This song seems appropriate this week.

A Great Big Pile of Leaves - Back to School (prove to dad that I’m not a fool)


#lastnight #willienelson #yourealwaysonmymind (at Edgewater’s E Center)

Finally, settled in.

I don’t know the story behind A Great Big Pile of Leaves’ band name, but their music encapsulates that feeling of kicking a pile of crunchy autumn leaves supernova - doing something childish and fun for the hell of it. Because you can. Because, you’re a grown ass man and you can have cereal for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. 

I’ve had the Brooklyn four piece’s latest LP on repeat for the past couple of months. It’s saved me from the mind numbing, soul sucking work I’m fortunate enough to have - but the necessary evil tugs at my urge to be anywhere but here. You’re Always On My Mind is my escape. It’s been my glimpse of sunshine out the window on a clear day, rays of sun sneaking into the office and luring me to take an extended walk out of the cubicle into the warm, humid weather. 

Their 2013 Topshelf Records release, You’re Always On My Mind has 10 tracks that all vie for my attention as favorite track. If you had a gun to my head, I’d probably say Pet Mouse. Upbeat, with memorable lyrics and a fuzzed out guitar that chugs contentedly below an insanely catchy vocal and guitar line, the song always feels too short by the time it’s done. The guitar tone is a slab of expertly barbequed hamburger - chunky, thick, filling and well rounded. The vocals are that honey aftertaste of your favorite boutique beer brewed only in your hometown. The lyrics are intimate and familiar, about topics you and your friends joke about in the few chances you make time in your busy schedule to look back into the less busy, cringe-worthy past. It’s unabashed fun for the sake of having fun, because let’s be real - none of us are as grown up as we pretend to be!

Check Pet Mouse below.