Dear Aquarius

¸.·´¸.·¨) ¸.·¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ (¸.·¨¯`♥

On the day you were born
Electric balloons were released
from the sky, and it
rained baby blue diamonds and lime coconut

On the day you were born
The angels rejoiced and cried.
You were taking your
first breath with your earth
wings. But they missed your company.
They didnt want
the humans to destroy
your spirit.

On the day you were born
fountains of heavenly wisdom
was released into consciousness
and switched
on the light in the cosmos, so
it’s knowledge could never be unseen

On the day you were born, you
took your first breath and then exhaled
this lit a flame in the mind of the people
but it is you ~~ who
Always holds the candle


Insp. - “Soulmate AU where everybody is born with a simple tattoo on their wrist. Acircle, a straight line, a dot, etc. When you start interacting with yoursoulmate it starts getting more complex. Your first kiss, leaves grow. Yourfirst time, flowers sprout up. Get married, swirls fill your arm.”

When Newt had first met Thomas, the simple square on his wrist had slowly started morphing. He’d been worried, at first, wondering why small holes appeared right at the middle of every side of it. Maybe he was a bit slow to figure out what was happening at the time, but he’d been caught up with his own problems, trying desperately to tame his demons one at a time.

When it started growing instead of lessening, he’d started to figure out what was going on, but it was so slow and steady that even this obvious tell-tale sign had taken him a while. Thomas had entered his life through Minho, their common friend, and as the amber-eyed boy with the annoying, kissable dimples and the thousand upon thousands of questions about everything and nothing integrated himself into Newt’s life as seamlessly as though he’s always been missing, the tattoo grew and grew. It worked its magic, slowly morphing from straight lines into longer lines, twisting, winding, creating some sort of intricate pattern that Newt hadn’t been able to figure out what was at first.

Of course it was Thomas who noticed what was actually happening. One day, sitting next to Newt and splitting an order of nachos (yes, Newt realises how extremely trashy it sounds that he realised he was in love with his friend over nachos drowned in salsa and guacamole, thank you very much), Thomas’ fingers started tracing one of the lines, and chills broke out all the way down Newt’s back. “I never knew your tattoo was supposed to be a maze. It’s pretty cool how you got vines and stuff added,” he noted, face close enough to Newt’s skin that the Englishman could feel his breath ghosting over the goosebumps that were breaking out there. “When did you go? I haven’t noticed before now,”

Being a slow worker, not very well versed in the world of romance, it had taken Newt several months from that first ridiculous, stuttered, lame-ass excuse until he finally admitted to being in love with Thomas. Yes, he’d admitted it before they even had their first kiss. Cheeks burning, gaze shifting, hands sweating confession of his love, and when he’d looked up, the cheeky bastard had just been there, laughing at him, amber eyes twinkling with understanding, and before he’d been allowed to even ask the snappy question that was dwelling on his lips, Thomas had thrown his body against his, and the kiss had quite literally taken his breath away, so only what seemed like the most beautiful eternity within eternities Newt finally broke away, and as his chest was heaving for sweet, sweet oxygen, he looked down to see what the strange tingling down his lower and upper arm was. The vines that had started crawling from the maze on his arm so long ago had burst into intricate patterns of leaves and flowers in every stage from mere buds to full bloom, and maybe it was the lack of oxygen, or maybe it was just Thomas’ smile, but for just a second, he was certain he got a whiff of roses and something that smelled inexplicably like home.


This story is not about me, which I know is weird because usually everything is. This story is about and for my friends. 

Written into the seams of this story is all the love and color that my friends have forcefully infused into my life.

I don’t think I’ll ever write anything that doesn’t have dark themes. It would be a little like asking Wes Anderson to do a film in greyscale or Rob Zombie to do a rom-com or one of my organs to start functioning normally. But I’ve noticed a positive side to things that overall suck; it really brings out how amazing your friends are.

This story is inspired by the reactions and support from my wonderful friends. I found them and it changed my life.

Special thanks to Kayla, who is the reason this whole thing was written and very much one of the foremost of the aforementioned friends.

I love you all.

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