You’re doing an absolutely amazing job. You really are. Sometimes you may screw up, or make mistakes, but we all do sometimes. Just keep up all of your amazing work, friend, and remember that one setback does not erase all of the good that you’ve accomplished.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
moon in the houses

first house - your emotions are written on your face for all to see, you have a warm and nurturing quality about you that attracts others. you feel deeply and these feelings may be a part of your identity, something you would feel incomplete without. sensitive skin and round eyes, the most beautiful smile. 

second house - with the moon here, there is a tendency to collect things that mean a lot to you. hoarding behaviours can surface as a coping mechanism to deal with the intense need for comfort and security you feel. your feelings are grounded in reality, but aren’t pleasant to deal with. others find you to be a calming influence. 

third house - with the moon here, you have a need to communicate your emotions. poetry is a great way to do this, as is writing. you always appreciate having someone to talk to, and you try to do the same for others. you may be prone to nervousness due to a lot of mental energy, and your mind and heart can be restless and malleable at times. however, you have a wonderful way with words. 

fourth house - here, the moon is at home. your past and family affect you a lot, whether for better or worse. you are romantic, private with your feelings and very much emotionally driven. your feelings are strong and you value nostalgia. you need a safe and calm environment to flourish, as you are sensitive and receptive to your “home”. you are welcoming and take care of others, just remember to care for yourself too. 

fifth house - you feel things loudly and have a need to express yourself emotionally, whether you do or not. art is a great way to express your feelings in a non harmful way, and you are likely to have a lot of creative ability. at times you may feel like a child and can behave impulsively at times, not thinking about the consequences. you have a cheerful disposition and a great sense of humour. 

sixth house - your emotional wellbeing affects your health more than most, and you are prone to nerves and anxiety at times. you have a lot of mental energy that needs to be put to practical use, and you need to devote yourself to your work emotionally. you are gifted with children and most likely have some natural talents with your hands. nature is important to your inner peace, and it is necessary for you to remind yourself of the bigger picture of life. 

seventh house - you depend on others to feel comfortable and happy, and you may feel empty inside without a partner. love in some form is very important to you, and you adapt very easily to others’ emotional states. you are a romantic and compassionate person who needs to show yourself the same love you do others. 

eighth house - with the moon here, you feel things very intensely and can find yourself at the mercy of your emotions. you have a strange wisdom that can astound even you at times, and you read feelings like books. you are not afraid to dive deeply into the darkest of subjects, but make sure to come back up for air. you are strong, whether you can see it or not, and may have psychic abilities. 

ninth house - your beliefs and spirituality are a big help to you emotionally, they ground you and comfort you when nothing else can. you are idealistic and have a basic faith that you are being led where you need to be. you are able to think about your feelings, and you inspire faith and enthusiasm in others. your emotions are very intense, but you have the lightheartedness needed to carry on through them. you are hopeful. 

tenth house - here, your emotions find their way into your public life. you are known for being sensitive and compassionate, and you have kindness for everyone. there is a deep need to be recognised for something, and you are sensitive about your appearance and public image. you feel secure and comfortable when you are part of something much bigger than yourself, but remember to accept yourself in the climbing process. 

eleventh house - with the moon here, you are a mother figure to your friends and peers, and you may depend on your friends for your comfort. equality is very important to you, and true friendship is a major comfort. you will always fight for what you feel is right, but have a tendency to get carried away by your feelings. you are an amazing friend with a unique sense of humour. 

twelfth house - you may hide and repress your feelings for fear of being misunderstood. however, you will always be there for others, as you are empathic and sensitive, and know how it feels to be unheard. you are a daydreamer, and can get lost in romantic fantasies and fairy tales easily. music can be an emotional outlet for you. you have a pure, kind heart and empath tendencies. 


Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Vision, Tony, Bucky, Thor, Clint and Natasha, Wanda, Rhodey (all three mentioned).
Rating: Explicit - 18+ only
Summary: Reader surprises Steve, throwing a 40’s themed party to celebrate his 99th birthday at the compound with the other Avengers’ complicity.
Word Count: 3.8k
Warnings: mild swearing, some fluff, mentions of alcohol/hangover, lingerie fetish [?], slight Dom!Steve, light dirty talking, oral sex (male receiving), uniform kink - (clothed sex), exhibitionism/outdoor sex, neck holding and semi-protected sex. - This fic assumes Reader is on the pill. [No glove, no love!]
Author’s Note: Happy birthday to the first successful - and our all time favorite - super soldier who turns 99 this year! xxx The title is a reference to Fever covered by Peggy Lee, which inspired me a lot when I wrote this. Enjoy.

   New Avengers Facility

Placing a hand on your hip, you stared at the ballroom decorations inspired from the forties. With the help of every Avenger, you’d spent the past couple days, working on the hall of the Avengers compound as your grandparents had also gladly gotten involved in your surprise for Steve’s birthday.

They’d told you everything they could remember about their time in that era and gave you the best indications on what you had to do to bring that famous portion of the twentieth century back into our modern times.

They remembered a lot and their help made everything look perfect. You were beyond grateful. From the improvised ballroom and the private quarters, everything was subtly decked out, and it looked like as though it was straight out of a movie set. The guests arrived in appropriate forties attire.

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Hahah I wanna release a blooper reel because there was sooooo much behind the scenes shenanigans in this one that doesn’t usually happen. It took a lot of directing and it was so weird being on the other side of the camera!!

Just a dream


Originally posted by songsoftheheartless

Authors Note: I am doing a sentence prompt, “It was just a dream” because Archie feels mkay? So on with the story! :)

Warnings: I don’t think there are any, just nightmares

Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Y/N had been best friends since childhood. The summer before Jason was killed, Archie and Jughead grew apart, and from that, Y/N, along with Betty, grew apart from Archie. Y/N and Betty spent most of their time together their freshman year of high school, and the summer Jason was killed, they grew closer than ever. The week before school, when Veronica Lodge came to town, something tragic happened for the second time that summer in peaceful old Riverdale. Y/N went missing, and a few days later, they found her parents’ bodies in her old house. 

“911, what is your emergency?” 

“Hello, I’d like to report a missing person, she’s been found.”

“What is your name sir? Can you ID her?”

“My name is Archie Andrews, and the girl’s name is Y/N Y/L/N.”

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Happy Birthday to the kind, beautiful, talented and wonderful Elise! @faelise ^^

May your birthday cake be delicious and your day great! I hope you spend it just the way you want to! And I hope this small gift of mine brings a smile to your face! ^^ You’re an amazing friend and I’m glad I met you! ^^

Cole Sprouse (ft Riverdale cast) | Introductions

Count of words: 773

Warnings: none 

A/N: I just really hope this is what you wanted to read . I FINALLY WROTE IT btw !!!!




anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a Cole Sprouse imagine? where him and his gf (they met in college) are pretty much goals and everyone loves them together. she’s a guest star on Riverdale and the cast go crazy because they’re fans of her as well (she’s also a former disney star) what do you think?

More Cole please! I saw the request, “where him and his gf (they met in college) are pretty much goals and everyone loves them together. she’s a guest star on Riverdale and the cast go crazy because they’re fans of her as well (she’s also a former disney star)” Could you write that one next, it’s got new excited to see what you write for it xx

Dating Cole was never ment to be easy. You were aware of it since day one. After all he was an actor and you were an actress yourself, so crazy schedules were something you both had to get used to. College was taking a lot of your time, too, back when you both met each other, but lately there would be more and more time spent away from each other due to Cole’s hectic filming schedule for Riverdale. So, when the opportunity to become a guest star on the show came up you had no intentions on letting it slip away.

