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gettin’ back to my ways and doing these videos til’ the mixtape drops so show some love and hope you enjoy. If you have any request feel free to hit me with a message! “Up Down” was way to eassy #YourFavoriteUnsignedArtist 

To my dear supporters/fans ..

Studio Session tonight, plan to get some footage of me in the booth and in my enviroment so that you all can see my work ethic and passion for this music thing. #PickYourPoison is on the way w. no release date but better late than never, im a quality over quantity kind of dude. Also shout out to everyone supporting me and actually looking forward to hearing that new “Phantom” #YouAlready much love to #TeamPDM & #TeamPDMUK JUST KNOW I BEEN WORKING MY D*** OFF CAUSE I ALREADY WORKED MY ASS OFF!

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Excited as fuck for my new project and more excited for my release party! Honestly this shit right here is a big deal and definitely a milestone in my career so if you can’t make it to this, it’s def slow for you 🚫 lmao. #PickYourPoison January 23 is gone be the 🌊 not only am I dropping the mixtape that sound like an album but it’s my sister @kristinnemelody BIRTHDAY too so you already know it’s #Lit with guest performance by @euphoriccym @ky_gambino @ant_dollas787 (Team Macho) and some more special guest 🙊 definitely a night you don’t want to miss #YourFavoriteUnsignedArtist let me remind you why..

P.s If you can not come to this event I can not fuck with you I’m tryna go forward and everyone can’t come but I can remember who was there 💯

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