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Request: BTS reaction to you loosing your virginity to them

*A/N: I’m currently experimenting with the length of my reactions so this is significantly shorter than my past ones*

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Yugyeom (M)

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“Yugyeom, no come on lets go get some food!” You lazily exclaimed as he once again dragged you to the dance practice room after being in the studio all day with the others. 

“We’ll just be here for bit okay?” He replied with a soft, fluffy smile as he opened the door to the large, dimly lit practice room. With your hand interlaced with his, he pulled into the room; closing the door behind the two of you. 

You stood there, trying to hide the smirk on your face as you felt his dagger like gaze, “What Oppa?” You playfully snapped, your cheeks blushed furiously as he kept his eyes fixated on you. 

The honorific brought a honey-sweet smile to his face, “Practice with me, Jagi..” He hummed as he quickly pranced one to the speaker; plugging the aux cord into his phone, their song ‘Never Ever’ suddenly subtly blasted through the speakers. 

“Yah!” You giggled in protest, shaking your head. “I barely know the choreography for the chorus, you know that!” 

Yugyeom snickered as he fought back his teasing little grin, reaching out for your hand again- he laced his fingers with yours, “It’s okay, babygirl.” He cooed, pulling you against him once more. “Just follow my lead okay?” 

With a defeated nod you silently agreed, then began following his slow steps. 
As the song progressed, you quickened your speed; finally being able to keep up with Mr. Hit The Stage. 

Once the song ended, you attempted to steady your breathing as Yugyeom walked over to his phone changing the song. “Another?” You airily giggled. 

Walking over to you, having not even broken a sweat he smiled down at you. “Come on..” He purred, running his hand up and down your back, “You know this one, don’t worry.” 

Jooyoung - Wet, slowly flowed out of the speakers- the song automatically seemed to speak the two of you. 
Gripping your hips, your boyfriend pulled you in front of him; your ass pressed against his clothed member as you swayed your hips from side to side, reaching your arms up, loosely dangling them around his neck. 

You could hear his discrete heavy breathing as the electricity between the two of you, ignited a flame inside you. His hand slowly trailed down your inner thigh, grazing you clothed heat ever so slightly. Instinctively a small, needy whimper escaped your parted lips. 

“Do you want me, babygirl?” He purred, his hands travelling up to the waistband of your leggings; teasingly tugging at them. 

Licking your lips, you roughly nipped at your lower lip. “Yes, Oppa..” You sung, a needy whimper followed your response his hand slid down your leggings; his long fingers lightly traced along your wet slit. 

A faint, airy chuckle flowed out of him as your essence coated his fingers, “You’re always so ready for me, aren’t you jagi?” He lowly growled beside your ear. 
His fingers began to tease your wanting entrance, drawing out your adorable whimpers. 

You’re breathing became heavier before, the way he made you feel was unlike anything else. “Op-Oppa..” You sweetly mewled out as he continued his teasing assault, diving his fingers deeper into every so often. You’re moans grew louder no matter how much you tried to fight it, “The others.. “ You said weakly, completely unable to finish your sentence. 

“The others what, jagi?” He purred, grinning at how fast he could make you needy little mess. 

“They’re still here..” You finally uttered out in between your continuous moaning, “What- What if they hear?” 

“Shhh..” Yugyeom cooed, diving his fingers deeper into you while sinking down to the wooden floor, bring you down with him. Laying you on your back, he swiftly pulled your leggings down to your mid thighs then continued pumping his digits in and out of you. “Let them hear..” He growled, curling his fingers to perfect hit your most sensitive spot, “I want them to hear how good I make you feel princess.” 
He continued finger fucking you, crawling over your weak frame; placing tantalizing kisses from the base of your neck down to the valley between your breasts. 

“Moan for me jagiya.. Moan my name.” 

“Let them know that I’m the only one that can make you feel so fucking good.”

I Saw You.

I saw you today.
For the first time
in a long time.
My thoughts were entangled,
but your eyes cut them loose.
For the first time
in a long time
I saw you.

You smiled,
and I thought:
“Thank God I don’t love you at all,
because that smile would kill me,
if I did.”


Title: Captured

Demon!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1.3k

Warnings: language, tiny bit of angst, smut. Lack of a true plot? I don’t even know if that needs a warning. I mean, it’s Demon!Dean smut. That’s warning enough. Haha.

A/N: This is an Anon request. I’m sorry if this kind of sucks. I didn’t realize that writing Demon!Dean was so difficult. But here it is.  

Request: “hello!! I was wondering if I could request a fic where the reader is kidnapped by demon Dean and ends up getting seduced by him and it’s just smut? thank you!!”

Originally posted by life-of-a-plaidchester

The ties around your wrists ached as you came to. Your eyes fluttered open. The small room you had apparently been carried to was small and dark, littered with dark wood furniture. An office? Yes, definitely an office. What the hell?

You wiggled in the stiff wooden chair beneath you as your eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness. Suddenly, a large, overhead light flick on, causing you to wince.

“Good morning, darlin’.” The voice made your skin prickle as you lifted your head. Your eyes locked on the face that you had been searching for, for months. The deep green eyes staring back at you were darker than you remembered, emotionless.

Then, the green was gone, drowned out by a pure obsidian gaze. Your breath hitched; it was true. Dean was no longer… Dean. He was something that you hunted, the very thing you killed for the thrill.

“Dean?” you whispered. He just chuckled as he approached you. His muscular form towered over you as his eyes flicked back to green, a smirk forming across his lips.

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Originally posted by wonhontology

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warning: There are strong graphics of violence and blood in this chapter, that might upset some readers. Read at your discretion. 

