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Writing Meme
  • Tell an RPer what you enjoy about their writing!
  • ❣ You always use varied and interesting vocabulary.
  • ▶️ Your verbs are strong and spot on.
  • ✔️ Your dialogue is realistic.
  • 🔷 Your dialogue fits your character perfectly--it's like I can hear them speaking when I read your dialogue.
  • 🔺 You always use great adjectives.
  • ⚫️ You are very good at setting the scene in your roleplays.
  • 📣 You are great at describing what things look like and it never gets boring. Your descriptions are colorful and unique.
  • ♦️ Your long replies never get repetitive or boring.
  • 🔘 Your short replies always pack a punch.
If there was anything I could forget,
I’d forget you.
I’d disregard the adoring way you’d look at me when I’d catch you staring and I’d overlook all those times you’d call me beautiful as if it were my name.
I’d leave behind the memory of your hand perfectly fitting in mine.
I’d relinquish all traces of your indescribably fruity voice and the ways you dreamily laughed.
I’d abandon all the thoughts of the future I dreamt we had together.
I’d ignore the fact that my mind made you perfect,
but most importantly,
I’d forget that I love you.
—  a.a.
I’m being childish, but I hope you feel the same sense of loss… m.k.j.

I hope you meet your idols
I hope you meet your internet friends
I hope you meet your soulmate
I hope you fall in love and never fall out of it
I hope you find someone who accepts you
I hope you find happiness in this world
I hope you follow your dreams
I hope you get your dream job
I hope you never have to worry about food
I hope you never have to worry about a job
I hope you never have to worry about money
I hope you get out of whatever bad situation you’re in right now
I hope you live to see another day
I hope you fight your demons
I hope you never let go of your best friend
I hope your family accepts you
I hope your friends accept you
I hope you’re safe right now
I hope you’re warm right now
I hope you’re healthy
I hope you take this as a sign to live
I hope you know you’re worth it
I hope you know you’re amazing
I hope you know your favorite shirt fits perfectly on you
I hope you know that your body doesn’t define you as a person
I hope you know how much I care about you

I’m trying to convince myself that we weren’t ever meant to be;
I’m trying to make myself forget that your hand fits perfectly in my mine,
and I’m trying to remember that you had another girl on your mind.
I’m attempting to relinquish the sound of your beautiful voice calling my name,
and reminding myself that you never loved me the same.
I’ll try to disregard the memories I have of your kind brown eyes,
and instead remember all those times you lied.
—  a.a.
breaking my own heart… m.k.j.
Fluffmas Day 8-Ice Skating (Hamilsquad x Reader)

“I’m going to be amazing at this.” Alexander stated with a prideful smirk.

“Alexander Hamilton as humble as ever.” John commented, rolling his eyes as he laced up his skates.

“How do you know if you’ve never been ice skating before?” Hercules asked.

You straightened up your now perfectly fitting white ice skates, as Lafayette kept fiddling and readjusting the awkward clips, finally finding the right amount of tightness, and taking a step towards him and Alexander, who was stood next to the Lafayette with his own pair, which were blue and way more expensive than the rink ones.

They made their way to the entrance to the large ice rink, which wasn’t crowded, which was definitely a good thing, giving them a good amount of space.

“I think you’ll be great, Alex.” You grinned at him.

“See? At least someone has confidence in me.” Alex turned to look at the others. “Besides I bet I’m better than any of you.”

“Oh, it is on!”

“Challenge accepted!”

“Oui, let the battle begin!”

You felt a surge of excitement. This was going to a sight to see. “Count me in too!”

Lafayette gets onto the ice first, easily gliding across the frozen surface, as if land was his secondary habitat.

Next was Hercules, who seemed to get onto the ice with a fair amount of ease and confidence.

After that it’s John, he was concentrating on his movements, and then waiting for you, outstretched a gloved hand in your direction.

You happily take it and glide onto the ice. Leaving only Alexander at the edge of the rink.

“Do you need help getting onto it, hun?” You heart sung in your chest at how cute he looked but you didn’t let it show.

“I think I can step onto ice, just fine alright .” He snorted with laughter, and you shrugged, but still watching as he took a wary step down with foot, testing the slipperiness, holding onto the side.

As he applied more of his weight onto his foot, it slipped forward, and he gasps in shock, pulling back into safetly quick enough as to not fall.

“Are you sure?” asked Hercules, skating over to you.

