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I posted it! can't figure out how to fuck with the link until tumblr lets me put it in an ask, but after archiveofourown copy in /works/1889847 and it'll bring you to the fic. I hope you like it!!

THAT IS SUPER HOT!!! Damn, I just… I mean… ALKJDFLKSJDFLÖKSJDF. hHHhhhHHHhHHhHhhHhhhhhh~~~ Srsly, everyone, go and read it! :Q____________________

list your 10 favorite characters (one per fandom)

i was tagged by shishkips thanks u memer

dangan ronpa - makoto naegi
super dangan ronpa 2 - nagito komaeda
hunter x hunter - hisoka
persona 3 - hamuko arisato
persona 4 - tohru adachi
fate/zero - kiritsugu emiya
noragami - yato
fire emblem - soren
death note - light yagami
gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun - yuu kashima

that was really hard;;;

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Hi! I saw your demon!levi a couple days ago, the one from the palette meme, and am almost done writing a short ereri pwp based on it. I plan on publishing it on ao3 when it's finished. Would you mind if I linked your art to it? I'll send you a link when I've uploaded it, of course, and if you decide after reading it that you want the link taken off of it, I'll remove it.

Hey there~ :3 That’s perfectly fine with me! And yes please send me the link once you have posted it! I wanna read it!  *//w//*

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1. Always post the rules.
2. Answer the questions of the person who tagged you.
3. Write 10 new questions.
4. Tag 10 random people.
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My response:
1. Do you believe in luck?
Not really.
2. What’s one thing you are proud of?
My artistic skills.
3. Have you ever been heartbroken?
4. Did you ever had a crush on someone who was younger/older than you?
Ya, but it was just a year older.
5. Did you always get good grades?
6. What was one thing your family said you couldn’t do?
Can’t think of anything.
7. Have you ever dislike someone based on their bad personality?
Yes, but I’ve disliked people for less.
8. Ever dated someone of the same sex?
9. When was your first kiss?
Grade 3, if that counts.
10. Have you fallen for someone in social media?

My Questions:
1. What’s your favourite song?
2. What’s your favourite food?
3. Do you have any siblings?
4. What’s your favourite season?
5. Do you play any instruments?
6. Do you play sports?
7. Do you live in the city?
8. Have you ever kissed anyone?
9. How old do you think you should have to be to go on Tumblr?
10. Do you ever want to have kids

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hi there I’m Julia, favorite color blue, OTPs too numerous to choose, favorite ice cream flavor chocolate chip mint. I used to have four cats, all of whom are dead and replaced by two dogs. You always show up on my dash and I feel like you reblog a lot of my stuff? hi there good to meet you

*pats ur face* yes u r gud pon3h I am Joelius Caesar



This girl learned to play the sheet music I notated! It’s awesome!

(The song’s not mine by the way, The Tumbled Sea wrote it, I just notated it.)

Here’s the link for the sheet music if anyone else is interested in learning it: