Jeaneren Fic Rec Part 3

Soo…There’s a lot more than I thought, all my fic recs are in this tag

Serendipitous series by bfketh (Ongoing)

A few Modern AU fics about Jean and Eren.

A Love Story in Twelve Parts by tyrellis (Complete)

Jean and Eren fall in love slowly. Modern AU

All Grown Up by tyrellis (Complete)

Jean pretends he doesn’t like how Eren filled out. Modern AU

The thaw by dizzyondreams (Complete)

Where Eren has Jean pretend to be his boyfriend for a wedding. Modern AU.

Roadtrip AU series by dizzyondreams (Complete)

As the title says. Modern AU

Not at All by youreyestheyglow (complete)

Eren had an adorable boyfriend waiting at home. Modern AU

Je Murmure les Mots (I’ll Whisper the Words) by zrysx (Complete)

Modern AU where Eren hates when Jean speaks to him in French. 

There’s a fire burning within me by jeanpls (Complete)

Modern AU where Eren’s at a rave and wants to get laid

What happens in the back seat by gallade (Complete)

Eren’s a football player and Jean loves his ass in those pants. Modern AU.

Catch you Around by Eren_Gayger (Complete)

Eren is beautiful and Jean’s not afraid to tell him. Modern AU.

Tell me we’ll be just fine by andreaphobia (Complete)

Eren’s a drug addict and Jean tries not to be an enabler. Modern AU.

Sea Change by andreaphobia (Complete)

Jean wonders how a person like Eren ended up in prison. Prisonmates AU

The Best/Worst Decision by RosieRaven (Complete)

Jean and Eren fell in love in High School, but not at first. High School AU.

Bloody noses and Scraped Knees by dizzyondreams (Complete)

Jean’s been flirting with the wrong person this whole time. Modern AU

Pink lips, Pink lace by dizzyondreams (Complete)

Eren has on bright pink underwear because he’s on a mission. Modern AU

All or Nothing by in_agony_and_ecstacy (Complete)

Trans!Eren AU where Eren thought he was finally over Jean

My Dear Acquaintance by akissontitan (Complete)

Trans!Jean AU with awkward Eren

On Our Way to Weightless by akissontitan (Complete)

Trans!Jean AU where Jean and Eren are in a long distance relationship, but finally meet up

thequeerkhaleesi  asked:

Hey do you know of any fanfics where either of them are trans or non cisgender?

For The Lonely Hearts by CousinNick

Summary: Loneliness was Jeans constant companion and best confidant in the years that he traded his woman’s skirts for his dead husbands leather boots and sawed off shotgun…but that was until he met the trapper in the woods.

You’re Such A Heavenly View by akissontitan

Summary: Fourteen days is far too long to go without touching one another.

Or that One Where Jean is Trans, Because None of you Other Dickmunches Wrote it by CousinNick

Summary:  A collection of one shots with trans!Jean

The Dance of Kings by CousinNick

Summary: Confessing to your beloved is difficult when you are a King, but even more so when you are the King of Wolves.

I Don’t Like Horses by keepfabandgayon

Summary: We will always be a tragedy.

Better Than A Space Heater by arioseDreamer

Summary: Marco has large hands, warm hands. And he is extremely cuddly.

On a normal day, Jean is not. But today, he’s taking particular advantage of his boyfriend’s freakishly warm hands.

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me by Fall Out Boy by PyromanicNytemair

Summary: "Jean loses his virginity to Fall Out Boy mixed with bubblegum pop on some crappy radio station on a college kid’s shared apartment’s couch while running the risk of the guy’s roommate coming home and the entire situation is dubiously legal — Jean’s aware of age-of-consent laws but he’s not totally sure if he falls short of that line (which he does) or the guy he’s jumped into bed with towers over it (which he does) — to begin with, but it’s hard to care with the way there are lips mouthing at his ear and fingers buried deep inside him and Jean’s trying so hard not to just scream from the pleasure.“The two of them met through coincidence, through a friend who knew a friend who knew a friend, and Jean Kirschstein immediately took an unusually strong interest in Marco Bodt. Despite the four-year age gap, there was some sort of indesputable connection between the sixteen-year-old transgender boy and the now-twenty-year-old freckled angel.Everything from that point went straight downhill, and now there’s no more turning back.

Love is an Open Door by Orphan_account

Summary: Jean Kirschtein works at the Disney Store in his local mall. On most weekdays he’s granted minimal customers before three o'clock but what happens when a freckled dork comes in needing some help finding a doll.

