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I do prefer CCS, I saw it first and it has something that Sailor Moon doesn't really (typically) have, and that's dudes liking each other. As a guy myself, it's sorta just a preference. Not that I don't like Zoisite and Kunzite, but... CCS guys are more boyish, especially with their short hair. I love how we both like CCS and Sailor Moon though! Both shows are amazing! (and yeah, Crystal's shit. Thank you for hating the shitennou and Guardians together! I agree with your shitennou pairings!)

Cardcaptor Sakura is my all time second favourite franchise so I’m loving that you love both shows too!.

The classic Sailor Moon anime did have a gay male x male couple (Kunzite x Zoisite).

However in CCS, I don’t think there was ever an actual gay couple.

There were a couple of male on male crush and female on female crush but never an actual relationship. I’ll explain:

🌸 Shaoran x Yukito

Our good sis Sakura found herself in a funny situation. She had a big crush on Yukito just like her enemy Shaoran whom happened to be a boy. This situation caused a lot of misunderstanding and hilarious stories. However, Shaoran didn’t really have a crush on him, once Yukito’s real identity is revealed he no longer has a crush on him. Apparently because of his real powers and aura it made Shaoran felt like that. Let’s remember that Shaoran had kind of a sixth sense and he could ~feel~ things. He felt in ecstasy (if you wanna call it that) because he could sense Yukito’s real hidden powers and that was mistaken for him having a crush. Again, once Yukito’s real identity is revealed he no longer blushes when he’s around him nor he’s interested in him anymore. I don’t think this counts as a real gay crush but it was still cute.

🌸 Touya x Yukito

Looks like everyone falls in love with Yukito. Sakura’s brother Touya had a very ~special~ relationship with him. He was very overprotective and was always there for him, not that these mean that they were in a relationship or had a romantic affection but if you’ve watched the anime you totally can feel some gay innuendo between those two. Nothing’s ever confirmed in the show but it’s pretty obvious they had something going on. They never got to be in a relationship tho.

🌸 Tomoyo x Sakura

This is the most heartbreaking one of them all because let’s be real, we all were rooting for Tomoyo. Our good sis Tomoyo was in love with her long-time friend Sakura (this is not speculation, this is a canon fact both in the manga and the anime). Unfortunately for our good cupcake-sis Tomoyo, she sadly knew that Sakura would never feel the same and that this was a harsh case of unrequited love so on episode 50 she slew our lives by demonstrating us all what love is really all about.

On this episode, Sakura and Tomoyo are in some kind of make your own bear kind of shop and they’re talking about who they would give those bears to (they’re meant to be love presents).

I can’t remember whom Sakura said she would give her bear to (obviously not Tomoyo) so when asked by Sakura whom she would give her bear to, our good pure heart sis Tomoyo says that she can’t give her bear to the person she loves because that person loves someone else. Sakura is shocked SHOOK and then Tomoyo goes on with the dialogue above:

Tomoyo: If there’s something that the person that I like can be happy about, more so than liking me in return I want that person to stay happy the way it was meant to be.

Sakura: …you don’t care if the person you like likes you back?.

Tomoyo: Of course, I would be happy if that person likes me back, but… for me to see the person I like so much staying happy gives me the biggest happiness.

Our angel Tomoyo gave us the biggest lesson and she’s just only 10. This was the moment that she harshly realizes that Sakura would never feel the same about her and this is the beginning of her moving on. Despite of this all, she kept being best friends with Sakura regardless of how hard that can actually be for her. Love is when someone’s else happiness is your happiness, Tomoyo knew that and handled it like a pro. Sakura was always too naive and never learned about Tomoyo’s feelings, sadly.

I hope that Tomoyo finds love in the brand new arc because our good pure selfless spirit-sis deserves it.

CLAMP don’t fail me!111!!!.

hear me out: dghda/merlin au

dirk as merlin and todd as arthur


merlin as dirk and arthur as todd

Writing non-straight characters in fiction: it's as easy as Rick Astley told you it would be


…as a sacrifice for your straight characters. You can have multiple characters of focus, you know. Example: Naomi from Skins. Sure, the straight characters of the show get screentime, plenty of it, but there’s really no main character. Everyone’s lives are looked at, developed, and resolved. Do that.

