Reluctant Rejection

Summary: Being Sam Winchester’s Omega was wonderful… when he was actually there. Yes, he was kind and loving, but he’d spend weeks away from you, only stopping by when he needed to. Two years of living on the outskirts of Sam’s life is starting to take its toll. 
: Alpha!SamxOmega!Reader
: 2927
: A/B/O Dynamics. Smut. Angst. Mistrust in a relationship. 
AN: First proper Sammy ABO fic!!! This is also my entry for @ilostmyshoe-79‘s Sweet Emotions Challenge! My emotion was Neglect… hope this fits the bill properly. But I feel like it does!!! 
This also has the option for a sequel… possibly… I’ve got an idea. So it’s a definite possibility.
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


The first thing that alerted you to Sam’s arrival was the tell-tale low grumble of the large, black beauty of the car he owned, which was quickly killed and followed by the slamming of a car door.

An excited grin broke out across your face, the small pains that indicated the very early stages of your heat forgotten. Every instinct in your body telling you to go to your Alpha, every fibre of your being craving to be with him after so long apart; to see him, smell him, touch him… your very soul was calling out for him.

It wasn’t like you’d forgotten all of the doubts that had been plaguing you, haunting your thoughts and hounding your dreams. Those were still very much there; but, at present, they were being entirely overwhelmed by the hormones coursing through your veins. There was only one thing on your mind when your heat started creeping into your system.

Sam didn’t even get the chance to cross the threshold before you leapt at him, arms wrapping around his neck, lips crashing into his in a searing kiss. He dropped his duffel bag on the floor just in time to catch you, one of his large hands gripping your thigh as you wrapped your legs around his narrow waist; the other quickly wrapping around your lower back. You heard him moan into your mouth as your fingers wove their way into his long hair.

He chuckled slightly when you finally pulled away from his mouth, but you made no attempt to detach yourself from him in any other way. In fact, you barely moved your head far from his.

“Someone’s keen,” he mused, smirking at you with a light in his eyes that only you could ignite. You matched his grin with one of your own, gently nudging his nose with yours before resting your forehead against his.

A small whine escaped your throat as you felt him slip the hand at your back under the thin shirt you were wearing, and you inhaled deeply, unable to get enough of his warm scent that reminded you of a campfire. “Missed you, Alpha,” you sighed, tugging on his hair slightly and eliciting a small growl from him.

“Missed you too, Omega,” he mumbled into the crook of your neck as he buried his face there, clearly revelling in your scent as much as you were in his.

The two of you remained entwined with one another as Sam carelessly kicked his bag just inside the door before knocking it shut behind him, just enjoying the moment of being close to one another. This wasn’t an uncommon way of spending your first few hours together when he visited, due to the fact that you often spent so long apart. You both just basked in the presence of the other.

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No Love (M) | Part One

Long List of Warnings (trigger warnings)

Angst, Unfaithful Reader, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Slight Sexism, Social Issues, Child Abuse (non-sexual), Unhealthy Relationship Depiction, Unstable Reader, Slightly Manipulative Reader, Sex & stuff.

Disclaimer: Other Kpop artist/Fictional Characters are portrayed in this, this is not an accurate representation of their personality so please do NOT get offended.  

Word Count: 9.9k+

Description: After a two-year breakup with Yoongi, you suddenly run into him again at your boyfriend’s party. Drunk and alone, Yoongi passes out on you, and you convince Jiwon (your boyfiend) to let Yoongi stay over for the night without telling him about your history. Jiwon, who invited Yoongi as a business colleague, is willing. But little does he know that it will wreck havoc on your relationship. (Takes place the morning after this happens.)

Request:  “Hey could you do a daddy kink with Yoongi, please?”