“Yes I’m sure!”

You had to stop a smirk of amusement from creeping onto your face.

“Bet you $20 that he falls on his butt.” said Hercules to you.

“I bet $30 that he’ll get back up again.” you retorted.

Alex tries again, slower this time, eventually getting two blades onto the ice, although sticking firmly to the side.

“Wow, Laf and John are really good!” You remark, as Lafayette glided past you at high speed with John following quickly behind. They must have been having a race.

Hercules decided not be left out and joined your other boyfriends in their competition. He turned a corner so precisely that the ice chipped beneath him.

“Now he has a good center of balance.” You told Alexander. “Almost as good as Laf and John’s. You know there is just something about athletic men—”

“Hey! I can be just as good as them! I just need to get a hang of it!”

“Of course you do. You’d grasp it quicker if you asked for help.” You glided forward easily, leaning in close and looking sweetly into Alex’s eyes . “I’d say I know just the teacher~”

“I can handle it just fine on my own.” Alexander mumbled stubbornly.

He pushed himself off from the wall, moving forward without taking either blade off the ice.

“S-see? I’m a natural, too. I-” Alex waves his arms about, trying but completely failing to gain balance. “I- I think I’m getting the hang of- OOF!”

Alexander collided with the ice straight on his butt. “Grrrrrrrr,” He growled, rubbing his injured posterior, pouting in annoyance.

You skate over and crouch down to him, taking a quick picture of him on the ice, finding that a grumpy and annoyed Alexander Hamilton was quite an adorable one.

“Need a hand?” You put your phone back into your coat pocket.

“I meant to do that!”

You laughed, stretching a hand towards your boyfriend with the injured pride. Alex waited before begrudgingly taken your hand.

You straightened him up with ease and brought him in close to guide him through the motions.

“Don’t put your arms out. Think of it like dancing. It’s all about weight distribution and the way you move your feet.”

You pulled him close, pressing him against your body to keep him from falling. You were so busy that you didn’t notice the smirk he was giving to the rest of your boyfriends.

“I’m not going to leave you alone till I see you skating like a champion.”

“Okay.” said Alex in fake exasperation.

“Good and to sweeten the deal for every time you don’t fall I’ll give you a kiss~”

As you wrapped his arm around your waist for balance, he gave one last glance to the jealous Laf, John, and Herc and silently mouthed…

‘I won.’

Less than One

Set the night on fire to keep the heart ablaze.

Think loud but speak softly

Simp and drive know oneself to know your worth.

Let your action speak louder than your words will ever would.

Most importantly learn to let go but hang on when necessary.

Just remember that a three-fold cord will never easily be broken.

So when you’re spiraling down out of control pull  the cord

Hope that it’s strong enough to keep you up

Then bring you back to that cloud 9 that you both know and love

Like how it’s love when your kiss her secretly opening your eyes in the middle because a second without her image is a second too long.

That’s why I keep multiple pictures of you in my wallet just to jog my memories on how eyelashes look. 

How your hands fit perfectly to mine.

See emotions are  life’s best teacher

Because hurt is needed for order to growth

Like how pain teaches the toughest lessons

That’s why four lines that I have is hurt teaching a hate lesson.

The beauty of pain is no matter what blood may run from it never last

The beauty of life is that pain never seems to last long enough for tomorrow

We trade wounds for scars as a lesson learned to like our grades depended on it

So no matter what you’ve heard things will always get better 

Life is just a series of lessons waiting to be learned 

And scars waiting to be collected

Love is the strongest drug to numb you during these lessons.

Love keeps you afloat high enough to get back on cloud 9

So when you spiral down out of control pull the cord and

Hold on pain ends.

Joji x Reader - How did this happen? (smut?)

Joji x reader - How did this happen?(Semi-Smut)
A/N is this by request? I cant fucking remember but here it is anyway. Big implications of sex ok.