It was your first day of shooting with your lovely boyfriend and his amazing friends, something that brought bubbles to your stomach, but it all stopped when you stepped your foot on set. The cast seemed to be extremely friendly and they seemed to be total fangirl matterial.

Walking in with Cole by your side, everyone turned their attention to you after hearing the little room’s door open.As you entered the room you saw Lilly and Kj sitting on a big table rehersing their lines. You were shyly hugging Cole’s arm for comfort as the butterflies in your stomach were tickling your intestants. On the contrary your smile and posture radiated confidence something that made both Lilly and Kj looking at you in aw.

When they actually lied eyes on you their jaws dropped. For a moment you looked at them terrified expecting the worse but after Lilly spoke up your fear melted away. “Cole! You never told us you are dating Y/N Y/L/N!” She exclaimed as she looked at your hands around his strong arm holding onto it for dear life. “Well, I dodn’t think he had to,” Kj said looking at us and chuckling, “He has photos of her everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE!” he said emphasizing the word everywhere as he looked at you, still a bit shocked that you were indeed standing in front of them. “Uhm, right. I’m sorry. This is not a proper welcoming. I’m Lilly Reinhart, huge fan of yours!” She fangirled a bit sticking her hand out as you pulled her in for a hug. “First of all, I don’t do handshakes, I do hugs. Second, I know who you are, I adore both you and your work.” You commented as she turned to Kj fangirling silently. “She ADORES me!” She fangirled once again as you just chuckled lightly feeling the atmosphere around you warm up. Imediately after her, came Kj holding his arms open for a warm welocoming hug making your tiny figure get lost in them. “I’m K-” “ Kj Apa.” You finished his sentence as he looked a tad bit confused. “Cole never shuts up about you! Also I am a fan.” You said as he looked at you with wide eyes. “Can’t say the same.” He joked. “I only had like every episode of D/S/Y/W/I (disney show you were in) on DVD just because of your character.” He said making you blush a bit as everyone laughed.

After being introduced to two of Cole’s castmates, there came some more. It was the time of my first scene on the show. My charachter’s outfit was put together and my hair was looking amazing as well as my makeup. Now, I was walking down a hall towards the room my scene would be in as my black heels kicked down the marbled floor. As soon as you opened the door a black haired girl and a very familiar red headed appeared in front of you. Once again your stomach started bubbling with anxiety as you took a shy but also confident (if that makes sense) step inside. The black haired girl that you knew to be Camila had a shocked expression on her face as she shook it of and walked towards you. “Hello,” she greeted you, a beautiful smile plastered across her face. “I’m Camila Mendes! No, nothing to do with Shawn Mendes and no it’s not a shipping nickname for Camila and Shawn,” She blurted out pretty quickly, refering to people talking about that all the time, something you had noticed just the other day. Before you could speak up and introduce yourself Camila spoke up again. “I am a big fan of you since I was little and you were in D/S/Y/W/I. I swear I had so many posters!” She said giving you a hearty chuckle as you followed her actions. Wow, maybe introductions were not going to be as bad as you thought. 

Drunk (FP Jones x Reader and Jughead Jones x Reader)

REUEST: Would you be able to write a FP x reader where she is friends with the whole Riverdale gang (but they are of legal age) & she has a one night stand with him one night (both of them were drunk) & a month later she’s Jughead’s girlfriend and hasn’t met his dad, but finally she is introduced to him and it clicks for both of them that they’ve met before.

WARNINGS: Swearing and sexual content.


A/N: Yoooo, sorry I’ve been so inactive, here’s an imagine <3

The deep, slow music coming from the jukebox filled your head. Smiling lightly you swayed a little to the music. The room was smoky and you could hear people laughing and playing pool but all your attention was focused on him. He was older and scruffy looking but looking around you it seemed like all the men in the Whyte Wyrm were scruffy looking. He was leaning against the bar, an abandoned beer in his hand, his eyes watching you as your hips swayed to the music. You smiled, you loved it when people stared at you but this guy…this guy held your eyes with his own and seemed to put you in a trance. You found your legs moving towards him and felt your arms wrap around his neck. Smiling slightly, the strange dipped his head and met your lips with his. He smelt like alcohol and his unshaven face rubbed against your cheek but his lips quickly brought the attention away from all those silly things. You soon found yourself in the back seat of his truck, sweaty and breathing hard. You clothes lay around you and the man you just slept with was laughing slightly.

