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That would be great if you would recommend some fics!

My DaveTav recs. Assume NSFW unless otherwise mentioned

Untitled (PWP) written for my birthday

(For the next couple links, I suggest reading Schim’s extensive information on troll reproduction. Uhhh it should be sfw. as much as any biology text would be?)

Tin Roof Rusted - Schim

I Will Wait For You - Schim SFW

How To Ride A Mechanical Bull - Schim

Dave: Investigate Sounds - Shypumpkin

untitled - Brostridersdick

Rumor Has It - Jabberwocky

Also Brodad’s The irony of bubblemates, which I don’t keep up with because I’m not down for the long haul, but it is fantastic and brodad has some great fics <3

…yeah that’s all i can think of


Since I already did this a few times, I thought I would steal the way that shocklock and watsonly did it and make a photoset~

  1. I have a gorgeous picture of John Cleese taped to my bedroom wall.
  2. This is my dog Ken. He is very difficult to take pictures of.
  3. I used to have a strong obsession with Rilakkuma…
  4. Probably my favourite book of the ones I own [The Princess Bride].
  5. Me with a polar bear on my head.
  6. My dad owns too many crocs for his own good.
  7. We forgot to put some Christmas decorations away so we have jingly grapes on our front door knob.
  8. My desk
  9. Shoes that I wear way way too often (I call them my Tinkerbell shoes)
  10. My bestestestestest friend

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I can just hear your barely-containted rage. You’re doing a really good job of keeping seemingly calm XD

Lolol yea, the Hulk Monster doesn’t come out until I’ve actually counted up all the votes.  Cause data doesn’t lie.  Facts are facts.  Maybe there’s 30 pages in the back full of Annie/Auggie shppers, you never know

The rage is bubbling, low simmer dulled by repetitive copy-pasteing