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Up There - Spencer Reid

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hello everyone!  this one was fun to write and i hope you enjoy.  it is inspired by Up There by Post Malone.  


word count: 1,129

Went and took a ride in the dead of night, told myself everything was okay.

Unaware of your surroundings, you bopped and nodded your head lightly to the music playing in your ears.  You were finally off work, and you could not be happier.  You did what you did on every Friday night: you put your headphones on and did your grocery shopping for the next coming week.  It had become habit and one you loved, at that.  

You had your hair in a single, long braid down your back that you did moments before walking into the grocery store. You were a little bit of a mess, but you didn’t mind too much. All you could think about was the fact that you were about to go out with your best friend to have a drink, and you were so excited to see her. You tossed all your normal food and drinks into the buggy, bobbing your head along to your music. 

 Try to understand how you standing over me, girl it’s drivin’ me crazy

The music was what made you feel so excited.  It was one of the songs that made energy flow through you and made you feel as if you could do anything.  Evidently, you could, as you bumped hard into another person while reaching up for a bottle of wine.  You gasped and almost dropped the wine, but quickly, the person you bumped into steadied the bottle on the shelf as you yanked your headphones from your ears.  “I am so sorry!”  You immediately poured and held your hand to your chest to try to calm yourself down.  

Yeah, it’s freezing cold in the dead of night.  The only heat, it come from the ashtray.  I might as well get high as hell and just keep actin’ like everything doesn’t phase me

The man looked at you with a faint smile.  “No need to apologize; it wasn’t your fault.  I should have made sure you were aware that I was there.”  He told you as you blushed at his words.  

You shook your head.  “I am still sorry.  I was just too involved with my music.”  You laughed with an embarrassed look on your face.  “I’m (Y/N).”  You introduced kindly and reached your hand out to shake his hand.  

Spencer paused and stared at your hand.  “I’m Spencer Reid, and I am sorry, I don’t shake hands.  Did you know a toilet seat has less germs than your hands?”  He asked with a quirky smile, but it faded quickly as you smirked at his words.  “Not you specifically, just humans in general.  I am sure you are extremely clean, but statistic shows-”  He rambled but you cut him off.  

“I know what you mean.  No big deal.  You don’t shake hands, I don’t let people use my special wine glass.”  You told him and reached up once again and grabbed a bottle of wine.  

Yeah, take me all the way to the top, baby.  Don’t even if I tell you to stop, baby, take me all the way to the sky, baby, baby

Spencer tilted his head.  “You have a special wine glass?”  He asked curiously.  He was gorgeous, to say the least, and so very intelligent.  You could tell by his wording and just the overall way he looked.  It was simply mesmerizing to see him look so oddly at you.  

The blush returned as you thought about what you said.  You sounded like some sort of alcoholic.  “I do.  But not because I drink out of it so frequently, I just do not let anyone else use it so that I know my mouth is the only one that has been on it.  I know it is odd, but it is a habit I cannot break.”  You explained shyly and turned the bottle over in your hands.  

A smile formed on Spencer’s face.  “That is not odd at all.  It is smart, actually, to try to avoid all the germs you are able.  It will be the best for you in the long run.”  He agreed as you smiled.  

“At least you see the same way as I do.”  You told him and you weren’t quite sure what had gotten into you, but your plans with your best friend faded from your mind.  All you could think about was this gorgeous human in front of you, talking to you and smiling at your words.  It was a feeling you wanted to know more of, and you were unable to stop the words that flowed from your mouth next.  “Do you want to come back to my place and maybe share this bottle of wine with me?”  You asked with a hopeful smile on your face and showed him the bottle of wine.  

I wanna go up there and I don’t ever wanna come down.  I wanna see what’s up there

Spencer examined the bottle, then examined your face with a small, confident smile playing on his lips.  He was silent as he thought about the situation he as in.  He knew way too well that you could very well be a serial killer, luring his back to your apartment to murder him in cold blood, but the odds weren’t with that scenario.  You seemed to be helpless and more kind than you were harmful.  

He turned, and examined the shelf briefly before pulling a bottle down from the top shelf, far out of your reach.  “Only if it is this wine instead.”  He proposed and showed the bottle to you as well.  

You hummed and looked at the bottle.  “You better not be suggesting some weak wine, Spencer.”  You joked and took both the bottle you held and his and put it into your buggy.  “Just in case, I will grab both.  You know, if yours is horrible.”  You teased gently.  

“Did you know the average consumption of wine for each United States individual is 2.83 gallons currently?”  Spencer asked as he picked his basket off the floor and walked with you towards the check out.  

You made a face and laughed gently.  “In that case, I am drinking for probably three or more individuals.”  You told him and he smiled as well, admiring your beauty.  

Spencer couldn’t believe his actions, but he didn’t regret that in any way whatsoever.  This was his most definite spontaneous moment he had ever been in.

Actin’ like I got it all figured out, I wanna go up there and I don’t ever wanna come down.  I wanna see what’s up there, must be better than the hell on the ground.