The Search Is Over by youreyestheyglow

Summary: Trans!Jean & genderfluid!Marco

Starlit Nights by youreyestheyglow

Summary: Marco’s a pianist, and he hopes his new neighbor won’t mind him playing, even though the walls in their duplex are thin.
Marco’s POV.

Notes in Constellations by youreyestheyglow

Summary: Jean’s just moved to America from France, and he’s kinda hoping his neighbor will just move out.
Jean’s POV.

Learning to Love Jean Kirschtein by Skire

Summary: My parents always taught me that no matter what I did in life, I should be happy. Find a girl and be happy. To me, finding a girl, marrying her, settling down and starting a family was about the only certain life goal I really had. It was the one thing that I could say was like a dream for me. For a while I thought I was lucky to have come across "The One” girl when I was so young. She was perfect in every way imaginable, it took seconds for me to want her.

Falling in love with Jeanine Kirschstein came to me like drinking water.
Falling in love with Jean Kirschstein I found out was a bit more like drinking bleach.

We Lit The Fire by BaeMax

Summary: Basically just domestic fluff jeanmarco oneshot. Trans!marco modern AU.

- Mod J

updated: sept. 9, 2015.  a very lengthy, multi-fandom fic rec. ctrl+f for ratings or pairings.

fandoms included:

yowamushi pedal
shingeki no kyojin
daiya no ace
love live!
teen wolf

pairings included: 

(hq) kagehina, kenhina, kyouhaba, daisuga, ushioi, tsukkiyama, kiyoyachi
(yowapeda) midosaka, shinizu, toumaki
(snk) ereri
(dna) chrisawa
(free) makoharu
(love live) nicomaki, nozoeli, rinpana, kotoumi, honobasa, erean
(teen wolf) sterek

♥♥ = absolute favorites, must read
** = favorites

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youreyestheyglow  asked:

I posted it! can't figure out how to fuck with the link until tumblr lets me put it in an ask, but after archiveofourown copy in /works/1889847 and it'll bring you to the fic. I hope you like it!!

THAT IS SUPER HOT!!! Damn, I just… I mean… ALKJDFLKSJDFLÖKSJDF. hHHhhhHHHhHHhHhhHhhhhhh~~~ Srsly, everyone, go and read it! :Q____________________

youreyestheyglow  asked:

thank you so much I'm so happy!!!!!!! omg omg omg it sounds so cool I can't wait to see what you guys do with it!! YEAHHHH I saw that when I was researching her it's so cool??? almost managed to turn me into a starbucks person but the dunkin donuts is too strong in me. they don't have atargatis as their logo tho so they're missing out

I don’t drink coffee but after seeing the original logo and the first pic that pops up in a google search of Atargatis, I was like “HOLY SHITT!! The Goddess is the starbucks logo!!” and did some more research thinking they might have started as an oceianic trading company but nope.And since i preffer the look of silicone scales, I am getting this tale, with my measurements

with but in a darker turquoise to look more like the dark water of the sea.

"Smitten!Levi is my kink" fic recs

In which there is Levi’s POV and everyone can see for themselves how Levi absolutely moons over Eren. Uhnnnn yes, please, more, please.

(Most are long, ‘cuz slowly heating romance is the best)


3 A.M. (Work) by loveatfirstsight 

Silent Professionals by Obsidian_Aurora 

Sword Art Online by erentitanjaeger (just one small part, but completely worths it)

Entrenched by BadAtPennames

Holding Hands In The Rain by twisting_vine_x

Imbue by ChildishSadism

Mr. Brightside by Mischievous_Renaissance

My Greatest Regret by teecup_angel

Not All Lips Go Blue by claralikesfood

The Feral (Work) by Kaspian

To You, From This World to the Next by Space_Kitten_from_Planet_Pheromone


Systematic, hydromatic by myoue

Parking by alexandriakeating

strike me out looking by foreverautumn

Prominence by Jaegeractive

The Piano Lessons by youreyestheyglow

anonymous asked by tedleo

It’s Fine by erentitanjaeger

youreyestheyglow  asked:

hi i want you to know that i would buy the fuck out of a tfc cards against humanity set please for the love of god make this happen

ahhh awesome i dont know whether i’d be able to sell physical copies of them, but once they’re done i’ll be able to give out the online version for free!!

youreyestheyglow  asked:

Hi! I saw your demon!levi a couple days ago, the one from the palette meme, and am almost done writing a short ereri pwp based on it. I plan on publishing it on ao3 when it's finished. Would you mind if I linked your art to it? I'll send you a link when I've uploaded it, of course, and if you decide after reading it that you want the link taken off of it, I'll remove it.

Hey there~ :3 That’s perfectly fine with me! And yes please send me the link once you have posted it! I wanna read it!  *//w//*

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