Don’t you dare heap all the troubles in the world on them. Sure, they’re a minority that faces oppression a fair few times, but they do have lives outside of who they like to fuck(or not fuck, as the case may be if you’re writing asexual characters)!!! Example: Lexa from The 100. Sure, she’s hot for a girl. But her main conflict comes from the fact that she’s A TEENAGE WARLORD TRYING TO BARTER PIECE WITH AN ALIEN SPECIES. Do that.

Do NOT forsake your characters! Don’t let their plot thread drop out of nowhere when you need it to! Example: Sammy from Reality Bites. He is given small fractions of screentime in the first half or so of the film, then basically flies away from the movie after he comes out to his parents. Don’t do that.

They don’t need to angst all the damn time. They can be happy, you know. They don’t ned to develop depression from their sexuality, or lose interest in everything they love. Loras from Game of Thrones. Almost entirely due to his sexuality, this guy is arrested and interrogated at every point. He loses the people he cares about just because he’s gay. Don’t do that.

DO NOT BURY YOUR GODDAMN GAYS PLEASE. This trope is my second least favourite of literally all of them, only narrowly better than “rape=drama”. Why do they need to die? Why do the horrible situations affect them and no other character? Examples: Tara from Buffy, Naomi from Skins, Paulie from Lost and Delirious CHRIST STOP THIS TROPE 1-8-0-0-S-T-A-H-P

Okay, I know I got pissy about the last one, but this is probably the mist important one because here, “them” in the title means “the group you’re portraying onscreen”. Do not tell stereotypes and lies about the character. There are so many reasons not to do it and so few ways you can benefit. Example: Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. It is clearly shown that Sheldon must “learn to fall in love’ with his girlfriend to be happy, even though he is clearly asexual and aromantic at the start of the series. You CANNOT “work around” a character’s sexuality to give them the pairing you want. Just don’t do it. It’s so so damaging to the SAGA community. Please don’t do that.


I Like You ⟪Part I⟫ » Jack Maynard

Request: Hi! Can you do an imagine where Y/N’s parents die and she has to take care of her little siblings (one girl of 1 year and a little boy of 3 years old) and she is friends with they Maynard’s and Jack has feelings for her, and so does she, and the boys make cute videos with the kids ½

The phone in your hand dropped and shattered as it collided with the ground. You were numb, shock overwhelmed you like a wave and the noise around soon became blurred. You had just received the news that your parents had died in a car accident and you could not believe it.

You were pulled back into reality by the sound of your best friend, Jack Maynard calling your name. He steadied you with his hand as you shook a little from the news.

“Y/N?” He called. You craned yourself up to look at him, as he was a couple of inches taller than you and felt the tears roll down your cheeks. He pulled you into a tight hug and stroked your hair to comfort you. “What’s wrong?”

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Espeon, Jolteon and Mewtwo?

Jolteon: Who is your favourite second generation Pokemon?

ohg my god uhhh. espeon probably.

Espeon: Who is your favourite fourth generation Pokemon?

im gonna try to go with an original 4th gen pokemon since a LOT of them are just evolutions to previous gen mons. probably giratina? or rotom

Mewtwo: Who is your most powerful Pokemon?

the stylish but illegal squadron

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they never come out of the pc. theyre too powerful for their own good. they have fun at poke pelago at least. also just a tip dont ever do pokemon refresh with pirouette meloetta

Coffee (Calum)

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You played with them hem of your sweater slightly, sipping on your latte and setting it aside on the table. It was winter time and there wasn’t really much to do during the vacation other than sled or make snowmen which you were not really in the mood for doing. Hence, you had slipped on your coat and gloves and made your way to the library across the street. All your friends had gone travelling for the holidays so you decided that  anything was better than just sulking at home. 

The snow crunched on the staircase as you ascended, little flecks of white catching in your hair as you swung open the heavy oak door, immediately letting out a sigh of relief as the warmth of the heater took you into  its embrace. 

And now here you were, a little book propped open on your lap as you skimmed through the text, immersing yourself in the world of  fairytales and magic. You always like how reading was  its own airplane. Sure, all your friends were  going on expensive holidays to tropical locations in warm, sunny beaches, but you had a one-way ticket to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Who was the real winner here? 

You laughed at Ron as he made a sarcastic remark in the story.  You cheered for Hermione when she took matters in her own hands and used her wit and intelligence to  solve the problem.   You had to keep your voice down when Harry did something stupid  and risky once again, silently cursing him but loving his daringness all the same. 

