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I was talking to my husband the other day and I mentioned how hot it makes me when you pull my hair and call me your baby girl. He tried to duplicate it, but let's face it.... there can only be one daddy. And that's you.

He can’t give it to you the way I fuckin’ can, baby. You need to come and be my fuckin’ wife already, then you can get fully satisfied when, and wherever the fuck you want, baby. - Negan

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It’s okay baby girl, you can close your eyes. Close your eyes and fall into my arms. I’ll catch you. I’ll hold you head full of long soft hair, and cradle your face in my hands. It’s okay baby girl, close your eyes and I’ll tell you a true story that never happened.


                                           Lies and Arbor gold, she thought.

I dreamed of you  : A lannistarth playlist

i. I Found Amber Run ii. Thousand Eyes Of Monsters And Men iii. River Allman Brown feat. Robyn Sherwell  iv. You Keaton Henson v. Hurts Like Hell Fleurie vi. Unsteady (Erich Lee Gravity Remix) X Ambassadors vii. Save My Soul RIVVRS viii. Don’t Deserve You Plumb ix. Wish That You Were Here Florence + The Machine x. Somebody to Die For Hurts xi. Dust to Dust The Civil Wars xii. Your Girl Karliene

bonus : Breakeven The Script


EXO Reaction ~ Biting Them On Their Shoulder During Sex To Keep Yourself Quiet

Request: Hiya, not sure if you do this kind of thing, but could I request an exo reaction to you biting them on the shoulder whilst trying to keep quiet during le sexy time
A:N: Sorry I haven’t posted in two days, I’ve been extremely ran off my feet because of college and just uGH


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“It looks like a dinner for two tonight then baby girl” *suggestive wink as he goes down on you* 


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“Water u doing…??” *Gives you a disapproving look*


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“So… Now that you’ve tasted me, Is it my time to taste you?” 


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“Why are you muffling up your moans baby girl? I wanna hear my name spill from those pretty pink lips of yours” *insert an attempted sexy wink*


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Well hello there, gorgeous~~” *reks u with his lip bite*


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“Oh shit, that’s going to bruise…” *plasters shoulder in contour hoping no one would notice*


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“yE-FUCKING-HET BABY! I Get to tAsTE YoU NOW RIghT?” *Looks at you like you’re a piece of meat*


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“Nothing we can do about the bite mark on my shoulder now, I’ll just have to teach you a lesson or two”


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*Pins you down and starts marking you all over with love bites* “My Turn!”


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“Shit… Right on the sensitive spot Jagi…” *Instant sub*


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“What the fuck… Why is there tooth marks in my gucci ass, expensive skin?” *looks pissed but turned on*


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“Next time I want to hear your dirty little moans, Princess, Don’t want to make Xiudaddy mad do you?” *#xiUDADDYMODEUNLEASED*

When you’re in love with someone so bad, sooooo bad and they treat you less than what you deserve because they know you’ll stay, they know that you love them entirely too much to leave.

But you need to know that you deserve better baby girl, there is someone out there who is waiting for you to give them a chance and waiting to know that they are the reason to put that smile on your beautiful fucking face.

Now chin up, know your worth and never let your head fall down again.