A/N: You probably expected this to be a hot smut without any emotional roller coasters at all, didn’t you? Title is actually a song by Lyves that I listened to while writing the reader opening Yoongi’s present scene. - Admin Baby  

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Happy birthday to the most kindhearted, caring, and talented leader that has tirelessly led BTS through the thorns of hardships faced at the beginning to walk the path of flowers. The owner of the cutest dimples, an intellect, rapper, composer, producer, brother to 6, and a mouth that allows the most deep and thought out ideas to slip, selfless but also strong willed Kim Namjoon. Thank you for truly sharing your most beautiful moments in life with us. We will always love and support the person who tirelessly leads and selflessly thinks♡

winterrose42  asked:

I'm not trying to suck up with this, I'm being genuine when I say that your series is truly beautiful. From the story line and everything fitting together flawlessly, to the sound effects and animation itself. Through all the idiotic shit people throw at you, thank you for sticking to doing what you love and giving us this wonderful AT.

thank you very much!

SF9 Reaction to: Your Idol Group Having A Sexy Comeback

Inseong: Turns into a gross flirt. “Hold on, I need glasses to truly appreciate your beauty,” he’ll say. He feels no jealousy at fans enjoying your sexy comeback, as he knows he’s the only one who gets to touch.

Originally posted by yngbin

Youngbin: He’s a little jealous, mostly because your relationship was a secret, so no one knew you were his. He has to grin and bare seeing other idols gape at your performances. While visiting you backstage, he barely notices the other idols and staff around as he makes it a point to show off that he’s dating you.

“Come here, sit on Binnie’s lap. Do you want a kiss?”

Originally posted by maknaesnoonax

Jaeyoon: The moment he sees your comeback played on the music channel, he dials your number, acting extra as always.


Originally posted by fantajae

Dawon: The extra-est of extra, King of being Too Much, will be so childish. “Yah! What is this? Why are you grinding like that - You can’t be my bias and my bias wrecker, stay in your damn lane!”

Originally posted by jerriexofanfic

Zuho: Tries and fails to act like he’s cool about it. “Jealous? Me? What makes you think that :) :) I’m perfectly fine with your comeback :) Especially that dance move where your group mates hands slide up your leg :) That was a cool part :)”

Originally posted by dinojaeee

Rowoon: Your number one hype man. He promotes your comeback better than your own company and knows the routine off by heart. Whenever your song comes on the radio, he blasts it and tries getting the others to join in.

“Come on, Chanhee! You know the moves!”

Originally posted by princechani

Taeyang: This soft child doesn’t know how to react. Like many teen boys watching your music video, he felt a spark go down his spine. But you weren’t just any random idol to drool over, you were his. So while he was supportive of you, he wasn’t quite sure how to react to his hyungs and fans alike seeing you like that.

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

Hwiyoung: Dolphin squeals every time you appear on screen. “WHOOOOA! THAT’S MY BABY!”

Originally posted by hviyeongs

Chani: “I heard it’s really good! But I haven’t watched it yet, Youngbin won’t let me. Every time I try watching the music video, he storms into my room and takes my phone away … But the first five seconds were very impressive!”

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

You’re Hurt

gif is not mine

Title: You’re Hurt

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 950

Warnings: Injured reader, fluff

a/n: This was at the top of my request list, which probably means it’s been there for a while. So I apologize for taking so long on this request. I hope you all love this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

This was requested by anon: What about a Sammy Imagine? Like something where the reader gets hurt badly on a hunt Sammy (the boyfriend) takes care of you. Love you

There were countless times where your boyfriend Sam Winchester would come back from a hunt with injuries.  You never failed to take care of his wounds as best as you could.  Luckily there was rarely a time where any of you had to go to a hospital.  Unfortunately, this time when you came back from a hunt with Dean, you were the one who ended up getting injured.

You ignored Dean’s pleas and went straight to the shared room you had with Sam.  A dangerous hunt always made you think about what you had with Sam.  It refreshed the painful reminder that your lives were incredibly dangerous and unpredictable.  

