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Alois looked around the area he landed in with utter shock. He had no idea where he was. He walked up to a music room and pushed open the door to find a bunch of attractive boys in strange uniforms. 
“Um, hello. I am the Lord Trancy, but please, call me Alois. If I may, where am I?” He asked in his heavy British accent.



Alois shot Ciel an annoyed look. “What’s distracting you, shorty?” he huffed, poking Ciel’s cheek. The boy was always so damned beautiful, it made Alois seethe with jealousy. Why couldn’t he look like Ciel? Or more importantly, why couldn’t he have the boy? He wanted nothing more than the boy sitting next to him, and he had the chance to claim him right then. But the elder was too much of a coward to do anything; scared it he did make his move, Ciel would hate him more than he did already.

your-highness-alois-trancy || Come at me

Hikaru pulled up to the large mansion. He was impressed at the size. It was nearly as large as his own at home. He had come to England for a nice visit, but of course, he got lost.

The sun was setting and his phone was sorely in need of a charger. Hika was in need of a place to stay as well. He knew he wouldn’t be able to get anywhere.

So he approached the door and knocked.

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Heya. Couple of familiar faces I think, but nice to meet the rest of you.

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“Ah, they were not joking when they said that tourism has increased exponentially this year, even in the winter months but, ah, where are my manners? Bonsoir and welcome to the Principality of Monaco. I do hope the both of you are doing well even if your manner of dressing is not quite of this century. A paying tourist is a paying tourist after all!” Adjusting her glasses, she gave a grin to the visitors not entirely uncalculated. “Still, if there is anything I can help you with, simply say the word.”

He honestly didn’t know how he’d come to find himself at this door yet again. He didn’t know what sort of obsession he had with this Trancy asshole, but he was at those tall doors yet again, a frown set on his face. He knew that before he even knocked, Claude would open those doors, and so he stepped back, waiting to be let in, and thusly re-evaluating why exactly he was here. He’d gotten an invitation to yet another tea party, but there were specific directions that there wasn’t going to be any violence. He didn’t quite know if that was a joke, or if Trancy had been serious.

Just in case, he’d brought a gun under his shirt and a knife in his boot. He wasn’t the type of person to come unprepared after all. He sighed quietly, moving to knock on the door, only for it to be opened by none other than Claude. His frown only deepened as he was led through the mansion, and sat down at a lavish table beside Trancy. He gave a small word of greeting, if only in politeness. He didn’t dare touch the tea, not yet. He wanted to know what he’d really been brought here for, or if the other had seriously only invited him to a silly tea party.