+ I update this story every Monday or Tuesday [USA EST TIME] +

+ one + two + three + four + four.five + five + six + seven

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Bitter Sweet Day | Min Yoonji

Requested by Anonnie |  Fluff

Word Count: 3,600+

Pairing: min yoonji x reader

Nonnie said:  Hi. This is the anon that requested the hairstylists AU with Yoonji. I just realised I was too vague about it. As a plot, I like the idea of Yoonji and OC being close like best friends, maybe with some hidden feelings~ The OC is sensitive about her hair because it’s curly and a customer makes fun of her and Yoonji bites back. You can be more creative since I’m being a bit cliche. I just like to see Yoonji as a sassy hairstylist. 😎

You lay in bed, a small goofy grin hitting your blushing cheeks. You gaze at the sleeping black haired female laying beside you, your eyes glistening like two wet diamonds. As you let your eyes roam across her face, you take in her soft smooth cheeks, the pores on her skin, her parted lips stained cherry red with lipstick, her soft breaths, and her messy hair strewn across her face…


As you let her sink into your memory, you’re honestly in a daze and yet you’re positive there’s no better way to describe everything that lead up to this very moment as a bitter sweet day.

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TRIGGER WARNING Eyeless Jack: Bullied

Useless. Fat. Gross. Hated. Ugly.

Their voices stuck taunting you inside your own head; you stand in front of your mirror picking at your skin. They were right; you couldn’t stand the sigh of yourself. Your self-hatred boiled into anger, but quickly dissipated. It was replaced with a deep, heavy sadness. One that someone could only feel when they have truly lost all hope for being okay again.

“I just want to be beautiful…” You whisper, pinching and pulling at the skin on your stomach.

“You are.” A sudden voice cuts through your daze, startling you. You whip around to see EJ leaning against the door frame, staring at you. You immediately wrap your arms around your stomach, trying to cover yourself as best you can.

“EJ what the-” You fall silent when he begins walking toward you, instinctively you begin backing up. His steps are considerably bigger than yours so he reaches you long before your back hits the wall. He reaches out and gently grabs your wrists, loosely holding them in his hands. Your breathing is shallow as you stare up at him; you stand in silence until he finally speaks quietly.

“You’re beautiful, Y/n.” his voice was so low and genuine; you felt your sadness screaming out to him, begging for his embrace. You couldn’t breathe, like the air had been sucked from your lungs. Your bottom lip quivers slightly, and EJ notices. He reaches a hand up and gently places his thumb on your bottom lip, as if soothing its shaking panic.

“What’s got you so upset?” He asks quietly, staring at you. It felt like an eternity before you found the will to speak.

“I…” You say quietly, something about his demeanor made you feel at home. You felt safe.

“There are these girls…I knew them in high school.” You whisper, close to crying. It takes every bone in his body to not loose his shit, he worried you were being bullied and you just confirmed it.

“They say things EJ…awful things.” You choke out the last word, tears finally spilling. EJ lets go of your wrist and wraps his arms around you. You bury your face in his chest crying quietly.

“Shhh…” He says, gently petting your hair. He quietly holds you for a bit, until he feels your crying slow.

“Y/n…Look at me.” He says, and you look up at him again. He raises a hand to cup your chin gently, keeping you from looking away.

“You are beautiful, in so many ways. Your body is beautiful and human; your mind is beautiful and brilliant. You are so full of light, Y/n, nothing is worth loosing that. No one or their silly opinions are worth dimming you for a second. Listen to me when I say this. You are beautiful. ”


Being one of the ‘newest’ members of the Avengers, having joined not long before Wanda. After the events of civil war, Tony knows that your mind will be going haywire wanting to contact Wanda and Sam, two of your best friends. Loosing them hurt you so much, so Tony does the only thing he can think of to keep you busy. He asks you to relocate in order to become a mentor to Peter Parker, train him in hand to hand combat, parkour and to keep an eye on him. What neither of you expect is that you actually build a fantastic rapport with Peter, and look at him like a little brother; going out of your way help him and back him up to Tony.

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He accidentally messages you instead of Calum

He invites you to a Muse concert in London

You break up because he’s never home anymore

Loving all of you

He gets overprotective

The Dress

He is mad you haven’t deleted old IG photos of your ex

You ask him why he wanted to date you

Meeting your parents

He is taking you to Spain

You send nudes to the wrong guy

You accidentally tell him the gender

He texts you thinking it’s Ashton

You and him scared that you’re pregnant

You ask him what day it is

He accuses you of cheating

You think he cheats on you so you break up with him

He finds out your uncle is Brian May

He tries to learn about your brazilian culture

Your parents hit you and he tries to sneak you out

He saw your scars

You’re horny but he just sends you Pepe the Frog pictures

You accidentally sext him, your brother, instead of Calum

You sext him and it gets heated

You ask him what nail color you should get

You sext him and he comes over immediately

He, you, and the boys are part of the “giant squad”

Your date with Calum goes bad so he comforts you

He wants to cuddle at midnight

He cheers you up because his fans hurt you

He accidentally tells you he likes you because he thinks he texted Luke

You miss him on tour

He is sad ROWYSO ended

He texts you using lyrics of “Money”

“Calum” asks you if you like him, but it’s actually him

He, your boyfriend finds out you and Ashton used to date 

He surprises you to a concert to your favorite band

You fangirl over him

He surprises you with tickets to SLFL

He is insecure

Soldier comes back early

You get a nipple piercing


He thinks you cheated on him

Sexting while he is on tour

He goes to your modeling event

Inviting him over for a swim

He gets excited

Accidentally sends you pics of rings to you instead of Luke

You’re bisexual and like his sister as well as him

He breaks up with you for a stupid reason

He finds out you speak Spanish

You by mistake call him Daddy

He tells you he likes you

Problem with your ex

He gets jealous when you cuddle with Ash

He finds out you cheated on him with Luke

You ask him why he’s been ignoring you

You text him (videogames by lana)

He thinks you cheated on him

He is jealous that you’re punk and he isn’t

He helps you find your dog

You got raped last night when you went out with friends

You help him with French 

He flips when he finds out his son got in trouble at school

He is your best friend and he tries to dirty talk you

He is sketchy

Sex with him for a ride? Deal

He finds your secret tumblr

He takes you to Buffalo Wild Wings but you’re a vegetarian

He accidentally text you instead of Michael saying he hates you

He gets jealous over some guy

He get a new puppy


Accidentally sexting Luke

You get a piercing while he is on tour

Asking your fuck buddy for some advice

He texts you his feelings by accident

He misses you while he is on tour

You two are the annoying couple that love each other

He gets jealous

He finds out you’re messing around with Mikey

You’re scared you might have cancer

He confronts you about sexting Michael by accident 

You ask him to come over at 4am

You accidentally text him in what you want to do when you get home

You have a phobia of getting sick

You think he’s ignoring you but he was at band practice

You confront him about the IHEARTRADIO boner

He finds a condom in his 16 year old daughter’s room

He is your brother and finds out you hooked up with Calum

You’re pregnant and find blood when you wake up

He finds out you and Ashton are “friends with benefits”

