Happy Birthday Jack!

So I heard from a little birdie that it was your birthday today. I just wish I had something prepared for you. So here is the first ever Septiceye Sam that I have drawn!

I really hope you like it. I know its not perfect or birthday themed or anything,but its the best I can do. I hope you are having a wonderful time in LA. I’m glad that you get to spend your birthday with amazing friends. I hope you get all the cake and cookies you want! :D

Happy Birthday Jack! <3 <3

Happy Birthday

In a day like today Monday February 8th a wonderful, courageous and lovely person was born.
My evil twin @krissielee came to this world.

She, ladies and gents, is funny, highly intelligent, gorgeous, creative, supportive, adorable and above all of that, she has an amazing ability to see the best in people.

My dear Krissie, you mean a lot to me. You have helped me in so many ways. You are a sunshine and a really amazing friend. Thank you for your friendship and love.

Thank you for being there when I needed it the most, thank you so much for all the love you have given me and this little fandom. 

You deserve all the best and more, your beautiful heart deserves all the blessings the universe can allow.

I love you.
Happy Birthday Dear!

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I just told my close friend that I'm bisexual and she said "shouldnt you go to therapy or something?" and then "well at least you aren't lesbian. THAT would be a problem" and now I'm crying and I had to play along with her bullshit thank god she left

man, FUCK your friend and her shitty attitude, you’re an amazing person who’s gonna do amazing things and who you’re attracted to does not change that one bit. dump that wet sock of a friend bby, you’ll be much better without her!! and just remember that strangers on the internet like me love you v much💖💕

SPN Fandom Emergency Word

I’ll make a new post for this to spread the word.

If you have a hard time, feel down, depressed or simply feel like there’s nothing good anymore, use the fandom emergency word to let your followers know. It doesn’t matter why, it doesn’t matter when. No one needs to be ashamed of having a rough time and needing their friends to be there for them.

Funky Town

No explanation needed if you don’t want to, you can use this word however you want and see fit. Post it, send it to someone’s ask if you need them, it doesn’t matter. It’s a signal for others to know you need them.

Let us remind each other that we are a Family. Don’t let hate separate us, don’t let the hate and negativity destroy the amazing fandom we have. Be there for your friends, followers and mutuals, for everyone in need. He there for the family.

Funky Town means: “I’m in trouble, I need you.” And that’s a thing that happens to all of us, if we admit it or not. Spread the word, stand together. This word might not take us to the people who need us, but it is a signal to those who care for you that you need them.

Late birthday present from Em is literally the best thing ever, I’m so in love with it omg✨ I’m v v v lucky to have a best friend as fab as Em, if people have best friend soul mates then she’s 110% mine👭 thank you v much bae💁🏻✨ #shemilyforlife👽💅🏻

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Your friends often say that you have an amazing work ethic - what inspires you to work so hard and stop procrastinating? Getting through a five year degree is such a struggle when battling sever procrastination!

figure out what might make your work more fun. music, snacks, rewards, wine, etc etc etc. make work more like play! trick yourself into thinking you’re procrastinating! 

ok so, well, in the Up A Tree RP @nibenhu-cas finds some of @dawn-bringer-eos‘s dolls clothes for tiny!John to wear (he got miniaturized, long story), and for reference as to exactly what these clothes were, Nibs sent me this monstrosity and I laughed for a good solid half hour because it was so completely un-John and then my graphics tablet happened.

John is… less than impressed with the situation…

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c'mon, Deo, your brother will be proud of you! You are an amazing artist, with amazing characters, storys, look at all amazing friends you have! I'm sure your brother will be happy to see your drawings and will be proud.

i gueeeess

it’s just that i haven’t spoken with him for a looooong time so there’s just that little fear


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Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Mafia/Gang!AU

Word Count: 2,977


You loved your life. You had amazing friends who were always beside you and a wonderful job that paid you a good amount of money. Your family was healthy. You even adopted a puppy a few months ago. You wouldn’t want another life, you were happy and that was the only thing mattered but wasn’t it crazy? Wasn’t it crazy that a person could enter your life and change everything? That was what Baekhyun did.