When you pushed open the door, you limped inside the room.  You quickly gained Sam’s attention.  He moved from the bed, rushing to your side.  The younger Winchester grabbed your arm, letting you lean against the other.  Sam sat you down on the bed, grabbing the emergency first aid kit that you kept on the dresser.

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prince of cats

chapter two: this holy shrine

on ao3 || on ffnet 

i was gonna say something but im in like a really really bad mood right now so i hope you enjoy the chapter

Marinette hesitates for longer than usual at her apartment door. There’s no way her neighbor will be out and about at this time today, she’s never run into him before yesterday. Maybe he just had an errand to run or something. She shouldn’t be nervous about the slim chance of seeing someone she’s exchanged not even half a conversation with.

At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself.

The reality of the situation is that she fell asleep on the couch in the middle of designing an evening dress and had dreamt about his eyes. His eyes! God it’s like she’s a teenager again.

Just as she’d predicted, she doesn’t run into her neighbor. She’s strangely disappointed. Not that she had been looking forward to see him, she just—

Okay. Yes, she’d been looking forward to at least catching another glimpse of him. She kind of wants to hear his voice again, maybe hear him laugh?

For some reason, she thinks it would sound like springtime—

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An Unfamiliar Feeling

Pairing: Reader x Joshua
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Joshua isn’t a jealous person. So why does he feel like this?
Word count: 4k
A/N: thank you to @shouldwefall for helping me plot this!

Originally posted by j-miki

Joshua Hong was not a jealous person. If anything, his friends seemed to tease him for being too relaxed about things; like that time in junior high where he was supposed to sing the solo in choir, but some kid in the grade below kicked up so much of a fuss that the auditor switched it around. Or when he was expected to win the subject award for English in senior year, but a kid who’d just come into the class that year stole it from underneath him. Or when he was planning to ask one the girl he was kind of interested in at the time to prom, but one of his friends asked her first. He was mild-mannered, he’d always been.

So to be feeling something like this was so foreign to him.

“You always said that Jeonghan was cool, but I didn’t expect him to be this cool,” You breathed, sitting back on the couch. You had a massive grin from ear to ear, and your eyes were lit up in a way that Josh hadn’t seen recently.
“Yeah!” He smiled and nodded at you, trying to shift the uncomfortable weight in his chest. “I can’t believe it’s taken you guys so long to finally meet.”
“I’m so glad we finally have,” you sighed happily, running a hand through your hair. “You always seem to find the most interesting people.”

You and Joshua had known each other for years. You couldn’t quite remember the exact time the two of you became friends, but you were hard-pressed to remember a time that he hadn’t been in your life. You’d graduated high school together, and you’d both moved to go to the same university. Ever since you’d met, you’d become constant staples in each other’s lives. You’d thought to yourself many times how empty your life would feel without him. He very much felt the same.

That’s why, when the initial feelings of discomfort had set in once he’d introduced you to Jeonghan, he palmed it off as just disliking the idea of things changing. They’d been the same way for a very long time, of course. He’d been content with that, for a day or two. He’d smiled and nodded when you first mentioned the two of you had been texting. He’d done a pretty good job of ignoring the uncomfortable weight on his chest. But, it had been a few weeks now, and every time you brought Jeonghan up, he felt himself tense up. It was getting more difficult to ignore it.

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Meeting Michael

gif is not mine

Title: Meeting Michel

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Word Count: 1,300

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This is my first imagine/oneshot Michael fic. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

This was requested by @flufy07: Imagine during the apocalypse you get taken hostage by Zachariah to get dean to say yes and michael falling for you during your time as heavens prisoner? (and is being a dick and stuff XD) please?

Zachariah threw you into one of Heaven’s prison cells.  He didn’t care about hurting you either.  You were only a ploy to get Dean Winchester to say yes to being Michael’s vessel.  You almost wished you could kill the angel who took you.

“Let me out of here,” you shouted, grabbing onto the bars of the cell.

