My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me, so won’t you kill and I’ll die happy. My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury or wear as jewelry whichever you prefer.
—  Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional

Hi guys!

Sorry for the lack of intelligent posts lately. College has been taking up almost 100% of my time these days, but I am not complaining! I’ve been getting involved in some pretty incredible groups on campus and I cannot wait for the year to pick up and get started event-wise.

I went to the Grammy U Fall KickOff Party last week, which was so fun! Dave Barnes was the special guest & performer. I almost cried when he sang “God Gave Me You”. I love Blake Shelton’s version, but nothing beats hearing the songwriter sing his song. He was great.

I’ve been doing a lot of work for my classes, but it’s work that I thoroughly enjoy. Studying the history of the record industry is not really studying, in my mind… it’s way more enjoyable than studying for any of my high school classes! All of my high school senior followers - college is way better, if you find a college that fits you!

I am absolutely in love with Belmont and Nashville, if that wasn’t expected, and I cannot wait for this week to start! I have a lot going on that I will talk about later, and my two favorite TV shows return to the lineup this week. I can’t wait!

I’m going to do homework now, but I have put a lot of stuff in my queue and I would love to answer questions/chat with any or all of you, so just leave a little something in my ask and I’ll respond! <3