You prank him

He is jealous that you’re friends with the other boys

He tries to comfort you when you have a miscarriage 

He saves your drunk ass

He tells you to buy SKH

He, your brother, finds out you fooled around with his best friend, Calum

He is your first

He cheats on you and pretends he didn’t do it

He is insecure about his body

He assists you during your period

He steals Calum’s phone and texts you that he misses you

He plans to take you somewhere so he surprises you

You find out why he cheated on his girlfriend

You tell him about your anxieties and insecurities 

He, your boyfriend, finds out that Ashton used to like you and you dated Calum

He acts like a prick

He texts you when you are asleep

He finds out your best friend is Ashton

He is sexually frustrated


He’s at work but you’re horny

Teasing him

He breaks up with you then gets jealous

He misses his little sister on tour

Trying to convince him to join you at the beach

He got jealous when he saw you dancing with some guy

Smartest yet douchiest in your Chemistry class

He accidentally texts you pics of rings for you instead of Cal

He gets hate on twitter

He’s on tour and you tell him you’re pregnant with twins

He’s feeling depressed

He texts you sweet things

He breaks up with you then wants you back years later

He’s sexually frustrated

He tries to learn some of your Spanish culture

You accidentally call him Daddy and he likes it

He finds out about you and Michael

There are “monsters” under his bed and he’s scared

He gets jealous because you tweeted about Andy Biersack

You want to break up but he changes your mind

You text each other TFIOS style

He buys cute clothes for your soon-to-be daughter

He thinks you’re cheating on him with Andy Biersack

He’s away on tour

He is so horny

You accidentally sext him, your brother, instead of Luke, your brother

He finds out about you and Michael

You are pregnant and hid it from him

He finds out your dad is a famous WWE wrestler

He wants to cuddle

You think you’re clingy but he tells you otherwise

You get hate for being plus-size

He is your big brother and finds out you’re sick

He tells you to break up with your boyfriend

He takes a joke too far and leaves pizza and flowers on your doorstep

It’s your birthday and he surprises you

He throws a surprise party for your birthday

You’re his little sister, you’re stressed, and he helps you through it

He helps you through a breakdown

He wants to take you to the beach and things take a turn

Morning texts with him about school

Multiple Part AU’s


He likes you so he tries to make you jealous: Part One

He likes you so he tries to make you jealous: Part Two

He likes you so he tries to make you jealous: Part Three

He likes you so he tries to make you jealous: Part Four

He likes you so he tries to make you jealous: Part Five

He is your best friend and gets jealous at the club: Part One

He is your best friend and gets jealous at the club: Part Two

He, your brother, is rude to you: Part One

He, your brother, is rude to you: Part Two

He gets jealous over some guy: Part One

He gets jealous over some guy: Part Two


He cheats on you and pretends he didn’t do it: Part One

He cheats on you and pretends he didn’t do it: Part Two


You sleep around with a lot of guys and he loves you: Part One

You sleep around with a lot of guys and he loves: Part Two


He forgets your 13th birthday: Part One

He forgets your 13th birthday: Part Two

He is in a love triangle: Part One

He is in a love triangle: Part Two

4/4 AU’s

They think they’re more punk than you

You get a haircut and hate it

You send him some pictures

Sexually frustrated

They find out their daughters/sons had sex

You loose your virginity to them and regret it

You send them a booty pic

You have a daddy kink and they hear you with Ashton

They try to sneak in

They see your self harm scars

They hear you moaning with Luke

They try to get you and Ashton back together

They have some jokes

They invite you to homecoming

They argue about who would top

2/4 AU’s

Luke and Calum fight over which one gets to date you

Calum takes Luke’s phone

Luke takes Michael’s phone while you two were sexting

Michael takes Calum’s phone while you two were sexting

Michael texts Calum about you giving him a lapdance

Ashton, your best friend, texts you that he likes you but Luke reads it

Three’s A Crowd pt. 2

Going without panties for the rest of the day was equal parts arousing and stressful. Knowing that one misstep, one off angle and someone would see just how lewd you were sent shivers down your spine. But speaking to both subordinates and superiors with this overwhelming feeling like they might know knocked the air out of your chest.

You had sent several vulgarity laced text messages to Gabriel, only receiving a smiley faces and a pic of your panties on his desk. You felt your heart stop as all the blood rushed to your face, your fingers racing over the keyboard as you prepared to cuss the cocky LA-native out, only to have a message notification from Jack appear on your screen. You sniffed at the message you had been writing to Gabe and opened the notification from Jack, smiling at the sight.

‘Dinner and tv @ 8 in my room?’

You texted back a quick ‘affirmative’, grinning to yourself. At least someone knew how to play nice and she was pretty damn sure Jack would never steal her underwear. Although, you couldn’t help wonder how the boy scout might react to finding out you weren’t wearing any. You licked your lips slowly, a mischievous idea forming in your head. You glanced at your computer, the numbers 1800 blinking at you to let you know it was quitting time. You grinned wide, taking off towards your room so you could ‘prepare’.


Jack hit the panel to the side of his door, the frame sliding open to reveal you to one another. The wear was casual as far as you two were concerned when you hung out, but that didn’t mean shabby. Jack was dressed in a pair of his navy blue Overwatch PT sweatpants and a white tank top that you greatly appreciated. His muscular arms and shoulders were out, and the top dipped just low enough to show off his collarbone and a bit of his perfect pectorals. You just knew you would have to mark his creamy skin up.

He slid sideway, sweeping his arm in a playful gesture to ask you to come in. You chuckled as you gave him a half bow as you walked in. You immediately kicked off your running shoes, smirking as the door began to slide closed.

“Hey Y/N”, he greeted warmly, giving you an appreciative once over. “Got a shower in I see.”