“Not a chance [Y/N],” Zachariah sneered.  “You’ll be lucky if I don’t end up killing you.  You’re nothing more than a piece of meat.  The perfect bait.”

“Once I get out of here, I’m going to kill your ass,” you seethed.

“Hah,” the angel scoffed.  “I’d like to see you try.”  Zachariah walked down the hall and out of sight.

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anonymous asked:

I'm so in love with your artworks. They are truly beautiful. I especially love your Otayuri art. I have a question: are you planning to make part 3 of We are pregnant, because that comic of yours is so awesome? If you do, I'm so ready :3 Thanks again

THANKS DARLING!!! here some Otayuri for you n___n!! (sorry, this was the best I could do in the 20 minutes of spare time I had between my exams and reports Y__Y) 

and yep, I’m thinking of making part 3, I hope I can do it quickly since college is taking my life TT__TT but I’ll try my best!!! I really like mpreg and my OTP’s with babies so I’m willing to make it too <3 

  • 1. “That looks bad….”
  • 2. “You look awful.”
  • 3. “Are you serious?”
  • 4. “Did you really just do that?”
  • 5. “Look I need a boyfriend for just five minutes!”
  • 6. “I swear I didn’t do it!…. on purpose.”
  • 7. “Take it back.”
  • 8. “Well look at that!”
  • 9. “I’m sorry that I fell in love with you.”
  • 10. “I think I’ve memorized the sound of a heart breaking.”
  • 11. “Trust me alright! Just for once trust me!”
  • 12. “I remember when you nearly died on me….”
  • 13. “Does the pain ever go away?”
  • 14. “Can we pretend that I didn’t just fall?”
  • 15. “Ow I think that bit me….” “oh thats- wait that one?!”
  • 16. “There is nothing wrong with you!”
  • 17. “Can’t you do one thing right?!”
  • 18. “Sometimes I wonder why you keep me…”
  • 19. “Why are you waving a stick?”
  • 20. “Your telling me… I’m being left alone? Again?”
  • 21. “Will you stop pointing that thing at me!”
  • 22. “Keep calm?! How can I keep calm?!”
  • 23. “Ow tell him that he needs to watch that tail!”
  • 24. “Oh my God… I’m inside a suitcase….”
  • 25. “Tell the little bugger to knock it off!” 
  • 26. “Did you hear that? That does not sound friendly.”
  • 27. “No you don’t understand!” 
  • 28. “Let me go! I don’t love you anymore!” 
  • 29. “This is all your bloody fault! Just leave!” 
  • 30. “For once will you pretend to care about me?” 
  • 31. “Why did I have to love you.” 
  • 32. “Why do you have to be so adorable?” 
  • 33. “I’m alright I promise.” 
  • 34. “Oh get over yourself!” 
  • 35. “For once just stop talking and listen.” 
  • 36. “Why did you have to choose her?” 
  • 37. “Don’t worry about it. I’m used to being second best.” 
  • 38. “Just promise you won’t forget….”
  •  39. “Why am I not good enough?” 
  • 40. “I loved you… and you broke me….” 
  • 41. “Your distracting me.” 
  • 42. “They’re just a bunch of idiots.” 
  • 43. “I’m used to being ignored. So don’t worry about it.” 
  • 44. “Your beautiful… you truly are.” 
  • 45. “Stop being attractive for five seconds.” 
  • 46. “Your being idiotic!” 
  • 47. “They’re not monsters! For once will wizards just listen about these creatures!” 
  • 48. “Shhh you don’t wanna wake the basilisk.” 
  • 49. “Please tell me that not what I think it is.” 
  • 50. “Please just kiss me before this ends.”
  • 51. “Great you broke him!”
  • 52. “No! I’m not doing it! You can’t make me!”
  •  I’ll be continually adding more prompts so don’t worry this isn’t all of them! Just request one that you like!

To Jung Deahyun,

Happy birthday sweetheart, please never lose your love for life, friends and family. Your energy and capacity to take the world in your stride is truly beautiful. Stay passionate. 

