Midnight Thoughts

Longer than i expected it to be, sorry guys xxx

You and Harry had your first outing in public today since yourrelationship became public knowledge. You two had decided to go public with aselfie uploaded to Harry’s instagram in hopes the fans would react more to theselfie of Harry than the two of you being together. There were of course a few rumours about you two before hand, however the media had a new girl linked to him every few weeks so fans never really saw it as anything different.

After much deliberation, Harry had convinced you that you two needed to go out together in public quickly, in hopes that any media hype surrounding your relationship would stop soon after. There were a lot of ideas of what you two would do; coffee shop and shopping? Concert? A drive around London? Sightseeing tour? You wanted to see a few things around London but Harry refused stating it could be too dangerous. Harry wanted a romantic meal, just the two of you and in a fancy restaurant, but that wasn’t your scene, you always felt that people looked down on you in posh places, and maybe the fans would think you were only with Harry for his money. But you both compromised and decided to go to Madame Tussauds in London (where Harry would know it was safe and security would be around to control any situation which was out of hand) and then in the night go out for a meal with Anne, Robin and Gemma. Harry had everything planned out and was prepared for anything that strayed from his plan.

You quickly realised having ‘Harry Styles’ as a boyfriend wasn’t going to be easy. Fans and media surrounded the two of you for the whole day. You understood the fans, heck you were one of them, all they wanted was to meet their idol, and for the most part, they were respectful of you both, the media on the other hand were a completely different story. Within minutes of leaving Harrys flat the paparazzi had managed to push you to the floor trying to get a picture of you. You were terrified, 20 grown men hovering over you pushing and shoving like children in a playground to get a picture of you two together. If Harry hadn’t of pulled you to your feet and over to the safety of the car you don’t know what would have happened. You were wet from being on the cold and dirty London street and you were convinced you would never be able to see again from the amount of flashes from cameras and as you slowly started to process what happened, your stomach dropped in fear of the day to come. 

The rest of the day went a lot smoother than you previously thought. Madame Tussauds security cleared each section for you and Harry so it was just the pair of you in the room taking stupid pictures with the wax works. It was hours spent in laughter with the one you loved but you couldn’t seem to shake the incident before. Once you two left Madame Tussauds, you and Harry walked hand in hand to a restaurant not too far away to meet his family. You had met them a few times before but you were still filled with nerves every time. 

Hey, they love you stop being so nervous!” Harry said whilst kissing the back of your hand in an attempt to calm you.

You attempted to force a smile back at him but he saw right through your attempt and gave a stern look in retaliation.

The meal went perfectly, fans stayed at respectable distance and were polite when they came over to see him and the media interest dwindled after you had spent over 4 hours in the restaurant. Once Harry had paid for the evening and took pictures with the last few fans, he called a car to take everyone home. 

Oh my god that was a long day” you stated as you pulled of your coat followed by your shoes. “I’m going to get the pictures printed tomorrow, I dread to look at some of them” you scoffed at the thought of your picture with the royal family wax works, Harry kissing the Queens cheek and you kissing Prince Williams.

Oh I’m sure you look perfect on all of them my dear” Harrys arms slowly made their way around your waist holding you in a light embrace.

Oh yeah I’m sure I look perfect on the picture next to Beyoncé, she’s just way too perfect, its so unfair” you huffed as you sunk down into the couch. 

I know a lot of people will be thinking that same thing about you!” He said as he roughed your hair up earning a groan from you. “Cup of tea?” he shouted from the kitchen.

 “2 sugars and milky

 “Is that a yes then?” you heard him laugh to himself at your order.

 “Of course, I’m going upstairs to get changed.

Ok love, ill bring it to bed

After you two drank your cups of tea, you slowly became one mess of arms and legs as you entwined yourselves around each other. The sound of steady breath filling the air soon sent Harry into a slumber. 

Harry?” you whispered, breaking the silence of the bedroom.

mmhmm what’s up love?” the fatigue evident in his voice.

Sorry were you asleep?

 “No, no of course not, I was playing a game of football actually” a chuckle escaping his lips in a hushed raspy tone, his response earning soft pokes to his chest.

Very funny Mr Styles” you retorted.

Sorry love” his sweet voice and soft kisses melted away any anger you held. “What’s up babe?” 

I can’t sleep” you huffed out as you turned to curl into him. Almost immediately he placed kisses along your shoulder and gently played with your hair.

Why? Want me to make you a cup of tea?” You chuckled at the English nature of your boyfriend; any situation could be solved, or at least improved, with a good old-fashioned cup of tea.

 “No, no, just stay here babe” You were desperate for his touch, fearing the distance a cup of tea would create you thought it to be wise to sacrifice a cup of tea for Harry’s arms to hold you.

Ok, why can’t you sleep then?” he said as he propped himself up onto his elbow, worry etched over his delicate face. 

I don’t know, I just can’t shake what happened today. Is it always like that?

Honestly? No, not ALL the time, most but not all. Its just new, that’s all.

Oh” the only word that was able to escape your mouth in a deflated tone that worried Harry.

Babe, are you having second thoughts about us? Like after seeing this side of me?” Harrys face was filled with worry and heartbreak.

No…” the uncertainty in your voice surprising even you. “Its just I’m not used to it. When I met you I went through the whole ‘OH MY GOD ITS HARRY STYLES FROM ONE DIRECTION’ and got over it quite quickly. No offence

Harry’s head dropped and his body jerked as he let out a low growl of laughter. “Oh none taken Y/N

I just don’t see you as ‘that guy from one direction’ anymore. You’re my boyfriend, you’re the boy who cried with me when we watched safe haven-

I didn’t cry! I had something in my eye” he responded whilst acting as if your words physically hurt him.

Whatever big man. But you’re my Harry, my little Haribo” Harry smiled at your pet name for him, you didn’t really know why you called him Haribo, maybe because of how sweet he was or maybe because he had promised to marry you the first time he told you he loved you whilst placing a Haribo ring onto your finger before you swiftly ate what he still calls ‘your only engagement ring’. Harry didn’t care either way, he just felt at home whenever he would hear it because it was the first time a girl didn’t fall in love with ‘Harry Styles from One Direction’ but instead she fell in love with the boy who told terrible jokes and pranced around like a baby dear, the boy who was so desperate to impress her mum that he arranged for her to meet her favourite singer and accidentally sent her the wrong night, not ‘Harry Styles’ but your little Haribo.

What’s your point Little Miss Sunshine?

My point Mr Bump is that, its weird. You’re my Haribo, but you’re also ‘Harry Styles’ do you get me?

Er, no I have no idea what you’re getting at love

You may be my Haribo but you’re not my ‘Harry Styles’ and I don’t know, I just didn’t quite realise fully that I have to share a part of you with millions of people. Don’t get me wrong, it is lovely to see how happy you make people and how happy they make you, its just a lot to take in you know?

Yeah, yeah I know sweet pea, I didn’t even think, I’m sorry

No it’s fine, its what I signed up for, I can’t love one part without loving the other can I? I can’t love Buddy Love and not love the Professor, just doesn’t work that way does it?

Harry let out a loud belly laugh at your thoughts “I’m pretty sure only you would compare a relationship to the Nutty Professor! God I’m so in love with you Y/N, completely, hopelessly in love with you” his words rolled out of his mouth with such sincerity that you couldn’t help but blush at his confession.

Harry lay down as you curled into him with your head on his chest whilst tracing the tattoos that laced his soft skin, with the steady sound of his breathing and heartbeat drumming in your ears, you slowly drifted off to sleep, happy and in the arms of your beautiful Haribo.

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