You appreciated what a higher rank had given you, a private bathroom the most perfect blessing in disguise after a long day. Your hair was still damp, hanging in loose waves around your shoulders and back. You had worn your full Overwatch PT gear; the hoodie and the sweats. But what was underneath was the real treasure.

“So what’s the grub for tonight”, you asked nonchalantly, grabbing the commander by the hand and pulling him into the kitchen. Jack was still a farm boy through and through; fried potatoes, homemade breads, fresh fruits and vegetables and cheeses. While his meals weren’t fancy, they were hearty and delicious, especially after you taught the Indiana-native what spices could kick his meals up a notch. Although, it looked like the man had ordered out tonight, a bag of takeout resting on his counter.

“Picked up some takeout”, he said with that kind smile of his. You swore those baby blues of his sparkled whenever he smiled like that. “Sushi and noodles alright with you?”

“Oh definitely”, you said with a grin, hopping onto the opposite counter as he began to dig into the bag. This gave you the perfect angle to stare at the muscles in his back,  a slow perverse smile growing on your lips. You wanted to dig your nails into that skin and watch those pink marks pop up. Maybe dinner could wait. “Mind if I get comfortable?”

Warmth ran through you at his laughter, your hands resting on the zipper to your hoodie.

“Of course”, he said warmly, combing through the bag and pulling out each item. You blessed his heat as you jumped off the counter for a moment, unzipping the hoodie and wiggling out of your loose sweatpants. You folded them quickly, placing them on the counter and jumping back onto the the counter and crossing your legs with a slight arch of your back as you watched Jack separate everything. “You want tuna or sal–”


You loved the fact that he turned pink when he began to get aroused, the flush starting at his cheeks and the top of his ears. It seemed he really like your outfit. After jumping out of the shower you had thrown on a blue tank top that dipped down and showed off your cleavage and clung to your curves. The black short shorts you had worn clung to your round hip and thick thighs. Your body grew hot as Jack looked you up and down, your thighs clenching together as you saw a bulge begin to form in his pants. You opened your arms to him, smiling as you motioned him forward with your hands. He moved forward, his warm hands sliding over your waist and gently resting on your back, pressing you to him. Resting your arms against his shoulders, you leaned forward, pressing a soft, slow kiss against his lips.

“How about we work up an appetite first”, you asked against his lips, smiling as he gave a slight nod before picking you up off of the counter. Both of you laughed against each other’s lips as your legs wrapped around his waist as his hands holding your thighs. He carried you to the living room, you both still soaking in the softness of the other lips against their own. You squeaked as Jack dropped onto the couch, giggling against his lips as your hips fell into his, his bulge pressing against your barely covered mound. “Happy to see me?”

He rolled his eyes at you before his hand moved from your thighs to your ass, massaging the soft fullness gently before his hands dragged up your back. You whined against his lips, arching into him as your hands began to explore themselves. There was no rush in your touches, your fingers lightly stroking his face and chin before running over his neck. You hummed, pleased against his lips as he let out a soft growl when your hands touched the sensitive pulse point of his neck. You rubbed there purposefully, grinding your hips down against him until his hands dragged away from the sensitive spot on your back and grabbed your hips to still them.

“Hmmm”, you teased playfully before squeaking as he suddenly began to yank your shirt up, breaking your kiss as he pulled the shirt over your head. “Oh you have me at a disadvantage Jackie.”

Your hands pulled away from his neck and down his chest, your nails dragging against his skin, leaving pink-red marks until you got to his shirt. Your couldn’t help but sigh at the feel of those strong muscles under your hands, jumping and moaning as Jack began to litter kisses over your jaw and to your neck. You could barely focus, your fingers grazing the hems of his shirt before pulling his tank top up. You hated to feel his lips pull away from your sensitive skin, shivering hard as you finally evened the playing field. Your fingers and his lips found one another again, your hands massaging his chest and nipples, his mouth finding your own.

“Ah Jack”, you gasped as his tongue gently circled your hard bud, his other hand massaging the opposite side. His touch was firm yet gentle, your pleasure fried nerves aching delightfully under his touch. You felt him smile around the swell of your breast, increasing the speed at which his tongue and fingers moved, making your hips grind down needily into his. Your hand jumped pushing his hand hard against your bosom, feeling your wetness soak the crotch of your shorts. You couldn’t stand this, hated and loved him for the fact he could pull all of these sounds and reactions out of you just by kissing you. You needed him inside of you now. “Jack…Jack, fuck me?”

You whined through panting breath, the man taking his time to pull away, basking of the feel of your hand in his hair and scratching at his scalp. That drew a sigh from his lips, the farm boy pulling back from your tit with a slight pop. He grinned that too sweet grin of his, a look of desire in his gaze.

“Well since you asked so nicely”, he teased, his arm wrapping securely around your waist as he shifted forward on the couch.

A gasp tumbled from your lips, the hardness of his cock rubbing delightfully against your mound. He leaned forward with you, littering kisses against your breasts and collarbone, his free hand reaching out to grab his small box of condoms. You practically purred as he continued to lavish your skin in attention, you could feel the slightest smile in his actions. He pulled the small packet out, handing it, handing it off to you before leaning forward and pressing a kiss to the side of your neck. You moaned, fingers shaking as you tore the pack open, wiggling back on his lap as his hands worked on loosening the tie on his pants. You hummed appreciatively as he freed himself, biting your lip eagerly.

You made quick work of sliding the condom over his dick, lifting off of his lap briefly and lining yourself up with him. Jack’s arm stayed wrapped around your back, his other hand digging into your hip as you lowered yourself onto him.

“Shit”, he breathed out as you reseated yourself onto his lap. You felt so full, your clit throbbing in delight as you began to bounce onto his lap.

You began to rock your hips slowly, feeling him throb as he filled you up. Jack had a delightful curve that rubbed at your walls and made you feel like you would explode from the pleasure of it all. The both of you set your pace slow and steady, Jack’s kisses and licks becoming a little more firm, turning into light nips at your neck and breasts and nipples. Your hands moved to his shoulders for leverage,  nails digging into his muscles as you felt heat begin to pool faster in the pit of your stomach.

“Jack”, you cried out, his hand dragging from your hip, the pad of his thumb finding your clit.

