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Prompt: 91 “You’re beautiful, you know that?” x Maria Reynolds. @oh-shit-hamilton-imagines

Warnings: None just lots of fluff.

Notes:  It could go either modern or Hamiltime. Sorry this is so short and took so long. I’m in the fall play and school just started and we have two weeks till show and my depression has been a bitch lately but wow would you look at that, I posted.

Words: 373


You watched as Maria sat in an arm chair, immersed in a book. You couldn’t help but stare and watch and admire. She was so beautiful. The way her hair always fell perfectly and framed her face. The way her eyes lit up when she talked about things she loved. The way her lips felt against yours. How her body fit perfectly with yours. You were made for each other. Her beauty astounded you.

She twirled a piece of hair around her finger as her eyes scanned the pages. You took note of how she bit her lip as she read, what she always did when she was focused. The entire time you could only think of how breathtaking she looked. The way her eyebrows knit and a small frown formed is when you knew something had happened in the book. You noted the way she would shake her foot a little in anticipation at what would happen next.

You had gotten so distracted at these small things you hardly noticed when she put the book down.

You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard a soft giggle.

“Why are you staring at me?” Maria questioned.

You bit your lip and looked at her, “you’re beautiful, you know that?” A rosy blush appeared on her cheeks at the compliment.

“T-Thank you.. but I don’t think that I-” she stumbled as she tried to find the words. The blush darkened on her cheeks as she got more flustered.

You rolled your eyes playfully as you got up and walked over to her, leaning close to her face and pressing your lips softly against hers. You heard the book, once held in her delicate hands, fall to the ground with a soft thud. Those same hands gently cupped your face and her lips pressed back against yours.  

You pulled away and pulled her up from her chair and led her to the couch where you no longer had to lean over her. Your heart beat faster as she returned her lips to yours where they so rightfully belonged. Her hands went to your waist.

In this moment, you knew she was the one. She was perfect. You knew she was your one and only.

Writing Meme
  • Tell an RPer what you enjoy about their writing!
  • ❣ You always use varied and interesting vocabulary.
  • ▶️ Your verbs are strong and spot on.
  • ✔️ Your dialogue is realistic.
  • 🔷 Your dialogue fits your character perfectly--it's like I can hear them speaking when I read your dialogue.
  • 🔺 You always use great adjectives.
  • ⚫️ You are very good at setting the scene in your roleplays.
  • 📣 You are great at describing what things look like and it never gets boring. Your descriptions are colorful and unique.
  • ♦️ Your long replies never get repetitive or boring.
  • 🔘 Your short replies always pack a punch.

When I was younger, my mom used to just listen to her friends bragging about their sons. She just listened to them without saying anything. So I thought I want to make my mom be proud of her son too. And today, I made my parents proud thanks to you (ARMY).” - KSJ

I’m starting to accept the fact that I will always be in love with you. No matter how hard I’ve tried, you still managed to occupy my thoughts morning from night. No matter how hard I try, I still remember the first night we met. I still remember your touch and how it lingered a little too long, but neither of us minded. I remember the way your eyes never seemed to stray from my face. That the possibility of blinking would somehow erase me. I remember the way we fit perfectly, your arm wrapped around my waist, synchronized. Like lost lovers that somehow spent their eternity searching for one another. I’ve still yet to find another body that fits so perfectly with mine. I remember the way you couldn’t say goodbye, because neither of us wanted me to leave the next day, so you shook my hand, something I’ve never let you live down. I remember your facial expression, you were trying your hardest to keep it together, we both were. But I spent that night lying awake crying. With a pain so foreign. It was that day that made me believe in love at first sight, I haven’t seen you since but you’re touch still somehow lingers. Till this day I’ve yet to discover if I’m grateful or tortured by it. I know you don’t love me anymore, I know her touch is the only one you crave. I know you stay up late at night thinking about her. The same way I think about you. And I know the realistic part of me knows you’ve somehow managed to condense me into some little irrelevant speck in your life. But the part of me that clings onto false hope, desperately wonders if I cross your mind from time to time, and if I haunt you. Sad thing is, I still remember the way I had trouble breathing around you, and now I have trouble breathing without you

Fall Uniform

One of my favorite things about fall is the footwear! I love a gorgeous pair of boots. When shopping for boots I look for construction, fit and price.

These gorgeous over the knee designer boots retail for $250 and are only $149.99 at Marshalls. I love how the front of the boot is leather and the back is stretchy. This type of construction ensures a perfect fit.

By: Tara, Project Fab Personal Blog: Jimmy Choos & Tennis Shoes

My Father took this photo of his Cross-Country Buds Circa 77’ on their way back from a several month trip too Portland Or., from Long Beach Ca. This was way before nice camping, cycling, sleeping, or any type of good gear was available at all. These dudes were truly ruffing it “Funhogg style” , and the images I have of their adventures truly inspire my own excursions every day. I truly feel as if this photo screams “Patagonia”, its a great example of rough, human powered conquering of the useless that fits your image perfectly. And even though its impossible to tell, two of the five guys in the photo had Patagonia windbreakers on at the time. “ Patagonia/ Chouinard-Equipment gear was the most durable at the time, and we were able to push ourselves harder”  - My Old Man  Aka Mike Sousa 

The Photo was taken at the California Border, in 1977 by my dad, then was shared along with six others by myself, via my insta page. 

My dads name: Michael Sousa 

My Name : Scott Sousa 

My Instagram :  , or @thekeepitlocalstuff 

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I’d like to present you the new footwear which will perfectly match with your foot by “dipping” your own foot. I have named it “Fondue Slipper” because the production process is similar to cheese fondue. It’s very easy to make. You just dip your foot and dry it. That’s all. *This prototype is using PVC, which hardens at 200~300 degrees Celsius (392~572 degrees Fahrenheit). This time I used my foot mold instead of my foot. I am currently developing a kit which allows Fondue Slipper to make at home. Soon this new kit will be complete and you will be able to make your own Fondue Slipper that fits your foot perfectly. You can wear Fondue Slipper both inside and outside. It can also be used as slipper by folding the heel, or you can wear it without folding the heel if you want to run. SATSUKI OHATA

Tell me when you first met, tell me when she made your heart skip a beat. Tell me how with her you never cried because she was everything you needed. Tell me how on rainy days the sky never seemed to be so bright. Tell me how every love song made you think of her, tell me when you thought of holding her hand for the first time but was unsure how to make the move. Tell me how your lips seem to fit perfectly on hers. Tell me how the moon light will never be able to shine as bright as her. Tell me how her name is permanently tattooed in the back of your mind even though it has been 8 months after she disappeared. Tell me how she broke you and everything you dreamed of, tell me how you cried yourself to sleep every night for 3 months because waking up with her not beside you is the most terrifying thought. Tell me how your mom still talks about her. Tell me how you almost say her name to every new person you try and like. Tell me how being in bed with that stranger was never the same. Then tell me, why on your wedding day you saw the wrong person dressed up, looking at you. Tell me why you still dream of her every night. Tell how years later you still can’t go to bed with out listening to her favourite song. Tell me now that you can’t even talk to her even if you wanted to, tell me what you would tell her, because now it’s to late and now she’s gone.
—  But I actually don’t want you to tell me because I already know // e.p