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You were Happy

Finally got my internet fixed!

(Y/BF/N) - Your Best Friends Name

Request: I love your imagines !! There amazing Can I have a Draco imagine where Y/N is a pureblood slytherin and likes Draco but during the summer she gets boyfriend because she doesn’t think Draco like her because he’s always rude to her (but he does like her) and her bf breaks up with her and she’s crying and Draco like comforts her and he tells her he likes her and it’s all cute :) -Anonymous

You and your best friend entered the Great Hall and sat in your usual spot but not even a minute had passed before Draco and his gang sauntered over to you and took a seat next to you whilst Crabbe and Goyle sat across from him. You turned to him, your (E/C) eyes stared into his icey grey ones in an annoyed expression. 

“Well, well” His taunting voice carried  “Looks like little miss perfect wants to sit with those of a higher status than hers” His friends laughed, making his smirk more visible. 

“Higher Status at what?” You questioned innocently “If you’re talking about popularity then I would’ve sat with Harry Potter” 

He huffed turning back to his friends, assimilating in their own conversations  when (Y/BF/N) asked “How are you and Matthew? I’ve noticed you haven’t been around him much.” 

Draco clenched his fist rather tightly, causing the skin to turn white. He wasn’t aware of the pain he was feeling. He was too absorbed into listening to you talk about your new boyfriend. There were other reasons why he wanted to seat with you. You were too oblivious that he taunted you because he secretly fancied you. Who wouldn’t?

Having recently celebrated your five month anniversary may have started a spark of giddiness to (Y/BF/N). Her excitement made her voice way too loud and had caused everyone stare at you once she mentioned that your boyfriend had stayed with you during the summer. 

“He stayed with you?” Draco asked, completely gobsmacked. He was very jealous when he heard about the news of you dating someone but he shrugged it off thinking that it wouldn’t last long. 

You were just about to answer when a sudden screech cut you off. You looked up and saw your owl, Sapphire. Weird. You thought. The grey creature landed in front of you with a letter attached to its beak. You remove the letter from her and gave your owl a treat. She ate in gratitude. 

“Mail?” (Y/BF/N) gave you a look of confusion. You recognize the seal. It was your boyfriend’s family crest. Matthew was also in Slytherin but he wasn’t present at the moment. You wondered why he would send you a letter when he could just speak to you. You opened the piece of parchment and read the black scribbles of Matthew’s handwriting. 

Dear, (Y/N) 

Look, our five months have been great but I feel as if I don’t really have feelings for you anymore.

I’m in love with someone else. 

 and I’m breaking up with you. 


To say you were surprised is an understatement. You were taken aback by everything. You stayed silent thinking about all you’ve been through. He was the sweetest person in the world. The way he would make terrible puns just to make you laugh or send flowers each hour of the day. 

There was something odd about him lately. You noticed that he hardly spent time with you at all once school started. He would often tell you he had homework but you knew you would always do your homework together. 

He broke up with you…Through a letter! 

“What’s the matter, Dragomir? your boyfriend finally came to his senses and broke up with you?” Draco snickered. You did your best to hold back tears as you faced him. He made a look of regret once he saw that there were tears brimming in your eyes. 

“A-are you alright?” He asked, quite nervously. 

Without another word, you stood up and left the great hall with your owl, who had sat on your shoulder. You ignored the calls from (Y/BF/N) having the need to be alone. To grieve or something! You weren’t the kind of person that could deal with emotions well. To be honest, you were never actually quite attached to Matthew. You had a strong infatuation with a certain Prince of Slytherin but you knew he despised you. Everyday sending a new rude comment about the way you look or how you dress. You couldn’t understand why though. You were a Slytherin. Your family’s status is very high. Very close to the Malfoys having the Dragomir line of Purebloods from generations to generations. 

You entered the Slytherin common room, immediately sitting down on one of the emerald green couches. Sapphire placed herself on the other side. No one was in the common room as it is dinner time and everyone would be in the great hall, not coming back til’ later. The only sound that could be heard was the cackling of the fireplace and your soft cries of pain and hurt. 