He knew exactly what he was doing, bringing you to your peak as your walls squeezed tighter around him. He began to bounce you faster on his lap, his thumb rolling in circles as his mouth found your breast again. Your head rolled back in joy, eyes squeezing shut tight as you tried to ride the waves as the knot in your stomach grew tighter and tighter. You forgot how to breathe for a moment, biting down hard on your bottom lip as you felt the end draw near.

“That’s it”, Jack panted against your skin, making your entire body sizzle at the thought of him watching you as you neared climax. “Go on.”

His voice was growing tighter, his thrusts harder as he egged you on. All at once, you inhaled sharply as you were thrown over the edge, your eyes flying open as you came.

“J-Jack”, you screamed, your walls clamping down hard on his shaft, nails actually digging into his skin. He wouldn’t ease up on your clit, still rolling in circles as your body twitched and burned. You were dying the sweetest death, your ears barely registering the sound of his door opening. “J-Jack oh pl-please please…ohhh my…g-g-Gabe?!”

You were still basking in the depth of orgasm when your eyes landed on the smirking facade of Gabriel Reyes. You tore your eyes tore away from his, squeezing shut as you tried to calm your body down, your brain pulled in two different directions. You felt Jack’s arm tighten around you as he came, grunting softly against your shoulder. The both of you sat panting for a moment until you heard the sound of Gabe’s husky chuckle and a slow clap of the hands.

“Looks like you two are having fun”, he teased as an abashed blush burned through you. “Up for an encore?”

((Since I got an ask for the first time the three of them are together, I’m going to use that to make the final part three!!))

anonymous asked:

Can you post a really good packing list? including some fun items or things I would never think of. Thank you so much!! your blog is great and helpful

Thank you anon! I’m glad that you like my blog!

Here’s my packing list/suggestions.


  • Socks. A lot. Fun socks, if you can.
  • Old camp t-shirts. I pretty much wear only camp shirts, and you’re guaranteed that they’re camp appropriate.
  • Shorts and pants, in whatever style floats your boat. I like cargo - cargo shorts, cargo pants. They’re comfy and all the pockets are really useful. I also wear jeans a lot too. Make sure your shorts aren’t too short, especially if your camp has a stricter dress code.
  • Overalls. Comfy, lots of pockets, and fun.
  • A swim suit or two (depends on how much swimming there is at your camp).
  • Swim shirt (everybody)/swim shorts (peeps wearing the one-piece swim suits). This is a matter of personal preference, but I really like having extra covering and it’s less to put sunscreen on. Plus, less of a chance of sunburn. 
  • Hats. Sun hats, ball caps, beanies, weird hats, etc. 
  • Bandannas. I have a thing for bandannas, so I bring a bunch, but not everyone does. I use them for headbands, as a hair cover/hat, as a decoration. They’re super useful. 
  • A couple of sweatshirts/flannels/sweaters.
  • A long sleeve shirt (or two)
  • Raincoat! 
  • A regular coat (unless your regular coat is also a 
  • Shoes! Hiking boots, sturdy sneakers, flipflops for the shower, whatever sandals/water shoes you can have at waterfront.
  • PJs/sweatpants. I am forever happy that I brought sweatpants to camp last summer.
    I also have a rubber duckie onsie. I don’t actually sleep in it, it’s just for dress-up days.
  • Weird clothes you have laying around - I’ve got a cape, a Harry Potter tie, purple tie-dyed leggings, costume jewelery, extra crazy mismatched socks, and a crazy abstract space dress (it was part of a Luna Lovegood cosplay). 

*these clothes reflect the camp that I work at, which gets really cold. You might need to adjust if you work in somewhere really hot/muggy all the time. Also, we have a fairly conservative dress code. 

Other stuff

  • A headlamp AND a flashlight
    I have a lantern that I use in my tent and I really like that too.
  • Sunscreen, bugspray, chapstick (lots of chapsticks, you will loose them)
  • Your general toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste/toothbrush, hair brush, sanitary items, etc)
  • Stationary/notebooks, envelopes, postcards, and stamps
  • A camera!
  • Your trusty sleeping bag, a pillow, and perhaps a blanket too
  • A sturdy backpack
  • 2 towels - one for lake, one for showers
  • 2-3 water bottles. No they don’t need to be name brand Nalgenes, just make sure they’re sturdy and don’t leak. Bonus points if you put stickers on them.
  • Sunglasses
  • Laundry bag
  • Rubbermaid tote (to put all of this in)
  • Mess kit (if you need one)
  • Comfort items - I posted about self-soothing a little bit ago. I bring things like tea and a stuffed bunny. I’m bringing a few sensory items to put in a place that all the CITs can get to too.
  • Lotion. With all the hand washing and sanitizing, your hands will dry out. 
  • A journal. I write down the funny things and the things that I need to tell someone, but can’t for confidentiality reasons. 
  • A clipboard. I like the ones that close and open. They’re waterproof and hold a lot of stuff. My phone actually fits into mine along with a ton of paperwork. I also decorate it with camp photos, camper notes, and stickers. 
  • Sharpies
  • A multi-tool (think heavy duty Swiss army knife). Ask about your camp’s policy. 
  • Hairbands - if you have long hair
  • Kleenex packs to stash in your backpack.

I might come back and edit/add to this later.

  • Me: ok I really need to focus on this test
  • ME: Ya know what how about you go ahead and fail me!

Dating Seth Rollins would include:

- Him stealing your hair ties and loosing them continuously. So you need to buy new ones every damn week.

- Clogging the shower drain with hair. His and yours.

Feel free to add things to the list if you wish.


