I love you. Don’t you mind, don’t you mind?

Suddenly it becomes a routine that you post up an audio of you singing, I listen to it. Get addicted. Then have it on repeat as i doodle. Then submit it to you as a tribute to your musical awesomeness and to show my appreciation of you sharing your voice on tumblr. I fear the day that me doing this will stop all together..

/// Oh, Iso, I love this so much. I love them all so much. Your art is so beautiful and there is nothing id rather have supplement my music. I feel like all of the love and support I get is almost too much, like I don’t deserve this, and you I have to thank for that surreal feeling because you were one of the first people who “latched” on to my music and stayed. It’s so incredible to me, honestly. You are incredible.

Why do you fear it will stop?