How another argument between you and George had turned into him pinning you against a wall, you will never know.
At this point in time you were certainly following the saying to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer but there was no way either of you could stop now. The way his breath fanned your neck between heavy kisses and how his body presses into yours seeming to fit perfectly, drove you wild.
George’s breath mixed in with yours as his hips bumped into you repeatedly, you still had no idea how this happened. It seemed to move in a blur, one minute he was calling you an obnoxious brat, the next he was calling you baby, he perplexed you to say the least.
“Fuck, right there baby.” He moaned every time you moved on top of him, his brain was racing a mile a minute thinking of you and how you were moving around him, yours was racing with questions about how the hell this happened?
His body was ready to end the movements going on between the two of you, you knew this when he moaned loudly,pushing you on the bed so he could pull out effectively. It didn’t take him long, a few journeys up and down his dick and he was cumming on your stomach and chest; George was now ready to make sure that you too were finished. Although you didn’t care, you just wanted to ask him what had just happened - your brain whirred as he slid his arms around you pulling you against his chest. The questions in your mind multiplied, they ranged from “Why is he doing this?” To “What does this mean?
"What just happened?” He chuckled lowly, stroking your hair.

A/N ITS B A D thanks. I wanted to upload something so here we are™ plz send me asks none of my friends r awwake.

And I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing about you. I’ll be living my life in the future, a cup of coffee in hand while staring at the busy streets of San Francisco. A song will come on in the small coffee shop and my eyes will light up at the light strumming of the guitar. Flashes of the beach that one summer will slowly enter my mind. So many memories, but I don’t cry. Instead I’ll smile and laugh to myself like a crazy person because I’ll remember a stupid joke you told me that day. I’ll remember the way you danced so embarrassingly to some songs, and the way your hand fit perfectly in mine. I’ll remember your laugh, the most contagious freakin’ laugh I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. I’ll remember us running so fast to chase the birds near the shore, just to see them all fly away. I’ll remember the hearts I drew in the sand. I’ll remember the glowsticks and string lights. I’ll remember the long night car rides where you would blow hot air into my hands because they were literal popsicles. There was so much laughter that day. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you for what you gave me. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank the universe for allowing our souls to meet, to give a love so exquisite that there’s nothing too tragic to say about it. I’d always describe our love as the sky. We’d have our dark times and our light times. There’d be times where it involved hurricanes of emotions and rain pouring down so heavily it would start a flood in our hearts and minds. However, there were always times where it was so beautiful it seemed as if the universe was feeding off of our love and making everything else just as lovely. There were champagne pink skies and a slight summer breeze. Everything was okay. In the end, we realized that although our love was like the sky, we both were our own individual worlds. Maybe one day we’ll come across each other again, but instead of forming the sky, we could form our very own universe. Just the two of us. But until then, with whatever the best this world has to offer, I hope with my entire heart, body and soul, that it’ll lend it to you.
—  a.p, letters for when I get over you. thank you.
living with jimin

- having the house neat 24/7 with the beds always done and your clothes always neatly folded next to his clothes

- always losing your stuff but jimin somehow knows exactly where to find them all wow boyfriend much

- having him sing to you all the time, especially to sleep, and seeing frustrated jimin every now and then who throws a fit

- stealing his hoodies and putting on his rings “look jimin your rings fit me perfectly” him singing the wedding march song and slipping more rings on your hand while spinning you around

- usually spending days outside together shopping and browsing at clothes/face care stuff

- him always drawing you in your sleep because you pass out first and he loves drawing, but always getting frustrated bc he cant capture all of your beauty on paper 

Dreams (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

A/N- I didn’t proofread or edit at all. Don’t hate me :)

Word Count: 865 


Request/Summary: I don’t feel like summarizing.

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Reader

AU: Hamiltime (I know the gif doesn’t reflect that but it’s so adorable. So deal.)

Warnings: None… probably… maybe?

A/N- Jordan Fisher is probably a demigod.

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You moved your arms up until your fingers grazed his sides, taking another miniscule step toward him. He leaned forward to say something into your ear.

“You’re so beautiful, (Y/N).” He mumbled, his breath hot against your ear. He trailed light kisses down the line of your cheekbone until he finally reached your lips. You fit perfectly together, his hands finding their way into your hair and yours on his neck. It felt like his hands were made to touch you, his lips made to kiss you, his arms made to hold you.

You sat up in bed abruptly and rolled over, groaning frustratedly into your pillow. You tried to gather every detail from your dream; you weren’t going to forget this one if you had any say in it. You swung your legs out of bed and stood up, shuffling down the hall. You squinted at the grandfather clock ticking against the wall, illuminated by only the light of the moon coming through the sheer curtain over the window.

3:30. You sighed, peeking through the curtain to stare at the stars through the window. You thought back to your dream. You could practically see the stars in his eyes in that dream. The way he looked at you. If only you had been awake.