I just started watching Riverdale and it’s really good! I follow most of the cast on TW. It’s so refreshing to see a enthusiastic cast. Guys life is too short to get an aneurysm over the ugliness that is Outlander. There are better shows out there. Better actors to follow. Watch the show or don’t but please don’t loose your sanity over them. They don’t deserve you as a fan. That’s all I wanted to say❤️

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Thankful For You

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1.1K+

Author’s Note: I’ve been having some sort of writing block, but I wanted to put something out for you guys for Thanksgiving, so I wrote this at 3:30am yesterday after driving for 12 hours LMAO I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU GUYS & HAPPY THANKSGIVING! <3 not going to do tags this time bc I don’t have time, sorry guys

PS. Jessie says hello

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The Tower was bustling with activity. Everybody was trying their best to do their part in helping prep for the Thanksgiving Feast. Some were helping set the table while others were cutting up ingredients. You had the most important job of all – the turkey. You’ve been working at that turkey since the early morning, massaging it and stuffing it to make sure it was delicious. It’s been in the oven for a few hours now and you shuffled your way over to the oven every once in a while to baste the bird so it wouldn’t dry out.

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#84: Pregnancy Series | You're Horny


Some anon requested me to add this to the series, and I laughed for ten minutes straight before I was like, hell yeah, it has to be included. 

Pregnancy Schedule: 30,5 Weeks // A little over 7 months

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

He Talks To The Bump

Aches And Pain

Shopping For Baby Clothes


Luke held his hands in front of his lips as he tiptoed down the hallway of his apartment, trying to be as quiet as possible, his mind dazed as he almost tripped over his own long legs every third minute. He opened the door to the bedroom, walking inside the dark and turning on the light, his eyes going wide and a yelp coming from his lips as he watched you by the window, a small smile on your lips as you watched him. ”Good party?” You asked, watching him as he tumbled towards you, stopping right in front of you when the belly prevented him from coming any closer. ”Not as good as if you had been there.” He smiled, toying a strand of hair away from your eyes. ”How’s my babyyy.” He slurred, smacking himself down on his knees and instantly smashing his lips against your belly, his eyes closing as he leaned his head against your stomach. ”My little baby.” He cooed, a warm smile on his face as he peppered it with kisses. You let out a sigh by the smaller gesture, grabbing Luke’s upper arm and pulling him up. ”You know, you’re one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever known. Probably the prettiest one.” He slurred, smiling down at you, your cheeks starting to burn. ”And I don’t think I could find a better person to share a kid with.” His hand rubbed up and down your belly as he admired your form, silence starting to fall over you, your cheeks burning even more now, and whether it was Luke’s love confession or the fact that your arousal was getting worse, you couldn’t point out which. ”Luke, I have to admit something.” Luke’s whole face expression changed, his face starting to soften and look more serious one, staring down at you waiting for you to tell him. ”I’m horny.” His eyes went wide by your confession; a weird feeling going through his veins by the fact that he had believed you would say something else, a lump starting to form in his throat. ”And I can’t make myself – not that I would get the chance to hook up with some dude now with this massive watermelon anyways - find some other dude to like uhm satisfy me. So I’m uhm, asking you.” His mouth felt open now as well, staring down at you in pure confuse and shock. ”Please? It’s not like we’re going to have sex, I just need some arousal..” You mumbled, taking his hand and placing it in front of your lips, placing a few kisses here and there and biting down on his skin. Luke’s breathe quickened by the actions and his mind fuzzed. ”And besides, you already know how my body works.” You commented with a flirtatious smile, his mouth shutting as he looked down at you. ”Fine.” He stammered, leaning down and placing his lips on yours, a feeling he hadn’t felt in almost 7 months, his hands starting to roam your body against as he backed you towards his bed, making you smile through the kiss by getting the satisfaction.


A puddle of arousal made your eyes open fast, look around in confuse by the sudden change of light in the room. Or more likely, the fact that you had woken up from sleeping, having a dream that clearly left it’s marks in your underwear, Calum’s arm loosely wrapped around your belly on protection, his breathings hitting your neck making goose bumps appear on your skin. Wiggling in your seat, you turned around so you could face him, his eyes starting to stir by the sudden movement. ”What’s going on?” He questioned with eyes closed, moving his arm to the right so he could press the on bottom on his night lamp, the lamp lighting up your room and you squeezing your eyes. ”Calum. I’m horny.” Your statement made him instantly snort with a chuckle, eyes fully open now. ”Okay, and what can I do to fix that?” He teased, sitting up so his back was pressed against the headboard. ”I just need you to fix it.” You pouted, just wanting him inside you as fast as possible. ”You know I won’t fuck you, I can’t make myself do that in a fear of hurting him.” He reminded, you crossing your arms over your chest, looking up at him. He knew that if you wouldn’t get satisfied, he would get the chance to take the trip down to the living room and sleep by his own, your fuse not being long and hormones from the pregnancy effecting you even more than what you could control. And he couldn’t really complain about your request. ”But I can do something else.” He winked, placing his lips on yours and trying to pull you closer even though it was difficult. At first, his hand were placed on your cheek, caressing down to your neck, leaving a small squeeze on your breast before diving further down, making sure that every place had been touched. His hand glided down to your stomach, his hand stopping right above your abdomen, tracing patterns around your skin with his finger tips to arousal you, your breath starting to quicken by the smaller gesture. After what felt like years, he nibbled shortly on your earlobe as he stuck his hand inside your panties, but as soon as he did, that was when the kicking started. ”You cannot be serious!” You exclaimed in almost rage, Calum starting to laugh out loud as the kicking wouldn’t stop, he could feel it as his arm were half resting on your belly, the skin moving around by the kicks that you received. ”He hasn’t kicked all day and now he decides to do it!” Calum placed his palm on your stomach in amaze, never ever not enjoying feeling the life that was inside of you. ”At least we know he’s still full of energy and in life in there.” He chuckled, placing a kiss to your temple as you let out a huff, pouting your lips and looking up at him as he admired your stomach while adding warm caress with his hands against your skin.


