Someone recently asked about becoming a medium since they have been getting the calling to step into their abilities. I feel that it could be helpful to others as well so here was my response:

Mediumship as you may or may not know is the ability to speak to those who have crossed over into the spirit realm or 4th dimension and beyond. It is a very beautiful ability that encapsulates many psychic abilities in one. You cannot be a medium without being psychic first. However, you can be psychic and not a medium. This is because mediumship calls for the use of empathy and all of the Clair- senses which I have a post on.

Being a medium can be very intense because spirit and spirit energy is all around us. Whenever delving into any spiritual practice, it is very important to remove fear. The reason why is that when we start to become realized beings (meaning we delve into the deeper meanings of life becoming spiritually aware of our surroundings and ourselves) we step into and acknowledge a very powerful creative ability. This ability automatically creates all that you think of be it out of love or fear. When you harbor fear, you will create and allow yourself to be susceptible to fear based situations. Therefore, fear should be released.

Meditation is key for developing any sort of spiritual awareness. Learning how to meditate is all about silencing the mind and being able to be in your inner stillness. This is the stillness and peace in your soul. Reconnect with your soul space and re-member all of the knowledge within. This is your foundation.

When meditating, it is advised you shield or create a sacred space to limit the intrusion of spirits and entities of the spirit realms. I have posts on that in the “Shielding and Home Cleansing”tab.

Relationships with Spirit Guides

Being aware of the connection with your Spirit Guides is instrumental to your spiritual advancement on your spiritual path. Everyone is in a different place on the path and oftentimes we will find ourselves lonely. We will feel as though no one can fully and understand us and the reality is that physically no one can. However, on a spiritual level our Guides and Soul Group are the only individuals that can understand us. That is the main point behind having our Spirit Guides. 

When we are aware of the connection the messages we receive from our guides should be more obvious. It does takes much of our careful observation at first. Our guides change things up sometimes to see where your strong points of communication are. If you are clairvoyant, they will show you images. If you are clairaudient, they will speak to you and so on and so forth with the rest of the clairs. 

After communicating with them becomes a habit and is daily, it becomes you. You don’t even notice that you do it. It just comes to you. The important part after this happens is acknowledging that there is a connection and that you are speaking with your guides. 

Black obsidian pyramids are optimal underneath your bed. They help ground and protect you while you sleep from negative energy. 

I have recently done an experiment with the pyramid shown. For months I have had it underneath my bed and I removed it yesterday to see how I would sleep without it. The results were very interesting. I found myself to be restless today and less alert. I also feel some pain in my back. To me, this is proof of the wonderful effects of the pyramid. 

anonymous asked:

How can we differentiate intuition from wishful thinking?

This is a question I get a lot and it’s a really great question because it affects many people. I know that I used to ask myself this question all the time because I was so confused as to which thought I should allow myself to follow in order to make certain decisions. 

Intuition is an innate, strong feeling that overcomes the body. It is something that cannot be fought against and will always manifest as true in someones life. Intuition is not always positive and can sometimes be saddening or angering. Wishful thinking, on the other hand, is mostly unrealistic and mainly positive. 

Intuition is also ego-less, meaning it does not serve the ego in any way. Wishful thinking however, seems to feed the ego and can be driven by the ego in many instances. 

By remembering these key points, you’ll recognize the thoughts you have easily. 

mentalmagenta  asked:

Hello, can you provide me on some insight on figuring out how to distinguish between your own and other peoples' energies? I'm having a hard time figuring out if I can even feel other peoples' energies, I feel like I can SOMETIMES, and the other times I'm not sure if they're mine or the other person's.

Hello, this is actually a very common thing that the psychic/healing community faces especially when it comes down to reading or healing time. It was one of the things I battled with in the beginning of my awakening experience. It was difficult to pinpoint certain emotions or energies that from my own. Also, I battled with the constant belief that everything I was feeling was just my imagination. 

To knock the latter issue down, I had to come to this huge realization; Spirit IS the imagination. And it is through the imagination that it speaks. Our imagination isn’t just some little place that is filled with the untrue, unbelievable. The things that appear in our imagination appear for a reason. There is something governing it most of the time. That is not to say that sometimes the imagination is not a product of perhaps side effects to medications or mental health symptoms. However, it is totally possible that the imagination is being driven by something from Spirit. 

If you are having a tough time differentiating between your emotions and another individual’s, then it is possible that you are an empath. This is great and there is a simple trick to help this out. When it is time to tune into other people’s energies, simply take a deep breath and ask your guides and your higher self to help align and separate your emotions from the rest. It’s like putting them on the back-burner because when reading or healing, our emotions cannot be involved. It’s about the individual we are helping and the energies involved. When our emotions come into play, the energies can be all jumbled! 