# 대현이다

Fathers Day

Chris Evans x Reader Fic.

Notes: So this is my first reader fic. I decided to write this cause it Father’s Day!!!! Hope it lives up to your expectations. If you can, please please comment, reblog and message me about this fic or about anything else. Your thoughts and comments make my day :)

His mind was blank. Strangely empty of any and every sane thought. He was overthinking and not thinking at all. His head buzzed, heavy and tired with the activities of the day;  His muscles ached underneath his skin and he repeated his movements over and over again - rinsing the dishes with water and placing them into the dishwasher. The sound of running water had filled his ears, their pounding force creating an almost relaxing rhythm in his mind.

Glancing upwards, he eyed the clock that said it was 12:23 pm. Good God. He’d been awake for almost 23 hours now. Placing the last spoon and glass into the dishwasher, Chris turned the knob in the center, punched a few buttons and switched off the lights as the dishwasher roared to life, breaking his trance like state; pushing him back into reality, one in which he was absolutely terrified and lost. Hopeless. His buzzed thoughts cleared out, making way for fear, anxiety, confusion, haste. He was barely conscious of his movements as he moved around the ground floor of his house, switching off lights, picking up stray tissues and shoes, placing the remote controls back into the shelf, folding the soft, blue blanket. Checking the back door one to ensure it was locked securely, Chris started his ascent towards you as his footsteps guided him up the rich, cream carpeted staircase.

He could feel the air thinning as he moved up, making it harder for him to breathe with each passing second. His shoulders felt strained, as though he’d carried a ton of weight on them and walked here. His feet stopped on their own accord when he reached the upstairs landing. Taking in a deep, shuddering breath, Chris walked towards your bedroom. Placing his hand on the door, he tentatively pushed it open, only to find that you weren’t there: the bed was empty; the bathroom door was open, no lights switched on. Sighing to himself, he turned to his right and walked a few steps to the door nearest to your bedroom. It was shut half-way, and he could barely hear a soft murmur from inside. Pushing the door open softly, he glanced inside, only to have the remaining few breaths left in his lungs snatched away.

There you were, in a corner of the small room, tucked into a large, comfortable armchair by the window. The room was airy, illuminated by the traces of sunlight that had managed to reach the window. Chris stared at you for a while, propping himself up on the doorway - because if he hadn’t? He was pretty sure he’d have fallen to his knees then and there. He’d seen you in a plethora of states. He’d seen you dolled-up, ready to head out for some party. He’d seen you fresh faced, without a trace of makeup, looking absolutely immaculate. He’s seen you in formal, red-carpet worthy dresses and sundresses and that gorgeous white wedding dress that you had hung in the back of the closet, neatly wrapped in a cloth cover. But this? He’s never seen you like this, looking so… serene. You sat in the sofa, covered by an old t-shirt of his and tights. But it wasn’t your carefree look, or your mussed hair that had caught his attention. No. It was your posture, your expression that caught his attention. It was what you held in your arms and the way you looked at it, that caught his attention.

Swaddled against your chest, Chris could barely make out the face of the little baby boy he knew was placed inside. Baby. Your baby. His baby. Our baby. Suddenly, he felt the urge to be there, beside you, looking over his son. He moved as quietly as he possibly could, coming to rest beside you, before dropping to his knees. You looked at him, your eyes connecting for a moment - a moment in which time seemed to halt. All Chris was aware of, was your beauty. How truly relaxed, calm and composed you looked. You shared a smile with him, eyes twinkling, before going back to your previous duty of simply staring and admiring your new baby. Chris leaned back a bit to observe you. You seemed… different. Not in a bad way, not in the slightest. No. You seemed changed. Gentler. Softer. Calmer. From the way you traced your baby boys’ cheek to the way you softly inhaled and exhaled, making sure to not disrupt your baby’s sleep. Your were so careful. Loving. And in that moment, Chris realized what had changed. You. You weren’t just his wife, or the spectacular professional that you were. No. Now you were a mother. The biggest role of them all. And it terrified him. He was scared. So fucking scared. His life wasn’t like usual dads. And he didn’t want to burden this tiny life now. Not ever.