You began crying harder as you gripped one of the pillows next to you. Why does the world have to be so cruel? You thought. You could taste the saltiness of your tears but you didn’t mind. You were alone. Sometimes you thought it was better to be alone. No one could hurt you. 

You wiped your tears a bit and pulled out your wand.

 “Accio chest” A wooden chest had quickly placed itself next to you. Matthew’s belongings and gifts were inside it. 

Furious, you opened the chest and snatched the first thing you saw. A light blue sweater that he had given you on your birthday. 

“Arse hole” You muttered, throwing the blue fabric in the fireplace. It felt good to see it burn into the flames. You continued doing this for a while. Reciting words that described him.

“Dim witted”





“Lying Bastard!” You screamed. 

“You forgot Narcissistic Sociopath” Someone pointed out. You stood your ground, not daring to turn around. You knew well who the voice belonged to. 

“I would if I had more things to burn” You pointed out, bitterly through gritted teeth. 

“That teddy bear looks like it’s begging to get burned” He chuckled. You rolled your eyes and turned around to see Draco holding a small pink teddy bear. He smiled a bit but there was a hint of worry in his eyes. 

“What are you doing here?” You asked rather harshly. If you could recall, he hated you.

“Can’t a guy be worried about a girl he fancies?” 

You were just about to retort before you analyzed what he said. 

“What?” You began smiling at the thought of Draco having a crush on you. 

“I-erm-I uh…crap!” He muttered, fiddling with his fingers. You giggled at how awkward Draco was “Look I may have had a crush on you for the longest time and I sort of tried to get your attention by being mean to you. I thought of getting you to like me by being a bad boy– I mean i know you like good guys too! and I could be a good guy. Our relationship could have been good– I mean it’s not like we have a relationship! I mean unless you want you! I–I uh? We could go on dates like these–not like this is a date or anything. I mean if you want–” You cut him off with a light kiss on the cheek.  

“Was that a way of saying yes to our date?” He questioned.

“It was a way of shutting you up” You laughed, making him look down in embarrassment “but yes. I would love to go out with you” 

why is everyone crying over nekoma vs fukurodani, this is gonna be amazing!! Playing against your friends is so different than playing against other opponents. They know each other so well, their strength and their weaknesses and how to rile each other up. The entire feeling of the match is gonna be so different, they’ll be fired up but in a different kind of sense because they’ve played against each other so often for practice matches. It’s not about strength and overpowering each other but using the knowledge they’ve gathered over time and outsmarting the other team. 

I can imagine Bokuto and Kuroo making a bet that the losing team has to pay dinner for the winning team and in the evening they’re all gonna sit together and eat. And I’m sure they have a chart where they keep track of how often they’ve won against each other that they have started three years ago when they faced each other as opponents for the first time. 

MY MOST AMAZING FRIEND EVER (aka Sassy) decided to stop by my house this lovely Sunday morning to ask me to homecoming and take me to the beach!!!!! Oh my gosh. We had clam chowder and desserts and a caramel apple and WE PLAYED IN THE WATER I WAS SO HAPPY I CRIED.

If you wouldn’t post a picture of a body full of self harm cuts when you were “at your worst” why would you post a picture of your body at your lowest weight when you were “at your worst”? 

Stop using pictures of how sick you were (let’s be real, somewhere deep down, your ED is full of pride if you are posting sick body pics) to show how far you’ve come. How far you have come is not quantifiable by any weight. How far you have come is in the thoughts of things besides food, the rest days taken and enjoyed, the time you told your friend they hurt you instead of using behaviors, the amazing dinner you got spontaneously, in the happiness and smiles that have taken over since you nourished yourself. It’s also in the tears you have cried and the panic you have felt and made it through, in the times you wanted to give up but didn’t. Talk about that with how far you’ve come. Not about the weight.

darkdamon replied to your post:Watching the Oscars from the UK, my new home :)

oooh do you like your new house?<33

Noelle!!! <3 I like it but since I have a roommate I’m eager to start working and get my own place :P but the city is lovely and I’m so happy about this adventure of mine :) thank you for asking *

How are you sweetie? I see that fandom is still going strong on drama… :x