Remember to shield often and cleanse yourself of negativity each day so that you can live the best, balanced, positive life possible. 

Much love!

drealj-blog  asked:

How does one knows what way to follow when everything is going wrong?

Within each of us is an inner compass, a guide if you would like, that directs us both subtly and expressively. Life is not merely right and wrong or black and white. There are many in betweens and one could even argue that black and white, good and bad, right and wrong, do not exist. They are simply constructs that help us humans decipher life. 

In reality, you should follow whatever your soul guides you to follow at this moment as it wishes for an experience unlike any of the previous ones it has had. Look within and feel that inner knowing so that you are able to make the decisions necessary in your own life on what to follow and what not to follow. Make sure that your decision brings about the necessary experiences for your soul’s growth. 

theearth-says-hello-deactivated  asked:

Hi there! So... I don't know if I have any psychic abilities. I mean, I know I do. We all do. And I have the strongest feeling that it's there... I just don't know how to tap into them? I dont know if what I'm thinking is my intuition or just my thoughts... I've bought oracle cards and I really want to learn how to do Tarot readings as well as be able to see auras... I'm just so conflicted because I don't know how and I'm scared that I might not posses the ability to.. any advice?


Well you’re right! We all have abilities and it’s up to us to accept them and embrace them or let fear take over and allow us to be incapable of using them. With that said the best way to tap into them is having no fear. Embracing and practice makes perfect. Learn how to meditate. Learn about the chakras and especially about the Third Eye Chakra which is the chakra of psychic senses and intuition. 

Balancing the self is important. Just like you maintain your physical body, you need to maintain your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Make time for physical stimulation (exercise, eating healthy), mental stimulation (Mind games, school, etc.), emotional stimulation (loving everything, being positive, etc), and spiritual (Meditation, reading about spiritual topics, gaining knowledge, etc.). When these bodies are maintained, then you become a balanced person and you feel much better. You will see that your psychic abilities come out more. 

Your mantra for the next few weeks: “I am psychic” 3 times right after waking up and before bed. 

In regards to the oracle cards. They are more for self-help but can be used for others. However, they are not tarot so you cannot do tarot readings with them but, it’s the same concept. :) Practice on yourself with them and practice here on tumblr. This is a great place for you to practice!

Hoping this was helpful!

Hi everyone!

I am actually so shocked that many of you have stuck around since I have been so MIA lately. The physical demands of this dimension have been and continue to be very intense. I have had to choose carefully to focus and prioritize things that have intervened with my spiritual focus. However, I am back! And I have to answer so many questions! My apologies for all of you who have been patiently waiting for my response. 

I hope all is well with all of you and I hope you are being blessed this holiday season! As always, I am here and open to any questions, comments, concerns, input you may have. 

Much love to you all! 


Unwanted Visitors

Hello all of the beautiful people reading this! Last night I had an experience that has not happened in a while and I thought it would be great to share it all with you!

This turned out to be long so if you’d like to read:

 Yesterday, I decided to go out with some friends. I returned home around 12 am and finally got into bed around 12:45 am. Prior to leaving my home, I took all of my stones and placed them on my windowsills to soak up the energy of the Summer Solstice Sun. When I returned home I returned all of the stones to my altar space. When in bed, I felt very uncomfortable. Receiving the feeling that I was being watched (That’s not cool). I sleep with my door closed and with my windows covered completely because I cannot sleep with any light pollution. It drives me nuts! As I am tossing and turning I look to my altar space and I see a Dark Mass in the shape of a 6ft tall figure standing over my altar and picking up one of my stones. 

At this moment in time, I begin calling in protection. I recite something called “The Tube Of White Light” prayer. This prayer creates a vaccuum of white light sucking in and transmuting any negative entities and energies. Unfortunately, I will have to bury the stone for a while for it was touched and the energy has been zapped. 

Just a little update! Haven’t posted a story like this in, well, never. Haha!

anonymous asked:

How do I start speaking to spirits and get in tune with them?

Like all abilities, mediumship can be trained and worked on to heighten it. However, be aware of the price because every action has a price. 

Learn as much as you can about where spirits reside and the transition we undergo when we “die”. Your affirmation: “I have to ability to speak to Spirit” 3 times when you wake up and when you go to sleep. 

Hoping this was helpful!

Hiatus Over

Hello everyone! My goodness it has been a while! I really want to apologize to everyone who has sent me questions and have not received a response. I have been out of the picture here and the tumblr spiritual community for quite a while. Energetically speaking, the world has seen some crazy things happen in the past six months and it is only going to get more intense. And in these past months, I have had to come to the realization of many many things about myself and others. But the connection is strong and it is strong within all of us. 

I have revamped my blog a bit to make it more accessible and organized but there is still quite a bit to work on. I plan on making quite a few changes here and am open and excited to receive feedback and to form some new connections within the psychic/spiritual tumblr community. 

