite: stonehenge probably, and i’m still mad at how long it took to get it requested in camelot [did it ever? or did i just unlock it with hacks? i don’t remember]. least favorite: totem pole, definitely. just because, with the other ~native american~ items in the game, it seems more racist than respectful. i’ve never seen it used properly in anyone’s towns, and i just stay away from it so i don’t cross any lines.