You smiled  to  yourself as your eyes scanned the last sentence. You closed the book and checked your watch, seeing it  was already 3 pm. You considered heading back home and just sleeping until it was time for dinner, but you were too hooked. You absolutely needed to read at least the first few chapters of the next book. You stood up from your sofa cushion and headed towards the fantasy section. Your eyes grazed over the colourful binders and interesting titles,  making a mental note of the next series you would read after this one. Finally, you caught sight of the  Deathly Hallows bright book cover and reached out  for it but so did someone else, his hand landing on top of yours gently. 

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I really like your blog! Probably my second favourite on tumblr after @aesthetic-sarcastic but yours is such a close second!!! Keep up the good work ❤❤❤

hahahaha nothing beats his :/ thank u <3 


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this isn’t my finest of works, i do apologize

Bradley imagine for thespicez98

“No, I love you more” I roll my eyes, a smile plastered on my face. I live with my best friend Bradley and his girlfriend Tanya and

I would love to be the one that wakes up to him ever morning, the one to kiss him with morning breath, the one to look after him when he’s ill, the one to help him up the stairs when we’ve been drinking.

But I know that can’t happen because he’s happy with her, which in theory should make me happy, but it isn’t.

“I’m going to go for a walk” I stand up with my head bowed. Their attention all on me

“At 9:30 at night? Don’t we all normally watch movies?” Brad interjects looking between me and Tanya to only follow me out the hallway.

“Watch them with Tanya, I want to go for a walk” I grab my jacket and stand by the door, waiting for him to stop blocking my path

“But I want to watch them with you too”

“Just watch them with your girlfriend, okay? Now let me go for a walk!” He steps aside with a smirk.

“You’re jeal–” I slam the door before he can finish.


“Don’t go” I hear Brad whine from the hallway. His precious girlfriend is going away for two weeks to visit her family in Alaska. All you could hear last night was,

‘Call me, Skype me, I’ll miss you’ but she said that there was no signal where she is so he would have to 'deal’ with me. Rude much.

The front door closes and Brad sighs sitting next to me.

“I miss her already” I make a small humming noise, trying to sound as concerned as possible.

“I can’t do much about that at the mo- what are you doing?” He rests his hand on my leg.

“Nothing” He runs his hand up and down my thigh with a cold gentle touch sending goose bumps right to my toes.

My voice breaks “Bra-ad. You have a girlfriend” He turns to me, quickly leaning in as close as he can without attaching our lips.

“And you’re telling me that you don’t want this?” My mouth hangs open and I stare at his lips.

“I-I- I d-I can’t”

“She’s not here” I break the contact by standing up.

“If you want to cheat on your girlfriend then do it with someone else” I make my way to the hall way, but not fast enough, he pulls me in by the waist.

“You know she’s not really visiting her parents”

“She is Brad and you know it”

“I know, I just wanted a reason to talk to you”

“Can’t you do it without grabbing me by the waist?”

“You’re jealous of Tanya” He leans closer, brushing our lips together “You have been for years now, right? You want to be in her place”

“I-what are you talking about?”

“You want to kiss me, don’t you, all it takes is one little movement” He turns his head the other way, checking if anyone is around when he knows there isn’t “Can I tell you a secret”

“If you want” I squeak.

“I want to kiss you as well”

“ You-I never-I never said-”

“You’re awfully stuttery today, aren’t you?”

“You-you’re too close Brad”



“That’s my girl” He steps back and into the kitchen “What do you want for dinner?” Is he just going to pretend that that didn’t happen?

“Um.. Spaghetti?”

“Okay, I’ll be in in a minute” I nod and steady myself before sitting on the kitchen chair “Are you not going to go in?” He asked confused.

“So if you wanted to kiss me, why didn’t you?”

“Well– It doesn’t matter”

“But it does, doesn’t it, if it matters enough for you to pull me around the living room, then it has to matter”

“But it doesn’t okay?”

“Okay, I’ll see you in a minute, or when ever you decide to stop being grumpy”

“I’m not being grumpy” His hand flies from the wooden spoon to his face, he rubs at his cheeks as if trying to remove something. His eyes are scrunched up and he looks, confused?

“I’m not grumpy” He repeats with a slight laugh

“Then what are you, crazy?”

“I don’t know, maybe, I feel it. Do I have a tempreture?” He grabs my wrist and makes me fee his head “Maybe I’m going insane”

“Brad, go sit down okay”

“No because you want Spaghetti and for some reason, lately, I want to do everything you say”

“Right this is what’s happening, since your being persistent, you make this-” I lay a hand on his shoulder “We eat, watch a 21 jump street, then you go to bed, alright” He nods and breathes out, wrapping me in a tight hug.

