Where to begin. So many thing to talk about. Let’s start with right before Coldplay came on. Back to the Future music was playing and people were screaming. I look down and see the four perfect musicians were about to walk on stage. I couldn’t contain myself. Jalee and I are holding on to each other for dear life. We just can’t…….Mylo Xyloto starts playing and the Wristbands light up all over the area. What a magical experience. Of all the things I have seen in my life, I have never seen anything so beautiful. All the colors and lights shining at once was just unbelievable.

Then came on In My Place, a old classic of the Coldplay variety. A rock show anthem that should be played over and over again. My favorite part is when Chris Martin raises his hand in the air screaming: “YEAH!!! How long must you wait for it.” Hearing everyone sing along is intoxicating. Jalee and I were cheering and screaming watching Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland preform perfection in music form. 

Then the Scientist came on. Jalee and I with all these feels right now. Singing so loud because of the beauty of the song. The song is filled with sadness yet, everytime I hear it I feel uplifted by the end. The way the song is preformed makes you feel incredibly happy. I don’t why, the lyrics are so sad and depressing yet hearing 20,000 people singing along and Jalee and I looked at each other in utter excitement and a feeling that we didn’t want the song to stop. 

Then they moved to the X in the middle of the area and played Princess of China, Up in Flames, Warning Sign. Jalee noticed a hole in the stage and so naturally we were flipping out. What was it?? Who is going to come out of it!!!???? Is Rihanna going to come out it?? I seriously hope so. Princess of China started but no Rihannna :( But still an amazing song. They should tour together so they can play that song together. Seriously, how epic would that be. Jalee and I are still singing at the top of our lungs starting to lose our voices. 

Then the biggest stadium anthem of them all comes on. Viva La Vida. It is the ultimate live song. The souring melody and sing-a-long aspect. Watching WIll Champion bang the drum and bells is hypnotizing. Chris Martin has so much fun with this song. Running around that stage pumping up the crowd. Jalee and I feel so free at this moment

random moment of the concert was while Jalee was in the bathroom she saw a really hot girl in a coldplay shirt with tight red leggings on. She was obsessed for about 5 mins

then the band moved to a part of the area where I couldn’t see them perform. 

Finally we get to the encore. Clocks, Fix You and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. So much winning in those three songs. Clocks hits you with lasers everywhere. The epic piano playing of Chris Martin create an atmosphere like no other. But the greatest moment of my life happened when the intro to Fix You came on. Jalee and I almost fell to our knees on happiness. This literally the saddest song ever. Written for Gywenth after her father died. Chris Martin shows off his lyrical genius and dancing skills. The song starts slow and somber but in the middle, the pace quickens and a jolt of energy is sparked within you. Martin jumps for the sky in a state of utter joy. The ending chorus to the song is the most emotional I felt while listening to a song. Jalee and I just can’t handle anything at this moment and in the genius words of Jalee “And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.”( The Perks of Being a Wall Flower) I could not agree more. 

and then it was over