Some things to look forward to are:

  1. Readings- I might begin taking requests later this week and a post will be made containing offers and guidelines
  2. Informative posts- The best thing to arm the self with is knowledge. The knowledge of the universe is contained within the soul, but some of us have just misaligned and have lost the connection. It is my hope that with some of the posts I create through Spirit many of you will realize the connection you have and work towards maintaining alignment with your higher selves. 
  3. Inspiration- Positivity is the language of change and alignment. When we are dealing with our shadow selves and our darker aspects, we sometimes lose contact with our divine purposes and it is important to remain positive throughout the journey.  

But my first order of business is to respond to all of the questions in my ask box.  

Much love,


parttimeinsomniac-deactivated20  asked:

Hi there! Love your blog. I just wanted to ask how we can give ourselves protection all the time? I remember back in high school I was serving a customer in the restaurant I worked at and the persons energy was so draining (for lack of a better word) that I actually got physically ill and emotionally distressed.

Oh thank you! I totally understand what you mean! It can be super draining! We can totally be protected at all times. 

Here are a couple of techniques that I have tried and found powerful for me. These are in no way the only ways to do this. These are just ways that I have found powerful. 

1. Choose a symbol that you find power and protective qualities in. For example you can choose the ankh, cross, reiki symbols, etc. Anything. Now sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. Now take the index finger of your right hand and draw the symbol behind your head. Now move it over to your left side and draw it. Continue to the front then lastly to the right side of you. You are now protected and can begin your day. 

2. Prayer. I find this prayer most powerful:

“Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of God ‘I AM’ in me! Blaze thou around me now Thy invincible Cosmic Christ Protection of the Tube of pure electronic Light essence. See to it for me that this protection is all-powerfully active and eternally sustained. Let no human discordant creation ever reach me through It. Let this Tube of Light essence make and keep me invisible and invulnerable to every human shadow, constantly raising and holding my attention upon Thy Omnipresence- in everyone, everything, and everywhere. I consciously accept this is done RIGHT NOW with full power!”

With this prayer said, you are protected for the day. Hoping this was helpful!

i-smell-satan-worshippers-deact  asked:

Hi, I'm pretty bad at seeing auras but occasionally I get little glimpses and I've noticed that a lot of my professors and teachers at my school have a lot of yellow going on in their aura. It's a color I often associate with communication, and I was wondering if you or anyone you know has experienced this?

Oh for sure! And it’s funny that you say that because yellow is not only associated with communication but with intelligence and learning as well. So of course I always see people in the teaching field with yellow all around them! Today while at a production at the local theater, I saw a lot of orange around the performers. Orange is often associated with creativity and that would totally make sense!

anonymous asked:

Hi! How do you strengthen your physical "gifts"? Because I feel like I'm a empath but that I'm not experienced enough... Maybe it's just because I'm a libra in sun and cancer in moon, but I don't know maybe it's just me wishing that there was something special about me... But one thing is that after school a feel so exhausted and I have no clue why? but yeah probably me just being silly!

Empathy is the ability to feel what others feel, to feel what it is like to be them in a sense. We all have empathy to an extent. However, some of us have an empathy that goes beyond the physical. It’s a heightened sense of empathy. 

In school, you are surrounded by many different people who vibe at different levels (We all have our own vibration). You have people who are maybe super bubbly or people who are really to themselves and when you’re around them, you are affected by their vibration or energy. 

As a person with heightened empathy, we can be affected even more because we are more sensitive. To end this we must shield ourselves on a daily basis. This way, we aren’t affected by people’s energies as much as when we are not shielded. 

You’re not silly at all. You are just an observant soul who is questioning the occurences around them. We should all be like this. :)

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was wondering, i've been automatic writing for five years now, and i've come in contact with spirits, from demonic to the chill kind, I have been possessed before, but it was easily passed by sealing entities or supressing them, is this bad?


What is bad or good is all relative to your perception. Life is basically like this however, there are certain truths or facts that are simply as they are. There isn’t much room for interpretation or change in them. Automatic writing and other forms of channeling can be wonderful and fun as they provide you with raw information from an entity outside of this realm of existence. However, you have to be aware of the risks and consequences.

When we channel, we allow another being to take control of a portion or all of our physical body. And in this way we sort of vacate our soul from our physical vehicle. It is most important to understand that whenever a spirit takes control or occupies a space in our body, a piece of them stays when they leave. And that piece sort of creates an opening allowing for that particular spirit to come in whenever it wants to or when you allow it to. 

With that being said, you want to channel the most positive, upbeat, jovial spirits because they will leave that essence in you. And positivity plus positivity simple equals more positivity. Keep that in mind when you channel and do any kind of automatic writing. Protect yourself and make sure you are aware of any possible implications.