“What would I do without you?”

“Have Tanya”

“Shut up, I need you too”

“But, no one needs me”

“I’m always going to need you Nichole, always, don’t tell yourself otherwise” A smile breaks his face “Plus, who else would I tease. Now go order 21 jump street on sky, this will be done before you know it” As I walk away he leaves a slight tap on my bum.

“You sir, are in trouble”

“Oh yeah, defiantly?”

“It’s most certain” I shout back, landing on the sofa.

Brad comes in 15 minutes later with the spagetti bolognaze.

“One for you, one for me”

“Why thank you good and noble night, how ever could I repay you?”

“No pay mame” I roll my eyes happy we’re back to our best friend ways. I turn on 21 Jump Street and swing my legs onto Brad’s knees as the plate is resting on his lap. “I really like that t-shirt. When did you get it?”

“Brad, this is your favourite movie”

“And you’re my favourite person” I smile for only a second, becoming confused. I take his plate and mine putting them down on the table crossing my legs.

“What’s up with you?”

“Nothing. I’m talking to my best friend, I’m happy to have you back. I know I’ve been spending a lot of time with Tanya and I want to spend time with you, now give me my spaghetti”

“Not till you, explaine”

“ Explain what, because I’m hungry”

“If you want to kiss me, then, why don’t you?” I hear him sigh. I’m suddenly taken from my position and pulled onto his lap

“You’d like that wouldn’t you”

“Like what Brad?” I breath out from the sudden movement.

“If I broke, all my years of work, building that wall between me and you–” He pulls me closer to him, my chest against his, thus causing my head to tilt and our lips to almost touch. My eyelids fall slowly. “– would be usless, the wall I built to make sure that this doesn’t happen, you want to bulldoze it, even though every two bricks I lay, you take down one. I make no progress and now this”

“You won’t answer my question”

“Not to save a life”

“Why are you acting like this? You don’t normally”

“Something, has changed in you. I like it, a lot. You’ve started wearing belling shirts, shorts. Leather jackets. I’m starting to like the summer” He’s not going to answer is he.

“Why do you keep teasing me?”

“Because, it’s fun and you know you enjoy it” I shallow softly “You won’t kiss me will you? You want me to make the first move. You never make the first move, you said so yourself” He stops for a moment, I feel his eyelashes move up and down, he’s scanning my face as I try not to kiss him “First one to kiss the other looses”

“Deal” I scoot back a bit to only have him pull me closer

“I didn’t say move”


“Goodmorning sunshine” Brad chirps accounting my apperence. I take the cup resting on the side. “That’s my cup”

“You where sarcastic. This is mine now” Taking a sip, I close my eyes, I’ve been so tired in the mornings lately.

“You alright?”

“Yeah, just tired”

“Well, don’t be, because I have a exciting day of nothing planned”

“You always know what to say to cheer me up”


“Do I wanna know

If this feeling flows both ways– oop”

“Hello” Brad has me by the waist, keeping me from falling. When I turned the corner into the kitchen he turned out the corner into the hallway.

“Hi” This resulting in being, extremely, close. I feel his hot breath on my lips, so I back up crossing my arms

“where you waiting for me?”

“I can’t say no”

“So you where” He looks at me, almost challenging me

“Are you going to break?”

“No, are you going to break?”

“I think I might” His hands are shaky and so is his voice. But he doesn’t make a move.

“I’m sorry” What is he apologizing for? “For messing with you, I guess I didn’t know how to tell you how I felt, so I decided to get in your head with the hope that i would get some type of reaction and I didn’t think that the reaction would come from me. I mean, you saw me, I could barley make spaghetti without freaking out. And when I- it sounds stupid- but I wish that, when I’m lying awake at night, that Tanya is you. And I almost feel insane, sometimes, you know. I’ll sit with Tanya, you’ll be at work, but all I think about is you”

“Mr Simpson, is that a confession”

“I think so, yeah, yeah, it is”

“And what are you confessing?” I creep closer to him, running my hands through his hair.

“That, I like you, I really really like you Nichole” He whispers with a shake to his voice once again.

I pull his lips to mine, with all the built up tension from the past few days. He pulls me in closer, if possible, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“My turn” I turn back up the stairs “What does that mean?”

