My view on #dontjudgechallenge
I’m all down for self confidence and self love but I’m definitely not okay with putting other people down in order to achieve that. There is nothing ugly about acne, everyone gets it and it doesn’t go away. There’s nothing ugly about a feminine person having a mustache or facial hair. There’s nothing ugly about unibrows, or anything else I’ve seen in those videos. These videos are actually very damaging to people with acne or unibrows etc because 1) you’re telling them they’re ugly 2) you’re saying that all of that stuff can go away quickly and simply 3) you’re telling them that if they don’t look like the Hollywood standard of beauty, they have no worth, no beauty, no attraction. I’m sorry but this trend needs to stop. -Isaiah #feminism #feminist #blackfeminism #blackfeminist #loveyourself #selfconfidence #bullying #yourperfectalready

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