He knew this was all real but he still had a hard time believing it. Come to think of it, just 4 years ago, when he hadn’t even met you, Chris had given up his dream of this life. Of a family that was his. And only his. But looking back at the two people he cherished most in the world, he couldn’t help the internal explosion of joy and love that had occurred. Never would he have thought he’d see this day. Him, married. Chris Evans, married and who now had a baby. A proper home, filled with various memoirs of your lives together: photographs and trinkets and even the curtains that you two had fought over for nearly 2 whole weeks. It all seemed so surreal, so…pure, that he didn’t know if he deserved all this. If he deserved you or that little bundle of joy.

Your hand weaving through his hair brought him back to reality. He looked up at you, wanting to say something but words failed him. You looked gorgeous. Simple as that. The scintillating, roaring fire that you were was now a softer, benevolent flame - one that provided comfort and warmth; protection and safety. Home. You were, are and will be his home. His source of truth. His faith even. You smiled again and moved to get up to place your baby in his bassinet. Chris watched your smooth movements, mesmerized by you once again.

“I love you y/n. I love you so much,” Chris spoke softly, forcing you to turn away from the bassinet and stare at him. “I… I want to say so much but… I can’t - I don’t know how to say it. You - you deserve to know how much I love you and how happy all this is making and I - I don’t know how to say all that I want to.”

You made your way over to him now, wrapping your arms around him, feeling the hard planes of his back that were so familiar to you. You smelled like flowers and baby powder, the scent making Chris lightheaded.

“You don’t have to say anything Chris. I know. I love you too.” you reminded him before reaching up to press your lips to his. Exhausted by the few days you’d had, you lay your head against his chest, maneuvering both of you so you could look at you baby again. Chris’ soft sighs and beating heart started to lull you to sleep. But you had one last thing to say to him.

“Happy father’s day Chris.”

And with that, all his anxiety, all his nervousness evaporated. It was real. All of it. No matter what happened in your lives, this moment, this joy was the only thing that mattered. He was a father, and as difficult as acceptance was right now, Chris knew he’d do anything to make sure he was a thumping good one. All around him, it seemed as though the grey faded; the white shone through, leaving behind pure elation - one in which you two basked in, feeling so proud and so so so very happy.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts :)

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Draco Malfoy X Male!Reader - the one.

title: the one. 

Alpha!Draco Malfoy X Omega!Male!Reader
warnings: light sexual themes, mpreg themes
he/him pronouns used for reader
* reader and draco in same year, sixth year to be exact, and reader is in syltherin
** au where there is no voldemort because they deserve to be happy
*** contains blaise/pansy, harry/george

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You walked to you locker after maths class to grab the books you need for your next class. As you were walking you felt vibrations in your back pocket, you grabbed your phone out and you had gotten a text from Jaehyun your best friend asking you to have bubble tea with him after school. You quickly sent a 👍 before a teacher could catch you on your phone. The lesson passed and so you went back to your locker to take the books and your bag and got ready to go with Jae and have some bubble tea.

When you arrived Jae greeted you with his usual bright smile that would melt any girl’s heart, including your own, and grabbed you a seat. You put your bag down beside you as you sat infront of Jaehyun. He ordered your usual and his and went to grab them, once he came back his expressions had completely changed. He looked…scared and very pale.

“Jae are you sick?” You asked as you put your hand on his forehead to check his temperature, a light shade of pink crawled up his cheeks as you did that. You looked at him with worried eyes and he said everything is fine. You nodded your head and started drinking your bubble tea, or more like hunting for the bubble balls. Jae was staring at you as you drank examining all your features, “you are truly beautiful” he thought. You looked up and noticed Jaehyun hadn’t drank anything yet whereas you were almost done “hey Jae why aren’t you drinking? You are making me feel like a pig” he giggled as you crossed your arms. He took a sip of his drink and you went back to your ‘hunt for boba balls’.