“(Y/N)!” Philip called, running up to you.

“Good morning, Philip.” You greeted as he caught his breath.

“Hi.” He grinned and you felt your heart melt for what must’ve been the seventy thousandth time.

“How’s your family?” You asked politely.

“They’re fine.” He shrugged. There was a silence between you for a few seconds.

“Oh! How’s your family?” He asked, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly as he finally realized what he was supposed to say.

“Umm… they’re fine.” You tried to keep your smile alive but you could feel it fall.

“Did I… say something?” He asked, noticing your change in mood.

“No, no, you’re fine.” You said. “You didn’t say anything.”

“What’s got you all sad then?” He asked, bringing an arm around your shoulders momentarily in a half-hug.

“My father’s overseas, he’s been in France for a while now and we haven’t heard from him in weeks. I mean it’s much more peaceful there now, I know, but- I’m sorry I’m talking too much.” You said.

“It’s okay. You have a lot to say and I’m willing to listen.” He gave you a reassuring smile.

“It’s nothing really.” You shrugged. “I’m just worried about him.”

“And you have every right to be.” Philip said. A silence dragged on between you for a few seconds.

“Hey, do you want to come over for dinner tonight?” He asked. “My mom’s been cooking a lot and I’m almost positive she’ll have extra food.”

“I would love to.” You said. “You’re sure?”

“Yeah.” He confirmed. “You’ll be at my house around six?”

“See you then.” You answered.

“(Y/N)!” Eliza gushed, pulling open the door.

“Hi!” You greeted, hugging her. Philip materialized next to his mother faster than you would’ve thought possible.

“I thought I heard your voice.” He grinned. Your family had been close with the Hamilton’s for several years now, you’d grown up with Philip. Unfortunately that made it even worse when you fell head over heels for him.

“Come in, come in.” Eliza dragged you inside.

“Hey I’m gonna go for a quick walk. (Y/N), you wanna come?” Philip asked after everyone had finished eating.

“Sure.” You stood up and followed him to the door. The moon shone down on the path ahead of you as you held Philip’s arm.

“Thanks for inviting me to dinner.” You broke the silence. He nodded.

“Hey (Y/N)?” He asked.

“Yeah?” You asked turning your head to look at him. “I uh… I… God. It’s so easy for me to hit on a girl I meet walking down the street then you show up and suddenly I’m helpless.” He shook his head, chuckling at himself.

“W-What?” You stuttered. This has to be another dream. You told yourself, he’s got to be talking about something else. He pulled you to a stop and turned to face you.

“I… (Y/N), I…” He tried again. “I really like you.”

“L-like… as a friend?”

“Do you think I’d be acting like this if I meant it that way?” He gave you a sheepish smile.

“I have to be dreaming again.” You mumbled to yourself.

“Look, I get it if you don’t feel like that, but if that’s the case can we just forget about this?”

“Can I kiss you?” You asked.

“What?” His jaw dropped so fast it nearly hit the ground. There was a beat of silence when everything around you seemed to freeze, like the string of time had suddenly been caught and you and Philip were the only ones aware of it. You took simultaneous steps toward one another and you lips met. His hand cupped your cheek and yours rested on his hip. His thumb gravitated to your lips after you pulled away, his index finger curled around your chin and your foreheads rested against each other. It was even better than you’d always imagined.

Daddy’s Shirt [Shin Wonho]

Warnings- Mature content

                ~slight daddy kink

                ~teasing beyond repair

word count~ 1427

“Daddy missed his baby girl,” Wonho wet his lips when he saw you standing over the kitchen sink. He had been thinking about you the entire day, the stylists even had to change his outfit for his performance because he had a bulge all day. He couldn’t stop thinking about how you had screamed his name last night, the way your ass fit perfectly into his hands, the way you got so wet from him just kissing you.

You had jumped in surprise, you hadn’t heard the door open, and you certainly didn’t expect Wonho to be back so early. He was supposed to be on After School Club right now. You really weren’t ready for him to be home. Your hair was still wet from the shower, where you had spent ample time missing Wonho. You were scantily clad in a shirt of his, something that just barely covered your ass, leaving your ass cheeks to sensually tease him. “You’re home early,” you turned to let him see your front side. You hadn’t buttoned up the shirt at all- let alone for one button in the middle.

“Mhm, I see you’re wearing my shirt baby girl,” he bit his lip for a moment before continuing, “did you miss me?”

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