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Quand j’ai passé un long week end ennuyeux et frustrant.

Que la copine qui devait m’aider pour mon cosplay, n’est pas venu et m’a posé un lapin. Voir deux en faite.

Et que j’étais un peu triste quand même. 

Qu’aujourd’hui je suis allé faire mon sport.

Et qu’en rentrant je suis tombé sur le message de Jeswinguesouslapluie et que du coup jte répond.

on relevancy in the messianic world

this graphic was originally posted by yourreactiongifs. it made me laugh and seemed semi-relevant to my reaction to this topic.

I visited a congregation last week, a Messianic congregation or rather a Hebrew Roots group. I don’t even know anymore; there are so many labels, so many names. Let me throw another one out there: a relevant Messianic congregation. Pretty sure I just made that term up.

Let’s get this straight. I’m all for being real in our messages. I’m totally for moving away from the focus on head knowledge. I’m entirely supportive of making the beautiful truths of salvation and redemption applicable to our lives. 

But, I think we cross a line when the teachings given from behind a pulpit are nothing more than watered-down pep talks. When you remove the two verses and brief mention of God and all you have left is something that could be a pick-your-self-help-book, you’re doing it wrong. The hour and a half you have in front of thirty-some people should not be spent further dowsing the milk of God’s word into warm and fuzzy messages. 

Messianics have this uncanny knack of majoring the minors of our faith. But when I’m told that the answer to this problem is relevancy, I vomit the feel-good-message back-up into my lap. Less reverence, a little lukewarm holiness, and more trendy buzz words is the not remedy for our movement. If less than a quarter of your congregation brings their Scriptures to the service, you’re doing it wrong. 

You’re swallowing a lie. The lie that the saving grace of our stuffed heads is a pat on the back, a trip to Revive, and a potluck. These things were never designed to and can never be our saving grace. And honestly, if this is where our movement is headed, I fear for our future. I fear for the children and youth listening to messages like this one and thinking they’ve got this…thinking that armed with warm fuzzy feelings they can lead our movement. 

It doesn’t work like that. The answer to an inflated cerebral is not relevancy; it’s humility. Some may call that oversimplifying. Some may say it’s foolish. But God calls the things of the wise, foolish, and the things of the foolish, wise. We don’t need the Messianic movement to be more relevant. We need it to be more real. We don’t need more knowledge, or more teachers who are fifteen minutes ahead of their group in their understanding of the “truth.”

What we need is a serious reverence for a faith that reaches far beyond a fellowship’s Shabbat meetings. We need people who are willing to move beyond their comfortable folding chairs into the world to share Yeshua’s gospel message and the lifestyle He preached. We need communities that support their families, their youth, and their children beyond Shabbat school and the Torah service. 

And that is what I hope and pray will happen to our movement. We’re learning and we’re growing (I feel like I say this everytime I talk about us…haha), but it’s true. I haven’t given up hope; we’ve come so far. 


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