Once you were done he offered to take you home. You had the usual conversation of 'how was your day’ and teasing each other when suddenly your phone vibrated. You grabbed your phone and looked at the message. It was from Doyoung, he had sent you “Heyy~ how was the maths test?” I hope my notes helped you!😊". Jae noticed you smiling at your phone and felt a pang in his heart. He really liked you but he was always too afraid to confess to you in case you didn’t feel the same way. “So you like Doyoung?” Jae asked causing you to get flustered. “I don’t know. I think I like him. But I also think I like someone else but I don’t think he likes me back” you made a disappointed face and looked down at the road. Jaehyun got curious and looked at you as if asking you for more details. You looked up at him and gave him a questioning look. “Who is the other guy?” Jae casually asked however his heart was beating really fast. He wanted it to be him but he hadn’t been showing you that much affection so he didn’t expect much, even though he really hoped it was him. You started to fiddle with your fingers contemplating whether you should tell Jaehyun or not. Truth be told, the other guy was Jaehyun, however you didn’t think he liked you back since he never confessed to you. You once asked him who he liked and he said this girl from his grade and so you knew it wasn’t you since you were in a younger grade. You liked him however you started losing hope when he showed no sign of liking you back, and when Doyoung became your private maths tutor you started developing feelings for him. He was really sweet, handsome, kind and anything a girl could ask for. You liked Doyoung but you still had feelings for Jae too.

You looked at Jae and decided to tell him. You wanted to clear your feelings so you can give him up and stick to Doyoung. “Okay…but I will let him go now, because I don’t think he likes me. And he never shows signs of liking me. So don’t make fun of me okay!? Im gonna let him go but I’ll tell you anyways” Jae laughed at the way you put your sentence and at how cute you were. “It’s you…” Jae froze at these words. His head was blocked by emptiness, he didn’t know how to react. He didn’t expect you to say that. He is very happy but heartbroken that you will let go of him. However it is his fault for not leading you on and confessing to you. Now he was gonna lose you to Doyoung. Jae looked at you and you quickly said “But don’t worry. I’m gonna let you go. I’ll stick to Doyo..” “NO! Y/n I like you too! A lot a lot! And I’m so sorry for giving you the wrong idea. I have liked you for the longest time and I seriously wanted to tell you but I couldn’t get myself to do it. Please.. I’m begging you don’t let go of your feelings” Jaehyun looked as if he was about to cry. He felt defeated. You looked at him. Shocked. He liked you too? How do you feel? What about Doyoung?

“Jaehyun I like Doyoung too. And I think I like him more now since I waited for you so long…” You started but got interrupted by Jae “I’m so sorry!” He held your hands and continued “I will make you feel loved from now on and make you really happy. I can be the man you dreamed of. I can be better than Doyoung. I can be all he is and more. Just give me a chance to prove myself. Please. Just forget Doyoung and accept my feelings. I can be so much more than him”, you froze at those words. You gave it a minute of thought but you couldn’t get to an answer. Before you knew it you were at your house. You looked at Jae who you hadn’t spoken a word since he finished talking , you still liked him and wanted to give him a chance however there was Doyoung too…
“Jaehyun can I give you my answer later on today?” And Jae nodded and pulled you into a hug which took you by surprise. He felt warm, you felt safe in his arms and most importantly you felt love and sincerity. You pulled away and entered your house.

You thought and thought for 2 hours straight and finally came to a decision. You had been best friends with Jae for almost 6 years. He knows you better than anyone and you liked him ever since whereas Doyoung treated you with care, he made you feel good when you were with him. You picked up your phone from next to the table and opened Jaehyun’s contact and texted: “I’ll give you a chance😊”