“We probably shouldn’t have done that?” He said. You smiled and turned your head to look at him. Up close you could see that his face was ageing and you could make out the streaks of grey in his beard.

“It’s a bit late for that.”  You say. He laughs, a deep throaty laugh that makes you smile.

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you’re probably going to see this..

When they catch you gushing about them on the phone with a friend (Anonymous request ♡)


He’s just walking by your bedroom, wondering what you’re doing since he left you alone to work in the Monstudio. He understands you’re on the phone but stops walking when you say his name. Joonie comes closer & covers his mouth to hold his laugh when he hears you’re totally gushing about him, saying his new song is the best you’ve ever heard. You’re always so supportive but hearing you brag about him is just… Adorable. He enters the room and finds you on the bed, earphones on, legs in the air and fingers playing in your hair. You talk so much you don’t even hear him getting closer. « Wait until you hear it… Girl, you’re not ready. Namjoon is honestly the most talented person in the word. Can you believe he’s my boyfriend ? » Namjoon sits on the corner of the bed and leans to kiss your forehead, taking you by surprise. You look up to him with your mouth slightly opened and when you see the way he’s looking at you, your heart skips a beat. Namjoon offers you the sweetest smile and you can read « You’re so cute » on his lips. You bite your lips while trying to focus on what your best friend is saying on the phone, even if you just want to hang up and kiss him again and again, and again…


Taehyung frowns when he hears his name. You’re on the phone with your bestie for about forty minutes and he simply lets you enjoy it alone but he’s too curious now that he heard you’re talking about him. He founds you leaning on the kitchen’s counter and smiles immediately when he hears that you can’t stop gushing about him. He starts to laugh like a kid and walks towards you. You see him coming to you with his big stupid smile and it never fails to make you smile in return. He’s just too damn cute. He hugs you from behind and rests his head on your shoulder, smiling like an idiot. It doesn’t stop you from letting your friend know how awesome your boyfriend is, because she needs to hear it (for the 2029924th time). Taehyung giggles at every compliments and tighten his embrace around you. When you hang up the phone and turn around to put your arms around his neck, something has changed in Tae’s smile. You already know what’s in his mind. Taehyung puts his tongue between his teeth and lower his hands to cup your ass. He raises you up in his arms and kisses your nose before dragging you to the bedroom « Let’s make babies. »


He comes in the kitchen to see if you need any help and finds you idly stirring the sauce while talking on the phone. « Yeah, he’s amazing. I think he doesn’t even know how beautiful his voice is. He drives me crazy. He’s so talented sometimes I wonder if he’s real… » Jin smiles while walking towards you. He sits on the counter next to you, making you startle. You blush and ask your friend if it’s okay to call her back later. You hang up and put your hands on your burning cheeks « You heard me… ». Jin laughs and beckons you to get closer. You place yourself between his legs, hands on his thighs, and close your eyes under the sweet caress of his hands on your cheeks. « You forgot to tell her something… » You pouts, sure he’s gonna tell a joke. He always tells a joke. You sigh and reply « What ? That you’re more handsome in real life ? » Jin bursts out laughing, making you smile. He kisses your cheek and slowly leans to your ears while tracing a wet path of kisses, making you shiver « You forgot to tell her I have the best girlfriend in the world… »