”Are we even allowed to be here?” You questioned, looking around in confuse as Michael took his t shirt you were wearing over your head, smiling down at you and placing a kiss to your forehead. ”No. But that doesn’t matter. It’s freaking hot up in our room and I needed to cool down. If we get caught, I will take charge of the blame.” He chucked, hooking his fingers around the waistband of your loose shorts, pulling them down your legs and letting you trip out of them. The pool behind him looked so inviting, so blue, and so romantic at this point of night, making you instantly want to jump in. ”Come on.” He winked, linking your hands together and walking towards the stairs, helping you down into the water, it being cold at first but after waiting a few seconds until the body temperature was used to it, it was pure gold. ”See, this is ten times better than being up at the hotel room, bored.” He smiled, leaning on his back and looking up at the sky. You swam towards him and backing him up against the end of the pool, his eyes wide by the sudden action. ”Someone seems needy huh?” Michael questioned, starting to place kisses along your neck. ”I haven’t gotten anything in almost 7 months, what do you expect Michael?” You purred, smashing your lips against his and letting him wrap his arms around your body as good as he could, rotating you so the belly weren’t pressing into his. Before you could put two of two together, Michael had turned hard as a rock, his crotch pressing into yours making you instantly moan. ”If we’re quiet,” He panted, looking at you, ”We won’t get caught.” You nodded your head fast as he pulled out his throbbing member, placing a kiss to your cheek. He moved the side of your panties to allow him to enter you, but he barely pushed in before he moved completely away, his eyes wide as he looked at you. ”But.. What if I hurt her or something?” He asked softly in fear, putting his length back in his pants. ”You’ve got to be kidding me Michael Clifford! That will forever be the biggest mood killer, ever!” Michael leaned his head back on his neck as he laughed out loud, looking back admiring at you. ”I’m so sorry, but I don’t think I can’t do this even though I’m having a hard time resisting you.” He smiled, and took a piece of wet hair away from your sticky forehead. ”Mood killer.” You pouted, folding your hand and sending a wave of splash towards him, his eyes wide by your sudden move. ”Kitten I think that was a bad idea.” He stated, starting to splash water towards you, the two of you swimming around on the easy end of the pool to make sure there wouldn’t happen anything to you or the babygirl, water everywhere as the splashing fight had now started.


”Ashton would you mind come here for a second?” You yelled, lying sprawled on the bed in just a pair of black lingerie, your hair loose as you looked over towards the open bathroom door, the sound of Ashton brushing his teeth inside. ”I’ll be out in second.” His voice was faint, making yourself look down to make sure that everything was perfect, and when he came out of the bathroom, his face expression was pure priceless. ”Babe uh- What are you uh-” Ashton stammered, watching you as you rose from the bed, walking slowly towards him. He let out a nervous giggle, ”Y/N, what are you uhm- doing?” You cocked your head as you stood in front of him now, not even getting the slightest chance of being close to him with the big belly preventing you. ”I’m trying to seduce you. It is that weird?” You asked as if nothing was wrong. ”To me it seems like you tried to squeeze yourself down into some tiny lingerie you.” He commented, his fingers tracing over the skin that was bulged out from your bra cup. You rolled your eyes by his comment, your hand reaching up to caress his cheek and down to his next, watching his puzzled reaction. ”Y/N, we cannot uhm.. Do this.” Ashton tried to explain, trying to avoid your intoxicating touches. ”But Ashton for god sake, it has been 7 months without us being the slightest sexual at all. I’m horny for god sake! Your voice went wide by your sudden rage statement, Ashton’s eyes doing the same exact same. ”Can you please just kiss me without making a gag sound, I feel unloved and repellent here.” Your soft tone made Ashton let out a sigh, his hands coming to your cheeks taking a step to the side so he could give you a proper kiss without having the belly in the way, letting the kiss be intimate and long as he pressed more and more into yours. But when your tongue traced his bottom lip, that was when he had to pull back before it went too far. ”I can’t Y/N, I’m sorry madly sorry, but I can’t stick my dick in you without having the fear of crushing one of the babies.” He stated, you crossing your arms and letting out a huff. ”How forceful do you think your dick is huh?” Ashton rolled his eyes by your behavior and placed a kiss to your forehead. ”I just won’t find it comfortable okay? I hope you understand.” He looked down at you, watching you as you pouted. He let out a sigh when you didn’t look satisfied, trying to find a solution and running his fingers through his hair. ”Go lay on the bed. I’ll be back in a few seconds okay, and then let me eat out that pussy of yours; you think you can do that for me?” Ashton didn’t even recieve any answer before you had sprinted over to the bed in excitement, a giggle coming from his lips as he shook his head at you.

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Hello! Can I please have a scenario in which Baku Todo and Izuku are walking to class and they are hugged suddenly by their younger sister ( their class took a field trip to ua ) and the 1-a classmates are all shocked since they didn't know about the younger Sister?

Bakugou was brooding and snarling to himself at lunch when Denki and Kirishima walked up and tried to converse with him. It’s not that he hated them, he would rather just not talk to anyone who was lower than he was. He was going to be the number one hero in the world, who needed friends. As soon as the bell rang Bakugou sprang up and started walking to the locker rooms, after lunch they had hero training so they would go get changed and meet All Might out on the course. He changed quickly, avoiding any more needless conversation with anybody and walked out of the locker room “KASTU!!” a shriek came from a group of what looked like children. He glared at the group of children and while most cowered in fear, there in the middle of it all, was his younger sister waving like an idiot at him. He rolled his eyes and went to turn away when he felt two tiny arms wrap around him and a face pushed into this stomach. “(Y-Y/n)! Get offa me!” he shouted and tried to get you to let go. “Nope!” you smiled stubbornly and held even tighter. By now the whole class had finished changing and was watching the predicament play out with the other children off to the side. “I told you my big brother went to school here!” you turned your head to your classmates and they all giggled or shivered from the death glare Bakugou was sending you. “I-I’m so sorry sir!” you teacher came over and tried to pry you off of him, “She is our crazy child of the group, I apologize!” “Hey! My little sister isn’t crazy, she’s passionate! Only I can call her crazy.” Bakugou growled at the teacher. “S-So she is your sister?!” the teacher’s eyes widened and let go of you. “Of course she is!” he took your hand and sent a glared at everyone around him. “I-I’m so sorry, I thought she was joking about having an older brother here. She likes to make things up sometimes, you know how funny seven year olds can be.” the teacher reached out to take you back to the group and you took their hand happily and went over to your classmates speaking very animatedly about how cool your big brother is. “She can be weird but she doesn’t lie.” he snapped at the teacher and kept walking to get to hero training. “BYE KATSUUUU!” you smiled widely at him from your class and he rolled his eyes again and waved slightly at you as he turned away. “Dude you never told me you had a little sister!” “She’s so small and cute! What happened to you?” “Why does she look up to you? She knows who you are right?” Denki and Kirishima rapid fired questions as the rest of the class laughed quietly about how he defended you and how cute you were. “Hi Deku!” was heard across the way again as Izuku came out and waved at you happily. You ran over to him with your teacher chasing behind you trying to bring you back to the group. “DEKU STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER!” was heard as explosions started to go off.