“Have fun trying to kiss me again”

EXO & their pick up lines (fixed)
  • Suho: *blushes* "I don’t really believe in love at first sight, until I saw you."
  • Sehun: “ I like every bone in your body, especially mine..”
  • Chanyeol: "There’s only one thing I want to change about you. Your last name." *Dork smile*
  • Kai: "Pizza is my second favourite thing to eat in bed"
  • Lay: "Hey, tie your shoes! I don’t want you falling for anyone else".
  • D.O: "Let’s commit the perfect crime: I’ll steal you’re heart, and you’ll steal mine*
  • Tao: *Sassy* "Your shirt has to go, but you can stay."
  • Baekhyun: "Your lips look so lonely…Would they like to meet mine?"
  • Kris: "You know, sweetie, my lips won’t just kiss themselves…"
  • Chen: "Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?"
  • Luhan: "There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t have your number in it."
  • Xiumin: "Sorry, I can’t hold on… I’ve already fallen for you." *lovely Minie*
Soaked Searches (Request)

“It’s Janya!!” Joe cheers to the camera when they open the door.
“Hello Joseph!” Jim smiles, hugging both of you as you walk inside
“Hey guys!” You grin, giving one of your best friends Tanya a big hug
“And there’s my second favourite dog in the whole world!” Joe comments, pointing to Martha
“Second?” Tanya questions
“Nobody comes before Alan” Joe laughs
“Want to come out on a walk with us soon? We need to take Martha out before it gets too dark” Jim suggests
“Yeah sure we’ll just go put our bags upstairs” You nod, grabbing your bag whilst Joe takes his.
You both carry them up to the spare room which you had already stayed in a few times before
“I’m just gonna get changed” You say to Joe, knowing the cold autumn wind outside would be noticeable during a long walk
You changed into a burgundy jumper with black high waisted skinny jeans with black ankle boots.
“Ready babe?” Joe asks, poking his head through the door
“Yup” You smile. It was almost 6pm now which meant you would be walking outside just as sunset begun
Both of you head downstairs and follow Jim and Tanya outside, Jim holding Martha on her lead
Joe’s hand finds yours and he laces your fingers together.
“It’s a bit cold” He chuckles
“Yeah just a bit” You smile, though his hands were a lot warmer than yours and were already heating you
The sunset began to fall around you with the sky turning into a dancing mix of fiery colours. Beautiful
“The sunset is amazing” You comment, watching the sun fall lower into the ground.
“Yeah its lovely” He replies and you turn the corner.
After a while you turn into a big field where you were able to let Martha off the lead even though darkness is beginning to settle.
She ran around for a while with you guys until a rabbit caught her attention in a nearby bush.
“Martha. Leave it” Jim says cautiously
The dog doesn’t listen, bolting straight after the rabbit and running into the bush
“Martha!” Tanya calls, all of you running over
She is nowhere to be seen. Joe crouches down and tries to see if there is any sign of her in the bush.
“Oh my god where is she?” Tanya asks, worry filling her words
“It’s okay we’ll find her” You reassure her
You all begin calling her name but with no luck.
“Right me and (y/n) will go that way” Joe says, gesturing right, “And you guys go that way. We’ll call you if we find her”
Everyone agrees and you head off
The cold air began to hit you harder at this point, the wind pinching your skin even through your clothing layers.
Only minutes into looking for Martha, the rain began to pour around you
“Oh god” Joe says, turning his head down to get the rain away from his eyes
“Come in the quicker we walk the more likely we are to find her” You nod optimistically, allowing Joe to grab your hand as you walk. You are constantly calling for Martha when your phone starts going, “Hello?” You have to yell through the hammering rain.
Joe uses his hands to shield your phone from the water
“We’ve found her. She was hiding in another bush” Tanya explains, “Meet you back at the house?”
“Tan it’s throwing it down and we’re pretty far away. I think we’ll find somewhere to shelter and come back when it’s calmed down a bit” You suggest
“Yeah okay I’ll see if Jim can come and get you” She says, “Good luck”
You hang up and tuck your phone away again. Joe takes your hand and drags you into a burnt out tree stump that now looked like a small cave
Both of you squeezed into the small space. It was now that you began to shiver, the cold hitting you
Joe tried to rub your arms to keep you warm though he was now just as cold. Your hair was soaked and you squeezed out as much of the water as possible
“You know what?” Joe says loudly so you can hear him over the rain, “Maybe we shouldn’t go on dog walks anymore”
“No maybe we shouldn’t” You laugh and he wraps his arms around you
You both stay like this until two headlights appear through the sheets of rain that fall outside.