When you hang up the phone, Hobi suddenly opens the bedroom door, making you scream like a crazy old lady. He walks towards you, his wide smirk making you smile even if you don’t know why he’s acting like this. When he’s in front of you, he caresses your chin and raises an eyebrow « It seems like you have a lot to say about me… » You know you’re blushing but you try to remain impassive. Hoseok runs a hand on his hair and continue with a cocky voice, repeating the things you just said to your best friend « He’s so talented… Omg, did you saw his last performance ? And his voice, always making me so happy, and soft, and more in love… He’s so handsome… He’s really my sunsh… » You stop him before he finishes, your hands gripping on his forearms and your cheeks burning. The fact that he heard you talk like that to your bestie embarrass you even if you always say those kind of things to him. On the phone with your best friend, you’re the real J-Hope stan (and you don’t want him to know how crazy you really are). Hobi laughs and pulls you against him, his hands cupping your cheeks « I’m so lucky to have you, Jagi… » He tighten his embrace and kisses you deeply, his body pressed against yours as he slowly leads you to the bed.


Suga grins when he understands that you’re talking about him. He sighs and comes in the bedroom to listen to your conversation. When he hears how proud you are while talking about him, Yoongi gets super cheesy but he’s glad you don’t see him. He walks towards the bed and puts his annoyed face on. You look up at him and tell your friend to wait a minute. Yoongi stays silent and stares at you while you sit straight up. He sighs again and his annoyed voice fills the room « Don’t you have other things to talk about ? I don’t even know her. » You don’t have any time to reply, Yoongi’s hand already taking your phone from your hand. He hangs up and throw it on the chair without looking at it. Outraged, you raise yourself up on your knees and open your mouth to protest but Yoongi shuts you up by kissing you. Your entire body shivers and you let him lie you down on the bed while he settles on top, his head sinking in the crook of your neck. You caress his hair and hear his cute pouty voice « You always say the nicest fucking things about me and it gets me so soft I hate it. »


Jimin hears you from the corridor when he exits the bathroom and walks towards the bedroom. He’s sure you’re talking about him, but why ? He’s hiding behind the doorway and listens to you for several minutes with a gummy smile and blushing cheeks, overwhelmed by the way you talk about him. You just can’t stop gushing about him, telling your friend how amazing he is. After a while, he gets distracted by your words and leans a little too much, revealing some hair through the embrasure. You startle and tell your best friend you will call her back. « Jimin ? What are y… Were you listening ? » Jimin walks slowly in the bedroom while making a seducing yet cute dance « I heard everythiiiiiing…. » You begin to laugh as you sit up straight, feeling embarrassed but Jimin seems more embarrassed than you even though he’s trying to hide it behind his goofiness. When he sits on the bed, he pulls you on his lap and asks with a cute voice, head against your shoulder and eyes glued on yours « Do you really think everything you said about me, babe ? » You sigh and press his cheeks « Is this a real question ? Don’t make me start again… » You kiss his cheeks and lips, making him giggle like a child.


You hang up after being on the phone and sigh when you realize that you’ve been bragging about your boyfriend for thirty minutes. He’s been sleeping on the other side of the couch with his headphones on, his legs on yours. You were bored you called your bestie and you both began to gush about your respective boyfriends. Kookie didn’t woke up so you were free to ramble about him. While you rethink about your convo, you look at him and get soft when you see how cute he is. « Yah, I forgot to say how beautiful he is when he’s sleeping… » Suddenly, you see Jungkook’s lips moving « Send her a text, then. » You startle and open wide your eyes while he stands on his elbows just to see the look on your face. He laughs at you like the little demon he is and takes off his headphones. You feel the heat on your cheeks and pout. Jungkook raise an eyebrow and says cockily « You’re so obsessed with me, it’s unbelievable. Do you know how many times you said « perfect » ? » You look at him without saying anything, feeling ashamed as you stand up to get out of the room. « Jagiya ! » Jungkook grabs you and turns you to face him. You look away and whine « Stop making fun of me… » You turn your back again but Jungkook passes his arms around your waist and pulls you back on the sofa, you sitting on his lap. He begins to kiss your cheek and neck while he whines with a guilty voice « Sorry baby, but you were so cute… I love you… forgive me, It was just too tempting… » He continues to beg you for forgiveness, knowing that it will not take you long to give up. And he’s right. You roll your eyes and turn a little to kiss his lips, your hands pulling his hair a little harsher than usual, making sure he knows you’re still mad. Jungkook bites your lips and chuckles against your mouth « Let me show you how much I’m sorry, Jagi… »

Today we have a variety of badges for all your Valentine’s Day needs. Tag yourself!