Todoroki was tired, but he was always tired. He was suiting up to go to hero training when he heard what sounded like a class of children outside being given a tour. He ignored it for the most part until he stepped out of the locker room and his name was yelled across campus. He turned hid head towards the voice and saw his little sister running towards his at full speed, fire at her heels repelling her faster toward him. He braced for impact and caught you ungracefully as you swung around his neck and wrapped your legs around his torso. You were five so you weren’t heavy, your weight was simply unexpected. He steadied himself and looked at you slightly surprised, “(Y/n), what are you doing here?” he questioned and you smiled hugely at him, “My class is here for a class trip!” you squealed excitedly and bounced up and down. He laughed under his breath at your enthusiasm and turned towards your teacher who was staring at him with wide eyes, “I’m sorry! She can be a little spitfire sometimes! She likes to run around and be a little heathen, I’m sorry you were mixed up in her shenanigans this time around.” the teacher looked incredibly worried and Todoroki sighed, “She can be a handful, don’t let her run off like that. I don’t want my little sister getting lost.” he set you down while your class and you whispered to your classmates that he is your big brother and he was super cool and had fire AND ice, not just fire like you. “L-little sister?!” the teacher looked from him to you back to him again. “I apologize, I will try to make sure she doesn’t run off again.” the teacher bowed, they must have known his father. “Don’t worry about it, just keep an eye on her.” he said and knelt down to you, “(Y/n) don’t go running off without your teacher, they are stressed out enough as it is with a whole class of kindergarten children.” you nodded and hugged him again, “Okay Todo! I won’t run off unless I see something cool!” you smile and Todoroki raised an eyebrow at you, “Fiiiiine, I won’t run off at all.” you pouted and he patted your head and stood up to get to training. “Wow! I didn’t know you had a younger sister!” Izuku said and looked at you in wonder, “She’s still getting her quirk, but I think and hope it will be the same as mine. I would hate for her to only get dad’s fire.” he watched as you happily chattered with the other students in your class. “She’ll be fine Todoroki, look at her. She seems like she’ll make a great hero some day.” Iida smiled at you and you flashed a toothy grin back at him. “She is one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen! You better protect her when she’s older.” Uraraka laughed as she watched you bounce up and down while following your teacher. “I will. She would get lost if I didn’t protect her.” Todoroki smiled slightly as they all turned to get to training.

Izuku jumped when he heard his name shouted across the campus. Your feet barely touched the ground as you ran over to him and jumped up to give him a hug. “H-Hey (Y/n), w-what are you doing h-here?” he blushed as you nuzzled your face into his chest. “My class is on a trip here! I told them I had a big brother here and they said we might see you, but I really wanted to see you so I walked around until I found you!” you smiled and Izuku’s face went pale. “Y-You lost your class?” his eyebrows raised in worry as he looked around him for your class. “I didn’t loose them! They didn’t follow me so I left them!” you smiled at him, not seeing the issue with this. “W-We need to find your class!” Izuku exclaimed and looked around even quicker trying to see if they had come into sight in the past few seconds. “Deku, you aren’t supposed to bring brats to school.” Bakugou walked past and stuck him tongue out at you. “Shut up!” you stuck out your tongue back and flicked a rock at his head. You had inherited your mother’s quirk and could throw objects with your mind. Bakugou growled at you and then Iida came up and interrupted, “Who is this small child? Where did they come from? Are you lost? Do you need help? We need to find a teacher straight away!” you laughed at his funny arm motions and followed them with your head. “I’m not lost, I have big brother!” you smiled at Iida and he looked at Izuku surprised. “You never said you had a little sister!” Uraraka had heard the last of the conversation and walked up to you, squishing your cheeks and making you giggle at her. “Where did she come from.” Todoroki walked out of the changing rooms and glanced at you. “Sh-she got separated from her class and w-we need to get her back to them!” Izuku tried to explain. You had fallen silent as you stared at Todoroki with an intense gaze, “There was a teacher down the hallway shouting for an (Y/n), would that happen to be her?” he glanced down at you again. “Y-Yes! Did you see which way the teacher went?” Todoroki pointed and Izuku sped off to find them. “I want to touch his hair.” you said with interested eyes as Izuku took you with him to find your teacher.

“It’s funny how opposite those two are.” Uraraka laughed as she saw you wander the other way and Izuku ran back to grab your hand to prevent you from getting lost again. “She’s a brat and Deku is useless. I don’t see the difference.” Bakugou rolled his eyes and continued on his way. “She seems like a cutie, there’s no way she’s a brat.” Uraraka smacked Bakugou in the head and also continued, pulling Iida behind her so he would stop rambling to Todoroki about how he should have stopped the teacher and helped them.

Got7 reaction when you loose your memory of them after an accident

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it

JB: *He’d fill you in on all the most important information, like who you are where you’re from and who he is*

Yugyeom: *He’d be a little emotional and would describe all your greatest memories together in hopes you’ll remember something or to just inform you of how you changed his life*

Youngjae: *He’d be balling his eyes out when you asked who he was, the thought of being a stranger to you after everything killed him and he would do all he could to get you to remember him*

Jinyoung: *He’d be heartbroken but wouldn’t want to show it in case it was too much strain on you, he’d go easy on you when trying to get your memories back*

Bambam: *He’d try to get you to understand the situation and would tell you he was your boyfriend and he’d say what had happened to you and he’d let you know he’d stop at nothing to get your memory back*

Jackson: *He’d hope you were joking and would try to play along with it but when he saw you were getting more and more confused he’d know you weren’t lying and his heart would break and he’d try to explain what’s happened*

Mark: *He’d show you all the photos of you together and would laugh about all the memories you had but once he saw you looking at them with a blank expression from not knowing what the hell he was on about he’d let a few tears escape but wouldn’t want to cry in front of you*


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