For all of you who are celebrating Valentine’s by celebrating your amazing friends! 

For those of you who are treating yourself today. You deserve it! You’re amazing!

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Finally, the badge that’s closest to my heart. 

you know how sometimes you wonder why your super amazing friends stick around with you? like, their other friends are so much more than you. better people, better friends in general. and you don’t know why they bother with you but you keep trying to be yourself and hope that it works in your favor but you’re still just… you. this is how i langst

anonymous asked:

So did you ever find out whether or not that job offer at CN was legit? If so, that would be so great! Your Stars animatic is my fav! If this offer wasn't real, they totally need to hire you. Your work is awesome, and your Stars is amazing!

A friend of mine who works in the industry confirmed the email was legit!!!

It doesn’t mean I’m hired, but basically I was noticed and am on their radar, and the kind soul who emailed me is sending my stuff to CNs talent network.

This could be my huge break!!! But even if it doesn’t end the way I want, it still is a glimmer of hope that I have a chance at my dream job sometime in the future.

I have friends
I’ve never even met yet
On the other side of the world.
When I’m preparing for bed,
Their day has barely begun;
While I’m admiring the moon,
They’re being warmed by the sun.
It’s weirdly wonderful.
I couldn’t love them more if
They were in my time zone,
Proving distance doesn’t
Weaken bonds, it doesn’t mean
We have to distance
Our hearts and emotions.
You don’t have to meet
In person to know love,
It shouldn’t be a prerequisite for
Allowing entrance into your heart…
Someone on the other side
Of the world can have a key
Just as well as someone
In your own backyard.
—  To my amazing friends on the other side of the world,
I’m loving you from my side 💗
FWB: Tom x Reader

Requested: Tom wants to be more than friends w/ benefits.

“That was great.” You huffed after climbing off of Tom. “Yeah.” He said. “Well I have to go.”, “Wait, you’re not staying?”

“Can’t my neighbor needs me to check in on her dog.” You said getting dressed. “Oh well do you want me to come with you?”

You laughed, “No Tom.” You kissed him on the check and left. Tom stared at the ceiling and sighed, he really liked you and liked you so much that he offered to fuck buddies. Now he was starting to regret that decision because he wanted a serious relationship with you. He remembers the day you proposed the offer:

You were sitting on his couch next to him, both of your knees touching. You two had been friends for years now but there was always some weird sexual tension between you two and you couldn’t take it anymore. “Are you seeing anyone Thomas?”

He looked at you and it was a serious question because you called him by his full name, “No. You know I’m not otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

“Well have you been getting any?” You asked. “W-what?”

“Have. You. Been. Getting. Pussy?” You asked. “N-no.”

You smiled and climbed on him, “W-what are you doing?” He was shocked but very turned on. “How about we do each other a favor?” You said pressing your lips to his. He was flustered, “W-what is that?”
“Well considering that we both have had dry spells, we could both benefit from sleeping with each other.” You purred. He was so happy to be this close to you that he said yes in a heart beat. “But on one condition.” You said. “What’s that?” he breathed.

“You can’t fall in love with me.” You joked. Too late, he had thought to himself.

He knew that you weren’t a huge fan of relationships after seeing how your friends and family were treated. You were scared to get heartbroken and left alone but he knew he would never do that to you, if only you’d give him a chance.

The next day he offered to come over to your place, “What you needed a change of scene?” You joked, letting him into your place. “Yeah and I needed to get out of the house.” He shrugged and sat on your couch. “You hungry or thirsty?”

“I’ll take some water.” After handing him a glass you sat next to him. “Why are you really here Tom?”

Damn it, He forgot that you were really good at reading people. “I-I don’t want to do this anymore.” He admitted. You scoffed and as ked why. “Because I really like you Y/N-”  You roaned loudly and cursed, “No. No. It’s not supposed to work like that.”

“Well excuse me for being in love with you for years now!” He blurted out. “What?”

“The only reason I even took you up on this stupid offer was because, is because I love you. I wanted to be in an actual relationship with you but I figured this was the only way.”

The room was filled with silence and you couldn’t look him in the eye. “I-I think you should go.” You whispered. “Fine.” He was upset and had put his heart out on the line just to have you crush it.

It had been 3 weeks without him near you or in you and you felt sick. You hadn’t realized it but you actually loved him too. You missed the way he would kiss you and make you feel safe. How he would hold you in his arms after and just make you feel warm. You never noticed it before but the way he looked at you, I’m such a fucking idiot.

As you drove to his place you really wanted to turn around, only because you were afraid of a failed relationship with your amazing friend.

You parked the car and calmed yourself down, “Okay you can do this.”

You were about to knock on his door when he opened it only to have a gorgeous girl walk out. “Um-” You were stuck. “Y/N.” He said dryly. “Tom.” “Allison!” The girl said jokingly causing Tom to laugh. Damn it, she’s funny and pretty. Bitch, You thought. “Well Tom, I’ll see you later.” She kissed him on the cheek and went on her way.

You two stood outside his door for a few minutes until you spoke, “I’ll just leave.” You were about to turn and leave until he grabbed your arm. “If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking then your wrong.” He said as a smug spread on his face. “Well if you’re so smart Thomas, then what am I thinking?”

He let go of your arm and leaned on his door, “You’re thinking you just walked up on me and my new girlfriend.”
“Maybe.” You shrugged avoiding his amused gaze. “Maybe?” He teased. “Okay fine. Yes and I was thinking she was pretty.”

“She is isn’t she?” He asked. “No need to rub it in.” You mumbled.”She gets it from my mother’s sister more so than.”

“Huh?” You asked. “Allison, she’s my cousin.” He smiled. “You bastard. Wait, you’re not dating your cousin are you?”

“Fucking gross.” He walked in his place with you trailing behind. “NO of course not. She was in town and decided to stop by.”, “Oh.”

You stood across from him as he sat down, “Sorry for thinking you were in some weird incestuous relationship with your cousin.”

He laughed, “No hard feelings. Please sit down.” You sat down and played with your fingers. “Why are you hear, Y/N?”

He was using your method on you and you hated it. “I’m sorry.” You whispered. “Sorry for?” He asked genuinely confused. “For not taking your feelings into consideration.”

He shrugged, “No biggie.”, “No seriously Tom, I am sorry. I didn’t take into consideration your feelings or mine.”

“Your feelings?”, “Yes. I-I really like you Tom.”

“Really?” He asked. “Yes and I am willing to attempt an actual relationship, if you’re still up to it.”

He sat there and pretended to ponder even though he would say yes in a heartbeat. “I would like that very much.” He stood up and kissed you. “But since we are starting over. No sex.” He said. “What?”

“At least until we know that that’s not why we are attracted to each other.” He added. “Fine.” You pouted. “God, you’re so gorgeous.” He said admiring you. 

“So you think I’m more than just a sweet piece of ass?” You joked. ‘Of course. I always thought you were more than that.” He got offended. “I’m kidding babe.”

“Babe, I think I could get used to hearing you call me that.” He kissed your forehead. “You dork.” You joked. “But I’m your dork.”

“Yes, yes you are.”

This may be it for tonight but I’ll def get to the others in my Inbox! Thanks you guys❤